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  1. Hi, just thought I would swing by and introduce myself. My name is Fiona and I am the wrong side of 45. I have 4 kids and 6 grandkids, 1 husband and 1 dog. I am looking to expand my knowledge of all things fountain pen and make some new friends along the way.
  2. Hi Everyone, My new found love for fountain pen arose when I had used Hero's fountain pen recently. I didn't think I would need another fountain pen, but when I searched whether the one I was using has been known to the world, I discovered the community, reviews, blogs, whole websites dedicated to FP markets. It's as if I have found a new land, opened a new door for enriching my life. To introduce myself, I am Neha from a small town in India, a software engineer by profession who has no interest in typing items on To Do List apps, whose productivity gets better with wri
  3. CapeWind

    Hi from Johannesburg

    Hi, I am a FP lover living between Dublin (Ireland) and Johannesburg (South Africa). I am a management consultant and executive coach with a particular interest in working with C-suite executives and board directors. I mountain bike and love getting out in nature as an avid backpacker and experienced hike leader.😎 This year I decided to go back to school and am now (in mid-life🤔) studying for a MA in Catholic theology. (I received my PhD in business 17 years ago). And although things are much more digital now then when I first went to graduate school, I'm fi
  4. aliencamel

    Hello from the Garden State

    Hello, I got hooked on fountain pens when I started drawing again. I did a few urban sketchers meetups, kept up with the community online and noticed an enthusiasm for fountain pens. I made the jump and now use a fountain pen throughout my day, every day. I’m most fond of Pilot pens and Tomoe River paper. I learned of this forum while researching pens and then via Reddit's fountain pen subreddit. Happy to be here!
  5. I have been a lurker for many years and finally decided to sign up. I have always loved the feel of fine pens. Decades ago I had a Parker (long lost) and an ST DuPont (still). In 2007 I wrote a book and just before it went on sale I was struck with the idea that I should get a special pen to autograph copies. I was in New York and I went to the Montblanc store where there was a huge variety to choose from. I bought a pen and the very next day I put it to work signing books. I quickly learned that fountain pens are harder to use for this purpose than roller balls, and I got one if then in ma
  6. oldfashioned-aj

    Hello From Dubai, Uae

    Hello members, Newbie to the forum as a registered user but have been lurking around to the wealth of information available here from the members. Now I have the profile built up here and managed to make the first post with my introduction. I have have been active on reddit as u/oldfashioned_aj since i rediscovered fountain pens and got back to using them. Born and grown up in India, I am based in a small town called Ras Al Khaimah in United Arab Emirates for the past 11 years. Most people may not be familiar with the place but its close to the popular destination Dubai. Back in India dur
  7. Hello to the FPN from just-off-centre-of-anywhere! Udny is a parish of Aberdeenshire and, at 57 degrees N, is ridiculously far north for an inhabited area. In fact if we were somewhere else in the world we might be half way between Moscow and St Petersburg, or sinking slowly into the middle of Hudson Bay. I’m a farmer eking a living from a hillful of prime Aberdeenshire land, (by which I mean stones and water) and I collect fountain pens to take my mind off it. In particular, I’d like to thank the moderator for letting me in here. I hadn’t expected that.
  8. gpobernardo

    Back... After 11 Years!

    Hello, everyone! Turns out I've been a member of this forum since 2009, back when my father gave me a red and gold Parker Sonnet. Forgot my password, but now I'm back! Since then a few pens have been through my hands (and was fortunate to have a few degrees have been added to my name), with the most recent acquisition being a Montblanc Classique 145 Platinum. 👌🏻 Have been using fountain pens since I was 10 years old, eventually it became part of my character. Nothing much to say for now, aside from I'm also a forum moderator at Windows Central. ✌🏻 Here are some photos of a Montblanc Meis
  9. DigitalGee

    I'll Take The Plunge...

