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  1. I had an issue with ink coming out of the bottom of the trim ring which is located at the top of the section on an original Cross Century fountain pen, as illustrated in the photo. I spent several days trying to figure out what was going on and I think I finally came up with the answer. Maybe this will help if anyone else has a similar problem. It seemed like a hard puzzle to solve since the top of the trim ring, adjacent to the nib and feed, did not have any obvious place for the ink to enter and get under the ring. I called Cross and they told me to soak the pen in dish soap and warm water. But, after refilling with ink, the ink under the ring was back. OK, here's what I think happened. I was filling the pen by dipping it in ink, without regard to how much of the pen I submerged in the ink. So, if I submerged the pen below the bottom of the trim ring, a small quantity of ink could get in under the ring. I then tried two things to solve the problem. First, I pushed some silicon grease up onto the bottom of the ring, just in case there was a gap under the ring that might let ink in. Second, I did the refill being careful to only submerge the nib and not the trim ring. Now, I have had zero "leaks" from the trim ring after several days. I'm not sure you could call them leaks in the first place, but this is what happened. If I get more ink under the trim ring and never let it get submerged in the ink, I'll be proven wrong.
  2. KingRoach

    Bock Nibs Leaking?

    Dear all, I've recently tried 3 bock nibs (all new), all with three sealed cartriges, and all 3 nibs, when pointing downwards, would collect ink quickly between the fins, and if I write like that would burp the ink on paper. None of my other Bock nibs that I've had for a while did this. Now I have another one in hand (for someone else), and it's doing the same thing, using a converter. I am sure there is no air leak anywhere, and to be honest, 4 nibs is way too much of a coincidence. What are your thoughts please?
  3. Hi all. Can I get some Opus 88 Demo users together please? I've had a long bad experience with these pens. Had 2 of them that leaked. You'd find the section full of ink and suddenly you have ink on your fingers in a meeting, etc. etc. At first I was looking for leaks inside the section, but I think it was something else. The feed, or the underside of the nib, would get overflow of ink, to the point where the feed collector is full. When capped this would fall into the cap and back into the section. So the main problem is overflow in the feed. I've had the pen replaced by Opus, which was nice of them, but the new pen does that, only much slower. Hold the pen downwards and, long as the rear knob is slightly open, the feed will very slowly begin to fill up. I want to ask if others are having, or can observe, similar phenomenon. I know the pen in your case may not actually drop the ink eventually, but if you can only use a light to look at the underside of your Jowo nib to see if the ink is controlled in the channel or filling up the underside, that would help me. I have a video I will add when I get a chance. Many thanks for anyone who gives me some input.
  4. gylo

    Leaky Parker Sonnet

    Just looking for some guidance! I have had this pen for 24 years and whilst it still writes beautifully and never dries out (if in regular use) it has developed a leak when capped. At first I thought it just didn't travel well so i left it on my desk, but even then when i come to use it the next day, it has ink at the bottom of the front section. I then need to clean the cap out etc. I have obviously tried to check the nib and feed is in correctly, not that i know what I'm looking at. Is it worth replacing the bottom section and feed, it a gold nib so would want to keep that? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Nick
  5. caklingsporn

    Repairs For Waterman Pen

    I'm new to the forum and request some help, please. I have a Waterman Carene pen that leaks ink. I have changed the cartridge and it still leaks. When I contacted Waterman they wanted me to send the pen in to France, an idea that i didn't like. Surely there are reputable pen repair companies here in the U. S.? Does anyone have a recommendation, please? Thanks Chuck Klingsporn
  6. rfenter

    Lamy 2000 Leaks At "ears"

    My Lamy 2000 leaks at the "ears" that keep the cap in place. Suggestions? Thanks!
  7. My Meisterstück leaks where the barrel splits. How easy is it to seal this with beeswax, is it simple to separate? The red arrow shows the leak.
  8. I have gotten a vintage Parker Vacumatic back from an unreliable repair person who was supposed to restore it. I'm not going to follow up on the repair guy, no sense in wasting time on it. The pen feed leaks and oozes ink uncontrollably. (what a mess) How do I fix this? Thanks, jim
  9. cynegils

