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  1. I managed to win this pretty little number yesterday...I dont know if youd call the pattern Marble or Reverse Cracked Ice, but it looks in decent shape so should be fun to write with. Well know more when it gets here.
  2. So I acquired another little black ringtop: a Self-Filler with ripple chasing and clear imprints. It needs restoration but the beauty part is a very flexy #2 nib. Itll be a very nice addition to my rotation when it gets back from the shop.
  3. Hello everyone ! According to a list, posted here : https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/281031-known-brands-other-brands-europe/ on FPN, "Queen" was a dutch fountain pen brand . They were sold by a big dutch store called "De Bijenkorf" ("The Beehive") . Recently I bought a ringtop version of this brand. I also found an advertisement for these pens in a newspaper from decembre 1st 1926. Pictures : Best, Peter
  4. sidthecat

    A Lucky Find

    I got lucky in an eBay auction yesterday: a Doric ringtop in Kashmir. The condition seems decent, and I'll replace the Manifold nib with sliderless Adjustable nib that I stripped from the corpse of a ruined pen. You might call the nib ruined, but I call them paintbrush-flexy. When I get the thing I'll post some pictures.
  5. sidthecat

    New Pilot Ringtop?

    Another member on another forum mentioned that Pilot (or was it Sailor?) had come out with a new ringtop pen, the cost of which was somewhere around the cost of a starter Mercedes. Has anyone seen one?
  6. sidthecat

    Puzzle Pen

    Heres a little oddity: this little ringtop has a detachable cap that fits over the cap - it pulls off to reveal a ringless top. Perhaps the owner wished to cover all the bases, whatever those bases were. Anyone seen this thing in the catalogues, or is it a one-off?
  7. sidthecat

    Looking To Find A Blind Cap

    Of course I blame the cat for making off with it, but it could be anywhere, so I need to find another. Its a BCHR ringtop, but an atypical one: a bit thicker than normal so the cap from the parts pens Ive acquired is too small. Parkers are not my area of expertise but I like this pen and Id like it to be complete and the cats arent talking. Heres the difficulty: the pen is marked as follows: Geo. S. Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen Janesville, Wis. USA Pat. # 1-9-94-6-2898 1-2-05-6-6-05-4-2-11 Does anyone know what this thing is? I wonder if its actually a Duofold labeled as the earlier pen. I hope the wisdom of the crowd can give me a clue.
  8. sidthecat

    Did Montegrappa Make A Ringtop?

    I bought a pen the other day - a blue ringtop advertised as a Montegrappa. If it is, it goes a long way back, since demand for this design of pen went extinct in the Thirties - not unlike the very sudden extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous. Has anyone ever seen one?
  9. This was attached to a tiny ringtop pen, and I'm sure there's a technical term for it. I hope that someone here knows it and is willing to spill.
  10. I bought this little ringtop months ago and put it in my "to be repaired" drawer because one of the cap rings is a little bent. I came upon it last night while looking for something else, filled it and started writing. A nice little medium point, very flexy. I let a co-worker play with it and if they find me in the parking structure with a head wound and the pen gone, the cops should finger him. Here's a picture - it's a very dark blue:
  11. Had a lovely day out in Manhattan Beach. I was able to put faces to people who have previously been email addresses. And in a display box I saw a dingy little grey stick that turned out to be a sterling MT Swan ringtop with a very flexy MT nib. It'll look swell when it's polished. The dealer had another little silver pen - it had a Waterman nib, which, I suppose, is a matter for another forum. So he did well by me.
  12. For comparison, top to bottom: Wahl Eversharp Lady, Pelikan M200, Pelikan M600 Enjoy! David
  13. Ok, I'm not the first or the last but I'm the NOW person looking for options to wear with two gold ringtop pens, both just lovely artifacts! I have found the below options, and I may get one but I'd like more choices. I'm not crazy with the price for the sautoir you're all gonna recommend on Richard's Pens. What else have you got? I want LONG, gold-tone, strong, not expensive.... here's what I dug up so far besides Richards sautoir this and similar on ETSY https://www.etsy.com/listing/253612892/leather-lanyard-lanyard-id-badge-lanyard?ref=shop_home_active_7 and this little find... it's perfect but I wonder will it HOLD??? https://www.goodybeads.com/store/products/Z002804.htm Thanks in advance you're always so helpful. I'll post pics of one of my ringtops (mostly to gloat) here too (the other is on its way) I <3 FPN!
  14. sidthecat

    Red Ripple Suicide Pen

    I like to wear my ringtop pens (a somewhat risky practice, but I don't wear shirts with pockets and it's great to have a pen on you all the time), and I wear them to work. My boss is a bit of a fountain pen fancier himself and he noticed my red ripple 52 1/2 v when I came into his office. "That's my uncle's suicide pen!" he said. Apparently, his great-grand-uncle was the brother of the actor who played Scarlett O'Hara's dad in "Gone With The Wind," but he didn't do as well, became despondent and, as his family said, "took the pipe." It appears that he wrote his suicide note with a red ripple pen, which the family still has. I'll bet that my boss tries to get his hands on it in the near future, but my ringtop will always be The Suicide Pen.
  15. sidthecat

