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  1. Okay, sure, a lot of the driving force behind "tactical" pens is pure hype, appealing to the target audience of men for being something manly and to women for being some discrete way to defend themselves against the onslaught of touchy feely brigands, but hear me out. I've been using tactical pens as my main carry writing implement for the last eight or nine years now, the first and possibly most significant of which was this Schrade, still in use today. I say it is the most significant, because that is the one that got the ball rolling for me on tactical writing implements, not because I had visions of taking on ISIS with a pen but because it quickly became apparent that this pen would never let me down, no matter what it was I put it through. Now let me tell you, that Schrade...as you can see, bears many scars. It was carried clipped to the inside of my left front trouser pocket for years, that same pocket is where loose change, keys and other random bits and pieces get thrown (right pocket is reserved for my penknife and completely out of bounds to everything else), I've used it as a handle to carry heavy shopping bags and even, once, as a punch (with the aid of the heel of my boot) to make holes in plasterboard (drywall) to run network cables through on a job. The cap still fits perfectly and it still writes thanks to the exceptionally reliable Fisher Space Pen refill (yes I am aware it isn't the most pleasant thing to write with, but it is very reliable!). Speaking of running network cables brings me onto my job, I work in IT as kind of a jack-of-all (most?)-trades technician and tutor in a small IT recycling and training company, before that I worked as a full time technician doing on-site support. I roll around on the floor under desks. A lot. With a tactical pen I never have to worry about breaking it while it's in my pocket, I know when it comes to jotting down the next note that it'll work, every time. Now, over the years, there have been a lot of tac pens go through my hands. From the expensive SureFire EWP-01 and CountyComm Titanium Embassy to random, no brand ones from AliExpress, but I have finally (for now) settled on one that ticks all my boxes. The MecArmy TPX-22, skeletonised titanium, tungsten carbide glass breaker (never had to use it, hope I never will), lightweight, takes a regular Parker/Fisher Space Pen type refill and is 'regular' pen sized (some tac pens are comically huge). So, while tactical pens may be scoffed at for being garish, gimmicky nonsense marketed at basement warriors, they are actually incredibly useful day to day writers that shouldn't be overlooked!
  2. Does anyone know if Michael’s Fat Boy pens is still in operation? Was looking at their “S” series pens previously and now they seem to be virtually nonexistent online. Before I attempt to contact the website phone number, does anyone have any information on their current operating status? Any info will be appreciated. WriteAway
  3. I picked these Tombow AirPress ballpoint pens up, as a novelty, recently for roughly AUD 5.40 each‡. The writing instrument's technical design is pretty clever. Instead of using refills that are pressurised during manufacture, like those used in the Fisher Space Pen, the Tombow AirPress ballpoint pen leverages the force applied by the user on the ‘knock’ mechanism that deploys the retractable pen tip, to pressurise the ink chamber on the fly. Filled with an oil-based ink, this product promises (on its retail packaging, marketing images, etc.) to allow rapid writing, write even on wet paper and/or when the page is unsupported from below or when the writing surface is vertical. I just tried writing an entire English paragraph — in a cursive hand, as well as my other, normal handwriting style — on a notebook that I held up with the page facing down, and the pen's tip pointing up, and this pen proved up to the task. The product comes in a variety of colours, and even has a demonstrator version as well as a ‘stealth-look’ version. The barrels on the opaque models are rubbery, and are possibly apt to deteriorate and become tacky to the touch in several years' time. (I'm not sure about the material of the clear barrel, since I haven't opened it yet.) As for the pen's writing output, at first I was apprehensive that the stated, nominal 0.7mm line width would be too wide for my preferences in any sort of everyday application of putting pen to paper. However, the pen actually proved to write as finely as a Japanese EF nib, in fountain pen terms; and it can probably do so in a damn Moleskine notebooks, without being subject to the pitfalls of feathering, etc. All in all, a satisfying purchase for the price, something that could just be tossed into a knapsack as a just-in-case writing instrument and not worry about the jostling or rough and tumble to which it'd be subjected. ‡ Including incremental delivery charges, but not any apportioned international shipping ‘flagfall’ charge for the order, from Amazon Japan.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm new to FPN and pen collecting in general. I am particularly interested in ballpoint pens... I'm a full-time student and I do most of my work in ballpoint. I have a few pens that I've bought used, and I want to know what you think are the best ballpoints you have purchased/used. These can be at any price point and a pen can be your favorite for any reason. My favorite pen (by far) is my Classique Montblanc Meiserstuck, followed by a few designer pens (Tiffany and Givenchy). I have a Waterman Maestro and a Waterman Phileas that I really like. And on the lower end of the price scale I still think Cross makes handsome, dependable, and inexpensive ballpoints. What are your favorites? Any ideas for my next pen?
  5. Jaemin12

    How can I disassemble this pen?

