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  1. DevrimJan

    (Please Vote) Has Your Twsbi Cracked?

    Having heard so many things about TWSBI pens cracking, I thought a poll would be of some use in clearing up the matter with some (hopefully) accurate and representative results. Perhaps we will even be able to see if TWSBI's efforts to improve the issue have in fact been effective, and to see if their current line up still suffers from this problem. Please vote, and do so honestly. If done correctly, I have a feeling this poll could become a valuable resource.
  2. Crowley74

    Broken Carene Nib Grip Section

    Hi, First time poster and I am in need of help and experience. Unfortunately my Waterman Carene Fountain Pen has suffered the same fate as Balenemate's pen. His link is here from June 13. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/247665-broken-carene-nib/ I've added pictures below: The crack is around the entire circumference of the Pen grip. I believe that the Fountain Pen lid itself is defective and must have some how damaged the pen Anyone with experience of this problem? Will Waterman replace the entire pen under warrant? Rather than attempt a repair? Thanks Tom
  3. I recently ordered one of these. Nice looking pen, but when it arrived there was a hairline crack along the barrel. Really fine, possibly more of a scratch. Anyhow, the seller was really great and sent a replacement - but if anything the second one has got an even worse mark on it. Is this a problem with this model or is it possible to get a clean pen?
  4. I would like to help a friend repair her Montblanc 221, black. It has a hairline crack on the plastic nib holder of the hooded nib. I dont have photo yet but the problem described to me seems a common problem of this model. My question is: must I use MEK, or is Loctite 480 sufficient? I havent been able to buy MEK where I am, but I found Loctite 480 online in Switzerland. I plan to leave the pen for 2 weeks after the glue gets into the crack. Not too optimistic about repairing cracks, but I must try at least. Otherwise her pen is a leaky unusable pen. The leak might not just come from the crack, but that would be the first suspicion. I much appreciate any suggestions.
  5. Conradandhispens

    Repair Of Lip Crack - Onoto 6000 Bchr

    I have just bought two onotos, one is a 6234 plunger, and another is a very early BCHR pen. The BCHR is in great condition, except for the cap having a small lip crack (its a slip cap by the way) Im wondering how I can fix this? I am not sending the pen overseas to a repair man as Im confident I can do the repair, I just don't know how. Or if it cant be repaired Id buy a cap off of someone. Here's some pics. thank you.
  6. BaronWulfraed

    Suggestion For Adhesive

    Apparently the stresses in my 5-pen sleeve were too much for a recently purchased pen. I've ordered a replacement, but I'm wondering if there are any suggestions for an adhesive/solvent that might make this one functional again. As can be seen, the threaded insert to the barrel cracked -- taking a small amount of barrel with it. I'm vacillating between trying an acetone family solvent (Just checked -- the canister IS acetone) or a brush-on super-glue. Thanks all...
  7. Hello! I recently obtained my Grail pen, a Parker 51 "Special" in Sterling, but unfortunately the section was cracked in several places. This Parker 51 section has a special layout, with it's feed being a pull-twist removal feed. Because this part is seldom sold anywhere due to color and type, and is extremely expensive when sold; I have decided to repair it. Being just an amateur restorer, I contacted a very nice fellow (Siamack) and he/she guided me to a Parker 51 repair thread! This thread from Siamack leads me to the repair materials. I have decided to use either Loctite Shoe Glue (unorthodox) or Plastruct Plastic Weld (volatile, hold stronger). I picked shoe glue due to it's silicone properties (watertight, harmless to most plastics), it's very strong features (I've repaired statues with this type of adhesive), and it's availability, and Plastruct is picked due to it's recommended use in the forums. Feed, section, and clutch ring An easier repair job removal of clutch ring shows no extra cracks. I now have a problem: How would we remove the inner "tube" inside the section? The tube restricts access to the cracks on the top of the section, so it's removal is a must. - Thanks to all who comment and read!
  8. The_Beginner

