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  1. Mercian

    Pilot Metropolitan with CM nib.jpeg

    From the album: Mercian’s pens

    Pilot (in 2023 at least) actively prevents its Authorised Dealers from selling this pen to people who are in the UK 🤬 In continental Europe, similar-looking pens are sold by Pilot under the name “Pilot MR Retro Pop - Metallic Violet - Ellipse Ring’. Those pens are chambered to take European ‘Short International Cartridges’. This pen is chambered to take Pilot’s proprietary cartridges. As such, I believe that it would have been sold in the American & Australasian markets as a ‘Pilot Metropolitan’ (perhaps still as a “Retro Pop” etc). I believe that it would have been sold in Japan as a ‘Pilot Cocoon’. This pen came to me here in England from Australia, so I am calling it a Metropolitan. My chief interest in acquiring it was the fact that it is fitted with one of Pilot’s ‘CM’ (Cursive Medium’?) nibs. Although Pilot sells pens that have these nibs to the American and Australasian markets, the company, in its ‘ineffable wisdom’, once again actively prevents the sale of pens with these nibs to people in the UK 🤬🤬 This pen was - very generously - gifted to me by another FPN member 😊

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  2. I am looking for ink recommendation for pilot metropolitan medium nib. I have used Pelikan 4001 royal blue and Bril blue extensively on my pilot pen. Bril lacked the smooth flow of Pelikan. Both the inks fade quickly on bad quality papers, when I use them with Pilot Metropolitan. I want a relatively fade resistant (not waterproof) ink that is little saturated in character. Ink must have good flow and lubrication property . Few people recommended Diamine and Pilot blue ink. I wanted some critical feedback particularly about Diamine inks. I don't want to spend a ton of money by purchasing Noodler or iroshizuku ink. I am open to any color as long as it performs according to my criteria mentioned above. It will be great, if the ink that I desire is easy to clean.
  3. Dear Friends Need help on any leads on the availiability on Pilot Metropolitan Retro POP series in India. Where I can get these in India? Or to whom I can approach? Is there any shop where I can contact them for this series? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. https://youtu.be/I49e8nhfXm8 Hey Party-People. J. from Carpe Pluma with another review video. This time we look at the Pilot Metropolitan. Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!
  5. Being the happy owner of two Sailor fp's (1911 Standard GT & Pro Gear Slim CT, both 14k H-M) and two Pilot fp's (Custom 823 F and Metropolitan M), I was curious what Platinum would bring to the gathering of Japanese pens. As I did with Pilot, I decided to buy a cheap pen first, with the possibility to "upgrade" to a gold-tipped model later on. So I got a blue Plaisir with 0.3 mm nib (18 euros) and a blue Preppy with a 0.5 mm nib (3 euros). I compared them to each other as well as to the Pilot Metropolitan (19 euros). The 3 euro Preppy doesn't come in any kind of box. Based on look and feel, I would expect the pen to be somewhat more expensive (i.e. around 8 euros). It's a plastic pen and it will probably not live to see its first birthday, but it doesn't appear flimsy. I bought one with a 0.5 mm nib. Popped in the included Platinum blue cartridge and off I went. It's somewhat weird to see the ink flow across the section-enclosed fins of the feed. There are no fins outside of the section. The pen wrote straight away and puts a big, fat, confident line on paper. It's not a stub, so line width is more or less the same in downstrokes as well as sidestrokes. The nib is very, very smooth. On a scale of 1 to 10, scratchiness zero, tooth zero, feedback 2. It's like skiing over fresh snow. Very impressive, though purely as a matter of personal preference I'd like more feedback. The 18 euro Plaisir comes in a cheapish plastic box with instructions and an included black cartridge. The instructions claim that the pen won't dry out for a year, even though it is a click-on cap. If that's true, then it's impressive. The barrel and the cap seem to be made of aluminium. Even though it's made of metal, somehow the design looks cheapish to me. Being 6 times as expensive as the Preppy, I'd say it looks only slightly more upmarket but definitely feels more upmarket. I bought one with a 0.3 mm nib, and after popping in the cartridge the pen wrote straight away. Being narrower, the nib offers more feedback than the 0.5 mm but is still incredibly smooth. On a scale of 1 to 10, scratchiness zero, tooth 1, feedback 4. Very impressive. I like this nib. Both pens are nice to write with, in terms of ergonomics. I can use them unposted and the sections aren't slippery at all (even though I tested them on a hot summer day). I could easily do long sessions with these pens. I feel that both Platinums offer exceptional value for money, with the expected longevity of the Plaisir being the main reason for its higher price. The fact that the nibs are easily exchangable between the Preppy and the Plaisir is a great bonus. Want another nib in your Plaisir? Buy a Preppy. Both pens use Platinum's proprietary cartridge system. A converter is available (see photo). Also available is a small item that facilitates the use of standard international cartridges (see photo). For fun, I compared them to my Pilot Metropolitan M. In terms of price, size and shape, the Plaisir and the Metro are very very similar, with the Plaisir being about 4 mm longer and 1 mm wider. A big difference is the feel of the section. The Plaisir has a very small step-down from barrel to section and no ridge at the low end of the section. The Metro does have such a ridge and a pronounced step-down. I like the Metro just fine, but the Plaisir is much easier to grip and feels more comfortable. In terms of writing, both are excellent pens. My Metro has a touch of baby's bottom; it's very subtle but it's there. It also offers slightly more refined feedback, of the pleasant kind, than the Plaisir. It's a tie, both pens writing very well, very smooth and very reliable. Heck, I've had issues getting 200-euro pens to write this good. Count me impressed.
  6. so I just bought a new metro my first pen above 10$ and I wanted a Ink that is somewhat water resistant since noodler's cost about twice the pen here where I live I used cheap Indian fountain pens couple of wality 69T and camlin 47 series the nib on pilot was perfect it was sharp and hint of feedback like pencil but here's what my bad luck did for me pen doesn't hold much Ink maybe I don't know how to fill it but it only writes about 3 pages ( A4 size simple copy paper ) and I put the pen away for 3 days after I start to write it has such a saturated line almost seems black on paper but after half a page it gets significantly lighter in color more of pastle blue with a hint of black TL,DR - help me with Ink saturation problem , I want consistent Ink saturation , and refilling pilot cartridges with Ink via syringe is a good idea or not ? wouldn't barrle get loose where it attaches with cartridge get loose after long usage ?
  7. AgentVenom

