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Found 22 results

  1. Just in time for the holidays, I would like to see sparkling (and matte) metal pens. Flighters, covered BHCR, brass, rolled gold, plated, solid, filligree skeletons, bare metals of all sorts, please. Make Burl Ives proud (ask your grandparents, kids). Here are mine minus what is under the tree and my Asvine V169 skeleton that has gone wandering around the house: L to R: Vermeil Parker 75 Ciselé F, Parker Vector Gold Plated F, Parker 45 Insignia black tassie M, Sheaffer TRX 70 M, Sheaffer Imperial 777 M, Cross 10k rolled gold F, Parker 180 flighter X/M, Baoer 388 F, Parker 25 blue M, Parker Mixy flighter, Hero 282, Sailor Chalana EF, Sheaffer Fashion II 240, Parker 15 flighter, Zebra V301, MUJI aluminum F, Cross for Franklin Covey Lexington M.
  2. northstar

    St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Cap

    Hello everyone, I just bought this St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Silver cap FP BP set
  3. I’m not a Parker fans before, yet I bought quite some Parkers recently. Today I hope to share two recent Sonnets, a humble little review. The parker that I truly long for is the sterling chisel, (not the Duofold), no matter the well-known 75 or the recent Sonnet. While the Metro is one of the Travel-inspired special edition, the whole series are vivid to me and I choose the black Metro for the palladium trim (as the sterling one is a GT). Both are 18k gold nib and France made. Date code The Prestige is IIE The Metro is Y Weight Capped: Sterling: 33g Metro:31g Uncapped: Both 21g Package It’s a recent Parker package, just a bit smaller than the Duofold one. I’m not a fancy package guy, so what to say? Umm, rigid, protective and good looking. With a card, a manual, two cartridges and a converter. Outlook The Prestige (sterling chisel): A classic legend, irresistible, I remembered my father used a sterling 75 ballpoint pen more than four decades ago, and I miss him. I love the pattern throughout the whole pen. And the sterling mark at the cap makes it more classic. About the Metro: Special edition, stylish, not luxury. The cap design is imitating an illuminous street map. And I like the brushed BLACK metal section, it is really metropolitan-looking. The nib Sterling: It’s an 18k Medium nib. Some said the Sonnet nib has hard-start and dry-up problems. So when I bought two Sonnets at the same time, the feeling is risky. Put it simple to this pen, hard start: yes, but very little. Dry-up: seems not. Upon keeping the pen untouched for overnight, or even for 10 days (I tried), the first stroke is always ink-less, but it returns to juicy on the next stroke, and I could accept it. Metro: 18k Fine nib, mono tone, rhodium plated, with special design. But there is NO hard start problem even on 10 days untouched. Both nib are stiff, not bouncy and no flex at all, so no line variation could be expected, but very reliable and I like the feedback generated. It makes the writing faster and probably a good workhorse for writing. The ink supply is sufficient even in quick dash lines. Yet the line width is very similar for both fine and medium. I like the nib. Comfortability Many pens are good looking, many are expensive, but not too many pens attract me by comfortability. Sonnet got my full marks score in it, and I know it’s personal. The balance and the size suits my hands and I always have a happy feeling when holding these Sonnets (probably come from the weight and the feeling). And I prefer the Sonnet for the round barrel end, which makes the pen more comfortable on hand. Cartridge I love parker cartridges. It’s huge… love it. And the performance of the Quink is also efficient. Little Conclusion I love them both, even compare to the Duofold Centennial. Definitely a good workhorse. Convenient snap cap, feeling secure, wonderful in working environment. I think the official market price of modern Parkers are really over-priced, so make sure to get a good price tag. Thanks for watching, sorry for the picture size.
  4. Hello! I recently obtained my Grail pen, a Parker 51 "Special" in Sterling, but unfortunately the section was cracked in several places. This Parker 51 section has a special layout, with it's feed being a pull-twist removal feed. Because this part is seldom sold anywhere due to color and type, and is extremely expensive when sold; I have decided to repair it. Being just an amateur restorer, I contacted a very nice fellow (Siamack) and he/she guided me to a Parker 51 repair thread! This thread from Siamack leads me to the repair materials. I have decided to use either Loctite Shoe Glue (unorthodox) or Plastruct Plastic Weld (volatile, hold stronger). I picked shoe glue due to it's silicone properties (watertight, harmless to most plastics), it's very strong features (I've repaired statues with this type of adhesive), and it's availability, and Plastruct is picked due to it's recommended use in the forums. Feed, section, and clutch ring An easier repair job removal of clutch ring shows no extra cracks. I now have a problem: How would we remove the inner "tube" inside the section? The tube restricts access to the cracks on the top of the section, so it's removal is a must. - Thanks to all who comment and read!
  5. northstar

