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Found 8 results

  1. I was given a Parker Sonnet 2018 special edition, of the Metro variation of the special edition. This was a pleasant surprise - I did not even know that there were Sonnet ballpoints before I joined FPN last year. The Metro variant of the special edition are pens with black bodies and chrome-coloured caps with a city map pattern over the metal. The black plastic body feels like some sort of organic material, not unlike MB's "resin" plastic, to the touch. The map pattern's tactile sensation is matte. Metro pens have palladium trim. Pictures of the Metro fountain pen can be found in this thread: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/348767-parker-sonnets-sterling-metro/ Here are some more pictures of the pen. This pen has datecode P, standing for the 4th quarter of 2017. The pen is not very light; it feels substantial and well-made. In comparison to a Jotter flighter the pen is noticeably heavier. In writing with an oil ink refill it does not require any pressure. Gel refills are even easier to write with. In comparison to the Jotter concerning writing, the Jotter kind of makes me write faster. The Sonnet, as a result, can feel more leisurely and relaxed.
  2. I’m not a Parker fans before, yet I bought quite some Parkers recently. Today I hope to share two recent Sonnets, a humble little review. The parker that I truly long for is the sterling chisel, (not the Duofold), no matter the well-known 75 or the recent Sonnet. While the Metro is one of the Travel-inspired special edition, the whole series are vivid to me and I choose the black Metro for the palladium trim (as the sterling one is a GT). Both are 18k gold nib and France made. Date code The Prestige is IIE The Metro is Y Weight Capped: Sterling: 33g Metro:31g Uncapped: Both 21g Package It’s a recent Parker package, just a bit smaller than the Duofold one. I’m not a fancy package guy, so what to say? Umm, rigid, protective and good looking. With a card, a manual, two cartridges and a converter. Outlook The Prestige (sterling chisel): A classic legend, irresistible, I remembered my father used a sterling 75 ballpoint pen more than four decades ago, and I miss him. I love the pattern throughout the whole pen. And the sterling mark at the cap makes it more classic. About the Metro: Special edition, stylish, not luxury. The cap design is imitating an illuminous street map. And I like the brushed BLACK metal section, it is really metropolitan-looking. The nib Sterling: It’s an 18k Medium nib. Some said the Sonnet nib has hard-start and dry-up problems. So when I bought two Sonnets at the same time, the feeling is risky. Put it simple to this pen, hard start: yes, but very little. Dry-up: seems not. Upon keeping the pen untouched for overnight, or even for 10 days (I tried), the first stroke is always ink-less, but it returns to juicy on the next stroke, and I could accept it. Metro: 18k Fine nib, mono tone, rhodium plated, with special design. But there is NO hard start problem even on 10 days untouched. Both nib are stiff, not bouncy and no flex at all, so no line variation could be expected, but very reliable and I like the feedback generated. It makes the writing faster and probably a good workhorse for writing. The ink supply is sufficient even in quick dash lines. Yet the line width is very similar for both fine and medium. I like the nib. Comfortability Many pens are good looking, many are expensive, but not too many pens attract me by comfortability. Sonnet got my full marks score in it, and I know it’s personal. The balance and the size suits my hands and I always have a happy feeling when holding these Sonnets (probably come from the weight and the feeling). And I prefer the Sonnet for the round barrel end, which makes the pen more comfortable on hand. Cartridge I love parker cartridges. It’s huge… love it. And the performance of the Quink is also efficient. Little Conclusion I love them both, even compare to the Duofold Centennial. Definitely a good workhorse. Convenient snap cap, feeling secure, wonderful in working environment. I think the official market price of modern Parkers are really over-priced, so make sure to get a good price tag. Thanks for watching, sorry for the picture size.
  3. Hello pen friends, I have a problem with my Pilot Metro. A while ago I dropped my Metro, (just thinking about it makes me cringe). After that I noticed that every time I wrote with it I had a little bit of ink on my hand. Upon more close inspection I noticed a very little crack on the section. I cleaned the pen and try to force water with a bulb syringe and as I suspected, a little drops of water were coming out of the section. Somewhere on the internet I found that clear nail polish was a good way of sealing this kind of cracks. I tried it and it work for a while, maybe two months. But recently I started to get ink on my fingers again, so I tried it again with the nail polish, but this time it looks like the ink is getting through the layer of nail polish. My question is: Is there a better way to seal this little crack on the plastic section of my Pilot Metropolitan? The pen is one of my greatest treasures and I don't have money to buy another pen. Also because where I live, it is really hard to get especialized fountain pen repair kits so, I would prefer something that you can get more easily. Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm a student, and I usually carry one of my nice pens (I don't actually have any cheap pens - just my grandpa's 51, Snorkel, and my Edison Nouveau Premier) in a leather sleeve in a separate compartment in my backpack. In my pocket, along with my keys and knife (and whatever else makes its way in there) I usually carry a cheap ballpoint or gel pen. Just a Bic or a G2, sometimes a mechanical pencil. I want to carry a fountain pen instead, and I was wondering what you thought would be best for something that I can throw in my pocket and not worry about it breaking. It's between a Preppy, a Metro, or a Safari. It'd just be for times when I need something to write with right away, so a cheap pen with a fine nib and a snap cap is what I want. Would a Preppy work? Can it stand up to the abuse of being smashed around like that? Or should I upgrade to a Metro or a Safari? (I welcome other suggestions) Thanks!
  5. Hello! I've had a Lamy Safari with an EF nib for a while and I was looking for something that was finer than the nib lamy uses. I narrowed down my search to the Pilo Prera and the Pilot Metropolitan. I used the Nib Nook provided by Goulet Pens and it looks like the Metro's fine nib was slightly finer than the fine nib on the Prera. I was wondering if there was someone here that has or had both of them, and could speak on that issue and hopefully provide some clearer pictures. Thanks!
  6. Xaotic Script

    "bulletproof" Blue Suggestions

    Hello Everyone, I just got a Pilot Metro as a everyday writer. Now that my starter cartridge has all but ran out, I'm looking for something I can put through the pen. I prefer to find something both bulletproof and blue. I've seen a couple Noodler colors that I like, e.g. Lux. Blue or Bay State Blue, but I want to make sure that these inks are "safe" for my new pen. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  7. My New Metropolitan is a great writer for about 1/2 page and then the ink runs out. This first happened with the bulb converter that was with the pen. I didn't know what was happening so i switched to the included cartridge. It still does this but i found that if i remove the cartridge and put it back on i get another 1/2 or so worth. Any one have suggestions for a remedy?
  8. FRajput

    The Newbie.

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old Pharamacology student (pre-med) and I actually just recently took an interest in fountain pens (about a week ago). I then went out and purchased a pack of Pilot Varsities from my local OfficeMax to see whether FP's are for me. I loved the way the FP's wrote, and now I can't even fathom how nice it would be to use a better FP for my daily writing. My professor even complimented my pen while we were taking a quiz last week. I'm currently awaiting my shipment of FP's and Ink to arrive. I ordered a Lamy Safari (F), a Pilot Metropolitan (M), The Lamy Z24 Converter, and some Waterman's Havana Brown ink. I've basically been getting my fix of FP's from Youtube video's this past week. LOL. I also went out and purchased a dip pen a few days back and a bottle of Higgin's black Ink. It's been a fun few days. I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me some advice on how I can make my FP experience as enjoyable as possible. I'd love to here from all of you FPN veterans. Also, I'm looking for suggestions as to what my next pen in my collection should be. I'm thinking of upgrading to a gold plated nib that write nicely. I'm also a college student so please keep suggested pens relatively cheap. Thank everyone! -Fahad

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