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  1. Has anyone tried the NEW Kaco Edge? They seem to come in different colors now. I've been holding off on getting one because of all the cap cracking problems. I wonder if these (now colorful) ones are the pens I've been waiting for. - N
  2. Please help beginners! Things like this are things that I’m sure many beginners look at to see which pen to first buy. Thank you to all who participate!

    • For Sale
    • New


    Eugene, Oregon - US

  4. So, our friends from SEITZ-KREUZNACH have release a few new colors: Lime GreenIndian SummerCognacCinnamon Brown Actually, there is a fluorescent yellow, but since I am not interested in highlighter inks, I didn't bother with that. They have also release a new bottle size the extremely cute 30ml ... similar to the Kaweco bottles Lets start with some pics... On Red n'Black Paper on Rhodia on Tomoe River My thoughts: I like them all. Lime Green: Very similar to Caran D'Ache Delicate Green. Les saturated than Robert Oster Lime Green. Wet flow, no sho
  5. Meet the new Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 605 White-Transparent. This new edition is pure and gentle. Its white and partially transparent barrel is created using cellulose acetate and high-grade resin while its trims are refined with palladium coating. The fountain pen features a 14K gold nib plated in rhodium matching the piece. Available in fountain pen and rollerball, this shiny and beautiful novelty features a special gift box and it will available by mid October 2017. Do not wait to make your pre-order emailing us at: info@iguanasell.com
  6. 5ml for 6€ seems quite steep for samples. Bottle may look cute for some but i can't imagine any 149 or 1005 dipping into them. Not really practical. At https://www.lacouronneducomte.nl
  7. truthpil

    Pilot 78G+ = The New 78G?

    Hi Everyone, Last year a pen starting popping up for sale in China that looks like a legitimate reincarnation of the discontinued but beloved Pilot 78G. The interesting thing is that this new pen, the Pilot 78G+, seems to only be for sale in mainland China. At first I thought it was another knockoff like the Wing Sung 659, but then I saw this on the official Pilot website for China. Scroll down to see a detailed comparison of the 78G and 78G+. In short, the major differences are that the 78G+ comes in 2 new colors (bright blue and bright red) and an EF (0.28~0.3mm) nib is finally available
  8. Hello FPN, This is Pranav from Mumbai, India. It too me long to get this message up in this forum, well better late than never! I really don't remember how i got into this amazing different world all together, i always wondered whenever i read about random FP Blogs how can people be so passionate and the statement that its a priceless possession for lifetime! - something that started from filling my dad's old Hero FP just to experience its charm, from what i have had been listened to him since i don't know when. Somehow after going thru articles i managed to ordered a Pilot Metropolitan
  9. RayTheron

    Hi From Oz!

    Hi everyone, from Blacktown, on the western outskirts of Sydney. I'm originally from South Africa, and have only recently renewed my love affair with fountain pens. To date my tiny collection contains an antique Hifra that I used at school in the late 60s, a Parker Vector I acquired in the 90s after my Parker 51 was stolen, a Manuscript and a Lamy Safari clear. I have recently bought three Jinhoa pens -- an X450, X750 and a 911 (the latter is an amazing pen!). I also own a pen I cannot find any info on. It is a steel pen; the box says Made in Taiwan and it has Indigo inscribed on the lower end
  10. Hello from the Netherlands, Have been reading mostly ink reviews for a while and thought it was about time to introduce my self properly. Fountain pens have been my pens of choice for my entire life, but using a variety of inks to express myself with them further is something of the last few years. I rarely leave the house without at least one fountain pen, and more often than not I carry multiple inks. Favorite brand without a doubt Iroshizuku, but favorite color Diamine Oxblood. Peter
  11. boulderchips

    New Addict In Rhode Island

    Hi everyone — I've been lurking on the info forums for months, so I'm glad to finally join. Thanks to all for being such a cool community. I snagged my first fountain pen late last year and fell in love. I do much of my writing by hand, and fountain pens have changed my literary life for the better. I'm originally from Colorado but currently live in Providence, RI. My three favorite pens so far: Platinum 3776 (my only gold nib), TWSBI Eco, and Noodler's Ebonite Konrad. Still searching for that everyday-writer ink though... Happy writing.
  12. Hola! It took us time to plan and bring together the best indigenous fountain pen makers from India. We are finally online selling some of the best writing instruments. Please do visit us at www.matipens.com and check out the collection in store. We have a wide range of pens well spread across different brands. The core of our business is to build relationship and bond with pen enthusiasts all over the globe. We believe in providing the best services to our patrons and will hate to disappoint anyone who loves and supports our cause. Finally the pens from India will see the light of the
  13. cipherMagala

    Hallo From Austria

    Hey everybody, until last year I mainly watched Youtube-videos, sometimes red reviews online and bought way to many TWSBIs but now I finally signed up here! I have a question on where to post certain stuff on this forum: I recently created a website and I'd be really interested in hearing some feedback! I'm just not sure where to i'm supposed to post. (If this is important, it's basically a fountain pen search that doesn't sell anything but just links to stores. The URL is www.fpfinder.com) Thank you in advance! Cipher
  14. Hello FPN! I'm a 17 year old guy from Michigan and I've recently become enamored with fountain pens. I've mustered up enough money to buy two Lamy Safari's (one of which unfortunately someone decided to steal from me at school) and a Joy with a 1.5 italic for calligraphy as well as a bottle of Private Reserve Avacado. However, I'm looking to buy another ink or two (probably more later on), and some other pens once I eventually get some money. Since I picked up the first one a few months ago I haven't been able to stop writing. (An added benefit is that I'm writing more notes in class and
  15. penman88

