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Found 20 results

  1. As the title says, can anyone please give me some guidance on the difference between Parker 75 and 180 ball pens? They seem almost identical. I'm sure there must be some difference but I cant really find one other than some of the 180 ball pens have smooth tassies.
  2. This is a Parker 75 medium stub ciselé of around 1968-1971. Writing sample: The line thickness it produces is about 0.9 mm in width. This width is comfortable for writing characters of medium size (see also the writing comparison). The pen’s triangular section is thin, but it is very comfortable to hold. The pen as a whole is on the smaller side, but the nib is big. Since the pen is of some vintage it is a stub proper rather than cursive italic, i.e. the tipping is noticeably thick with the writing edge noticeably but not drastically rounded (see schematic). The side edges are n
  3. With the current COVID-19 crisis, I have been spending a lot of time at home. I have rediscovered all my old calligraphy pens and have been relearning the art of fine writing. I was still missing a few items, and I came across an old box in my basement. I found several old items of ink, nibs, etc. In one of the boxes I found my old Parker 75 14k fine italic fountain pen. I remember purchasing it about 1985. So it is 35 years old. It was hardly used as it had the original cartridge still in the barrel. I hoped that the pen was not ruined because it had been left with the ink inside. I spent ab
  4. To the point: any advice before I start using a Parker 75 bought used? One with the thinner section, fine size nib. Longer story: I'd given up on the 75 given that I have no way of trying them in person, and they are apparently thinner than Sonnets, of which I have two. But... I came across one for a low price, which seemed in good nick, and in the design that intrigued me the most, milleraies (yes, ciselé looks awesome too). So... Instead of wisely saving for the one pen missing in my collection, a Waterman Carène, there I go blowing the budget... Which was already seriously dented by a Pel
  5. I have just inherited my father's Parker 75, a sterling silver ciselé which the Parker Penography website says started being offered in 1966. It has a few battle-scars and needs a seriously good clean but appears to be in good condition, except for one thing. The pen won't insert into the cap. I looked into the cap under illumination and one or perhaps two of the arms of the inner cap (is this called the inner cap clutch?) are bent and sticking out. There are replacements advertised on ebay, and one of them is winging its way to me - but I can find no information about the best way to get the
  6. Hi, I got a Parker 75 Bicentennial whose cap jiggles. Don't know if that's the right term, but when capped, the cap doesn't stay in place, and it moves up and down about half a millimeter. The issue is the inner plastic cap, which needs to be replaced, as the cap behaves the same when I put it on another 75, and other 75 caps work perfectly with the Bicentennial. My problem lies in disassembling the cap. With regular tassies, that's not a big deal, because the tassies are solid, so it's not difficult to get a good grip on them and start turning the cap. This pen, however, has a hollow tass
  7. The Parker 75 “Cisele” & Sheaffer Silver Imperial After a few years in the hobby of collecting fountain pens I’ve reached a point, where my acquisition of pens gravitates towards a preferred style of pens. After some deliberation, I´ve come to the long term goal of acquiring a pen in sterling silver from each the “Big Four” American companies: Parker, Sheaffer, (Wahl-) Eversharp and Waterman. I´m currently halfway to that objective, having hunted down a Parker 75 in the “Cisele” (or “Cicelé”) pattern and a Sheaffer Silver Imperial in a diamond pattern. There’s no doubt that both represen
  8. Hi, I just got a Parker 75 with a Medium nib, possibly 1970's, as the nib's marked with a letter and the tassies are dished, but it's incredibly dry (see sample). I already left the nib and the section soaking all night (not much came out), and then a few hours this morning, in warm water with a drop of dishwashing soap. There was some serious muck under the nib (at the tip of the feed), which I used an exacto knife to remove - you can see some of it in the photos, and there's also some in the slots where the nib slides into the feed. After the two soaks, it's somewhat better, but writing
  9. A friend of mine gave me this wonderful Parker 75, last month. It served him well for years, but he's never been a fountain pen enthusiast, so he never cleaned it. As I received it I washed it all thoroughly, except for the probably most clogged part: under the nib (pic related) Do you know how can I slide off the nib? It seems impossible. Now onto the main topic of this thread. The pen has always been used with cartridges and, under the stress of pulling them out as they emptied, the mating nipple completely broke. Parker was not able to repair it as that section was not being produced an
  10. One of my earliest memories of pens being special and valued was a Parker ballpoint and pencil set my grandfather used to wear in his shirt pocket. I always thought they were special and I guess I coveted a set like that for my very own. He had them for many years, but they seem to have been lost during a move in the 90's sometime. So I don't have them now as a memento, but I remember them clearly and always associate that pen and pencil with him. Fast forward many years and I'm poking around on pen sites and there is the same pen that my grandfather had! Turns out it was a Parker 75 S
  11. antichresis