    Parker 75 Florence

    Hello everyone, Two days back this super beautiful Parker 75 Florence joined my collection of 75s
  6. This is another recent 452 and 1/2 V acquired. It has both the factory clip plus the ring. It is in the Sheraton pattern (a bit boring, but less common). When it arrived, the lever would only move about 1/16th of an inch. The Sac inside had seriously hardened, and prevented the lever from moving any further. This example of the pen absolutely required the use of a hair drier to separate the section from the body. Upon inspection it was clear that last person who had been in the pen (decades before), had got some shellac on the section/body junction. Still, it came apart without cracking anything, which was good. It will recieve the same #16 sac I used on my other 452 1/2 V (basket weave pattern).
  7. I just got a Waterman 452 1/2V from Ebay. It was described as being in "excellent condition". Upon arrival it got a basic cleaning. Pulling the fill lever, it was clear that the sack was either dust, or entirely missing. I just happened to have some number 16 sacs sitting around here (slated for a Lady Patricia restore). And they looked about the right size for this pen. My guess was not entirely correct, but the work-around was easy enough. With a #16 sac, it fit over the section well enough, but coaxing it down into the pen itself proved problematic, as it wanted to fold more than feed. The plate which compresses the sac takes up just enough space in the barrel that it was difficult to get the sac into the tube. It occurred to me that if I could make the Sac more rigid, inserting it would not be a problem. Some crazy ideas were considered, such as filling the sac with water, letting it freeze to provide rigidity, but that idea was discarded. The most simple approach looked to be removing the Nib and Feed, and then sliding a Q-Tip down the hole to the bottom of the sac, which would provide the rigidity I needed. I had worked with other pens that either required you use special tools to remove the nib and feed, or you needed to unscrew them. I was at a bit of loss to guess if there was any nefarious traps awaiting me in the nib and feed removal process. Moreover, I could find no videos for the specific model of pen, but there were standard 52 videos, which gave a few hints. Postings within this forum gave a few more hints. The darn thing just presses in place, no special tools or indexing required. With a bit of cold water ran through it, and some gentle persuasion the nib came free first, the feed required some gentle tapping (using a Q-Tip as a drift). At this point, the sac which had just been fitted in place, but not yet had been bonded with shellac was affixed in place with shellac. Now the pen must rest all akimbo throughout the night to allow for curing of the shellac. Tomorrow evening it will get its final assembly, and a bit of tuning (if needed) for the nib/feed. The nib seems to have a generous amount of flex, so I am looking forward to seeing how it writes. Some of those old number 2 nibs make surprisingly good flex pens. The pictures below are of the advertisement on Ebay, the other picture is of the disassembled pen. When it is assembled and writing, there will likely be a follow-up.
  8. Hello everyone, I just purchased this set of NoS Aurora sterling silver fountain+ballpoint pens (only FP shown in the photos), i need help with identification of the model name and any other info, many thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I got this pen last year, and its one of the extremely rare instances where I buy a pen other than FP, but I couldn't resist this beauty, this edition is limited to only 100 pieces. Best regards.
  10. One of my earliest memories of pens being special and valued was a Parker ballpoint and pencil set my grandfather used to wear in his shirt pocket. I always thought they were special and I guess I coveted a set like that for my very own. He had them for many years, but they seem to have been lost during a move in the 90's sometime. So I don't have them now as a memento, but I remember them clearly and always associate that pen and pencil with him. Fast forward many years and I'm poking around on pen sites and there is the same pen that my grandfather had! Turns out it was a Parker 75 Sterling Silver Cisele (not sure if they used that term back then but that's what is known as now). His set was probably from late 60's or early 70's, but I know it was years prior to 1976. Being a lover of fountain pens and wanting something that reminds me of him, I'm looking for a late 60's Parker 75 Sterling Silver Crosshatch (or Cisele) fountain pen, not ballpoint. I have no experience with vintage pens except for a few Parker 21's and 51's I inherited from my father, so I'm looking for advice on any gotchas associated with Parker 75, things to look out for, where might be a good place to start looking, etc. And I'd like to avoid eBay, not my favorite place and I'm too inexperienced to spot fakes. Are there many fake P75's floating around or is that slanted more to the P51 and Montblanc areas? So any good, reputable dealers you would recommend? Price isn't really an issue as long as it's reasonable for the individual pen. I'm more concerned with integrity and friendly service. If you have one, how does it feel in the hand? Would you say it's a good or bad pen? Again, not so much concerned with the specific nib, I can always get that adjusted as long as it's in decent shape. What about the filling system, C/C yes? Any idea on capacity? Does the cap seal well, even on older or well-loved pens? Something along like this, or maybe the Premier version: http://www.carmenriverapens.com/wp-content/uploads/parker-cisele-sterling-silver-crosshatch-fountain-pen-2-e1394133584573.jpg (shameless lifted from Carmen Rivera Pens...) Thanks for your help.
  11. Markthetruck

