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  1. Dear pen friends, I hope you are all doing well, I was wondering for my Canadian friends, where do you buy your Visconti pens? what is the cheapest place to buy Visconti in Canada? I want to buy the Orchards in blossoms pen which. Also, what is your experience with buying pens from the US? is it cheaper or since you have to pay customs its actually more or the same? Thanks
  2. JamesEdward

    Could you help identify this pen?

    Dear readers, I have some trouble identifying this pen, mainly because of the cap. Could you possibly help out? Many thanks in advance for your effort. Best wishes!
  3. Does anyone know of any Canadian retailers who carry the Pelikan 337 refills? I'm in the Toronto area, but any Canada-based retailer with an online shop is perfect. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!
  4. NOODLER'S CANADIAN EXCLUSIVE!!!! First, this is by no means an exhaustive review.. is more an INTRODUCTION to our new CANADIAN EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!! OK.. finally we get our own.. and I do say finally, because although the Noodler's Canadian Exclusive “Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham” was available at one time (years ago).. the ink in itself was not one of Nathans’ best. The ink had serious problems with separating dyes.. and a strong shake will almost reconstitute the ink, but not completely. The best I can say, it was an “interesting” ink. BUT NO MORE!!!!!!!!... The new formula
  5. Hello there FPN! My name is Dylan and I hail from the frozen wastes above the wall (wait... no wall... yet). Though spring may be coming to Edmonton, AB soon... I hope. I've been into fountain pens for a good decade or so, but haven't really engaged a lot with the online community for some reason. It's time to change that! I look forward to connecting and engaging in the various shenanigans that may occur. Current EDC Pens: TWSBI 580ALR 1.1 w/ Noodler's Golden Brown TWSBI 580AL EF w/ Diamine Marine (and hunting for a pen for some R&K Alt-Goldgrün to live in)
  6. Hello again! I've updated my resource list with suggestions from Reddit and FPN. I'll keep working on it as more suggestions come in I HIGHLY RECOMMEND viewing the PDF here instead of reading this list! CANADIAN POINTED PEN CALLIGRAPHY ONLINE SHOPS Canadian Shops Aboveground Art Supplies www.abovegroundartsupplies.com/ Multiple in Toronto, ON Shipping: $10-18+ Free Shipping: $150 (ON, QC, MB only) Ships Via: Canpar or Canada Post Pens Dip: Sheaffer, Panache, Speedball/Hunt, Rotring ArtPen, reed & quill Pens/Markers: Pilot Parallel, Academy Viva, Faber-Castell, Lamy, Itoya, Pitt
  7. Hello Everyone, This is my first post on the FPN forums. I've been referencing them a lot; and I am happy to finally be posting something. I recently acquired a Parker Duofold in an online auction. I purchased a pen lot because one of the pens looked an awful lot like a Duofold. I am a novice when it comes to pen collecting, but I knew enough to take a chance for 22$. First I will give you the imprints - although they are shown in the attached pictures (I am sorry for the poor lighting) The Nib is imprinted with the following lines, across the its width: Parker Duofold Pen Canada A
  8. Sholom

    Canadian Short Slender Balance?

    I found this in a local antique store for what might be a very good price. I'm rather new to Sheaffers, having grown up in a mainly Parker family, but am very impressed with the Snorkel and Vac-Fil that a friend gifted me last year. So I grabbed this pen when I saw it. I THINK it is a short slender Balance, but I am quite confused about nomenclature from my recent reading. In addition, this pen is clearly marked as Canadian, and has the fattest nib I have ever seen that isn't a music or italic nib. It needs a new sac so I haven't written with it yet to see the actual line thickness, and I am a
  9. gammada

    My Very First Parker 51!

    Finally managed to get my hands on a beautiful Parker 51 fountain pen! It seems to be quite an odd Aerometric MK I model with a cap that might or not belong to this very pen. The cap has the Parker inscription over the clip (like the Vacumatics) but no diamond. It also says its was Made in Canada. The barrel or section don't have any inscriptions at all, while the filler mechanism says Made in USA. It's got what appears to be a medium nib that is super smooth and quite wet and a body that looks terrific after a mild polishing. The cap has small dents but nothing easily noticeable. I paid a
  10. RLR

