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Found 23 results

  1. Gloucesterman

    Parker 61 - Two questions

    HELP, please... I recently picked up a Parker 61 (double jewel) Flighter on the Bay. It arrived today in very good condition. When I dipped the nib in water there was absolutely NO Ink residue. A quick look at the open end of the capillary filler showed only (clean, unblemished) white color. Question 1: Did I receive a P61 with a totally unused capillary filler? (I don't want to immerse it in anything yet if it is brand new/unused as I may want to sell it. Question 2: How do I tell if the nib is gold without pulling it apart? It does appear "gold" colored. Thanks for any help.
  2. A couple of years ago, I found myself on EBay bidding on two pens being sold by someone not familiar with fountain pens. As I recall, they had two Parker 45s and a Parker 61. Of the three, only the one Parker 45 with more in-focus photos was getting any bidding action. I zeroed in on what I hoped would be a double win. I was interested in the Parker 45 because, even though the photos were blurry and under lit, I could see that the nib was gold and that the cap was a nice stainless steel with a gold filled clip. Also, I have wanted to own a Parker 61 so I place bids on both and had over bid enough (I thought) to win the '61 as well as the '45. As it turned out someone else was waiting for the last 15 seconds and then out bid me on the '61. Oh well...I was going to get a Parker 45 with a gold nib! I paid the seller and waited. After about five days a plain manila envelope arrived with no absolutely no padding. I opened the envelope and was greatly disappointed. The barrel of the Parker 45 was in 3 pieces, two quite large and one so tiny that it was easily lost. I took photos and the seller refunded the purchase. I offered to return the broken pen but he said, "No, just throw it away." Well on closer examination, I realized that the cap was wrong! It was a Parker 61 cap! This meant that the person who out bid me on the '61 apparently received a Parker '61 with a Parker '45 cap. I took out the medium point gold nib and installed it in a nice black Parker 45 and put its stainless steel nib away. What to do? I listed the Parker '61 cap on Ebay. It was listed for nearly two months with no takers (that surprised me) so I eventually took it down. Then one day I thought, "what the heck." I got out the super glue and glued the barrel back together. They actually fit together quite nicely but the pen truly looked like "Frankenpen" what with the glue seams showing glaringly. After the pen had dried for about an hour (hey...I was experimenting and did not expect it to work anyway) I grabbed some 2000 grit wet or dry sandpaper and lightly sanded away at all of the seams under the kitchen faucet. What emerged was a pen barrel that at first glance looks totally fine. Closer examination will, however reveal the seams and one small, tiny, tiny, tiny (did I say tiny?) piece that had disappeared in the envelope and was too small to glue in there anyway. As you can tell in photos, the section of this pen has suffered from the plastic shrinking somewhat but I was able to fit the stainless steel nib that I had into this pen. I got a real cheap Jinao International converter (the short variety) and drilled out the opening to fit the Parker, loaded the pen with some Hero 232 Blue Black (a fine ink if you can find it anywhere anymore) and was pleasantly surprised. My little Parker 45/61 Frankenpen goes with us everywhere. It is aboard our boat each sailing season in the navigation drawer. All log entries are made with that pen. It has been in my carry on luggage to Europe and been loaned out a few times. It is a very smooth writing pen and believe it or not, the Parker 61 cap, while not feeling quite as secure on the barrel as a 45 cap does the job. The pen can sit idle for a week or so and still start right up. In addition to the Hero 232, I have run KWZ IG Blue #1, Sailor Jentle Blue, and Hero Carbon Black in the pen. It doesn't seem to mind. I was going to find a new barrel and section and then just move the nib over and create a "perfect Parker 45 with a new cap" but you know what? I love my lowly Frankenpen! So, in relating this story to you, it occurred to me that perhaps there are other Frankenpens out there that have a unique story and are actually being loved and used. Frankenpen anyone? The pen as it arrived: ...and after the glue job and wet-sanding...
  3. Hi everyone! I picked a Parker 61 with a capillary filler yesterday and I was super excited to try it out. However, I realized that the filler tube itself was loose and inside was totally empty, aside from the long ebonite feed. From the videos I've seen, it seems that there's supposed to be a Teflon coated sheet of wicking material inside that helps wick up the ink. Does anyone know if/how I can either substitute the wick or find a replacement for it?
  4. InvisibleInk