    Leaking Pilot Metropolitan Grip..

    Recently I discovered that there was a crack in the grip of my Pilot Metropolitan. I have dropped my Metro( on concrete no less), I'll freely admit that up front, but I did not think that I had done any damage. The cap was on, and it appeared to be no worse for wear. Other than a dent and some missing paint, it was fine. It continued to write normally. But one day (maybe 2-3 weeks later) I was writing with it at work and got ink on my hands. I did notice there seemed to be a lot of nib creep, but since I was using Baystate Blue, I thought maybe the Metro and the ink just didn't get along . I switched to Heart of Darkness and it did the same thing. Later, as I was wiping the creeping Heart of Darkness off the nib, I realized that it was coming from the seam of the grip. I should also point out that the nib and feed was very hard to remove the first time for cleaning and I had to resort to twisting the nib and feed to get it out. I didn't think I twisted too hard, but I don't want to rule anything out. Based on this, does it seem like I broke it? or is this a known issue with the Metro? If I broke it, i can live with it. I just didn't want to get another Metro if it is a known issue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello pen friends, I have a problem with my Pilot Metro. A while ago I dropped my Metro, (just thinking about it makes me cringe). After that I noticed that every time I wrote with it I had a little bit of ink on my hand. Upon more close inspection I noticed a very little crack on the section. I cleaned the pen and try to force water with a bulb syringe and as I suspected, a little drops of water were coming out of the section. Somewhere on the internet I found that clear nail polish was a good way of sealing this kind of cracks. I tried it and it work for a while, maybe two months. But recently I started to get ink on my fingers again, so I tried it again with the nail polish, but this time it looks like the ink is getting through the layer of nail polish. My question is: Is there a better way to seal this little crack on the plastic section of my Pilot Metropolitan? The pen is one of my greatest treasures and I don't have money to buy another pen. Also because where I live, it is really hard to get especialized fountain pen repair kits so, I would prefer something that you can get more easily. Thank you in advance.
  9. BLeeds