    Montblanc 149 Leak Piston

    Hi everyone, I am new to the fountain pen network but have already used the large knowledge base here to guide my recent purchase of a used Montblanc 149 from the 90s. I'm very grateful for the the useful information here. Unfortunately, I may not have read quite enough. The pen arrived yesterday from an antiques store in Spain (I'm in NYC). It came with a little ink inside so I used the pen and found it writes wonderfully. However, while flushing the pen for the first time, I noticed there is a considerable amount of ink on the screws of the piston as you can see in the picture I included (that is supposed to be a shiny brass screw!). Also, I noticed that after a day of flushing, it is still not coming out clear, although it is significantly improving. More importantly, I tried to dry it by surrounding the nib with lint free wipes, and it seems like it could be leaking from either the red arrow, or blue arrow region in the picture of the nib, although I am not sure of this. Is this where a leak would/could form? It seems like there is ink everywhere inside. Most importantly, can this be fixed? If I took it apart, and cleaned and greased the different parts, would this fix whatever is wrong? If not, I'll be trying to return this.
  10. Hi, I purchased a Waterman Fountain Pen Phileas Kultur Iridescent Blue Fountain Pen last September on eBay, and bought a waterman converter on Amazon. It has always been a bit of a tough starter to get the ink flowing, but recently, when I thought it just was being stubborn, I opened up the barrel to find it full of ink and the converter empty. I cleaned it out and reseated the converter, and it happened again. I do carry the pen around in a case with my sailor pen in my backpack, but the sailor is fine, and the waterman will not hold its ink, suddenly. (It doesn't get as much use as the Sailor does.) I'm wondering if it's the pen or the converter. Can I tell if it's a real Waterman? I suppose if it seems to be I should just try another converter? Is Amazon generally trustworthy on that sort of thing or are there inferior products out there too? I only used both sources as my usual pen shops didn't have the pen at the time, and lower Manhattan & NJ were in the midst of an apparent converter drought.... Anyone have similar experience with this particular pen? Thanks!
  11. TonyFycus

    Parker 95 Leaking Ink

    Hello! I am quite new to fountain pens and I started with a Parker 95, that I received as a present. In the last month I am struggling though with a problem. My pen is leaking and my hands are all inky(I am using Parker permanent ink). The grip is not dirty and I do not touch the nib and it(the nib) looks quite clean(compared to my friends pen, which does not leak, a Parker 88), the convertor empties pretty quickly and when I take the barrel off, I see the convertor and everything stained with still wet ink. I do not change altitudes and I transport it only nib up or sometimes I let it nib sideways(horizontaly). I will try using a cartridge and update the topic, but for now, there is no day without getting my hands dirty. You have some pictures attached below, in the links as how the pen looks when I got home. Do you have any ideas as of why this happens? When I spin the converter it does not look like ink gets past the seals. Thanks in advance! Antoniu http://imgur.com/d3f4uSl http://imgur.com/vRFAZ5c http://imgur.com/JryzDCW http://imgur.com/dl7qMGP http://imgur.com/3n5vqDh
  12. Hello guys , I gotta a problem with some vintage pens i got , and i believe that i made it worse. I think i screwed them too far an the plastic trying to stop leakage through the treads. the plastic developed hailine cracks on the section and of couse , leaked more. the thing is , how can i fix it? i thought i'd had the answer. Superglue! . didnt do the trick and now i got some ugly blobs of superglue resin on the section. is there any salvation for me ?
  13. I recently finally got myself a Pilot Metropolitan as a starter pen. Last time I needed to refill the converter, I had a very hard time unscrewing the section. I finally got it open, and refilled it. Since then, I'm having some leaking around the base of the nib. My question is, given how cheap the pen is, is it worth repairing it, or should I just toss it & buy a new one? If repair is worthwhile: I'm in the Twin Cities -- if anyone is local & has recommendations for a repair shop, I'd appreciate it!
  14. AidenMark

    Leaking Etalon - End Of The Line?

