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Found 22 results

  1. From the album: Nib comparisons

    Pilot Plumix, Penmanship, Kakuno, 78G, Prera and Cocoon/MR (including but not limited to the MR Metropolitan) pens all use the same type of interchangeable, friction-fit steel nibs, so getting a Pilot Enso Plumix hand lettering set means I get three italic nibs (of F, M and B width grades) that will fit into any of the other models. They also fit the PenBBS 494, Pali 013/Wing Sung 3013, and a number of other Chinese fountain pens. N.B. The CM nib option available for some Pilot Prera and MR models is effectively the same as a Plumix M nib.

    © A Smug Dill

  2. Hello. I am hoping someone could answer a few questions about the VP & Decimo pens if able, for lack of seeing the pen in person before ordering, mainly about the nibs: 1-I am under the impression that the matte black VP in medium might be a lot wetter than the medium Decimo, something about the intended market. Is that correct? If so, how does the medium nib in the Decimo and the VP compare to, say, the Metropolitan medium? 2-If the VP & Decimo are different in actual nib size, are the special alloy (capless) and the Decimo 18k the same actual size? (That is, their mediums are
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew if the pilot 78G calligraphy nib is the same nib that is in the pilot Prera? I was thinking of getting a 78g and swapping it into a Prera. I like writing with stubs and find the calligraphy nibs to be pretty close to a stub. I would appreciate anyones comparison of the two pens and their nibs.I have shied away from the less expensive Pilots because I am not sure that I would like their steel nibs. I love their 14K nibs but don't want to spend the money for a calligraphy nib for any of the other Pilots. I bought the Parallels and the Lamy Joys but would like a
  4. AndrewPracticing

    New Pilot Prera!...and A Question

    I just received my new Pilot Prera in the mail. It has a medium nib. My Pilot Metropolitan has a fine nib. Noobie question - how best to swap? Also, will doing so lead to some unnecessary wear on materials (feed, etc.)?
  5. Nibbler

    Pilot Prera Cm In Uk

    Hello lovely fountain pen people I'm after a Pilot Prera iro-ai with a calligraphy nib (CM) and I'm in the UK: does anyone know where I might find one? There's one on amazon for £214 which seems a little steep. Cult pens is not helping me and they used to have them on eBay, but not at the mo. Any ideas gratefully received. David
  6. Priced at well under $100, the steel-nibbed Prera is perhaps the epitome of an “entry level” fountain pen: it’s simple, reliable, durable, and economical. Three Preras. Writing sample on Rhodia paper. But don’t be misled by the “entry level” moniker. The Prera, like other models featuring Pilot’s “Super Quality” steel nib, is a serious writing instrument that compares well to pens priced many times as much. Pilot’s out-of-the-box quality (at any price) is second to none, and the Prera affirms their commitment to excellence. What makes the Prera an awesome fountain pen? Several things:
  7. Hello! I've had a Lamy Safari with an EF nib for a while and I was looking for something that was finer than the nib lamy uses. I narrowed down my search to the Pilo Prera and the Pilot Metropolitan. I used the Nib Nook provided by Goulet Pens and it looks like the Metro's fine nib was slightly finer than the fine nib on the Prera. I was wondering if there was someone here that has or had both of them, and could speak on that issue and hopefully provide some clearer pictures. Thanks!
  8. migo984

    Another Pilot Prera Oeste

    I'm very happy - I have a Prera Oeste Kingfisher on the way, to go with my Oeste yellow Canary & pink Flamingo
  9. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  10. pedrosousa83

    Pilot Prera Durability

    Hi guys, I´m a recent owner of 2 pilot prera, one in a beautiful dark brown and one in clear black. I must say, the nib is wonderful for such a small pen! I really love the pen which as become my EDC. Usually I´m a screw type pen but in the case of the prera I couldn´t resist.... Although I love the clicky sound when it closes, I´m a little concerned the snap cap mechanism will wear out very quickly.... I believe the inner cap secures the cap, but because it´s plastic I believe it will not last many years of daily use This one is for those of you who have a prera for a long time: Ho
  11. Just arrived in the post from Japan, two limited edition Pilot Prera coloured 'demonstrators', made for the West Japan Stationer's Circle "Oeste". I'm told that they only made 200 of each colour; the pens are unnumbered. One is called Canary Yellow; it was released first. The other is Flamingo Pink. The yellow has a Fine nib, the pink is a Medium. The nibs are marked with the Oeste symbol, rather than the Pilot name, as is standard on other Preras. These do not have any of the typical printed 'Prera' branding on the cap or barrel. Both are fitted with a Con-50 converters. I don't usually
  12. Fountain pens are quite new to me and I still only have one pen, a Lamy AL-star with a fine nib. I like the pen, but I think it writes a bit too broad. I have been looking around quite a bit lately for a pen with a nice fine nib and have now come down to the following pens: Pilot PreraPlatinum Cool/BalanceSailor Procolor 500Sailor 1911 YoungThe problem I have is that these pens are not for sale in Sweden, hence I can't try them. The Prera seems like a really nice writer and is also the cheapest, but I'm a bit worried it is a bit too small (I hate posting pens). I'm worried that the nib of Co
  13. Oh wise ones, I need a bit of assistance.... Just received a Pilot Prera demonstrator with an F nib, thinking it would be more akin to a U.S. M nib (isn't that the direction most Asian nibs drift?). This is definitely too fine for my liking; what nib could I swap out instead? I love how a Lamy Safari F (and M, for that matter) writes, so that's the goal. Suggestions, anyone? UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that the F followed by ellipses could be construed as...um...unsavory language. My bad, but no idea if/how a thread title can be edited...? Ooooooooooooops!
  14. This is my first post and I already read the awesome FAQ looking for answers, but haven't seen much in the way of what I was wanting to know. Small background on me. I'm a writer and I write at least 2-3 pages a day, front and back, in a Miquel Rius notebook with my Pilot Prera in a M nib. I've found a happy spot with the pen, I love the size and feel but I want something a little flashier that might last longer. I have recently tried other a number of other pens, mostly Jinhao, but also a Nemosine Singularity, which wrote very wet and caused a bit of bleedthrough on my notebook. I'm lookin
  15. collectibles114