    Best Pens

    Hi there. I have created a new blog, listing some of my favorite pens, and there is a section on how to achieve better penmanship. I would love to get some comments from the readers of the Fountain Pen Network about the pens. I would also like to have your ideas on how to achieve clearer, nicer-looking writing. You may be the first person to reply to my blog! Thank you. Bruce Leeds
  10. Hi all-- I'm new, so please forgive if this is the wrong place. I'm an editor at a state agency. I can't choose the ink color or the type of paper-- it's green ink on copy paper (or terrible grey copy paper for drafts). I'm using Pelikan 4001 Dark Green, which is well-behaved on decent paper. So far I've had good luck with Pilot Metropolitan fine-nib pens. I'm syringe-filling the CON-50, which is the best way I've found to fill to capacity. I'm carrying two Metros to work daily, and could carry three. In a slow week, the Metro is perfectly adequate. However, when things are busy I end up refilling both Metros every other night. In a perfect world, the Metro would take a CON-70, but it doesn't...so I brought my fine-nib Custom Heritage 91 to work. For ink capacity, it's the best. The problem is that on terrible paper, the ink feathers. The line is also often too wide-- I'm editing on single spaced documents, so my writing absolutely has to be tiny. Also this is a professional office and feathering is distinctly unprofessional So I have questions. Should I : 1) try a different green ink? It would need to be a dry ink in the same color range. (The pens provided for our use are Pilot Razor Point in a green that matches the green in Pilot / Namiki cartridges; unfortunately the pens don't last and they don't write as fine as the Pilot Metro.) 2) send the CH91 fine to a nibmeister to be ground to an extra-fine? Problem is that this would cost nearly as much as just buying a CH91 in extra-fine. 3) get another CH91 in extra-fine? Given the paper I'm dealing with, I'm concerned that this won't solve my problem. 4) just carry three Metros and refill when necessary? or, 5) just give in and use the house pens when things get busy. ...I kind of hate the house pens. They require a very light touch and have a tiny sweet spot. I've looked everywhere that I could think of-- fountain pen forum on reddit, all kinds of pen & ink threads on FPN-- and haven't found an answer to my situation yet. I'm hoping that more experienced FPN'ers will be able to provide advice. Thanks much; I've been lurking for more than a year and really enjoyed FPN. I'm a lurker at heart so this gives you an idea of how dire this situation is. ...If Pilot would make the CH91 in purple extra-fine I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  11. Hey guys, and gals. I am in need of some insight. Just four days ago I purchased the Fountain Pen Newbie Set from Goulet Pens. Am using Noodler's Black in the Metro and writing on Rhodia Dot pad. So anyways, I notice I am not getting proper ink flow from it like I was the first three days. I am getting extra feedback and skipping. Could this mean that I need to get a brass shim and floss it? I've already flushed it several times, using small amounts of dish soap. Not sure if I am comfortable messing with the tines as this is only my second fountain pen. Do your pens usually flow significantly more after you floss your tines? Thanks, any advice helps.
  12. Hey again everyone! My question is how does Noodler's ink behave in a fine nibed Pilot Metropolitan? For reference I was looking at purchasing this ink: https://www.gouletpens.com/noodlers-black-swan-australian-roses-3oz-bottled-fountain-pen-ink/p/N19065 Thanks for your input!
  13. So I've been playing around with a few different inks in my Pilot Metropolitan with a F nib. I really love the nib for being able to write in tight spaces, but I am travelling to a monsoon region during monsoon season. This means I must have a waterproof ink, as I'll be writing pages and pages and I want to be sure I don't lose them in a downpour. So far I have loved the way the my Pilot behaves with Diamine and J. Herbin inks - nice fine line and amazing flow (I'd say the J.Herbin is the winner in that comparison) BUT when I use a waterproof ink, the line is suddenly double the thickness and the ink creeps all over the place. I've tried Noodler's Heart of Darkness and La Reine Mauve, as well as Rohrer and Klingner's Dokumentus in Hellblau Before I invest in another bottle or a riot of samples, I thought I'd see what everyone over here has to say on the matter. Have you had any success with specific inks that are waterproof while still keeping a fine line? I'd love to get rid of the nib creep too, but the line thickness is more important, as I'll be marking up texts and making notes on my own notes in the margins pretty regularly.