    Replacement Golden Arrow For Parker 61

    Hello everybody I am trying to find either a replacement or exact drawings with dimensions for the golden arrow missing from a Parker 61. Any idea where I can find such item? thanks
  5. mongrelnomad

    Parker 61

    Hi all, I have been clearing out my grandfathers things and have just uncovered a solid gold Parker 61. It is an absolutely gorgeous pen. The reputation of the capillary filler system preceded it - there is a reason I have half a dozen 51s and no 61s. I would love to start using the pen; what do I need to know? How do you fill this thing, how do you change inks, how do you keep it clean and stop it from clogging? Is it possible at all? Thanks in advance...
  6. jmccarty3

    Parker 61 Leak

    I acquired a very nice Parker 61 capillary filler that had never been inked (the end of the sponge was still pink). I inked it with Waterman Mysterious Blue, and then noticed that ink was leaking from the band at the tail. The pen writes normally. Examination showed ink on the exterior of the Teflon capillary filler housing where there had been none before, along with ink collecting on the inside of the barrel. I suspect there may be a leak where the capillary filler joins the section. The filler housing doesn't appear cracked or otherwise abnormal. Any suggestions for a repair person for this problem? I tried to do a search, but didn't find anything. Thanks very much for your help.
  7. Matlock

    The Ultimate Frankenpen

    In the late 1970s I was working at Liverpool Street Station in London. One day I found a Black USA Parker 61 with Gold Filled cap. I handed it in to lost property and after a couple of months was notified that no one had claimed it, so it was mine. When I got it home I found that it was a capillary 61 that someone had obviously thought was a cartridge/converter pen and had tried to remove the capillary unit damaging it beyond repair. I sent it to Parker UK and they "repaired" it, which meant I got a new 61 cartridge/converter pen with the original cap. In 1984 the barrel developed a crack so I obtained a replacement from Parker for the sum of £1.37. I used it for several years but the cap became badly tarnished and the clutch prongs became loose. I have just ordered a replacement cap so that I can use the pen again. English followers of this topic will understand the phrase "Trigger's Broom", Those from the other side of the Pond may be more familiar with "George Washington's Axe".
  8. NGiducos

    Parker 61 Help

    Will a hero 330 section fit into a parker 61?
  9. NGiducos

    Parker 61 Help

    Will a hero 330 section fit into a parker 61?
  10. I have a user-grade black Parker 61 (the aerometric version) and I'd like it to go to a student. So, if interested please send me a PM stating what you study and where by Saturday. I'll decide who gets it on Sunday and ship it on Monday. The usual restrictions apply: you are expected not to sell this pen but to PIF it to the next user.
  11. jaqcp

    Converting Parker 61S

    I have some Parker 61s, including a famed rainbow cap!. Love the balance and feel of the pens but HATE the capillary fillers. Does anyone (A name please, not a "Yup, folks do that.") convert them to cart/converter and what would a rough estimate of what it should cost on an average day? I am at the point of convert or sell.
  12. I have an English Parker 61 from the early 60's whose barrel and section tend to fall apart when I open the pen. Is there anything to do about it? I have a 75 with the same problem and that has been rather easy to solve at least on a temporary basis, but the threads of the 61 are a lot finer and it does not seem like a possibility just to wrap something around the threads like I have done with the 75...
  13. Johnniejuk

    Parker 51 Nut From Uk

    Hello all . New to the site here , I started collecting Parker 51s this year . Sadly I now already have over 12 , and 6 Parker 61's . I have 3 vacumatics and the rest aerometrics , the 61's mostly capillary . I am most pleased with my latest purchase on eBay - an Aerial Kullock fantasy 51 in mandarin yellow . It's a Bobby dazzler and writes wonderfully . Does anyone by by any chance have a 51 special black or vista just laying in a drawer that they may want to trade ?! I use my pens every day . And enjoy them every day .m
  14. I want to buy this Parker 61 admiral (pics in link below) but I'm a little bit worried about a couple of things. One I don't know if the filling system works, it's has the capillary filling mechanism and I'm not sure if it works? Is there anything I should ask the seller before purchasing. The seller is asking for ~$75 for the pen. Is it worth it? His description of the pen is as follows: I'm guessing this is about a B? The arrow is still in there, no big scratches or anything, and there's minor discoloration in the cap. Teflon on the capillary tube perfectly intact. Link to pictures: http://imgur.com/a/kdHzx
  15. Flounder

    A Stunning Parker 61 Presidential!