    Pilot Prera Medium

    Pilot Prera, Medium Nib While I was considering whether I should purchase the Pilot Prera initially, I read a number of reviews and even stumbled upon one that said that it was "one of the best fountain pens ever made." I had been eyeing this pen for some time but was always held back when I thought that I should spend $50 on something else that didn't have the same nib as a Metropolitan or 78G (both of which I have owned before and have thoroughly enjoyed). Then again, if you're like me, you probably find yourself often giving away your Metropolitans or 78Gs to friends who discover the fa
  16. trulylefty

    Prera Italic Nib Width?

    Hi, Anyone know the nib width of the Cursive Medium nib that comes on some Preras? And is that the width of the nib itself, or the line that it draws? Thanks
  17. I am the happy owner of a Pilot Prera (ivory). I received it as a gift. I never thought on buying one because I rarely buy anything than black or aluminium/steel... but surprisingly it has become is my everyday pen I am thinking on buying a second one. Just thinking it twice because of the colors, which I hardly can find appealing... Anyway, the story is that I have been browsing around and I have found a detail in my Prera that I have not seen elsewhere: it has no "Prera" logo printed on the cap. "Pilot Japan" is printed on the other side of cap, but definitely, the typical Prera logo is
  18. Uncial

    Burping Prera

    I use my Pilot Prera as an eyedropper. It's the green demonstrator that I fill with Kobe no.19 and I think it looks quite cool. I even like the white, semi-opaque cap that others despise. It's a decent little cheapy and I've had fun with it for a while, but lately it has been burping; burping a lot. I suspect it has something to do with the way the cap is held in place. Has anyone else found this, and might there be a solution?
  19. I received my first Pilot Prera yesterday and I am amazed at the quality of the nib on a relatively inexpensive pen. I always prefer Japanese pens for their exquisite fine nibs. The Prera fine compares very well to my Sailor Pro Gear Slim EF 14k gold nib. I am very impressed! Having said that, I do enjoy collecting things as well. As far as I can tell, the Prera has 16 variants with nine solid colors and 7 demonstrators. Are there any others I am missing? Special or limited editions? Some seem to have started out as LE or were presumed LE and ended up as production models. Is the white endca
  20. wnclee

    Pilot Prera Styles...

    Hello. I recently made my first Japanese pen purchase. It was the Pilot Prera. An excellent writer, with a nib akin to mercury: liquid metal... That smooth right out of the box. I WILL be buying more. One question though: Is the body, nib, size, etc of the demo or clear versions of the Prera, the same as that of the solid-colored Prera's? Please help if you have the infor for me. Definitely interested in more of these and at such a great price...Thanks and regards, Leroy
  21. wnclee

    Japanese Virgin

    Hello. I made my first Japanese pen purchase: a Pilot Prera, demo series w/ a "M" nib. I inked it w/ my new Edelstein "Topaz". Another story, but a good one... I have a question about the Prera: there is a white, semi-translucent insert in the cap of the pen and it appears to be a permanent part of the pen. I think? When you open the pen and insert the body into the cap, the white insert seems to "grab" the body and makes a snug fit. I looked online closer at the images of Preras, and they all seem to have this. Photos aren't 100% of course, but this appears the case. Just never had cause to l
  22. scrivelry

    Looking For A Pilot Nib

    A Franken-Plumix has come my way - it has one color body, anther color cap, and is missing the nib. Reading carefully on FPN, and calling a supplier or two, it seems that: Pliot does not sell nibs for these pens Pilot Varsity nibs will not work Generic nibs will not work But nibs from Pilot Prera, 78-G, Plumix and Penmanship should be replacements for each other. So... if anyone happens to have nib for any of these, and no longer has a workable pen to go with it, and would be interested in getting rid of that nib, maybe we can work something out. (I know the pens are not expen

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