    Since the cap keeps scratching, I try to polish the inside. Do you know how to disassemble?
  6. northstar

    Pensan set

    Hello everyone, any information about this set is appreciated, it says "Pensan 55 on the box". Origin of the pen, quality, value and any other information please. Thank you in advance.
  7. My wife's cross ball-point pen has come apart. The press-fit assembly is no longer together. I have 2 washers, one gold, one black, and a spring, and of course the barrel and the rotating part. The Cross refill has broken where the metal meets the plastic and the plastic will not come out of the rotating assembly that should be press fit in the barrel. Does anyone have a assembly diagram? How do I get the plastic end of the refill out of the rotating assembly? I have tried to turn it crosswise and it will not come out. My Cross pen accepts refills with very little effort so I was surprised at this one. Bill
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and I'm seeking some advice regarding the authenticity of recently made 164 BP. A friend of the family is offering to sell me a 164 (2866) gifted to him upon his retirement , and the warranty states the pen was sold in April 2022, so pretty recently. Of course the pen is in mint condition, but one detail caught my attention. On the underside the clip didn't have the mention PIX but simply "Made in Germany" and "Metal". I found it of course pretty odd. Would this be a red flag or is it simply the latest version of the pen? Many thanks for your help!
  9. Just got the newsletter. Thought people might want to know about the new digital pen: LAMY safari twin pen all black EMR It offers a ballpoint and EMR point. Link to German LAMY page: https://shop.lamy.com/de_at/digital-writing-lamy-safari-twin-pen-all-black-emr.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=TwinPen_29-04-22&stylus_technology=7531&model_color_material=7647
  10. Can anyone suggest what type of refill I need for this ballpoint pen? Many thanks in advance. Stefan
  11. northstar

    St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Cap

    Hello everyone, I just bought this St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Silver cap FP BP set
  12. I had a problem getting the refill out of a new style Duofold ballpoint today. The cap pulled off of the back, but I couldn't untwist the back end to get to the refill. I looked for resources on how to get it out. I saw many old topics where people asked the same question, but no answers. Well, I figured it out, and thought I'd share in case someone searches for it in the future. Here's what the problem looks like when the gold cap comes off but the mechanism and refill don't come with it. I fit a 5mm deep-well socket into the rear end of the pen, and turned it counter clockwise to remove the mechanism. The black part is the part that comes out with the socket. Then you press the gold cap and the black part together very firmly Then, drop your new ballpoint refill in the barrel, and screw the rear assembly into the barrel, continuing a few turns past what seems necessary. Then check your extend/retract function. If that works smoothly, you should be able to unscrew the rear assembly as one piece out of the back of the barrel to replace the refill in the future.
  13. My great-grandmother gave me this set a few years ago and am trying to find a matching fountain pen to purchase. The issue is, I don’t know the model name. If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance, William
  14. What binder/viscous stuff is used in (cheap?) twist style ballpoint / rollerball pens to secure cap to the twisting mechanism? I have a "De Cambridge Germany" branded pen that had oil based G2 refill leak into the twist mechanism, sealing it shut. I was able to dissolve it in the alcohol so twisting mechanism now works again. However, the cap that used to seal the mechanism sitting on top of it no longer has the same grip strength. It seems that I need to apply some more of the high viscosity sticky gel (something akin to never-setting glue?) that was holding it together. So, the question is, what was this stuff and where can I get it? I don't think gluing it shut is a good idea, in my other twist roller with C1 refills sliding the cap held to the twist mechanism via this viscous binder seems to be the intended refilling method.
  15. 我在二手市場上以90NTW的價格購買了一支原子筆。 它沒有任何保證,而且價格便宜,我認為它是假的。 有沒有人有任何想法或告訴我他的模特, 謝謝
  16. Does anyone know of any Canadian retailers who carry the Pelikan 337 refills? I'm in the Toronto area, but any Canada-based retailer with an online shop is perfect. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!
  17. I found this Parker Flighter, listed as a Jotter. But there is no nock, so presumably it is a twist mechanism, and the bottom of the barrel is knurled. Can anyone provide the actual model?
  18. white_lotus

