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  1. InkShift – Mont Blanc Lavender Purple to Royal Blue Just for the fun of it, I occasionally resume my project exploring what happens when you move progressively from one ink colour to another. For now, I'm restricting myself to inks from the same manufacturer - mainly to avoid nasty chemical surprises. My hope is that some of these "inkshifts" result in interesting colours that I can use to write/draw with. And besides... it's just fun to watch one ink colour morph into another one. Mont Blanc Lavender Purple is a technically ok ink, but has that shade of red-purple that doesn’t re
  2. Ink Shoot-Out : kyo-iro Stone Road of Gion vs Mont Blanc Swan Illusion Plume In 2018, Mont Blanc presented us with the Swan Illusion Plume ink, that accompanies the Patron of Arts Ludwig II limited edition pen. A great grey-brown ink that I highly recommend. Fellow member JulieParadise suggested Stone Road of Gion as a near equal to this ink - "but a tad darker on paper". That of course peaked my interest... time to do a detailed comparison and find out which of these inks I like the most. Enter... the Ink Shoot-Out. A brutal fight spanning five rounds, where two inks engage in fier
  3. namrehsnoom

    Mont Blanc StarWalker Blue Planet

    Mont Blanc – StarWalker Blue Planet The 2020 Mont Blanc StarWalker Blue Planet fountain pen pays homage to our home in the universe, and calls attention to the dark blue water in earth’s oceans. Not surprisingly, Mont Blanc also released an accompanying dark blue ink, that is the subject of this review. The ink’s packaging looks lovely, with a design that provides an inspiring view of Earth as seen from space, with swirling clouds over blue oceans. In the box you’ll find a very nice 50ml bottle of StarWalker Blue Planet. StarWalker Blue Pl
  4. Mont Blanc - Petrol Blue For the past few years, Mont Blanc has followed the tradition of bringing out a Limited Edition "Colour of the Year" ink. These come in a 50 ml square bottle, and are typically available for a limited time only. In this review, I take a closer look at Petrol Blue, the colour of the year 2019. The ink's packaging is both stylish and functional, and gives an idea of the ink's colour. In the box you'll find the nice square bottle, with a decent amount of ink (50 ml). Not so nice is the ink's price point - at about 35 EUR for a bottle, this definitely is an
  5. Ink Shoot-Out : Mont Blanc Burgundy Red vs Papier Plume Red Beans and Rice The other day I was playing around with Mont Blanc Burgundy Red, enjoying the ink a lot. I just love these toned down colours that move towards pastel territory, and this ink fits the bill. This definitely is NOT a bright and vibrant red! It occurred to me that Red Beans and Rice from Papier Plume is from the same colour family. Time to do a detailed comparison, and find out which of these inks I like the most. Enter... the Ink Shoot-Out. A brutal fight spanning five rounds, where truly formidable inks
  6. Mont Blanc - Jungle Green (Writer's Edition 2019 - Homage to R. Kipling) The 2019 Mont Blanc Writer's Edition pen pays homage to Rudyard Kipling, the English author who's probably most remembered for his tales centering on Mowgli and the wolf pack. But Kipling was also a poet, best known for the 1910 poem "If—". When a Writer's Edition pen appears, you can be sure that there is an LE ink in its wake. Accompanying this Writer's Edition pen comes the aptly named corresponding LE ink "Jungle Green." The ink's packaging looks lovely, with a design inspired by the famous poem "If—" and
  7. My Meisterstück leaks where the barrel splits. How easy is it to seal this with beeswax, is it simple to separate? The red arrow shows the leak.
  8. vikrmbedi

    Mont Blanc Alfred Hitchcock Vs 149

    I was wondering if the nib of AH is equal to nib of 146 or 149. (in my knowledge, very few pens have 149 size nibs in montblanc...like the Hemmingway and dumas ) so it is a shout out to all the members to post some comparative shots (comparing nib size, width, height with and without cap etc) of both the pens together. regards Vikram
  9. namrehsnoom