    Hi all, I'm so excited to be a member of this amazing community! I've lingered as a guest for a while, awaiting approval to join, and today finally came! My fountain pen story in brief: I was growing increasingly tired of my chicken scratch, and simultaneously weary of limiting my written communication to the keyboard. I joined a FB group focused on handwriting, and saw immediate improvement. Someone there suggested I might enjoy writing with a fountain pen, so I brought 1 (um, 2 -- um, 3). My first pens were a Sheaffer VPN, a Nemosine Singularity, and a Black Knox. I was encouraged t
  10. Hi everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself now that I’ve finally decided to join rather than just scrolling through ink reviews. My favorite pen right now is my Lamy 2000 (slight preference for the makrolon although I have stainless steel too), currently sporting Lamy Azurite ink. Glad to be a part of the community!
  11. choombak

    Namaste From Fremont, Ca

    Namaste _/\_ from Fremont, CA. Greetings, salam, howdy, hello! :-) My name is Amarendra, and I have been flirting with fountain pens on-and-off -- I guess it all started in school (back in India), where fountain pens were mandatory till grade 10th. My grandpa had a collection of esoteric pens, including inks, from all part of the world and at some point he also was an ink dealer (Lotus Inks, don't think that brand exists anymore in India). Some of it rubbed off on me. I again discovered my love for fountain pens a few months ago, and have about a dozen of 'em now (Pelikan, Karas Kustoms, N
  12. inkstable2019

    Hello All!

    Hello Everyone, I am so excited to be a part of the network finally! My name is Emerson, and im an admirerer of the community first and second I've started a blog about writing instruments. I look forward to meeting you all and picking your brains about expertise and some things I just do not know. You can message me whenever you want as well. heres to new friendships!
  13. Thanks for accepting me. Newbie trying to find my way around. Picked up some cheap pens from China. Pen shop about 50 miles away, if it is still in operation. Will have to try and visit one day. Haven't noticed anything in flea markets or antique stores.
  14. joaopinheiro

    Hello From Abrantes, Portugal

    Hi everybody! I'm just one more user and enthusiast of fountain pens! I started using them when I was a child but stopped because teachers didn't think they wouldn't be the best writing tool for me! Can you imagine?! Then, during adolescence, I rarely used them. Restarted using them at university. Stopped again when I graduated and restarted 5 years ago. And never stopped... I'm an EFL teacher, married and father of two lovely ladies. I've joined Fountain Pen Network to learn a bit more about these great writing tools. Happy writing!
  15. sjpens12

    Hello From New Jersey

    Hello everyone! I am from NJ, in the USA and I've been in this hobby since 2017. I currently own 7 (6 working) pens: Lamy Al-Star (F & M nibs) Pilot Metropolitan (1.0 mm stub) Parker Vector (M, broken converter) Camlin Elegante (F) from India Jinhao X750 (M, but replaced with Goulet TWSBI Eco (EF), and Conklin Duraflex (Flex nib)I'm new to FPN and hope to have a great time on here! I have a growing ink collection and hope to expand into gold nibs soon. I'm looking at either Pilot Custom 74, Vanishing Point, or Lamy 2000. I don't know which. Maybe this forum will help me decide? Thanks
  16. Xianfox

    Greetings From Ne Wisconsin

    Greetings from Northeast Wisconsin. Ive only been interested in fountain pens for about the last year or so but seem to have been averaging about 2 a month during that time. Its been about 30 years since I first tried a fountain pen, but that initial attempt (cheap disposable) didnt go well, so I never gave FPs a second chance until recently. I really shouldnt have waited this long. Ive kind of settled on my daily carry pens, though I do have a Lamy 2k under the Xmas tree that may join my daily rotation. Otherwise I carry a Parker 51 and a few TWSBI Vac Minis. Im finding that fountain pens
  17. I am a transplant from the eastern US coast, and southern Europe. I am also a US Air Force veteran and have a collection of fountain pens I do my best to rotate so each pen has the chance to tell its story. I use modern as well as vintage pens to write my pen pal letters. if you want to correspond, contact me at lightspiritphotography@gmail.com I grew up bilingual in Italian and American. I still retain some Italian after leaving there decades ago. My favorite coffee will always be cappuccino. I'd like to hear ... I mean read, some of your stories and share some of mine.
  18. Hello FPN, This is Pranav from Mumbai, India. It too me long to get this message up in this forum, well better late than never! I really don't remember how i got into this amazing different world all together, i always wondered whenever i read about random FP Blogs how can people be so passionate and the statement that its a priceless possession for lifetime! - something that started from filling my dad's old Hero FP just to experience its charm, from what i have had been listened to him since i don't know when. Somehow after going thru articles i managed to ordered a Pilot Metropolitan
  19. Queso6p4