    This blue Etalon is a beautiful Waterman with a great gold nib. Sadly it's leaking from somewhere inside the section and the ink is seeping out around the cap ring. I got the authorisation to send it off to Waterman in Paris but the factory returned it as can't-fix-no-parts. There doesn't seem to be a crack in the section - the ink leaks out of the metal / plastic join and must be coming from a bad seal inside the section. So before attempting a solvent weld to repair it would be necessary to separate the section, metal mid piece and feed. However the join is pretty solid - some glue must be involved. Has anyone tips on disassembling an Etalon?
  15. jmccarty3

    Parker 61 Leak

    I acquired a very nice Parker 61 capillary filler that had never been inked (the end of the sponge was still pink). I inked it with Waterman Mysterious Blue, and then noticed that ink was leaking from the band at the tail. The pen writes normally. Examination showed ink on the exterior of the Teflon capillary filler housing where there had been none before, along with ink collecting on the inside of the barrel. I suspect there may be a leak where the capillary filler joins the section. The filler housing doesn't appear cracked or otherwise abnormal. Any suggestions for a repair person for this problem? I tried to do a search, but didn't find anything. Thanks very much for your help.
  16. Martinoconnell

    Meisterstuck 146 Repair

    Hi everyone. I have a 146 bought at auction some time ago. Unfortunately I never really used it as it is leaking from around the nib. I was hoping someone could provide me with contact details for John Sorowka or another alternative for repair. I want to see other options than sending it to montblanc (170). Or maybe the montblanc price is good. Im just not sure. Many thanks in advance. Oh Im based in Ireland. M
  17. My Homo Sapiens Bronze Age has always been a little problematic - prone to hard starts, skipping, and also ironically gushing and burping into the cap - but now it's developed a new problem that renders it all but unusable: It's got a slow leak at the center band on the body. Ink seeps from the bottom of the band, under the letter H in Homo Sapiens, spreads all the way around the bottom of the band, and then starts to spread slowly down the body of the pen. I can clean the body and the band thoroughly, but holding any kind of absorbent material to the band shows new ink seeping from under the H, and in a matter of minutes enough ink spreads around the bottom of the band to stain fingers when handling the pen. It's become a pen that cannot be uncapped without staining the fingers. Couple of questions: Is this a "known problem" that others have experienced? Is there really a seam of some sort at the band on the body that ink could be coming through? Any ideas for investigating/fixing the problem?
  18. 1234124124124ASDA

    Moisture Inside Barrel (M400/m200)

    Hi, I recently discovered I have quite a lot if moisture inside barrel of my M400 (behind piston in the shaft area). I have this pen for about 2 months now and cleaned it ca 4-5 times - with nib unscrewed and pen body under water tap. Is the connection between filling knob and barrel supposed to be watertight or is this normal? Problem is on M400 the piston part cannot be easily removed, unlike simple unscrewing on M800 so I cannot simply wipe it with paper towel. Do you have any proven methods or suggestions how to get rid of it? Leave the pen with filling knob fully unscrewed for few days maybe?
  19. Inferno2Inferno

    Twsbi Vac Mini - Smoke Leak/crack?