    Mont Blanc - Swan Illusion Plume

    Mont Blanc - Swan Illusion Plume When Mont Blanc brings out a new pen, you can be sure that there is an LE ink to accompany it. With the MB Patron of Art Ludwig II pen comes the mysteriously sounding "Swan Illusion" accompanying ink. A bit of digging on Wikipedia removes the mystery though: Ludwig II from Bavaria (1845-1886) is also known as the Swan King, hence the ink's name. The ink's packaging looks lovely, and shows a not so easily described colour... brown? sepia? grey? I'm not quite sure what to make of it. But for me, grey-brown best captures the mood of this ink. The box also s
  10. Hello Mont Blanc aficionados, I have been given a 2nd hand Mont Blanc and would love to know what model it is etc so thought what better place to find out than the Fountain Pen Network. I have attached photos which I hope are enough to identify it. Any help Kindly appreciated. Thanks, Rico
  11. Mendesj

    Is A Good Buy Mont Blanc Vintage

    So I have had a Waterman Hemisphere and I have used it for the last 5 years since year 9 (UK) and my GCSEs and now I am in the middle of my A-levels. I dont know if it just me but I feel like there is way to much centennial value in the pen so I dont want to take it to uni and lose it. I need a new pen I have always wanted a Mont Blanc but as a student didnt have the funds however eBay being amazing has given me hope. There is a seller whos location is in the US but the pen is coming from Japan and he has a lot of feedback. I just want to work out if its a good idea to buy it I have attached
  12. namrehsnoom

    Mont Blanc - Web Grey

    Mont Blanc - Web Grey (Heritage Spider Metamorphosis) When Mont Blanc brings out a new pen, you can be sure that there is an LE ink to accompany it. With the MB Heritage Spider pen release comes the accompanying Limited Edition ink "Web Grey". The grey colour of the ink is inspired by the silvery grey of a spider's web. The ink's packaging looks lovely, with a stylized spider on the box. A light grey band at the bottom reflects the colour of the ink within. Looks promising... let’s find out whether the ink matches the aesthetics of the box... Web Grey is a rather cool neutral grey
  13. Hi! I'm quite new to collecting pens, but trying to learn as much as I can. I've recently inherited a couple Mont Blanc fountain pens, and I'm having some issues with one of them - a 342. It's been working just fine for the last 6 months, but recently when I tried to unscrew the cap, the gripping section stayed in the cap, while the body came out - leaving the reservoir open. Since then I haven't been able get the front bit out of the cap. Is there any way of doing this yourself, or do I have to hand it in to professionals? Thanks a lot in advance!
  14. namrehsnoom

    Mont Blanc - Velvet Red

    Mont Blanc - Velvet Red When Mont Blanc brings out a new pen, you can be sure that there is an LE ink in its wake. Accompanying the release of the MB Writer's Edition William Shakespeare pen in 2016, came the aptly named corresponding LE ink "Velvet Red". This ink is probably difficult to find today, but I'm still doing the review for its comparison value. The ink's packaging looks lovely, and shows the Bard with his writing instrument. The feathered pen shows off the blood-red colour of this ink. In the box you'll find a very nice 35 ml bottle of Velvet Red. To
  15. CarrotBasket

    Monte Rosa Piston

    Hello, I am looking for advice on repairing the broken psiton rod that came with this Monte Rosa. I am not sure I will be able to find a replacement and the rubber seal appears to in very good shape still. It is broken and has chucks missing in the upper section so if I twist the piston all the way down it disconects from the threads and gets stuck in the barrel. Is there an optimal way to glue this or something? Your help is much appreciated
  16. Hi, I take it "Alimentador" just means ink feeder in the world of Mont Blanc 149 fountain pens? I've noticed that 149's can come with a variety of feeders and I'm wondering what that's all about. Do some deliver ink to the tip better than others? Another thing is the ebonite feeder as opposed to the plastic feeder. What's the difference if any? thanks, Robert
  17. OsborneUK

    Can Anyone Identify My Mont Blanc?