    How's this for a surprise family find... a boxed-with-papers solid 18k gold Parker 61 Presidential from 1974! The cartouche is engraved with my uncle's initials (or Top Cat's), and the condition is as you would expect a very ostentatious fountain pen gifted by a tycoon (our grand uncle's name is written on the outer cardboard) to a lion-maned 70's hippy to be - utterly unused . It appears to have been dip tested with red ink once. Photos when I can do this ingot justice!
  16. Inkysloth

    Perplexed By Arrow-Less Parker 61

    Hi all, I've just taken delivery of a Rage Red Parker 61, made in England, with capillary filler unit and glorious rainbow cap. It has no arrow - but also, no space for the arrow. The hood is completely smooth. The hood colour matches the barrel perfectly. Was there an arrowless variant?
  17. entropydave

    Parker 61 Nib Sizes?

    Hello All I have a few Parker 61s, all capillary fillers, all for writing. I love the visual design of the pen, the way it handles, and I admire the engineering design of it. I now have enough nibs (8+) that I am curious about the nib sizes. Specifically, on this page: http://parkercollector.com/parker61.html it is written that: Parker offered seven different "Electro-Polished" point styles in nibs: Accountant Extra Fine Fine Medium Broad Stub Medium Oblique Does anyone have any further information about these nib sizes or comparative photos of the nibs or the lines produced by these? What size is an Accountant, is it more fine than Extra Fine? How stub-like is the Stub? Is it wider than the Broad or is it a stubbed Broad for example? I believe I have noticed a variation in the nibs varying according to whether they are marked as made in the USA or in the UK. Generally, the latter seem to have a more pronounced tip. Does this correlate with others' observations? Thank you for any information or help you can provide. David. P.S. I'm not collecting them, I just buy them when they're cheap so that I will have a supply of cases, caps, and capillary units. I'd now like to understand which nibs I have.
  18. I happened across this late model Parker 61 and ended up paying $32 for it. It was in great condition cosmetically, but upon filling it, I found that it leaked ink everywhere. The ink was pouring out of the bottom of the spring-bar converter, even though it seemed like it was seated fine. But let me back up for a second: for those unfamiliar (myself included), the 61 mark 3 was released in 1969 without the infamous capillary filler. Instead, it shipped with a system which was cartridge / converter, like the 45. So this pen is actually all original, and was made in England sometime between 1969 and 1983(!). Richard's Pens and the Parker Pens Penography have more information. Getting the pen apart was difficult but not overly so. I soaked the thing in water for four or five hours, and kept trying carefully to loosen it. The only sticky wicket was getting the feed / nib unit out of the hood section. I just kept trying to unscrew it gently and finally it came out. The inside of the hood was a mess, so I spent some time cleaning. In any case, the long and the short of it is that the connector was cracked. Apparently, Parker replaced the connector (which had been metal in the mk1 & mk2) with plastic, and it's known to crack. And so, without further delay, here's the offending part: http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_02.jpg This is where it fits in: http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_03.jpg And this is the full disassembly: http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_01.jpg I wasn't really sure what to do with this pen, now that I'd found the problem. So, To The Web, Batman! After a lot of Googling, I turned up a place called "Custom Pen Parts" in England. To my absolute delight and surprise, they make a replacement for this IN BRASS! And, it was $12! The folks who run the place are incredibly helpful, and "Roger" dispatched the part right away. As soon as it arrived, I rebuilt the pen. The new connector was a perfect fit. http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_04.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_05.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_06.jpg (gotta watch out to get that trim ring put back the right way) http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_07.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_08.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_09.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_10.jpg It's really quite good looking. I filled it up with Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo because it's almost an exact match. Unfortunately (and as Richard Binder mentions in his Parker 61 write-up linked above), the pen is quite fine and writes dry. It's not horrible, but definitely not to my taste. I wouldn't call it scratchy... it's still a decent pen, but I'll probably have it tuned (yes I wrote the wrong ink color here). http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_12.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_11.jpg Just for reference, here's the mk3 compared to the mk2. The differences are nominal, save the filling system. You can see the hoods are a bit different, and apparently the cap is different on the inside, but it's nothing I can really tell. http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_13.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_14.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_15.jpg http://www.suramar.org/fpn/parker61-mk3_16.jpg In any case, I guess my summary is, yay for Custom Pen Parts! But also, I personally am quite a fan of the Parker 61. I understand people's complaints about the capillary system... but I'm not as bothered by it as others are. I think it changes the way you use a pen, and I certainly wouldn't want all my pens to work that way, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Parker 61s can be had for a song and a dance. They seem to be more popular in England then they are elsewhere, so I've had good luck finding replacement parts too. I personally think the 61 is an undervalued pen.
  19. brokenjukeboxx

