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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings all. I have a Moore 95 with a broken pocket clip. I recently found a replacement clip. The challenge is how to remove what is left of the old clip and install the replacement clip. I see there is an inner cap so my guess is that has to be removed first. Any help on the technique of removing the inner cap and replacing the clip is much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone. In the past I had made a publication that was to make a decision to get my first vintage flexible fountain pen and finally I could own one of these beauties.It is a moore safety pen in black hard rubber with a very good ink capacity since this is a long but slender pen.The pen feels quite comfortable and light in my hand is a pretty beautiful pen that always impresses people when they see a retractable nib of my moore.The 14k gold nib is small but has a good flexibility as the seller told me on his website that he lists it as a nib superflex. The 14k nib is an extra fine point when used without any pressure and not a single stroke has failed me and we add that to be an extra fine nib it is quite smooth. When I write cursive with the flexibility of this nib it is quite satisfactory and does not tire me and they offer me a beautiful line variation without the need to put a lot of pressure. I also want to comment on you that the nib is something dry but without being annoying (I mean feeling scratchy or skipping strokes) and even in rhodia paper using flex it dries almost instantly without fear of accidentally stains on your sheet or In hands, it may be that the somewhat dry sensation is due to the pilot blue-black ink that I use since it has some time that the lid broke and I stuck it with adhesive tape and this may be somewhat thicker by evaporation.And what is most impressive about this great fountain pen is that it has never shown railroading when I use it in flexible mode :notworthy1:and I don't have to be dipping it in the inkwell at all times as with my dip pens. Although we cannot deny that the dip thought of what I have managed to see in the hands of a calligraphy expert they can create an extremely beautiful calligraphy. Although I personally have bad luck in finding a good combination of dip nib and ink XD and it is somewhat complicated to get ink at a good price in my country. Unfortunately I don't think I have time to improve my handwriting for an approximate six months since I find myself doing my professional practices at the university to be a lawyer. I attach my results with dip pen:FP FLEX NIB AND DIP FLEX NIBS IT IS VERY ENJOYABLEI became addicted to flex nibs!
  3. reedmaven

    Dating A Moore Lever Fill L-92

    The pen cited above has "PAT.PENDING" stamped on the barrel. Can this fact help to determine a date range of likely manufacture? I appreciate any information that someone may be able to supply.
  4. rmoody

    Moore L93 Question

    I am hoping someone can help with a question about a recently acquired Moore fountain pen. Through some helpful links on this site I found out that the pen is a model L93 Tuscan Moore fountain pen. However, all the images I have seen of similar pens show black and gold cap bands. This pen has a red cap band/jewel. Was this a replacement that someone made at some point or did Moore ever produce this pen with colored caps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will attempt to attach photos below... Thanks! Ryan
  5. morganschmidt

    Sourcing Cap For Early Moore Safety

    Greetings, I've acquired a lovely early gold-filled #2 Moore Safety, but the small cap is missing. I imagine this might be a long endeavor, but as we all know when you quite like a pen... So I'm searching for a cap or a parts/donor pen. Photos are of my pen, and of two similar ones found online with their proper cap. The proper cap would be smooth hard rubber. Curious who the Moore collectors out there? Cheers, Morgan
  6. i've been building up a small stash of ebay finds in my daughter's place in san diego these past few months (i live and work in the philippines, and so i tend to collect my ebay stuff in the US when i visit once or twice a year). among my most recent pickups was this burgundy vac which, at the time i bought it, seemed to me to be either a senior or slender maxima. it's still hard for me to tell one from the other just from a picture, but i was hoping for a senior max, because i already have the slender in burgundy, among other colors except blue). thankfully, it did turn out to be a senior maxima in very fine condition, from 1939, with striped jewels and section, needing just a new diaphragm, which i'll install as soon as i fly back to manila. the price wasn't too bad, either: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191712327935?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and the others? the best ones include a huge, near-mint morrison's overlay which i picked up for $80, a moore L-94 in RHR, a sweet, very clean GF wahl, and a plain but also very clean BHR waterman 54. many have super-flex nibs now i can't wait to get home so i can resac and refurbish these babies.
  7. Several months ago I posted a thread where i was looking for a Moore replacement nib for a nice, previously restored safety pen with an ill-fitting replacement nib. Even after several helpful leads given to me by members here I was unfortunately unable to find the nib and decided to return the pen, as nice as it was. I just acquired another Moore's safety pen in unrestored condition with the intent of restoring it. This pen has the correct nib but I face a new set of problems removing the washers and cork. The last "restored" Moore pen I had was very easy to disassemble because someone had already gone through the trouble. The shaft unscrewed from the back knob easily and when I looked at the outermost threaded washer I noted that there were 2 small, shallow holes carefully drilled into the surface at 12 and 6 o'clock positions. This was obviously to assist someone in the unscrewing and replacement of the washer. When I went to disassemble this new pen of mine i found the outermost washer has no little holes to fit my tweezers in to unscrew it. I understand I will need to get a heat gun to carefully loosen these threads (there seems to be some shellac covering them) but how in world is a guy supposed to unscrew the washers and if there are no little holes to fit a tool into, how did those Bostonians even install the washers in the first place? Well, I guess my question for the forum is: Am I correct in assuming that I will need to drill 2 tiny, shallow holes in the washer in order to turn it out? Even after applying heat I cannot imaging getting a grip on the washer any other way. Thanks in advance for people's helpful advice, Scribe16
  8. sidthecat