    A Crack In The Barrel

    Sadly my parker 51 has a crack in the barrel it makes me worry to use the pen fearing that some pressure might snap the barrel. So i ask how do one repair cracks in Lucite, I have been thinking of using acrylic cement but i would like to confirm if this is the correct way to go about this. Thank you for reading TheBeginner(TB)
  9. Nestorvass

    Hard Rubber Crack Repair

    I recently purchased a Parker Duofold Jr from a seller at the flea market. The pen was in good condition. However I did notice that the hard rubber cap had a few thin cracks all over its lip. Is there a way to repair them by chemically welding them or are then any other methods that will give a solution to my problem? Note that the previous owner thought it would be a good idea to super glue the crack which of course didn't work due to the oxidization of the hard rubber. I placed some photos below so you can see the cracks.
  10. Hey everyone! I just bought a new Pilot Custom Heritage 92 demonstrator pen (from an eBay Japanese seller) and it arrived today. I went with the FM nib and really like it! Currently it's inked with Bungubox Sweet Love Pink However, I noticed what appears to be some cracks spreading from the center of the piston knob and wanted to ask if anyone else's looks like this - maybe it's part of the design? I did a Google image search but wasn't able to find a good shot of a CH 92 piston knob to definitively say whether this is normal or not. The pen is fine and operates perfectly, so it's not a big deal, but I do slightly worry that if it is a crack it may get worse over time. It's hard to capture the problem in pictures so apologies for the not-so-great photos. Thanks so much for your input!
  11. Inferno2Inferno

    Twsbi Vac Mini - Smoke Leak/crack?

    So I recently purchased a TWSBI Vac Mini in Smoke from my local fountain pen store. I must say the filling mechanism is super cool and it writes really well, however, I am having an issue with it and I am seeking FPN community input. Today when I was writing, I noticed some ink drops on my thumb and the side of my middle finger where the grip section/cap threads would normally rest on my hand. My immediate thought was that there was a crack in the pen and that it was leaking onto my fingers. However, when I ran that section of the pen across some paper, there was no ink left behind nor was there any additional ink drip after more writing. I inspected the grip and cap threads with a flashlight and a laser pointer to see if there were any cracks and failed to see anything (in a way this was perhaps unsurprising as I never dropped the pen before). This left me thinking, could it just be ink trickle from being bounced around in my knapsack, or is there actually a crack in the pen I should look to get repaired? Has anyone else experienced something similar before? Thanks for any input!
  12. uilleann

    Celluloid Repair Of Doric?

    I figured out how to fuse a crack on vintage celluloid, like this Ladies Hundred Year Pen. However next time I will over fill the crack and let it cure for a few weeks before I sand it down. This was done with a mix of powered celluloid (filed from old celluloid parts) and MEK. http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s4/v9/p2820048466-4.jpghttp://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s1/v21/p2820048464-4.jpg So today I got a Wahl Doric and it has a big crack on the barrel. I do not think it goes all the way through the barrel wall as the section is nice and tight. Here are some pics. http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s7/v165/p2820048515-4.jpghttp://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s7/v165/p2820048521-4.jpg And at a greater Magnification. http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s6/v138/p2820048510-4.jpg http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s10/v113/p2820048461-4.jpg http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s3/v41/p2820048507-4.jpghttp://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s3/v23/p2820048467-4.jpg And my highest Magnification http://bobkeenanphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s4/v10/p2820048465-5.jpg The question here is will I do more harm than good with I fuse this crack like I did for the other part?
  13. So I have used Loctite 480 to repair 4 barrel and cap cracks. 3 of them were on the threads. And it seems to work great even when there is tension on the gap from putting a section in. The stuff is black and blends in pretty well with BHR but I just did a red swirl and it is pretty noticeable. The only way I know of to clean it is to use a dental pick, a head loupe, and bright light to pick away at the 408 till the red shows through. Is there a better way? I would love to chase the threads but is there any tool that can chase multi-start threads?
  14. Alexcat

