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Found 18 results

  1. What pens do you want? They can be grail pens, too expensive pens, discontinued pens, hard to find in your country pens. Just basically pens you want?
  2. I'm playing around with inks, and I'm trying to figure out why Iroshizuku and Sailor are always priced the highest in most retailers I see. Does anyone know why? Guerlain's lipsticks have powdered rubies in them (I kid you not), so I can see why the're 30, 40 euros a pop. Do Iroshizuku and Sailor have similar properties? Or maybe a millennium warranty? I just can't think of any reason why. I really want to try them out, but the price tags are scaring me off! Windsor & Newton's paints are fairly pricey, but the colour-fastness shows that it's priced quite aptly. Do those aforementioned inks have similar traits?
  3. So, what's the difference between a glass dip pen like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0719X5MHG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A2MB0N7F6KWVYB&psc=1 at 7.99$ and this one... https://www.gouletpens.com/products/rohrer-klingner-glass-dip-pen-blue?variant=11884769247275 at 30.00$ (plus about 8$ shipping)? They're both made of glass...they both have high ratings, they both seem to hold a good amount of ink, etc. So, I don't understand the difference whatsoever other than how they look. Especially considering I'm going to use these for only for making ink swatches and very VERY rarely otherwise. So, once again, could anyone tell me if there are any differences between the two other than looks? And also, even if there are differences, for what I plan to do - could you guys tell me if I should just buy the cheaper one? Thanks
  4. sidthecat

    New Pilot Ringtop?

    Another member on another forum mentioned that Pilot (or was it Sailor?) had come out with a new ringtop pen, the cost of which was somewhere around the cost of a starter Mercedes. Has anyone seen one?
  5. After my recent disappointment with an expensive pen I am interested in other peoples experience. What was your biggest disappointment ? Of course what is expensive for somebody is small change for someone else. But if you consider a pen expensive thats enough for me.
  6. Hello Everyone, What's the most expensive fountain pen you've ever bought? Thanks
  7. My Name is Youssef and I love fountain pens and i am trying to make my own collection But I think Neither I or you can buy these pens https://youtu.be/aDsYDY8oZGw
  8. I just looked at nibs.com/ classic pens and found the tiny plastic steel nibbed Kaweco sport for about 180 USD! Whats that extra $150 for? Any Ideas?
  9. After being interested in fountain pens for a longer time now and having a few ones in my collection, I decided I want to get my first "really expensive" fountain pen. I checked many pens and did a lot of research for ones which excited me, and it basically boils down to the Andy Warhol and the new Rouge et Noir. Before I had some other pens in the race aswell, from Chopard, Cartier, Sailor and others, but the two from Montblanc were the most exciting to me now. I will be listing what are cons and pros for me, aswell as some general preferences of mine, and I hope you can give me some advice which pen you would pick or some points which I didn't think about yet. Keep in mind that I didn't try them out in person yet and will not have the chance to do so either, no shops in my area carry them. So, without further ado: http://www.fahrneyspens.com/Galleria/1/114724-Large.jpg Montblanc Rouge et noir (the new one) Pro: -I like the design of the pen. It's kind of classic but has an edge to it, it's not just plain "elegance" like the Meisterstück range are. I like that is has a bit more pizzazz, that's more of my style. -The pen is not that big. To me, I prefer my pens smaller. It has many advantages: It's easier to clip and fit in a shirt pocket, it's not overly flashy and doesn't feel like you're trying really hard (that's how I feel about the 149) and often it's also more light. The possibly reduced ink capacity doesn't bother me very much. Smaller things are also just more aesthetically pleasing to me. -The price. I know, it's a seriously expensive pen, but compared to the Andy Warhol, the price is a positive. It's about 200 bucks difference. - I really like the clip with the snake, I wish it had the green eyes on the non-LE though. For clarification, I am interested in the non-LE even though the picture shows the LE, I don't have that much to spend on it. The clip is still really cool though, even though some might not like it, I really really like it. -It's rumored to be only sold this year, so after this year this might be kind of an "exclusive", which is an idea that I would enjoy. I love rare things. -I find it interesting to match this with some snake leather goods (fake or real) for some outfits, I think you can pull an interesting look with that. Con: - While I like the fact that the star is on red ground on the top, I am not so sure about the size. The oversized logo is maybe a bit too much of offensive branding for me. -Without the cap on, the pen almost looks a bit bland to me. The nib has some cool snake design on it, but that's about it, most of the interesting design is captured in the cap. -There is no ink window. This hardly counts though, because afaik both of them don't have one unfortunately. http://s2.glbimg.com/LODD7jml86Zy7g5quE-KNh1lAOc=/smart/e.glbimg.com/og/ed/f/original/2015/12/03/andy-warhol-caneta-montblan.jpg Montblanc Andy Warhol Pro: -The design is fantastic. The oversized cap gives it a bit of a stocky look, it makes it cute and awesome at the same time. The color scheme is great and there are many great design elements to it. -Andy Warhol as an inspiration is good, and I love that they chose the tomato soup artwork for the cap, as that is the one I know and love the best. I love tomato soup in general, lol. The dollar on the nib is really nice aswell. -The montblanc branding on this pen is fairly minimal without being invisible, and it's probably one of those pens which not everyone who knows about montblanc will recognize. -Just want to mention the cap again, the cap is just amazing with everything about it. Although I believe that when clipped to a shirt, it might not look as flashy as the Rouge et Noir. -Definitely a Limited Edition, which will probably be worth something at some time in the future. I have no intention to sell it ever probably, but just knowing that I have something sought after feels good to me (yes, I know it sounds superficial). Con: -The price. They are both very expensive pens, but this is the more expensive one, with a sizable difference, not just peanuts. -The pen (especially the cap) is very heavy. When carrying it in a bag or something, that will be no issue, but I imagine that to be more uncomfortable and less secure when it's clipped to a shirt pocket. -The size. It is bigger, and I like smaller things. It's not exactly a huge pen, but a few more milimeters (I think 7 more in length when capped) can make it stick out from a pocket more and would make me a bit uneasier to carry it that way. Although I think the size will not be a big problem when writing with it, unfortunately I can't try it. Thanks for reading my wall of text and I hope you can help me decide!
  10. Hello everyone, I have been liking my fountain pens for quite some time now and want to get my first "really expensive" pen. I am interested mostly in some pens from Cartier, Chopard and Montblanc. You get an idea about the price range. I have read many things about Montblanc pens already, but I find it hard to find much information about Cartier and Chopard pens. What is the general consensus about them, are they good writers, are they very overpriced and rather comparable to lower end pens, or maybe something entirely different? Keep in mind that I will not be able to try these pens before I buy them, I have to "blind buy" them online most likely. Pens that caught my eye were: Chopard Racer Montblanc Rouge et Noir (the new one) Cartier Roadster and some from the MB great characters. Thanks in advance!
  11. If you have any inks that you would recommend for an expensive or a vintage fountain pen, what would it be? If you have a list of them, I would love to see that. Feel free to also say what inks you would specifically stay away from when using expensive pens. Currently I only have 2 inks, one is a black Parker Quink which I like a little bit. Not a huge fan, but if I need a black, it gets the job done. The other one is Noodler's Liberty's Elysium, which I love so very much. It's the nicest blue I have ever seen by far. However, I did notice that it stained the feed of my Metropolitan blue as well. So I decided that I would never let that happen if I were to get a more expensive or a vintage pen. More so a vintage pen because I respect vintage items and would rather not do something that will make it changed forever (I have 2 vintage saxophones that I use, I freak out even if I barely tap them against a music stand, chair, or another person's instrument). Does anyone else have this problem with Liberty's Elysium? For some reason I thought only Baystate colors had that problem. If you need to know what colors I'm particularly interested in, well, personally I prefer either a gold-brown, green, regular brown, blue-green, grey, and blue. However, I already have a blue and would like to get either a green, blue-green, brown/gold-brown, or grey. I am well aware that there is such thing as grey-greens and gold-greens as well as other combination colors, those apply to the things I wouldn't mind trying out.
  12. PenovertheSword