    Bbc Ballpoint History Article

    You might why on Earth am I posting a link to an article on the BBC web site about ballpoint pens. Well there is some nice history there, some nice drawings by an artist. And the drawing of a supposed "fountain pen" is of a dip pen! Oh, the outrage! Enjoy. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20201028-history-of-the-ballpoint-pen
  19. I have a a retractable ball point pen that a dear friend gifted me for Christmas a couple of years ago. He recently passed away so this pen is quite special. It is a Vera Bradly pen and I replaced the original refill with a Schneider Slider 755 XB. This issue is that once the pen is extended, pressing too hard or laying the pen down more than gently causes the pen refill to retract. It does not retract fully. If I drop the pen on my desk at a height of merely 1" the refill will retract. The point of the pen is still barely visible out of the tip of the pen thus I have to click the top twice to get it to extend again. I am not in the habit of throwing my pens around especially this one but it happens enough to make it a bit annoying. Please note that is was doing this with the original generic refill that came loaded in the pen. Any idea what I can try? I was thinking that maybe the part of the pen that causes the refill to retract is not seating properly. Perhaps it needs adjusted or modified somehow. Thanks for listening!
  20. I just bought this 1985 vintage UK-made Parker Jotter ballpoint. I bought it on a whim just because I happen to really like its color. But the minute I arrived home, I noticed that the clip has an unusual feature that so far I haven't seen on any other pen: the clip arrow has no feather up top! Anyone has a pen like this? Has any one seen one before? Really intrigued as to why it is missing such a feature.
  21. Jeffd2u

    Pelican Click Ballpoint

    Came across a click ballpoint with unique Pelikan design and case. Promo? Curious on any info. Thanks
  22. AppleheadMay

    Starwalker Line-Up, Old Design.

    Good evening folks! It has been quite a while since I posted here. My interest in the pen hobby watered a bit but lately it got renewed, in some form at least. I sold my pens, inks and some accessories and took a fresh interest in the Montblanc Starwalker series ballpoints of which I already had one for ages (Rubber & Platinum) and recently acquired four more (Red Gold Metal, Midnight Black Metal, Mystery Black and Doué). I'm planning to add two more for now. I am posting here for two reasons: - I have a few small questions. These will apply mostly to the ballpoints. - I want to make a list of all "old design" Starwalker models that existed. That would be the longer, more bulged at the head models with spherical glass with the star, not the new shorter, less bulged models with the flatter glass. Of course, feel free to make a list of those in here as well. This list will apply to ballpoints, fountain pens, rollerballs and pencil. I will make the list in the second post below for reference. Your help for completing it with extra models and launch-years would be greatly appreciated. Here are my questions: - could it be that from the Rubber & Platinum ballpoint model there were two generations (versions)? Mine would be the first generation as I bought it when it came out. On this generation it is the barrel that screws into the head. I have seen the odd picture of a Rubber & Platinum one where the head screws into the barrel like on most newer models I have. - Has there ever been a "Starwalker Gold Resin"? I mean, not the "Red Gold Resin" one that is available now but a yellow gold one? - Does anyone know if a "Starwalker Chert" from Montblanc exists?>
  23. The pen is probably 15 years old, and Im curious. It also has the words Dynasty (or something similar, thats all I can make out) engraved in the middle.
  24. xgamerms999

    Help With Cross Pen/pencil Set 6601

    I was just given a set of these by my grandma, they were my grandpa's, but I don't have the manual, so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Doing a google search only resulted in sales links, and I want to know if/where I can buy replacement ink, and how to do it, and the same with the lead for the pencil. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  25. I was given a Parker Sonnet 2018 special edition, of the Metro variation of the special edition. This was a pleasant surprise - I did not even know that there were Sonnet ballpoints before I joined FPN last year. The Metro variant of the special edition are pens with black bodies and chrome-coloured caps with a city map pattern over the metal. The black plastic body feels like some sort of organic material, not unlike MB's "resin" plastic, to the touch. The map pattern's tactile sensation is matte. Metro pens have palladium trim. Pictures of the Metro fountain pen can be found in this thread: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/348767-parker-sonnets-sterling-metro/ Here are some more pictures of the pen. This pen has datecode P, standing for the 4th quarter of 2017. The pen is not very light; it feels substantial and well-made. In comparison to a Jotter flighter the pen is noticeably heavier. In writing with an oil ink refill it does not require any pressure. Gel refills are even easier to write with. In comparison to the Jotter concerning writing, the Jotter kind of makes me write faster. The Sonnet, as a result, can feel more leisurely and relaxed.

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