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Found 15 results

  1. What pens do you want? They can be grail pens, too expensive pens, discontinued pens, hard to find in your country pens. Just basically pens you want?
  2. From the album: Japanese pens

    Thanks to a friend in Japan, I am lucky not to have missed the boat on buying these discontinued fountain pens new, and discounted too!

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  3. truthpil

    Pilot 78G+ = The New 78G?

    Hi Everyone, Last year a pen starting popping up for sale in China that looks like a legitimate reincarnation of the discontinued but beloved Pilot 78G. The interesting thing is that this new pen, the Pilot 78G+, seems to only be for sale in mainland China. At first I thought it was another knockoff like the Wing Sung 659, but then I saw this on the official Pilot website for China. Scroll down to see a detailed comparison of the 78G and 78G+. In short, the major differences are that the 78G+ comes in 2 new colors (bright blue and bright red) and an EF (0.28~0.3mm) nib is finally available. If these EF nibs are nice, this would mean no more having to put a Pilot Penmanship EF nib in a 78G body. Also, the CON-20 squeeze converter has been replaced by the new CON-40 piston style. Before I take the plunge and buy one of these new pens, I wanted to know....do any of you have one of these and how does it compare to the original 78G? http://www.pilotpen.com.cn/upload/fckimage/image/1(14).jpg http://www.pilotpen.com.cn/upload/fckimage/image/2(2).jpg
  4. ralphawilson

    Ghosts In My Address Book

    I've been exchanging handwritten letters and postcards for about a dozen years, mostly with folks met on FPN. It's been a great pleasure, and never more so than now during the pandemic. My correspondents are among my closest friends (albeit geographically distant). I recently took a look at the well-worn little book I write the names and addresses of my correspondents. There are well over 60 contacts recorded there. Maybe a dozen are active now. In the large majority of cases, when an exchange stopped, I just stopped receiving replies from that person. No explanations or "last letters" were received; I usually regretted the sudden end of the thread. In three or four cases, it was I who stopped replying. I regret the times I broke off an exchange without offering an explanation. In every case, the honest explanation would have been that I didn't feel there was enough of a shared connection, enough material to write about, that would interest us both. For some reason, this seems to be hard to tell someone. One of my pen friends said he's just told folks his life had gotten too busy to allow time for letters. A white lie, he acknowledges: it's really not about time but about interest. But I give him credit for not ghosting. For myself, I've decided never again to break off a correspondence without an honest explanation. Since I'm so fond of my current batch of pen pals, several of whom go back a dozen years, I don't expect to have this problem any time soon. How do you handle this situation? Does it hurt to have a correspondence end abruptly? Do you try rekindle interest by sending another letter? Do you have any regrets about stopping writing?
  5. Alex-Diamine

    Omas Turquoise

    Hello! I'm so sad! I purchased a sample of Oma's Turquoise and wasn't really thinking straight and used the whole thing thinking I could just go back and buy the bottle...all the while telling friends how mad I was that I didn't purchase the last Ogiva Alba like wanted too, waiting for a Teal similar to the one that came out a few years ago to re-release. IDK. Anyway, now I've searched EVERYWHERE and I cannot find a single bottle of Oma's Turquoise anywhere! I know there are similar colors, but a larger part of me wants the Oma's bottle just to have that little bit of history! Anyway, if anyone has any sources on where I could buy a bottle or if you have a bottle and don't want it anymore I'd be happy to pay for it!
  6. I must admit that I haven't been on for close to a year after I purchased my Nakaya Mini Decapod in Kuro-tamenuri since it's been in rotation ever since...yes, I'm that satisfied with it So imagine my surprise as I was looking to see if I could purchase another one but in the Ao-tamenuri on nibs.com that Nakaya has discontinued both the mini decapod and the Ao-tamenuri finish . Does anybody know how long ago they stopped making the mini-decapod and the Ao-tamenuri finish? Does anybody know possibly the reason why? I may just have to purchase a Dorsal Fin they have left at nibs...as a substitute
  7. CS17