    Need A 75 Ciselle Ballpoint In Near Mint

    A friend wants to give a gift to his father and it's a 75 Sterling Ciselle (flat top preferably) Please RSVP if you have or can refer me to someone who has one!" Thanks for your help!
  12. Mookli

    Omas Marconi Sterling

    Hi, I am trying to figure out the Omas Marconi Sterling series. It looks like the Sterling model comes in two flavors, One has gold trim, the other has silver trim and blue on the clip. I think both are limited series. From pictures, it looks like the blue clip model also has darker lines in the body and caps lines. Beside trim level, is anything else different. Thanks Mark
  13. Oruc Gazi Kutluer

    Freshly Turned Pens

    Below latest harverst from our studio Ivorish Fountain Pen Combination of compressed bone&ivory dust and Alternate Alabaster Resin. Ruthenium/Rhodium Plated Jowo #6 18k Solid Gold nib. 975k Silver bands and Special Edition Kilk Cap Finial. Convertor and cartridge compitable. By using silicon grease you may fill with eyedropper. Dimensions: Length:142mm Capped, 130mm uncapped Dia:13mm barrel threads, 15mm thickest point of barrel, 16.2mm Cap Retroscript Instrument Indian Ebonite with 24k gold plated brass rings, 24k gold plated steel clip. Jowo #6 Twotone Nib unit. Converter and cartridge compitable. Sealing with grease possible to use with eyedropper. Dimensions: Length: 142mm Capped, 130mm uncapped Dia: 13mm barrel threads, 13,75mm thickest point of barrel, 15,6mm Cap Smokey Horn Semi-translucent AA-Resin with smokey oak horn sample. Filling with a screwed in international converter. Jowo #6 Gold Plated Nib Unit and 24 Gold plated bands and clip. Please note that cap is not postable. This Pen can be filled with eyedropper by sealing the section threads with clear silicon grease. Compitable with 3mm international cartridges both long and short ones. Dimensions: Length: 145mm Capped, 135mm uncapped Dia: 13mm barrel threads, 15.5mm thickest barrel, 16.5mm cap
  14. Hi, I'm currently interested in Wladmann pens, especially the Waldmann Solon, Vienna and Xetra Vienna. So far, I couldn't find any reviews or info saying more than Waldmann is doing on their homepage on the web (I only found some posts about the Tango and like one post about the Manager). So, my question is whether anyone here could pictures of how these pens look in the flesh and maybe write about his/her experiences with these pens. Looking forward to your replies!
  15. northstar