    Yard-O-Led Nib Unit

    Firstly, I know I made a huge mistake/boo boo...am daft, etc. insert word if choice. Trust me, Ive used them all, and then some. I bought this: "The plain version of the Viceroy style. Purchased in 1988. The nib is a medium point and the original. On the pen cap there is a tiny dent, barely visible. Pen number 4635 YOL 925 . Hallmarked. Wooden box and YOD guarantee" When I got it, it wouldn't write...I tried soaking, gently(no chemicals whatsoever, not even Fairy) patience, multiple flushing s etc. still wouldn't write. Long story short, contacted seller, who was adamant it wrote when he sold it, and he thought I may have damaged it in my attempts to fix. He offered a return, but conditional on him sending it to a repairer(and I had no way of knowing whethervId be named/charged for repair etc) Got myself so upset( lot of life stuff going on, recently widowed, am very fragile right now, can cope with very little) and wondering if I had in fact damaged it, that I closed the eBay case and Sid I'd get it fixed myself. I know that sounds stupid, buI really couldn't cope with the hassle. So. Asked my friendly penman if he'd look at it, explained it all, upshot is that it has a crack; this is what he said(and he also said that there was very little chance that I had done the damage): "have just taken a good look at the forward part of the section, and there is definitely a spiral shaped crack in it that extends for about 5 or 6 mm. As such, you are unlikely to ever get a decent ink flow from the nib. You would need a replacement section. Your pen is quite an old model, and YOL no longer make sections of this type, so i don't really know where you'd get one from. " Does anyone have any suggestions(other than trying to contact the seller on eBay....already did, no response, and as I was stupid enough to close the vase, he is in the right) Is there any other nib unit which would fit, or anywhere I could get a replacement without spending a fortune? Hope this makes sense.... Alex
  15. I bought it in August 2016 and so the one year warranty is up and I cant send it back to Japan for repair. Any DIY repairs to help the crack from spreading or hopefully fill the crack? How does superglue sound like a possible fix? Will it be able to seep into the crack and seal? Or what other alternatives do I have?
  16. Greetings! Hoping to get some advice. I have a Safari Orange Flame (orange plastic with red clip & dot button) & I love this pen. However, I noticed that there are 2 hairline cracks at the nib end of the section. There is a scant amount of ink leakage & inky fingers; otherwise, the pen writes like a dream. I'm wondering if I should try to fix this or just deal with the issue. I've looked to see about either a replacement or parts, but pricing I've seen is upwards of $150-350 USD on fleabay and I can't seem to find a replacement section. I'm a bit leery of sending it to Germany or dealing with Lamy CS in TX, as I don't really want to lose this pen. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Jen.
  17. strelnikoff

    Nib Crack On Waterman 42 Safety

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a vintage Waterman 42. I have bought it through some youngster from apparently an original owner (a man in his 80's) and instantly fell in love with the pen. Outside, the pen seemed in decent shape. I bought it cheap, knowing that there will be some work on it. My first problem was - and still is - this pen was probably never serviced, the cork was dry, but - with some soaking, I have managed to start using it (today). However, immediately I have noticed that someone was obviously tried to straighten the tines, probably that "know it all" youngster. And to my horror - I've noticed that one tine has a crack. Please see below (I tried to take as best photo as I could). Does anyone here knows - who or where can I send this pen - to have this crack repaired??? And more than anything - is it possible to repair this crack? Please help!
  18. Hello all, Just a quick word of caution ! Just found that I properly cracked the section on my M200 classic by screwing in the nib unit too much. I was only using finger power, so surprised I could do this much damage. Only noticed when my fingers started getting really inky! There doesn't seem to be a stop mechanism to prevent this, and I was trying to screw it in further to remove some creaking sounds (from too much play of the unit) when I wrote. Perhaps there was another issue at work? So just to highlight that one needs to be careful! [edited for clarity]
  19. alexro