    Scored A Nice One

    I've said before that ringtops are often a bargain: I won an auction for a "greenish" gold-filled ringtop (forty bucks) and on arrival, I sent it immediately to Fred Krinke with another pen. What came back was in lovely shape - almost unworn - but what I hadn't expected was the superflex #2 nib. It's one of the best nibs I have and a real bargain even with the cost of repair. My point is that they're out there. W-E made an awful lot of ringtops and I always ask the seller to test the nib. They can usually tell me if it's flexible or not. I hear a lot of whining about not being able to find flex for a reasonable price, but if one is willing to scroll to the end of the listings and do some light interrogation, one can find some very interesting and fun pens.
  16. sidthecat

    Doric Madness

    So I bought a Gold Seal Doric ringtop in Morocco, but I don't like the nib: a rigid Skyline. I've gone looking around for a new nib, and what happened but I found another Doric ringtop (black...very pretty) for about the same money as the previous one, only with a flexier nib. Of course I bought it, because I am a madwoman. I already have a Doric with a clip in Kashmir, so this means I have a collection...this is probably not a good thing. But I still want another nib for the Morocco.
  17. sidthecat

    Think It's A Moore?

    I bought this very pretty ringtop from Dan Strong, who is no novice about pens. He says it's a Moore, but I wonder. I have a few Moores, and most of them have barrel markings: this doesn't. It also has an "M" engraved on the lever box: all my others are plain. The nib is a replacement, so no information there. Does anyone have the solution to this mystery? It's a femme fatale of a pen, for sure.
  18. An auction I won at the last minute: it says it's sterling but it looks like lead. The nib looks promising, though.
  19. I never know what's going to happen with an eBay auction - which is the same Principle of Inconsistant Results that makes gambling so attractive. But this time it resulted in a little green celluloid Swan ringtop - the moiré style that I've seen elsewhere for much more money. Something to look forward to.
  20. sidthecat

    An 0862 V Ringtop

    I've collected a number of Waterman ringtops, and most have been variations on the 52 1/2 v model. But I bought one on eBay that's numbered 0682 v: it's a bit thicker than the other model - about the dimensions of a Wahl-Eversharp ringtop. It's got a swell nib, too. Does the collective knowledge base know anything about this model? I'd think it was later than the 52s, but you have to be a necromancer to figure out the numbering system.
  21. sidthecat

    Moore Ringtop Without A Ringtop

    There's a nice Moore 72 on ebay, a pretty nib. I collect the sturdy little ringtops, but it looks like the ringtop was pulled off sometime in the dim past, leaving a shallow divot behind. It could be a bargain or a world of hurt. My strategy is to buy a gutted Wahl ringtop (which has a nice ring mechanism - nicer than Waterman's) for cheap, and ask one of my expanding series of pen repairers to try to marry the pieces together. I'll do a lot for a good nib, but is this an idiotic idea? Please advise.
  22. I'm looking for a broad nib to put into one of my little ringtops, and I notice a #75 nib available on the Interweb. Before I throw my money in the street I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if a #75 nib would fit into one of these wee little pens? How about a Warranted #4 - broad flex? One wants to buy the nib, then find a pen for it.
  23. Hey everyone. I recently picked up a Wahl gold filled ringtop with a #2 nib in decent shape with a metal section. However! After a week of soaking (water and pen flush), heating, blisters and frustration I CANNOT get the section to come apart! I know there are threads about this all over the place but I've NEVER run into as stubborn a pen as this... Any suggestions please? Album here: http://imgur.com/a/bv6Vu Pictures below: http://i.imgur.com/lhEIVCw.jpg
  24. First, thank you to another seller whom I highly recommend- Peter Twydle, the Pen Wizard of Hornsea (UK), and I am sure of other places, too, for procuring and auctioning such a beautiful pen. I've always admired the gemstone lapis lazuli and the obscurity of the pen as well as its unusual name drew me to it. Please note that the color in the fourth photo is the truest example. While the bright sun gives the pen an impressive cast, indoors, the color is much more subdued. Königstuhl means "king's seat," "king's chair" or "king's throne" and is a place in the Odenwald Mountains of Heidelberg. The Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and the Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl Astronomical Observatory are located here and the pen does remind me of the night sky. The pen is a button filler and has the words "Warranted, 14 Ct, 1st Quality" on the nib. The background for the photography is the c 1920s German book Die drei Ruisdel on the Dutch painter Ruisdel and his two namesakes. Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3215_zps5d4b4c97.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3219_zps6d1c1098.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3221_zpse21d7472.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3224_zps9d401366.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3213_zps0ff8e18f.jpg
  25. Hi All, Recently I received a gift. It is a vintage ringtop fountain pen. There is no indication mark on the body but upon the nib, it is marked "OWNER" So I assume it is the brand of the fountain pen. Have you ever heard of it? By the way, the nib is smooth and a bit springy. Best

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