    Vintage And The New To F.p

    hello everyone! i am a guy from new york state. i recently joined your lovely forum because i purchased my first fountain pen 50 days ago(appx) a jin hao and quickly became obsessed! an ahab and F-C emotion quickly followed. so now i am turning to the vintage world, unfortunatly i do not have time to sift through the endless wealth of knowledge present here. I know i want a super flexy gold nib i keep reading about, but i dont know where to start! i have looked on ebay and well any of the nicer pens quickly go out of my price range, buying new is not an option and i dont know enough to buy vin
  16. Egydrakar


    Hello, I am not new to fountain pens at all, I am using fountain pens for years, I have some ventage pens which I got from my father, meanly parker 51 & 21, and some shefar also. In last few years I got lamy safari & lamy 2000 ( which I love a lot), pilot vanishing point, Conklin All American and Duragraph and parker dufold classic big red. I am checking this fourm for long time, and finaly joind it.
  17. PantaRhei

    Hello From Germany

    Good evening dear community, My name is Kevin, I am 15 years old and I come from Germany. I recently started collecting fountain pens so I just got into the hobby. I found out about the fountain pen community through English speaking sources such as "Goulet Pens" or Sven-Raphael Schneider and I learned a lot about the beauty of ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils and of course fountain Pens. I kind of always had pretty messy handwriting but miraculously as I started to think about writing and writing instruments and working with them, I managed to better my handwriting by quite a bit. I discover
  18. bass1193

    New "estie"

    Has anyone else seen this new travesty? At least it can accept a Renew-Point, if you buy the adapter. And the price 🤣
  19. sdbruder

    New Twsbi Eco-T

    From facebook and Instagram: (https://www.facebook.com/TWSBI/photos/a.211267958915326.48144.117058861669570/1715668108475296/?type=3&theater) "TWSBI ECO-T BLUE will be coming Nov. 27th. It has a more pronounced grip area to help with learning correct writing posture for kids, new enthusiasts, and anyone who likes a little bit more structure to the grip area. Cap and end cap also has a rotary triangular shape. #twsbi #twsbiart #ecot #twsbiecot #fountainpen #fountainpens" A triangular grip Lamy-inspired TWSBI ECO ?
  20. Hi, so I've heard some people say that after buying a new pen, they fill it up to 1/2 or all of the ink and eject it into the sink to basically 'clean' the pen as most shops they buy FPs from have a bit of ink remaining for customers to test. I've recently bought a new pen and washed it by filling it with water and making sure there's no leftover ink in the piston. However, I'm not sure if I have to fill it, eject it and fill it again or just fill it once and forget about purging it. If I went with the purging, would that be unnecessary and a waste of ink?
  21. nibtip

    New Sailor Inks

    I stumbled upon this fortuitously on Rakuten. Since i don't read japanese i can't tell il they are LE for Youstyle or not. This is good and bad news. It depends.
  22. There have been changes to the packaging of Diamine's 30ml bottles and cartridges as well, as some of you might already know. My photos from my phone don't do them justice, but then although I'm a professional photographer - albeit retired! - I never did 'macro' stuff at all. So you'll just have to take my word for it. The theme continues with the boxes for the 80ml bottles, with a coloured and labelled 'swatch' of the relevant ink: on the label for the 30ml bottle and on the boxes of the 18 and six cartridges. They look a whole lot better I must. Judge for yourselves but don't let my pictur
  23. KoryA93

    Hey From Illinois Usa!

    New to the fountain pen world but am really getting sucked in. I own 3 pens with the 4th on its way. Not really sure what i'm into the most, im just sort of trying different pens. I really like my Monteverde Invincia Deluxe. It's my most recent purchase and I have already fallen in love with it. Anyways, tips, tricks, and any knowledge you could throw my way, i'm about it!
  24. Just got this adorable Gold Starry pen in the mail. Everything seemed practically pristine except the sac was completely obliterated. Took almost 3 hours to completely remove. Just ordered a new sac though so hopefully I can get it working soon. I can't figure out what material it's made of. My current theory is celluloid due to the approximate age and gorgeous coloring. But I have no idea what camphor smells like so I can't definitively say. I can't wait to use this pen!
  25. Hello everyone! Just joined the forums. Still very new to nice pens and writing with them. I'm really enjoying it, struggling to find things worthy of being written. I started with a set of Pilot Metropolitans a few years ago, I think it was an impulse buy mostly, upon seeing them on amazon. I bought a medium nib black metro and a medium nib silver metro. (not sure why i bought the same nib) A bottle of parker quink to fill them and I was all set. I must have only used them a few times as I never realized even how to properly use them (writing angles, storage, refilling). They were sitti

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