    Crack On Transparent Barrel

    Hi! I've got some experience with MEK, but this time I received a pen with cracks on transparent part of the barrel. I am not sure if it is still OK to use MEK also here. What is the best way to repair this kind of defects?
  20. I've a problem with a Watermans 515 which mounts a flex W5 nib. I can't actually flex it because of a crack where the barrel meets the section (check the photograph below to further details). As long as i write normally, everything's alright but when i attempt to do flex writing, i start to hear disturbing creaking from that area. Now the question: can someone helps me to figure out how to seal that crack?
  21. Hi All- Please forgive the question if it has been answered before-I did a search and didn't come up with much for a '51' Aero pencil repair. I am a relative newbie and had read somewhere that the '51' pencil barrels are not the same (lucite) as the pens. I have a pencil with a crack in the barrel that I would like to stabilize so that it doesn't get any worse. It will be a user pencil for me, so I am not super concerned with cosmetics, but certainly don't want to do any harm, or use the wrong stuff. What should I use to stabilize the crack? I have attached a close-up picture. Thanks in advance for any and all guidance!-
  22. Drcollector

    Cracked Threads In A 146

    I purchased a pre-owned 146 and was disappointed - to say the least - to find a crack nearly a whole centimeter long. It runs from the section through the threads up to the ink window. The crack seems to have been remedied as it appears to be covered in some kind of sealant. As of now the pen writes flawlessly, but could this be a source of future problems such as leaking? It is a 146 with a beautiful monotone 14k nib. Is this pen a vintage piece worth keeping or is it a $250 refund waiting to happen?
  23. Smothier

    Sheaffer Snorkel Barrel Crack

    Hi Everyone, I've recently got a hold of a Sheaffer Snorkel from the bay. Upon receiving it, I noticed a crack at the plunger end, usually a far too common and unfortunately fatal issue in snorkels. As it's in the UK, parts are notoriously difficult to find, let alone for a justifiable price. I actually noticed the issue after winning, but having already paid, the seller just played dumb and completely denied it, even though it was blatantly obvious. Since I got it for a good price, however, it isn't worth much in returning. The crack itself is perhaps about 3/8 of an inch, roughly the same distance away from the breather hole. Internally - the pen is sound and fixable, just that little crack can cause issues. I've looked around and and I've seen Tenax 7R advertised wholeheartedly by Ron Z, however it's nearly impossible to find in the UK. (and for a good price) My question is if there's any alternatives I can find cheaply in the UK, something trustworthy as I have little option for failure. I'm confident in my ability to fix pens and have a steady hand (should have been a surgeon but chemistry wasn't my strong point hehe). Also, provided a picture of the crack. Excuse the horrible quality, I needed to MSPaint some things of help. Thanks in advance.
  24. ARVA

    Almost Cracked Sac

    Hi, I have an old Parker squeeze converter which at first sight seems to work well, holds a lot of ink and is not leaking. However when I squeeze it the rubber has some cracks in one part , the rubber is not yet cracked completely but sooner or later it will. I can still use it and it also feels flexible. I was thinking if there is any preventing work or something. Can I melt the rubber with the hot red point of a needle so the crack is no longer spreading ? Or can I glue it somehow? Thank you!
  25. I just restored my first Snorkel last night, a black Valiant? with a white dot and a fine open nib. After putting in a new sac and both seals, I couldn't get the pen to fill very much at all. I eventually found out my original barrel had a long crack in it near the section. I replaced the black barrel with a burgundy one, and the pen now works great. Is barrel cracking common in Snorkels? Can you fix this issue yourself, or is it easier just to get a new barrel? PS. (Warning - wanton props) Thank you Grandmia for the great Snorkel video... and Brian Anderson's shop for the resac kit Thank you, ken

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