    Greetings From Washington!

    Hello Everyone, I started getting into fountain pens after receiving one as part of a subscription box back in December of last year. It was a Kaweco Sport. Fast forward to present day and I'm nearly 20 pens in and loving it. There's so much to learn in addition to which pens match one's multifaceted preferences. As it turns out, I'm partial to both broad and stub nibs. My most recent purchase was a Montegrappa Brenta di Notte LE and it's gorgeous yet has more tooth than I'm used to in a broad nib. I'm attending the Northwest Pen Roundup tomorrow in Portland and expect to be similarly over
  20. paolocavallo

    Hello From Bologna, Italy

    Hello everybody, I'm a sixty years old Math teacher with a lifelong passion in fountain pens. Having read a couple of useful discussions on this Forum, I decided to join in. Nice to meet you all, Paolo
  21. Hello from Savannah, GA. I am a pen maker and recently came over to the realm of fountain pens. After I made my first one, I was hooked and love the writing elegance and asthetic you only find with this type of pen. Another hobby of mine for a long time is bladesmithing so I will be looking into making my own hardware for kitless fountain pens in the near future. There is a lot to learn and this forum has been a great place to do research and get some very good information. I hope to make my own contributions as I continue to learn and develop my skills. Below are my two latest pens that I w
  22. RayTheron

    Hi From Oz!

    Hi everyone, from Blacktown, on the western outskirts of Sydney. I'm originally from South Africa, and have only recently renewed my love affair with fountain pens. To date my tiny collection contains an antique Hifra that I used at school in the late 60s, a Parker Vector I acquired in the 90s after my Parker 51 was stolen, a Manuscript and a Lamy Safari clear. I have recently bought three Jinhoa pens -- an X450, X750 and a 911 (the latter is an amazing pen!). I also own a pen I cannot find any info on. It is a steel pen; the box says Made in Taiwan and it has Indigo inscribed on the lower end
  23. vlaval24

    Hello From France

    Hello, I've always been passionate about handwriting and calligraphy, so I naturally enjoy using fountain pens. I'm left handed - I totally disagree with the idea that fountain pens are not suited for lefties as I use them all the time. I'm an underwriter. J'espère utiliser ce site afin d'améliorer mon écriture et peut-être de faire connaissance avec d'autres gauchers !
  24. Hello from the Netherlands, Have been reading mostly ink reviews for a while and thought it was about time to introduce my self properly. Fountain pens have been my pens of choice for my entire life, but using a variety of inks to express myself with them further is something of the last few years. I rarely leave the house without at least one fountain pen, and more often than not I carry multiple inks. Favorite brand without a doubt Iroshizuku, but favorite color Diamine Oxblood. Peter
  25. boulderchips

    New Addict In Rhode Island

    Hi everyone — I've been lurking on the info forums for months, so I'm glad to finally join. Thanks to all for being such a cool community. I snagged my first fountain pen late last year and fell in love. I do much of my writing by hand, and fountain pens have changed my literary life for the better. I'm originally from Colorado but currently live in Providence, RI. My three favorite pens so far: Platinum 3776 (my only gold nib), TWSBI Eco, and Noodler's Ebonite Konrad. Still searching for that everyday-writer ink though... Happy writing.

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