    Discontinued Lamy Noto

    Hey all, I came across this photo of Lamy Noto models (yes, I know this isn't about fountain pens, but I figured someone might be able to help), and absolutely love the white, orange, and blue models. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7046/6791009092_e89f092ea1_o.jpg However, it appears that they have been discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where online or in person I might be able to find one of these, or discontinued pens in general? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I stopped paying attention to the ink world for a couple years and return to find my beloved Sailor Epinard discontinued! Two years ago, no less. What a tragedy. I know Tokiwa-Matsu is supposed to be similar, and I've ordered a bottle, but I know nothing can replace dear Epinard. Is it available anywhere? Even if I have to pay shipping from Australia or wherever... I just want to find it!
  9. I have heard very conflicting things about this. Some say that the resin with gold trim KOP was the old version, and that this was updated to the ebonite trim less model after Montblanc threatened Sailor with legal action. However, on Sailor's website the resin with gold trim KOP is still listed, and I saw on one particular website a Sailor ebonite with gold trim KOP which was listed as discontinued, with a separate resin version still being displayed.
  10. ernestcow

    Waterman Charleston

    Any info on the blue Waterman Charleston CT fountain pen and rollerball? From what I could collect,they have been discontinued.
  11. I was in a boutique last week and the staff told me that MB Lavender Purple was discontinued. They didn't know what would be replacing it, or have any stock left. Sure enough the MB refill website (UK) and Wheelers Luxury Gifts have removed it from their pages. I didn't see anything on the boards; does anyone know any more about it?
  12. Alexcat

    Rotring Skynn

    I have a Rotring skynn, bought several years ago, and am sentimentally attached to it. Had not used it for a while, and despite flushing and generally gently trying to persuade, it still is very scratchy to write with, and the ink barely flows: I really don't want to lean or press any harder. Any suggestions very welcome
  13. There are so many limited edition inks and inks that come in and out of production over the years... what are some that you wish you could get your hands on?
  14. I went to Jetpens to reorder a kokuyo inspiracion (my favorite notebook to use as a refill for the lihit lab twist rings system) and to my horror they don't stock it anymore!! I couldn't even find it on Rakuten, so I suspect it may have been discontinued So now I need your help to replace it! For the general info, here's the old description on Jetpens. And here are the parts that mattered to me: - page size and hole pattern: they're identical to the lihit lab twist ring system (a 3:1 pitch, for binding geeks). This is a must-have - without this there's no point - color and page layout: off-white (cream and ivory would be ok too, just no bright-white), 5mm grid type, but faint (fine and light in color) so it organizes the page without overwhelming the writing. Please, no dot pads - I know many people love them and are excited to recommend them, but I really don't get along with them and would be grateful if you could help me avoid the confusion of having to sort dot-pad recommendations from grid ones :-) - available from a retailer with sane int'l shipping. The inspiracion also had microperforated pages, but since the Lihit is a binder system that's not critical (the neat edge was nice to have when I wanted to give someone a page, but I wouldn't sacrifice the other stuff for microperf'ed pages ) I also liked that the grid pattern extended to cover the whole page, no margins. But I can live with a frame/box style grid, as long as otherwise there's nothing to prevent me from using it in both portrait and landscape mode ) Can you guys think of anything that fits the bill? Or alternatively, just a good place to buy Inspiracion notebooks? At this point I could even stock up and buy several, which should make the shipping situation a bit easier hopefully! thanks!!
  15. Hi all, I have had this blue lacquer S.T. Dupont fountain pen for many years - more than 30! - it has two Chinese characters that I understand are the phonetic equivalent of "Du Pont". I understand that there was only one Dupont artisan that inscribed these characters by hand on each and every product, lighters as well as pens. One day he died and the tradition ended. Has anyone ever heard of this story. Can details or parts thereof be verified? Would love to know that I'm not completely off my rocker... Thanks!

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