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  1. Hello everyone 😊, greetings from the Netherlands! Happy to be here in the Fountain Pen Network 😁 I need your expertise. I've acquired this striking, antique personalized dip pen made of ivory from a reputable auction house. Aside from certifying the authenticity and legality of the item, they don't have information such as: Were pens like these made for military personnel, artists, medical staff at that time, etc? Were these given as an acknowledgement of a notable contribution or because of a special event? Was personalization of pens like these typical
  2. Has anyone bought from this website and if so how was the experience?
  3. Dr.X

    Winsor & Mason Dip Pen

    Hello from Boston. Does anyone happen to know anything about the company that manufactured Winsor & Mason gold dip nibs? I'm giving one away as a Christmas gift and would love to tell the recipient something beyond "it was probably manufactured between 1850 and 1900...". Many thanks. Nick
  4. watchinginkdry

    Sand As Blotter

    Has anyone tried using sand as a blotter, or know if a specific kind of sand was used? I'm curious to try this (entirely as an entertaining experiment, without any expectations of efficiency or tidiness).
  5. Over the years I've collected several dozen dip pen nibs just because people would almost give them away just to be rid of them. Recently I received a gift of Dr Martin India inks that I could use with dip pens. Today I've been trying them out and I'm hooked. The nibs scratch in a pleasant way (not like a broken fountain pen nib). Forgive my crude penmanship but here's a sample and the reason for my sudden interest: Dr. Martin Bombay Blue in an Esterbrook 442 pen, on Leuchterm 1917 paper. The ink is dried, It does not bleed or even echo. The nibs by their nature are giving me a lot
  6. AAAndrew

    Milton Bradley Pen

    I have the house to myself for a time and so I'm taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spread out and go through my collection of steel dip pens and update my inventory. (a Herculean task). I'm coming across pens I have forgotten all about. Here's one with a semi-interesting story I thought I might share. Most people know Milton Bradley as the famous board game manufacturer. That was their first main product and is still their main line of business. But over the years since their founding in 1860, they have produced other items at various times. One line of goods, which was nea
  7. A question for dip pen users—If you were to write all day, like Shelby Foote or Virginia Woolfe, doesn't your nib get caked with ink? How did they (you) keep it clean during the day or doesn't it matter? Just wondering.
  8. I highly recommend viewing this as a pdf here. Any comments, corrections, or additions you can offer me will be greatly appreciated! There are some things I just can't find online in Canada (Nikko G nibs, any non-Speedball adjustable oblique holders, walnut ink...) so I also listed the go-to US sites. I was going to do a UK section but I'm tired for now. CANADIAN POINTED PEN CALLIGRAPHY ONLINE SHOPS Canadian Shops Aboveground Art Supplies www.abovegroundartsupplies.com Toronto, ON Shipping: $10-18+ Free Shipping: $150 (ON, QC, MB only) Ships Via: Canpar or Canada Post Pen
  9. So, I got this retractable Victorian dip pen today. It's my first dip pen. It writes nicely and I am enjoying it. I was told this was made in late 1800's or early 1900's, but I don't have any other information. I appreciate it if you could help me identify this pen
  10. I just realized, sitting in a bag from a museum gift shop, I had a dip pen all this time I didn't realize I had. So I thought I would try to use it as a tester for inks. I'd been using the dip pen from an Esterbrook desk set, which takes regular Esterbrook nibs with feeds on them. I wanted to try something without the feed since it is always a chore to completely empty it to try a different ink (always concerned about potentially contaminating another ink). Since this has no feed, I thought it would be easier. Only thing is, the pen gets maybe one sentence before I have to dip again. Is
  11. Vintnorthrice21

    Collecting Vintage Nibs

    Hello FPN family. I am a younger collector and calligraphy enthusiast and I happen to stumble upon a book of pen nibs from my home town and thought it would be amazing if I could complete the collection of these old nibs. Now it's not like they are super well know like Esterbrook or speed ball. However I was wondering if any persons here would be able to help in and way possible, even be able to tell me if my search will be fruitless or if sifting threw hordes of nibs at estate sales is the only way to go? I'm attaching a photo of the booklet and the 4 nibs I have so far. If any other info i
  12. First I’d like to say hello! My name’s Ava Marie. Born and raised in the south (little German town right outside Austin, TX), but I live and breathe in Portland, OR. I’ve loved pens since I was very young. I would see your typical ‘Unused Corporate Desk Pen Set'™ while roaming the halls of IBM’s Austin campus with my mom in the 90s. I always got so excited when she let me pick up and inspect them. I wanted to understand them and just...create. Writing eluded for a lot of reasons, but being dyslexic & dysgraphic tend to be the top 2 on the board. I’ve always hated anything that require
  13. Hi there, I am an avid user of fountain pens and I also love to write with an italic or stub nib for calligraphy. However, I'd like to venture into copperplate and Spencerian script so I'm looking for dip pen nibs. I want to be able to write small letters so that I can write things like letters without running out of space. I'm new to this area so I don't know if it's possible or even desired to have writing that would fit onto the lines of standard lined paper, but that is what I'm looking for. Any suggestions for nibs? Also, is it necessary to have an oblique holder for calligraphy? Thank
  14. ThePenCollector1

