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  1. Can anyone suggest what type of refill I need for this ballpoint pen? Many thanks in advance. Stefan
  2. Hello Everyone, first post for me....been trolling and know this is a topic that has been discussed before...but wanted to dust off and see if any new developments/learnings are out there to share.. just purchased a le grande rollerball...love the pen and love the rollerballs (more practical for daily work use than my le grand fp).....but don't love the lifespan of the rollerball refills....looking for alternatives... seen refilling the MB cartridge hacks....i'm more inclined to using a G2 refill (decent writer, much better lifespan, more color choices), but have not found a good way to
  3. While I use my smartphone for many things, I still manage tasks the old fashioned way -- on paper in a notebook. I find that the physical act of writing with a pen keeps things in my head better than typing them into a digital task manager. I mostly use my fountain pens for this (various colors for different purposes), but I like to have a rollerball or two on hand for back-up in case a pen has dried a bit or is acting finicky. I've been attempting to use Cross rollerballs for this -- in part because they offer purple and red as well as blue and black. However, lately I have fo
  4. And more important, what refill does it use? The eBay seller called it a Fibre-tip roller-ball, but its not showing up in my searches. FWIW, it really does say Caran d Ache in tiny letters around the barrel. Thank you for any help or advice.
  5. Dear FPN members, a couple of weeks ago, I bought a BMW fountain pen in an antiques fair. I suppose of course that someone else made the pen for them, but I have no idea who it might have been, because the only logo on the pen is BMW. Although, when you read what follows, you will maybe agree with me that the maker of this pen did not know much about the *very* basic of fountain pens... The pen feels sturdy and the touch of the material is fine. It is also ergonomic. The nib is a B, and it writes very well. I know because I have dipped the pen in water and it is still dirty with ink, so it w
  6. Does anyone know of any Canadian retailers who carry the Pelikan 337 refills? I'm in the Toronto area, but any Canada-based retailer with an online shop is perfect. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!
  7. Does anyone here own an Omas old style Arte Italiana roller and can tell me the refill code? The Omas refills are no longer available but I believe Schmidt makes compatible refills, however I need the Omas refill code. I am planning on buying this roller used, but want to ensure I can find the refills (Schmidt makes several different refills compatible with different Omas roller pens). I can also ask some of the pen shops to advise the correct refill, but I am giving a try here first... thanks!
  8. Checklist

    Parker Classic Pencil Problems

    I have a Parker Classic Flighter mechanical pencil that I've been using off and on for several years. For some reason, I cannot seem to reload the pencil right. On this site, there are several posts that are very helpful in reloading a twist-top Parker pencil through the tip: fully extend the mechanism to clear the pencil, insert lead, slowly retract, and apply pressure to seat the lead in the holder. However, when I try this, I cannot get the lead (0.9 mm) to stay in; it will retract, but as soon as I start writing again, the lead falls out. It's not breaking; there are no pieces left ins
  9. Refill Parker Roller Ball cartridge using syringe and vacuum method. Refill Parker Roller Ball Cartridge using syringe vacuum method V2 How to refill Parker rollerball Thank you, dear Kenneth Lee and dear Dhruv Upreti!
  10. Hi folks, Here's a method to fit a syringe needle over a piston converter to suck the very last drop of ink from an ink bottle. rgds kenneth PS: Forgot to add, this method doesn't require a syringe that would take up extra space in your pen case. It's also one less item to clean. In any case, choose your favourite method :-)
  11. I’m having difficulty with the fit of refills in a Montblanc Leonardo ballpoint. An older “Pix” marked refill works, and allows the click mechanism to work perfectly, but when I fit a current production refill, the point barely protrudes from the nose of the pen. Maybe the recess in the refill end cap is deeper on the current product refill? Can anyone please suggest a fix for this? Any help will be appreciated
  12. Montblanc Leonardo Ballpoint Refill - Help Requested I’m having difficulty with the fit of refills in n MB Leonardo ballpoint. An older “Pix” marked refill allows the click mechanism to work perfectly, but when I fit a current production refill, the point barely protrudes from the nose of the pen. Maybe the recess in the refill end cap is deeper on the current product refill? Can anyone please suggest a fix for this? Any help will be appreciated
  13. With the help of a simple flexible tube that fits over the nib section, here's how to get that very last drop of your favorite ink. https://youtu.be/JE1ZxNk5hiQ
  14. linriyue