  14. Hey there community! For all you newer folks out there wondering about how Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron works in a Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Lamy Al-Star (EF). Here's the story. YMMV. A while ago I made a posting asking about how to pair Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron successfully with my Lamy Al-Stars (EF) and what nib replacement I should use. I was running into major flow and start issues at the time with the EF nibs; Bad Blue Heron would often dry on the nib and cause the pen to fail to start immediately upon touching paper, and the overall flow through the pen after I got it to write was intermittent at best. I was not amused. After asking this great community for advice and searching the forums I learned several things: 1. Bad Blue Heron is not a well behaved ink, and what I experienced was a common thing for some other people. It's a hit or miss when inking up pens with this ink. 2. The Jinhao X750 is a sufficiently cheap beater pen that can come completely apart for cleaning and replacing the nibs, and so is a perfect candidate for testing inks in. It comes in a #6 M nib (to my knowledge), so you can replace the nib to any other sizing (e.g. F) so long as it remains a #6 nib. 3. Noodler's Ink's Bulletproof Black seems to be well behaved in many pens. So what I did was flushed out my Lamy Al-Star using Bad Blue Heron and inked it up with Bulletproof Black and never looked back. Problems on the Lamy front solved. But as far as the Bad Blue Heron was concerned I didn't want to waste the bottle of ink so I contemplated ordering the Jinhao X750 to test it out in. However, with a perfectly good Pilot Metropolitan (F) lying around and my impatience getting the better of me, I inked up the Pilot Metropoitan (F) with Bad Blue Heron instead. I rolled the dice and I was rewarded (YMMV and do not try with expensive pens). It so happens that Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron works very well in my Pilot Metropolitan (F)! Bad Blue Heron's behavior in the Pilot Metropolitan was akin to the proprietary Pilot inks that I initially bought with the pen. I've been using my Pilot Metropolitan (F) with Bad Blue Heron for the last three weeks and the ink's behavior is consistent and predictable. When I touch pen to paper (whether the paper is cheap and absorbant or glossy and smooth) the ink flows immediately. The line layed down by this pen and ink combination is crisp and well approximated in the less absorbant papers, and on very cheap absorbant paper (writing pads from Costco) it fuzzies up just a tad (but not enough to ruin your writing). And throughout your writing session, there is no discernable flow issues as you write page to page. As a caveat however I must admit that if you leave the pen uncapped for a good while, the ink will characteristically dry a bit on the nib. But even after purposely doing this, my Pilot Metropolitan (F) still began to write almost immediately after touching paper. Also, you will experience the same nib creep that you get in other pens with this particular set up as well. Otherwise, the Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Bad Blue Heron pairing has been a stable workhorse of mine now and will continue to stay that way into the foreseeable future. Let me know what your experiences are with this and other Noodler's Inks. And feel free to add any information you think pertinent. - Thanks for reading, MPenn TL; DR = The Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Bad Blue Heron combo works well and writes great! YMMV
  15. Hello everyone, So I have tried inking my Lamy Al-Star (EF) with Noodler's Bad Blue Heron ink, and I have been running into what I can only describe as some flow problems. What I am experiencing is ink drying or perhaps congealing at the tip of the nib, and it makes it so that the pen needs to be stroked a few times before the ink starts to flow again. And even after I start writing the ink seems hard to get out and flowing easily. I am new to fountain pens and I would like some advice on whether or not I need to get a larger nib or do something about the ink to remedy this issue. Thanks a lot, MPenn P.S. And if anyone has had experience with how Bad Blue Heron flows and works in a Pilot Metropolitan (F) I would love to hear about it as well!