    I recently acquired this Mont Blanc Meisterstück from a family member and have no true interest in keeping it. If anyone has any idea of the model, year, price and where to sell I would greatly appreciate it. Around the top of the pen labels XY2006108 Metal GERMANY And near the bottom MONT BLANC - MEISTERSTÜCK Ive attached a few photos - It has no box. Shoot me a pm or just comment below, thanks 👍🏻
  18. Hi Everyone, I'm new to FPN and pen collecting in general. I am particularly interested in ballpoint pens... I'm a full-time student and I do most of my work in ballpoint. I have a few pens that I've bought used, and I want to know what you think are the best ballpoints you have purchased/used. These can be at any price point and a pen can be your favorite for any reason. My favorite pen (by far) is my Classique Montblanc Meiserstuck, followed by a few designer pens (Tiffany and Givenchy). I have a Waterman Maestro and a Waterman Phileas that I really like. And on the lower end of the p
  19. Wanted to give a brief report on the LeGrand Blue Hour with OM nib for which I waited patiently for almost six months. I inked it with Blue Hour ink and used it at work yesterday. The pen is much heavier than a 149 and just as long, but the OM nib is excellent, and the ink matches the color of the pen very nicely. It should do just as well with the Tolstoy Sky Blue. I am very grateful to La Couronne du Comte for their usual excellent service, as well as their pricing that enabled me to obtain this pen. Mont Blanc quality shows through all around with this magnificent pen.
  20. This looks ok to me, but I don't have the eye that many of you do, so would be grateful for your opinions on this Tribute to the Mont Blanc please. The last photo shows the stars on a Jungle Eyes Mozart (MoP), the Tribute (Quartz) and a 146. Thank you!
  21. RetiredAdman

    Cleaning A Mont Blanc 145 Vintage 1982

    I am cleaning my Mont Blanc 145 and I saw on a Mont Blanc video that it appears you need a mont blanc tool to remove the nib and feed. I think I got it pretty clean just by flushing warm water through it many times. (I haven't used it in years and didn't clean it before I put it down-- I know better now). Does anyone know if the nib and feed pull out or screw out and/or does it take a special tool to remove the nib. The good news is that the piston seems to be working fine. Thanks, Ed This is my only good pen. All of my others I bought for <$60. This one some one gave to me in 1982. No
  22. Ink Shoot-Out : Mont Blanc Midnight Blue vs Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite was my very first blue-black ink, and one that I like a lot - it's usually to be found as the perfect companion for my Lamy 2000. Then I read visvamitra's review of Mont Blanc Midnight Blue, and found another blue-black that spoke to me. Recently I managed to get my hands on a bottle of the MB ink. A great opportunity to do a detailed comparison, and find out which one of these inks I like the most. Enter... the Ink Shoot-Out. A brutal fight where heavyweight inks do battle for four rounds,
  23. About the Patron Alexander von Humboldt's travels through distant continents and research of foreign cultures made him the first German cosmopolitan. The naturalist and cultural patron was born in Prussian Berlin during the age of Enlightment and later travelled the globe to explore new horizons. Humboldt discovered a rich new world of flora on his great South American expedition (1799-1804) and researched the language and culture of the native Indians. The result was "Kosmos" a literary lifework in which Humboldt expounded on the knowledge gained through his travels and research. Informa
  24. what is the most efficient ways to test all the fountain pen inks available and to make a like for like comparison? For instance i have tested Waterman, Herbin, Viscontini and Diamine but the shade of colour vary a great deal i like Visconti Bordeuax as a red but on other days i may like Diamine Oxblood but i like the wetness of a waterman red ink. I aim to reduce to a set number of of inks, so a maximum of two for each of the colours Red, Green, Blue, Black.for daily use. 1 unique colour such as an orange/brown/purple for journal writing. let me know your ideas thanks
  25. Hello folks, I’m new here and never in my life have I ever posted on this forum but I have a dilemma I purchase a StarWalker Ceramics Ballpoint Pen, Ident No.: 114749 of E-Bay and I paid £516 or $699 it was brand new i dnot know if its fake or real. I contacted Mont Blan and forwarded the serial no to them the responded by telling me only way to tell for sure is to send it to them for a fee so before I go to that length if I could get some feed back on this site as to what you guys think of my pen instead I would return it to the original seller who is based in the USA and simply ask for a r

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