    Sheaffer Fashion Ii Refill

    Hey guys! So, many years ago I received a fountain pen as a gift, which I have only recently been able to identify as the Sheaffer Fashion II. Since I had never used a fountain pen before, I left it untouched for many years until recently. The pen is completely dried up, and there is no cartridge nor converter in it. I have a few 'slim cartridges' that came with the gift bundle, but they are all dried up too. Regardless, I tried to install the cartridge, but it wouldn't fit. There is something inside blocking it, and I have no idea what it is. As I am very eager to try using a fountain pen
  15. Hello, I'm looking to refill a Pilot V Board Master dry erase marker with blue or black ink. By construction this pen can be refilled as its end is easily unscrewed to a small plastic cartridge. The thing is I don't know which ink to use as it needs to be : 1/ compatible with the felt tipe 2/ compatible with the board to be dry erasable. Anyone has ever tried that with success ? or with bad luck ? Any tips or ideas ? All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a nice week-end.
  16. JETSTREAM & easyFLOW In my pursuit for a perfect ballpoint refill I’ve came across with these 2 brands: JETSTREAM & easyFLOW. Why ballpoints? Because sometimes you need something else then a fountain pen to write on different surface: like napkins, fabric, wood, skin, you never know when or where. So I have narrow down my options for these hybrid ballpoint refills. Both write smooth, dark lines and both have water-proof and sun fade-proof characteristics. uni-ball JETSTREAM was developed in 2003, it’s an evolution of their gel refill “Signo 207”. Can be found in medium or fine str
  17. Hello again to all my FPN friends, I just purchased a leather A6 6-ring planner (same size as Filofax Personal or Daytimer #3) that I'm going to use for a project that needs to have somewhat archival paper (basically, the pages and what's on them need to do their job for at least the next 50 years amidst daily use). The paper that the planner came with feels like writing on sandpaper, so I desperately need something else. So far the best paper I've come across seems to be Life Noble and DaVinci (which uses 52gms Tomoe River paper). For my project, the planner refill paper needs these thr
  18. I am trying to find out what type of ballpoint refill this is. All I have is a photo; nobody at the store knew what type of refill it is. I'd like to see if there is a decent brand of refill available that can substitute for this yucky one that comes with the pen. I'd like some color variety, too, if that is possible. I'm attaching the photo; I've never done this before on this site, so I hope it works. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  19. I bought an cross mechanical pencil yesterday confident I could make it work and turns out I uses a lead cassette (I didnt know they existed) and it came empty. Is there really no way to refill these with loose lead?
  20. Daiso stationery products are all designed in Japan, but aren't all make there. The very best of their paper products, like the Kraft-bound notebooks, are made in Japan, and that paper is truly delightful. This note, however, is about the A4 loose-leaf binder refills. They come in a pack of 70 sheets, lined and unlined. The lined version is spaced at 60 mm, suitable for those, like me, with small handwriting and fine nibs. Others may wish to use the unlined version and either print their own lines or use a guide sheet. The paper seems to be about 70gsm, and is well-behaved with most inks.
  21. Being unable to find an inexpensive pants-pocketable M nib fountain pen to my liking for EDC, I'm considering a roller pen. I know nothing at all about the brand and cartridge ink options, but my favorite gel inks are Uni Ball 307 (0.7) black and Uni Ball 207 (0.5) green-black and brown-black. I find that they are smooth, dry quickly enough for my lefty handwriting, and I want a thicker 0.7 line, possibly even going up to 1.0. My first thought for an inexpensive knock-around pocket roller pen is a Kaweco Sport. Should I consider anything else for the pants-pocket in that price range? I lik
  22. Hey, guys I just recently joined this forum. So far it has been helpful with answering my questions and doing research about pens (I own a few 149s), and quite honestly this site has made me an addict I recently picked up a Montblanc M Ultra Black ballpoint but quite honestly don't like how the ink looks. Do any of you know if there is another sort of refill I can use with better ink? (make it look more of a gel type of ink, if possible) I tried some other inks but the damn thing is stubborn and won't close. So any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance -James
  23. After asking for recommendations here, I bought a Platinum Century #3776 and I am delighted with it. After a couple of months using it, it's the most reliable fountain pen I've ever had (although this may be normal as the other pens I had were cheaper...), and I love the nib's feel too. The only downside of it is the fact that it doesn't take standard cartridges. I have bought the international cartridge adapter, and it works, but at least in my case (with Waterman serenity blue ink) it decreases reliability. With a Platinum blue-black cartridge, the pen never ever skips. But with the adapte
  24. Ballpoint (and rollerball) pen refills have progressed a very long way. They are a far cry from the older sticky, blobby, and inconsistently performing refills of decades ago. In fact some modern ones write so well and smoothly without much pressure required, that they can easily displace the need for a firm fine nib fountain pen. But all flirting with FPN heresy aside, all writing instruments have their place. I prefer fountain pens, but ballpoints are very useful in circumstances where fountain pens just don't cut it. Mainly, the ability to write with quick drying waterproof results, w
  25. I don't know if it's the right place for this question but, here it goes: I have a Graf von faber castell intuition (elemento) rollerball, and never used it because I can't find refills to buy for it. The usual faber castell refills don't fit, and the magnum refills can't find them anywere in my country, only online, but the shiping is several times more expensive than their price. Does anyone else have any experience withe the intuition rollerball, to advice me on other refills to use. Does the Montblanc le grand refills work, ar anything else for that matter?

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