  16. I have a small but growing collection of Pilot MR's which I am importing to the US for my personal use. These are Pilot Metropolitans which take standard international cartridges and I get them from various sellers in Europe when the opportunity is right. These are pens I buy specifically for times when I need a great looking pen that is inexpensive and I need to pop in a cartridge. And the American Pilot Metros just will not allow me to do that. So I was really excited when I saw virtually every American pen retailer say they are coming out with a Pilot Metro in the equivalent of the iPhone's champagne gold color. I went to see if I could find the MR version of it and so far I am out of luck. Pure Pens in the UK has a "bronze" one, but either the pictures are off, or the colors are not the same. Does anyone know if these champagne gold Metros are going to get an MR equivalent in Europe with that wonderful standard international converter option, or if these two really are the same? As examples: Here's the color that I want, an example from Goulet's website: https://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-metropolitan-fountain-pen-gold-plain-fine/p/PN91112 And the closest thing I have found: http://purepens.co.uk/acatalog/Pilot-MR-Fountain-Pen-Bronze-Lizard-.html
  17. I have a small but growing collection of Pilot MR's which I am importing to the US for my personal use. These are Pilot Metropolitans which take standard international cartridges and I get them from various sellers in Europe when the opportunity is right. These are pens I buy specifically for times when I need a great looking pen that is inexpensive and I need to pop in a cartridge. And the American Pilot Metros just will not allow me to do that. So I was really excited when I saw virtually every American pen retailer say they are coming out with a Pilot Metro in the equivalent of the iPhone's champagne gold color. I went to see if I could find the MR version of it and so far I am out of luck. Pure Pens in the UK has a "bronze" one, but either the pictures are off, or the colors are not the same. Does anyone know if these champagne gold Metros are going to get an MR equivalent in Europe with that wonderful standard international converter option, or if these two really are the same? As examples: Here's the color that I want, an example from Goulet's website: https://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-metropolitan-fountain-pen-gold-plain-fine/p/PN91112 And the closest thing I have found: http://purepens.co.uk/acatalog/Pilot-MR-Fountain-Pen-Bronze-Lizard-.html
  18. Hello Fountain Pen Network! As I mentioned in the title I am a journalist who is moving on to college in the fall. As a journalist, it is very important for me to be able to handwrite quickly, accurately and legibly. But unfortunately up to this point I have struggled with this endeavor because my handwriting is so terrible. I can usually read it, but for others it is typically borderline illegible. Below I have attached a sample of my writing so you can see just how bad it actually is. What's worse is that my handwriting is bad in both print and cursive. I'm pretty sure I'm applying to much pressure with my grip and on the paper but I'm not sure what else I really do wrong. What do you guys recommend I do to improve my hieroglyphics/chicken scratch into something that is legible and pretty? I have also been looking into some different pens and notebooks to buy for classes in the fall. In high school, I used whatever pen I could find to write in my beloved Moleskine or the four plastic covered Mead Five Star Wide Ruled notebooks in my bag. For college, I would like to step it up a bit so I have been looking at some different pens, namely the Uni-Ball Signos and the Pilot Metropolitan, and also some different notebooks like the Rhodia Wirebound A4 and the line Maruman Mnuemosyne in A4 and B5. What do you guys think of these choices, especially considering I am a poor college student? For the pen should I be using a fine, medium or bold tip? Will a fountain pen make my handwriting better? Any pens and/or notebooks you guys would recommend for my stated goals?
  19. yogi_nib