    Hello From Canada

    Finally decided to join after this wonderful place helped me figure out what my Canadian Sheaffers Compact was exactly. Long time lurker, writer, photographer. Here to learn and probably justify feeding the pen addiction. Cheers - RLR ***** www.RLRaymond.com
  11. Hi everyone, Does anybody know of a brand of not too expensive paper (for a student) that is FP friendly and that comes in notebooks and/or loose leaf and/or pads that is easy to find in Canada (through places like Amazon or Staples). So far I have had to resort to buying Hilroy notebooks but they are very inconsistent so I'm looking to upgrade to something better for my everyday writing without breaking the bank on something like Rhodia or Clairefontaine. Thank you all very much in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, I was wondering what the cheapest site to get ink samples in Canada is. Is it Goulet Pens, where the only downside is the 10$ shipping fee? Are there sites that ship for cheaper or for free even? Thank you all very much in advance!
  13. Hi everyone, I know there was a Waterman factory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early 20th century but I was never able to find the date of when it closed (the year). I was only able to find out when it started operating and what happened to the building afterwards through Google searches. I think knowing when it closed to be able to guess what models it last produced would be interesting. Thank you all very much in advance!
  14. Location: Murray's Home Date: Monday Sept 11th, 2017 (second Monday of the month... ) Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Topic: Have a pen you never use and are sad it's gathering dust? Yearning for a new pen but don't want to pay full price? Need some money in your pocket? Have a pen that isn't quite right but don't know what to do with it? Bring it along with you this month to swap or sell! That's right - this month our main focus will be pen swaps and/or sales! Secondary topic: Our secondary topic is always New pens, paper, ink, wax seals, ephemera, etc... so if yo
  15. I highly recommend viewing this as a pdf here. Any comments, corrections, or additions you can offer me will be greatly appreciated! There are some things I just can't find online in Canada (Nikko G nibs, any non-Speedball adjustable oblique holders, walnut ink...) so I also listed the go-to US sites. I was going to do a UK section but I'm tired for now. CANADIAN POINTED PEN CALLIGRAPHY ONLINE SHOPS Canadian Shops Aboveground Art Supplies www.abovegroundartsupplies.com Toronto, ON Shipping: $10-18+ Free Shipping: $150 (ON, QC, MB only) Ships Via: Canpar or Canada Post Pen
  16. Hello! I have been reading these forums for a few days and have just recently gotten into fountain pens. I wrote mainly with Maica Hi-tec-C 0.3 and 0.4 pens but found that they ran out of ink quite fast and was on the hunt for something that would fill that niche.... enter fountain pens! I started out by ordering the Pilot Metropolitan with a fine nib thanks to posts on the penaddict blog. Within about a week I now have: Pilot penmanship EF nib (a bit toothy) Pilot plumix M nib (stub/italic, a bit wide for my writing but fun to do letters with) Noodler's Nib Creaper (feels cheap but the fl
  17. Meeting dates have been updated for 2017. (They can be found here: https://calgarypenclub.wordpress.com/meetings/) Our next meeting is coming up on Monday January the 9th, at Murray's home, from 7-9pm. Our main topic is Esterbrooks. As always, our secondary topic is new acquisitions of pens and writing instruments, paper, ephemera, wax seals, etc. See you all on Monday! (Drop me a line if you need location information.)
  18. sidthecat

    Eyedropper Safety From Milan

    Caught a nice nib with a pen attached: a gold-filled ringtop safety pen with a Canada nib. The cap's dinged-up, but fingers crossed it can be repaired. It's the nib, of course: a long-tined beauty that spreads if you blow on it. I'm very excited. The seller bought it 35 years ago in Milan as an artist's pen, and it only popped up in my search last night. I took three pens off my watch list so I wouldn't feel quite so much an idiot, but therapy isn't cheap, either.
  19. LokiLaufeyson

    Hello From Canada

    Hi there, I'm Loki from Canada. I've been trying to form good habits in the forms of writing stories, drawing and other such things and decided to look into fountain pen writing as a hobby. I used some youtube information to figure out what I wanted and recently ordered a Pilot Metro fine and some noodler's anti feathering ink. I'm really excited to receive my order and to start practicing my hand writing again. Another reason I wanted to pick this up is because I hate my signature, I have a rather long last name and it drives me mad that when I sign I look like a fool, sometimes even rushi
  20. McWaterjet

    Hello From Montreal, Qc, Canada

    Hello all, It took me a long time to finally open an account on this forum. And, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, I've been a stationery fan for years. Years, I tell you! But I only got into fountain pens last year. I did get my very first fountain pen in the early 2000s. A Sheaffer Prelude in brushed stainless steel. While nice, I was never hooked. I was still a mechanical pencil and rollerball kinda guy. I never really ventured too far in the writing utensils section of my favourite stationery stores, instead I focused on finding the best notebooks possible. I accumulate
  21. Hi Everyone, Check out this vintage Wahl Eversharp Canada poster that I found hanging in my garage! The photography is not great but at least you can see it. If you like it, I'll put up a better version. The canoe even says "Canuck." I bought a Wahl Eversharp to celebrate this find. Julie R. Canada
  22. Just a reminder our next meeting will be Monday August 8th, 2016 at Murray’s house from 7-9pm. Our topic this month is celluloid pens – bring your favourite celluloid pens, whether they are workhorse Parker vacumatics or rare Tibaldi treasures. Our secondary topic/s continue to be new acquisitions of pens, paper, inks, seals, ephemera etc. Come on out for a coffee and some pen talk. As always, please RSVP your attendance (or non-attendance). See you August 8th!
  23. sleepyjz

    Hello From Canada!

    Hi all! I have been browsing FPN for quite a while before I finally made an account today. I'm from Canada and have been interested in fountain pens ever since seeing my doctor use one when I was a wee child. I finally decided to jump right into it a few years ago and got a TWSBI Diamond 580 1.1 mm stub to improve my handwriting. The addiction started soon after that as I started exploring different nib types and ink. I love blue and green spectrum inks! As well, I have had a recent obsession with iron gall and document inks. ESSRI in a Lamy 2000 (medium) has become my mainstay EDC pen/ink c
  24. Hello everyone! I have never used forums before but after quietly creeping posts here on FPN, I figured I should make an account and join in on the fun. I am looking forward to meeting new people whom I can talk to about fountain pens, because most of my friends aren't into pens If anyone from the Edmonton Fountain Pen Club is reading this, please let me know when the next meetup is; I would love to join you! I am currently studying engineering at the University of Alberta and I started using fountain pens about a month ago. Since then, I have amassed a small collection of fountain/dip p
  25. Hello Everyone! I found this in my garage. This is a bad photo, but I'll post a better one if people are interested. It's a vintage advertisement for the Toronto Wahl Eversharp company, marketed to Canadians who were just starting to go canoeing in the backcountry. The canoe says "Canuck" so that you don't miss the point. The man is passing a paper to the other guy...he has a pencil in his hand. The stamp says that this is for the Wahl Eversharp company in Toronto. I don't know the year...the style indicates 1920s to 40s. Anyone know when Wahl/Eversharp was operating in Toronto?

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