    Hello And How Do I Help This?!?

    How's it going everyone! MY name is Jon and I just got into fountain pens about 6 months ago. I have always liked writing with rollerballs more, and was curious about fountain pens before deciding to just get a cheap one. So far I have 6 pens: A Lamy Safari Neon Yellow limited edition with a Fine nib A Jinhao x450 Red/Black that leaks from the section and I don't use anymore A Jinhao x750 Shimmer Sands that I absolutely love A Waterman Kultur Demonstrator Fine nib that despite being the hardest starter in the world, is still my favorite A Kaweco Sport Ice Green medium nib and a Noodler's Charlie eyedropper that came with Noodler's Heart of Darkness. I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM I DO NEED YOUR HELP WITH!!! To all those who purchase/ have purchased expensive fountain pens, how do I justify buying a $400 dollar pen when my most expensive one so far has been a Lamy Safari? How do I justify $400 by itself for a single pen?!? I really want an Omas Ogiva cocktail before they disappear in a few months...
  13. Hello, This is my first time to Bromfield pen shop close to Boston downtown. I bought a Lamy Safari Charcoal Black Medium nib, Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki and a Rhodia notepad. The online price for items 1 and 2 is $23.16 and $20.20. Whereas, I had to pay $37.00 and $35.00. I find this as a huge difference. Any advice what should I do with regard to getting a meaningful explanation on this $15.00 average price difference ? Thanks, Abhi.
  14. Just in case anybody had $27,000 USD lying around and wanted a new pen, Porsche has unveiled a new, solid gold fountain pen. Here is a link to an article about it: http://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciaadamczyk/2015/04/01/porsche-design-unveils-27000-solid-gold-limited-edition-fountain-pen/ "The P’3135, for when a Montblanc just isn't flashy enough."
  15. Sky Fountain Pens

    Ink You Use For Expensive Pens

    Hi Everyone. I recently got a expensive Parker fountain pen and I wanted to see what ink was safe to use for my pen. What type of ink do you use for your expensive pens?
  16. FoszFay

    Why Montblanc?

    Everyone who has been on this site for the past week would've seen a certain topic on overpriced pens. Many comments (including my own) involved discussion of the Montblanc 149 (and 146). I could argue both for an against Montblanc's 'prestigious', or high prices. Why does everyone instantly bring up MB when talking about expensive pens? And pens costing more than they should? I can think of more than 5 other pens (and I don't know that many makes/models) that are, IMO, priced more 'ridiculously' than the 146 and 149. Is it just because everyone knows of MB, and it is the most expensive pen THEY know of, even though there are many more that barely any people know of? If you think the 146 and 149 are overpriced, what do you actually think they are worth, and what would you be happy paying for them new? Tom.
  17. I always wonder if I should save up for one expensive fountain pen or to try out several different one ( nib feels and design), at the end it all adds up the same, I just want to hear your opinions on this topic.
  18. I'm thinking about buying a Faber-Castell Ambition (black), but I'm a bit skeptical. Please help if you own one. There seem to be some unclear issues: 1. Does the resin body crack when screwed too tight? This seems to only be a problem with the black version, as the others have metal threads. 2. Does the the cap stop clicking in place? I read a review that said after 2 months the cap wouldn't click to the body 3. Is the grip section uncomfortable? It looks like it is. Also, how would it compare to a TWSBI 580/ Classic? Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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