    Is This A 75 Insignia?

  12. antichresis

    Is This A 75 Insignia?

    I'm praying that it is a Vermeil instead.
  13. chardon713

    Parker 75 Repair (Australia)

    Hi This is my very first post ... so hope I am doing it right! I have a Parker 75 where the threads on the plastic nib section are so worn that the barrel no longer securely connects. Professional advice varies as to whether this can be repaired. I would have thought a simple replacement of the plastic section would do it .... one repairer says it cannot be done (no spares for this model), another says I need a new section with new nib. Grateful if anyone can advise
  14. chardon713

    Parker 75 Nib Query

    I have what I believe is a Parker 75. I have spent a lot of time identifying the model ... but I need some help with the nib. It is marked "Parker", "France" , and in very very small font what looks like a 3 digit number beginning with "58" followed by what could be a letter, possibly "M" I can also just make out what could be a hallmark .. but my magnifier is not strong enough to allow me to discern the pattern. Under the nib is a large "F". From what I have been able to find out on the web, I think this is Parker 14k gold nib. Is this right?
  15. ALeonardoA

    '64 Parker 75 Cisele

    Hello members, I don't know anyone personally who would appreciate this so I thought I might as well share it here. The newest addition to my modest collection; a mint, 1964 first-year Parker 75 "Cisele" with original box and numbered certificate of origin with corresponding engraving, for the Italian market. One curiosity for me is that it doesn't have any Italian silver hallmarks even though it was sold for the Italian market. I know at some point they did add them to the cap. However, the certificate of origin is from the registered Italian importer and distributor for Parker (API FANTU
  16. My friend was cleaning up her office and found a few rough-looking fountain pens. She gave them to me, after I said that I could probably still fix them. A cursory inspection showed them to be Parker 75s. One looked virtually unused, the other was inked and then forgotten. Here's a photo of what they looked like: Fast forward to a few hours after (I brought them home and excitedly started to polish, check the nibs, etc, read all about the restoration effort here), here's how they now look like: One of the pens was unused, there was no trace of ink in it when I flushed with water. The
  17. Please help me to verify this Parker 75, I ordered it on an other website, when received I found that problem and I wonder about it feed. Is it fake? Thank you very much for your review!
  18. Hi ! Last weekend, starting a new inventory for a address change, I ve managed to find a lost pen my late father has bought possibly in US in late 60's. Never used, genuine , kept on original case for the last 40 years, in excelente contidion, never used, except for the flock portion, it contains still the certificate, ink replacable bulk, information and instructions.And the tag price original.All papers in excelente condition. I personally do not collect pens but I believe this one must have some hitorical, collecting worthing I also can only guesss it s a late 60's or early 70's as how
  19. h.farmawi

    Parker 75 Cleaning Help Please

    Hi guys i have this new Parker 75 set http://imageshack.com/a/img19/5127/mtna.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img843/5381/h69t.jpg they are new so i just want to clean the exterior and i dont know how i need help in what to use and how to do it thanks alot best.
  20. Happy New Year FP fans! Last night I published the 2013 update to the reference section of my Parker 75 website. Things were quiet in the Parker 75 world until the Columbus Pen Show which revealed that there is still lots of Parker 75 information out there. This update shows a fraction of what I found which includes lots prototypes: - Aluminum 75 FPs with satin smooth finish and grid pattern - FP in vermeil with red grid lines - FP in sterling silver with white grid lines - Metal threaded FP sections in different colors There is much more so come visit if you have any int

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