    Think It's A Moore?

    I bought this very pretty ringtop from Dan Strong, who is no novice about pens. He says it's a Moore, but I wonder. I have a few Moores, and most of them have barrel markings: this doesn't. It also has an "M" engraved on the lever box: all my others are plain. The nib is a replacement, so no information there. Does anyone have the solution to this mystery? It's a femme fatale of a pen, for sure.
  9. missuslovett

    The Moore Pen

    Hi there. I've just restored a lovely vintage pen that looks to be one of the many that tried to grab a little bit of that tasty Parker Vacumatic market. It's called the Moore Pen and is a very fetching combination of marbled and striated celluloid. Even though it's a straightforward lever filler, it plays the ink view game with the section and the gorgeous 14k nib has that waspish look so many Parker Vacs seem to have. It writes smoothly, with a little flex, very fine. Although I've had a rootle round the internet, I can't find out much about the company. Is there anyone here who can enlighten me a little?
  10. sidthecat

    Most Artistic Nib?

    I've managed to accumulate a small selection of old pens - mostly ringtops - with semiflex to superflex nibs, and there are small and almost indescribable differences in the quality of the lines they make. I have Watermans, Moores, Wahl-Eversharps and a couple of Mabie Todd Swans, and the most beautiful line is produced by a little gold-clad Swan. There's some combination of metallurgy and craft (perhaps witchcraft) that makes some pens more "artistic" than others. What's your experience? What nib, in your humble, is the most Artistic?
  11. Cryptos

    The Moore Pen

    Okay, I was reading elsewhere about how people use a lightbox to take their lovely pictures or their equally lovely pens, and I found a thread that showed how it was done on the cheap. Now, as many of you would probably attest, I have the photography skills of brain-damaged baboon. Anyway, this morning I wandered into my workshop, grabbed a cardboard box, cut a great big hole in one side and covered that with a piece of old white T-shirt. I stuck a flooring tile inside the box and used a placemat as the backdrop. My camera is a Nikon coolpix 4000 or something. It's about 11 years old and as basic as anything - quite apart from the aforementioned lack of skills. Oh, and I couldn't find a suitable lamp to suspend over the box, so I used a Fenix flashlight! Right. The box is set up with the hole on the top for the light source, and the open end of the box is where I stick the camera - propped up on a minidisc case. It's all looking a bit Heath Robinson at this stage. I grab a pen and chuck it on the floor tile (not literally, of course!), set the camera to macro and timer, switch on the flashlight (which I am holding in my hand, a bracket would have helped) and this is what I got: This all took about 30 minutes from start to finish and I took just one photo. Obviously I have heaps to learn, but I hope this gives others a little encouragement in trying the lightbox idea. If I can do this, just think what you can do with your greater skills and resources!
  12. jdllizard

    Moore (F)Or Less

    Bought this recently off "the bay" for about the cost of someone's morning coffee. I just love the coloring and striping. It's a Moore, lever fill, a brand I've never heard of but I'm new to fountain pens so there's probably thousands of brands out there I've never heard of. It actually writes but has an ink feeding problem. I doubt I'll fiddle with it to much, but it sure is purty to look at.
  13. visvamitra

    Moore Fountain Pen Refills

    Hello, Not so long ago I've bought nice Moore fountain pen. The pen is lovely however they use untypical cartridges - internationals are to narrow, pilots are too long. Does anyone have experience with this company? Can you suggest where I can find some suitable refills?

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