    So I recently purchased a TWSBI Vac Mini in Smoke from my local fountain pen store. I must say the filling mechanism is super cool and it writes really well, however, I am having an issue with it and I am seeking FPN community input. Today when I was writing, I noticed some ink drops on my thumb and the side of my middle finger where the grip section/cap threads would normally rest on my hand. My immediate thought was that there was a crack in the pen and that it was leaking onto my fingers. However, when I ran that section of the pen across some paper, there was no ink left behind nor was there any additional ink drip after more writing. I inspected the grip and cap threads with a flashlight and a laser pointer to see if there were any cracks and failed to see anything (in a way this was perhaps unsurprising as I never dropped the pen before). This left me thinking, could it just be ink trickle from being bounced around in my knapsack, or is there actually a crack in the pen I should look to get repaired? Has anyone else experienced something similar before? Thanks for any input!
  20. Hello pen friends, I have a problem with my Pilot Metro. A while ago I dropped my Metro, (just thinking about it makes me cringe). After that I noticed that every time I wrote with it I had a little bit of ink on my hand. Upon more close inspection I noticed a very little crack on the section. I cleaned the pen and try to force water with a bulb syringe and as I suspected, a little drops of water were coming out of the section. Somewhere on the internet I found that clear nail polish was a good way of sealing this kind of cracks. I tried it and it work for a while, maybe two months. But recently I started to get ink on my fingers again, so I tried it again with the nail polish, but this time it looks like the ink is getting through the layer of nail polish. My question is: Is there a better way to seal this little crack on the plastic section of my Pilot Metropolitan? The pen is one of my greatest treasures and I don't have money to buy another pen. Also because where I live, it is really hard to get especialized fountain pen repair kits so, I would prefer something that you can get more easily. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hi everyone, I thought I would post here about my very first FP adventure. I own a few Parker 21's (not sure if Mark I or II, but definitely non-Supers and Supers) and try to use only the ones in worse condition, (admittedly my one and only 61 is on my desk at home). I used to carry my 51 until I found out how valuable it was and it is now in my drawer. I decided to fix a particular 21 Super with a broken nib using another 21 Super as a donor, the latter having a good F nib but a cracked hood in three places. It was leaking so much ink it was impossible to use (grey hood in the photo attached). I should have really come here first, alas I just went my own way and after reading up a bit I started looking for stuff like shellac, section pliers, nibs etc and came across Pendemonium. I wrote to them and they very kindly gave me excellent advice on what to do - and not to do. In particular, after using a hot water bath to remove the hood on both units, replacing the nib and screwing the hood back on it would consistently leak around the clutch ring. I then watched a few more pen repair videos and realised hoods are usually shellacked back on. I thought I would need to do that, but Pendemonium suggested I use pure silicone grease as 21 hoods are notoriously fragile. I was about to buy grease but realised I have a small tub with watch grade grease I have been using to seal watch back covers for years and decided to use it. I had already placed the nib in the right angle before screwing the hood back on. However after applying some grease with a brush the hood would screw back on further than before when no grease was used, so I readjusted the nib. All seemed to be well until I realised the pen was leaking because the hood had developed a crack after screwing it back on! Turns out the grease lubricated the thread so the hood screwing further up, more pressure was actually applied to it so it cracked. When I was younger I used to fix 21 hood cracks with glue and was mostly successful, of course results used to be aesthetically unpleasant. I already had another 21 Super with a cracked hood in two places which I had 'fixed' by carefully cellotaping the crack and the 'fix' had lasted for over a year so went and cellotaped the newly fixed 21 Super. So far so good, no leaks at all, so much so I will take it on a two hour flight next week. I wonder if I can buy NOS Parker 21 Super and non-super hoods from anyone? Those are the only bits that need replacing on my dodgy 21's (I did buy a few sacs a few months ago thinking I would need to replace those but I have not needed to). Many thanks for any ideas and for going through my long post.
  22. Anteejean

    Pilot Decimo Writes Too Wet

    I splurged and bought a Pilot Decimo with a fine nib recently. The problem is it puts a pretty heavy line down regardless of ink brand or formula. It's more like a German fine or Japanese medium! When I open it up , there is ink on the outside the nib unit. Cleaned it off, put it back together, checked it 10 minutes later and ink on the nib unit again. The converter is solidly in. Any ideas? It's still under warranty.
  23. suman5492

    Ink Oozing Out

    I face this problem quite often in some of my pens including my lamy safari. I am attaching the pictures, please suggest what to do.
  24. So... I purchased a Senator fountain pen online because the damn things are just awesome for the price. BUT, this one has a loose filler knob under the blind cap, and has begun leaking ink around the piston, into the back of the pen, and out at the loose filler knob. I'm baffled. I pulled the nib out, tried to flush the pen out (but that is difficult considering there is ink behind the piston which is now leaking towards the ink chamber. Is there a way to remove and .. I dunno, "fluff up" the edge of the piston? or put a glob of silicone grease in it? I can't tell where you would disassemble the body of the pen further. Anyone got ideas?
  25. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. I purchased my Mont Blanc No 149 Meisterstuck in France in 1976, 40 years ago, and (besides one repair) it has given me exquisite service throughout this time. The ink flows like a stream of thought, and the flexible18k gold nib enables one to practise calligraphy writing if one so chooses. Now there's a hairline crack in the nib holder which is causing a slow leak and my fingers get discoloured. See photo. MB say I must pay the service fee. My contention is two-fold: 1) that this fountain pen came with a Lifetime Warranty (admittedly which I no longer have), and that 2) such a hairline crack is an inherent fault which a world class brand (such as Mont Blanc) should repair at no charge. Have any Mont Blanc owners had a similar experience? If so please advise.

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