    Waterman Le Man 100 Sterling Silver

    I got this pen just recently among other pens, I was totally amazed by its beauty and wanted to share few pictures with you all, hope you will enjoy. Best regards. Return it? Is this guy drunk or what???
  16. northstar

    Parker 75 Grosse Cotes Sterling Silver

    I managed To get a rare parker 75 Grosse Cotes sterling silver, but it's so lovely, made in France, 18K nib,cap and barell hallmarked. Images to follow.
  17. An auction I won at the last minute: it says it's sterling but it looks like lead. The nib looks promising, though.
  18. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2015-Inklings/2015-Ink_0096.jpg
  19. I have admired Stan and Ricky's pics of their Pilot Custom series pens for a long time now, and a while ago I was lucky enough to get the sterling ciselle (?) Custom at a good price. Recently I saw a Custom sterling Heart Sutra and immediately put in a bid for it, and was lucky enough to grab it! I'll be traveling starting tomorrow, so I won't be able to put up more pics until the new year, but rest assured that I will for now:
  20. I have a Montblanc sterling silver solitaire rollerball that is at least 20 years old. It is in immaculate condition. The 925 stamp is at the top of the pen not at the center of the barrel. Is there any collector value in this pen?
  21. First post on FPN in over a year for me. My life has taken several unexpeced turns, but I am now back! Here's the story: I went antiquing in Québec city last friday, searching for vintage pens and antique bottles. After three unsuccessful attempts I finally find an antique store that has some fountain pens. There were three or four celluloid Watermans (two of them had damaged nibs, a very small streamline Duofold (Lady?) in need of a new sac, a Waterman #12, a Sheaffer Touchdown with stripped blind cap threads, an Esterbrook SJ and last but not least, a Parker set in a black faux-suede pen slip. I was intrigued by the set. I pulled the pen out, only to see the shimmer of the sterling silver grid pattern. Both the pen and the ballpoint were in excellent condition with little tarnish. The price asked was 125$, but after a few minutes of haggling I left the store with the set and my wallet 90$ lighter. Back home, I filled it with water, and it wrote perfectly with the rehydrated ink still in the original converter.
  22. I have a couple of Sheaffer Legacy (both I and II) sterling "blanks", no engraving or design of any kind. They have the same "sterling" markings as any of the Legacy FPs with engraving/patterns, such as the Sheaffer Legacy sterling barleycorn models. I acquired these blanks many years ago from an office supply store, the owner of which insisted that they were some sort of "factory mistake" (perhaps they weren't scheduled for retail sale by Sheaffer, but obviously, artisans like Classic Pens started out with blanks to create their CP4, Washington and Richmond, Civil War pens, and Sheaffer has done the same with its various Legacy sterling models. I've never seen any Legacy sterling blanks for sale. I assume that if utilized as a writer, one would need to exercise great caution, and even then, it might be difficult to avoid scratching the smooth sterling surface. Did Sheaffer ever sell Legacy sterling blanks to retail customers? If "yes" what years, which models (Legacy I, II, Heritage), how were they priced, etc. Any information or opinions on the value of these blanks (less, more, or about the same as the standard Sheaffer factory Legacy I or II sterling fountain pens, such as the barleycorn pattern) would be greatly appreciated. This is my first post here and I'd like to point out that for someone like me who is not an expert, I appreciate the fact that those who are knowledgeable/experts are willing to provide answers when they can.

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