    Dip Pen Identification

    Hi guys. I've purchased this dip pen, and know nothing about it, apart from its French. Can you please help me know more about it. Thanks in advance.
  15. So I am interested in starting to work with dip pens since there is more variety in nibs for calligraphy than there are in fountain pens. I have looked around, but what I have found is there are speedball kits, historic gift sets, and there are few shops on etsy that look good. I am not sure which is best, or if there are better ones out there I should be looking at.
  16. Dear All, We are introducing BEAUTIFUL EBONITE ULTRA GIANT DIP PENS (17MM DIA) AND THICK DIP PENS (14MM DIA) WITH FLEX NIBS AND REGULAR NIBS IN 17 DIFFERENT RIPPLE COLOURS . It is UNIQUE PIECE OF ART in the WORLD. NO TWO DESIGNS ARE SAME. EACH PEN WOULD BE IN DIFFERENT DESIGN. We are glad to give 20% Discount if you buy these DIP PENS for 90$. Shipping: World Wide Free shippingPayment: Through Paypal . Paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com 1. RANGA HANDMADE BEAUTIFUL EBONITE HANDMADE ( UNIQUE IN THE WORLD) ULTRA GIANT DIP PENS (17 MM------------------------------------------------------------
  17. So, over on another calligraphy-oriented forum I just posted a review of sorts I thought some here might also appreciate. It's my first attempt at comparing some of the vintage nibs I've collected accumulated. For my first group, I chose flexible nibs that all have something to do with School: either labeled as "school" or "college" or "university", or, in the case of the Palmer Method completely associated with something you do in school. These are all written using the same straight holder, using Diamine Registrar's ink, and are all vintage. I included a Spencerian no. 1 at the top a
  18. This feels like a really, really, silly question, but based on the belief that the only silly question is the one unasked, I'll ask: I was looking at this: http://www.giardino.it/pens/visconti/artescrittura.php And am confused....interchangeable nib? Does that mean the glass nib is a fountain pen, or just a glass dip nib? Can't figure it out, so would be grateful to get the answer Alex
  19. Hi, I tutor a teenager on a weekly basis atm and in the process have got to know her a little. She has been drawing Manga for years with fine felt-tipped pens. This week I ordered Zebra G titanium nibs from Japan to do a frankenpen mod. She wasn't aware of this nib as a tool for drawing Manga so I have offered to bring it in one day to play with but it will be some weeks before the nibs arrive. She can't afford Copic markers, but I recalled on here people have talked about their brush pens and highlighters using fp ink. Given my passion for mixing ink colours, I wondered whether I may be abl
  20. A bit of a query. I've found I enjoy most of all writing at home with a dip pen; letters, journals, notes and the rest. There are pen holders and ink wells dotted around the house here and there ready to pick up, the kitchen, my writing desk, bedroom... My various holders are all pretty standard affairs, all of different sizes and materials, bone, wood, plastic, pewter. I have been thinking it would be nice to get a custom holder made to the length, weight and diameter I find most comfortable and in some nice materials. I have been toying with the idea of perhaps ebony with a pierced silver
  21. I started to collect this by curiosity and I discovered that I don't have the patience for this. There are 8 dip holders with nibs on them, slightly used. Some are not even used. But there are a lot of them in a box and outside that are unused, just tested. Feel free, if in USA, to request to be awarded this gift. Send PM telling me. This is a great opportunity for someone curious about calligraphy, drawing, etc. I only request payment of $6.50 for shipment via Paypal, You have until Friday to make the request. The winner to be announced on Monday 3rd. Thanks. http://i70.photobucket.
  22. Yesterday I decided to try using Moon Palace sumi ink with a Hiro/Leonardt pen. I tried with and without a reservoir, transferring the ink to the pen using a brush a la Hermann Zapf. What I like about the ink: It smells like Chinese medicine which is better than the "urine" smell of Higgins Eternal BlackIt is waterproof when dry. I put the sheet under running water, and nothing happened to the ink.The wetter the stroke the shinnier the letters. A nice shine actually.It does not bleed like Pilot ink. What I don't like about the ink: There is some build up on the pen, which in my opinion, ten
  23. Intellidepth

    Coffee Ristretto, Just Because

    Ok, so a poster elsewhere on FPN asked about coffee as ink, in particular, ristretto (short espresso). It was freshly shot through a semi-commercial machine with the right grind. I tried it in a dip pen but would never put it in a FP due to acidity, caramelisation, solidification, and oils. I was going to leave it there, however it ended up having a sheen/shine that was unexpected so thought it might be of interest to inky recipe makers. It didn't feather on Rhodia at all. It did bleed through but didn't seep on to the next page. It has a certain amount of permanence - wetting the page and
  24. I got an old Esterbrook, with no nib, to try out as a dip pen. It's just an experiment Any suggestions on how to know which size/kind of nib would slide on? Alex....and Spock, just because.
  25. Alexcat

    Wee Deep Dip Pen, With Cap

    I got this.....it's a tiny Esterbrook dip pen, with an e tea large dip nib(photos show it as it arrived....have as yet done nothing to it) On the nib : 314 R. Esterbrook relief( Im assuming "relief", as the 'r' is under the barrel) Altogether, capped around 6" I love how it has a cap, and plan to use it as a test pen, when Im trying to choose an ink. It's just a very pretty little thing, and I'd love to know more about it....anyone got any information? Also any advice on care, cleaning, and if/where such replacement nibs are available.... I hope it's ok to post in more than one place

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