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Found 11 results

  1. repairperson

    Pastel Lady's Fountain Pen

    Hello All: I have a lucky curve Pastel Lady's fountain pen and I am having a devil of a time getting the pressure bar into the barrel. If someone could give me help. I have done many before but never with the lucky curve still intact. Scewing the section in and trying to get the bar into the barrel is not easy. I keep pushing the bottom of the sec into itself and thne have to unscrew the section again to pull the sac out again. what can one use to hold the sac out of the way whilse pushing the bar into the barrel. The hole at the end of the barrel is quite small. Any help will be appreciated. Repairperson
  2. iconoclast

    Identifying An Early Parker

    Hi all, I picked up an old Parker button filler at a flea market recently and I can't figure out what it is. https://parkerpens.net/luckycurve.html#jackknife This makes me think its a Jack Knife, but I really have no idea. Can anyone give me any background info? In case you can't see the (ridiculously huge, sorry) photos, here are a few details: It has a 2 imprinted on the blind cap. Just 2, nothing else.The nib says PARKER PEN MADE IN USA with the number 6.It has a lucky curve imprint on the barrel with a long string of numbers I can't make sense of. It's longer and slimmer than a Duofold Jr. Thanks in advance!
  3. Edit: for some reason the system cannot keep "Parker" and "S" and "A" in capital letters. My apologies,but I cannot do much about that. I find myself in dire need of the wisdom of the fellow FPN members. My question is actually hair-splitting about vintage Parker nib history, but I find the topic interesting. My interest in this topic has arisen after I found a Parker Lady Duofold on ebay (and which is sitting right next to me right now). Its nib reads "Parker Pen Made In U.S.A." Now some nib gossip for those interested in such things: The nib is a thick fine with Waterman serenity blue inside. It writes rather wet with the same ink. It can hard start when the ink in the sac is almost depleted, but only on smooth paper and towards the bottom of the page. (Maybe the way paper sheets are made the paper gets more stretched at the bottom? I've had this bottom-page effect with other pens which aren't really wet). It is an excellent nib overall. Picture of my pen's nib below this paragraph. I am 95% certain that my pen's had its nib replaced at some point, maybe just a short time after it was purchased. From the barrel imprint I can date it to 1929-30. Most Duofolds had a curved "Duofold" on their nibs as far as I know. Interestingly, I have found online pictures of a couple of Jack-Knife pens with a nib with this imprint. These would normally have a nib including the words "Lucky Curve". Below is a picture I found online of a Jack-Knife which was for sale at some point and has this nib. I have also found another Jack-Knife with this type of nib in these forums. Finally, I have seen a picture of a True Blue with this type of nib at http://penhero.com/PenGallery/Parker/ParkerTrueBlues.htm Does anyone know anything more about the "Parker Pen Made In U.S.A." nib?
  4. sidthecat

    Looking To Find A Blind Cap

    Of course I blame the cat for making off with it, but it could be anywhere, so I need to find another. Its a BCHR ringtop, but an atypical one: a bit thicker than normal so the cap from the parts pens Ive acquired is too small. Parkers are not my area of expertise but I like this pen and Id like it to be complete and the cats arent talking. Heres the difficulty: the pen is marked as follows: Geo. S. Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen Janesville, Wis. USA Pat. # 1-9-94-6-2898 1-2-05-6-6-05-4-2-11 Does anyone know what this thing is? I wonder if its actually a Duofold labeled as the earlier pen. I hope the wisdom of the crowd can give me a clue.
  5. I have happened across, what I have discovered to be a #35 Lucky Curve, with gold-plated floral relief. I have been unable to find its orginal cost and have only been able to find pictures of it (fortunately!), to determine what it is. It was purchased in 1907, as indicated by the engraving on the indecia states: "Glennie Biggs Feb 12, 07". I have not been able to find any relevant current values, despite it, on other sites, being referred to as "very rare". The nib is broken but other than that the pen has very little wear. Kind people please help me!
  6. gweimer1

    Parker Lucky Curve Info

    I'm picking this pen up tomorrow - I got a lot of 5 pens, including a couple of Esterbrooks and a Sailor minor axis. I know this is a Lucky Curve, but I don't find this color listed in any reference pages. Anyone have any information on this?
  7. Dear All, This pen was in a recent auction lot. I don't know which model number should be attached to it or anything very much about it. I'm hoping that those who have far greater experience than I do can provide me with more information. As far as I can tell, the nib is damaged beyond repair and I don't know whether to junk the pen or consider a repair. All info gratefully received! Many thanks in anticipation, S The pen measures 41/4 " or 11 cm capped. It is gold-filled. The top of the clip is marked 'PAT SER 5-16' followed by the Parker name. The only other marking/imprint is at the base of the cap where it reads 'Parker Fountain Pen Gold Filled Patent Pen.' The barrel is engraved with alternating lines and a diamond pattern. There is no engraving on the cap. The pen is a button filler. The feed is a typical 'Lucky curve' type feed (sorry about the poor quality phone photo). The nib is damaged and I don't know whether it is original to the pen.
  8. Darcy1978

    Into The Duofold

    Now I don't know much about pens, but I know what I like. And I do like this Duofold. It's currently on sale and I am considering whether it's worth shelling out for it. I've asked for better pictures but for now we will have to make do with these. Googling Parker sites teaches me this might be a Duofold Lucky Curve from the 1920s, but that just seems to good to be true. Could anyone ID this with more certainty? Also: what would be a reasonable price? Many thanks!
  9. I just scored a Parker Jackknife in working order with its original box. Dunno if I overpaid or not, but...Anyone out there have one? How do you like yours? I am really looking forward to trying this pen!
  10. Ricky2011

    Parker Chased Duofold

    Hi I have a question about chased black parkers. Especially when they were streamlined. Were all of them numbered eg. 23 or 23 1/2 over this decade. like the jack knife ect. Am i correct in thinking that the chased patten only survied from the 1915- 1926? taken over by perminite. best wishes Rick
  11. I'm trying to identify this pen and can't seem to find any with the same type of cap. 1/10 14k Gold Filled Made in U.S.A. is printed on the cap. Can anyone tell me if these go together? Any information you can give me about this pen will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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