    Hello From Ohio!

    Hi there, FPN! I'm still fairly new to the game, have used only a LAMY Safari with LAMY cartridges so far. Looking forward to recieving my first order from Goulet and really starting to enjoy fountain pens in all their glory! I recently bought a used Parker 61 (i think) and am looking to expand my collection. The Parker needs some work, I just posted about it over in the Parker forum. I love using fountain pens to journal, and have recently moved to doing all of my hand-writing with a fountain pen. I have used Moleskines in the past, but I'm currently using Ecosystem lined journals. I'm in IT by trade, but I have a love for fountain pens, typewriters, and old fashioned things. Here's a photo of my collection - LAMY Safari in Charcoal, EF Nib & Parker 61 in red? burgandy? in need of some love. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n305akkkq3ji8ye/2013-11-26%2012.22.24.jpg Thanks for dropping by! Everyone on here seems so lovely and kind.
  20. brokenjukeboxx

    Parker 61 Find - Need Nib / Help!

    Hey everyone, I consider myself a "newb" still, but I love fountain pens and want to acquire a few more. I found what I believe is a Parker 61 on that auction website for about $12. It needs some love, but I am willing to give it that. I need your help bringing this old girl back to life, FPN. The nib is bent - I am not sure if the best course is to replace it ($30, available here: http://www.vintagepens.com/catill_nibs_parts.shtml) or to send her away to one of the wizards. I would like to keep costs reasonable. Is a replacement nib the best cost-effective option? Does anyone have a spare Fine nib laying around I could purchase? I am open to suggestions. Thank you!!
  21. My Mum found and gave me the pen she used at university back at the end of the 60s: a Parker 61 with the dreaded capillary filler (and, like another poster here, with the little arrow on the nib hood missing). The hood I can deal with. The filler...I'm wondering if I should just put the pen in one of my boxes and give up. I spoke to Greg Minuskin about it (I had idle thoughts about getting the nib reground to be a bit less...boring), and he basically said it wasn't worth repairing because the fillers are such a nightmare. Looking into home repairs, I agree with him: the filler (full of dried ink and, being a capillary filler, unflushable) is glued in with epoxy or something similar, but heating the barrel is a no-go because the plastic on these things is prone to warping. It'd be nice to use it because of the sentimental value. The monetary value is not high. Does anyone have any clever tricks that'll allow me to get the capillary filler out without damaging the section, or that'll allow me to clean the filler itself (and the nib hood, which that epoxy renders near-impossible to detach) properly?
  22. Mhawke7894

    Parker 61 Vs Vp

    I have decided that I am going to get either a Parker 61 or a Parker VP as my next pen purchase, as I love the styling Parker used for both of them more than anything else they made. My only problem is deciding which one to get. Which would you rather have as a daily writer, and why? Thank you.
  23. dorala1

    Scratches On Parker 61 Shell

    Good afternoon! On several of my Parker 61s (and some 51s too) the shells (hoods) are scratched with many fine scratches. These would appear to be coming from contact of the shell with the spring clutch in the cap that holds the cap in place. I can probably polish these scratches out, but I want to stop (or at least minimize) them. Would polishing the inside surface of the clutch spring help the situation? Should I just learn to live with the scratches? I can, but it will bother me. Any thoughts are appreciated. Tom C.

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