    New From San Diego!

    Hello all! I'm a newcomer from San Diego I work as a designer and I teach yoga on weekends. I do a lot of journaling for my yoga classes and got into inks which in turn transformed into a pen obsession. I'm about a month and a half into this new hobby of fountain pens and here are my lists: Acquired Fountain Pens: Jinhao x750 Red Gold M Nib Jinhao x450 Amber Dual Tone M Nib Pilot Metropolitan M Nib TWSBI Diamond 580 F Nib w/ M Replacement Nib Lamy 2000 F 14k Nib Visconti Rembrandt Special Ops Edition M Nib Wishlist: Sailor 1911 Montblanc Meister 144 Delta Unica Matte Black Goulet Edition F Nib Visconti Homo Sapien Dark Ages F Nib Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Bottled Inks: Pelikan Brilliant Brown Diamine Oxblood Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin Assorted Goulet Ink Samples Currently waiting on: From Goulet: Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange EF Nib From Goulet: Diamine Orange Blaze Ink From Reddit /r/Pen_Swap: Platinum 3776 F Nib I'm looking forward to getting into some sweet conversations here and learning more!
  20. Donuts

    Lamy Safari Grip Question.

    I am a newbie, with a pilot metropolitan, fine nib. I hate the grip and how scratchy it is. It may be the paper, but I don't think so. I tried a Lamy safari at a bookstore and really liked the grip. My metro's is way too thin, I want something about the thickness of a pilot G2. I feel like I'm trying to write with a ballpoint refill, minus the actual pen. Now, I only got about five seconds with the safari, so I must ask: is the grip much thicker? is it very ergonomic in long writing sessions? and how much more smooth is a medium western nib compared to a fine Japanese nib? Is something wrong with my metro nib? Also, could I be using too much pressure? I'm writing about how much pressure I use with a rollerball/ gel like a G2. Thanks!
  21. Hey guys, I have a Pilot Metropolitan and I love it. The only thing that I HATE about this pen is the limitation of the filling system. I hate the squeeze converter, but I hate that the con-50 has less ink capacity, yet it is the most practical converter. I don't have an ink syringe to re-fill the cartridges, so I'm wondering is there any way to custom make a converter that is a piston filling system? Or even modify a converter to fit the Metro, like a standard international? If any of you have any links on how to make your own filling systems that would be amazing.
  22. Edgemcmuffins

    Help With Pilot Metropolitan Nib Damage

    I'm a new fountain pen user who recently bought a pilot metropolitan. While using the pen (which had no issues prior and was my favorite pen), my dog hit my chair enough to startle me, and I dropped my metro. It landed nib-down and landed on the edge of my carpet. I flipped out, but managed to realign the nib (it was bent slightly to the side). It all seemed good and done, but now I'm having starting issues. Any ideas on what to do?
  23. I recently got a Pilot Metropolitan for the first time - and I can see what so many people mean when they've said it is a bargain for the price. It's beautiful, a nice thickness, substantial feel... But for my small hands, a little too substantial - it feels too heavy for me, especially when posted, to be comfortable for long writing sessions. I fell in love with the nib, which is working fantastically, so I unscrewed the section and screwed it into my 78G (formerly having a B stub nib I just couldn't get on with). The 78G is light and comfortable to write with, but it does definitely feel like cheap plastic and the body is thinner than I'd ideally like. Are there any pen bodies I could swap the Metro nib into, that would be heavier/better-quality material than the 78G, but not as heavy(/back-heavy) as the Metro? I was thinking the Prera might fit the bill - can any Prera owners weigh in on its weight and how it feels when posted?
  24. I bought a pilot metropolitan fine nib and inked it up with diamine marine. Both the pen and the ink are brand new but the experience is really bad. It skips, it feathers. Moreover sometimes flow is not continuous and one can see small bumps and discontinuities in the writing. I have tried putting the pen in an upside down position for 3 days but no improvement. Paper I am using is not too great but not too bad either. My platinum preppy is performing fine on it. Any suggestions as to what can be done.
  25. I just got my new Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib in the mail. I opened it up, cleaned it thoroughly, and inked it up with Noodlers Habanero. I immediately noticed when writing with it that on the down stroke it writes perfectly fine but on the up-stroke, no ink at all comes out. Please help! Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! (I also cleaned it again just to make sure there were no fibers hanging around in the nib, but that didn't seem to help.)

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