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Found 17 results

  1. PDW

    Snorkel - Use Or Service?

    I have a Sheaffer Snorkel which I have not yet used, so the interior state is not fully known. The tail turns and pulls out smoothly, the Snorkel tube extends and retracts nicely, and I get a reassuring hiss when I push the tail down. But I have read of nasty issues arising if I try to fill or flush a Snorkel whose sac has gone bad, mostly relating to rusted springs. So I'd like some advice - should I fill this pen and use it as it is, or get it serviced before use in case the sac has gone? Or is there a way to test the sac safely without filling the pen? And if a service is recommended no
  2. Greetings friends! I was asked to create a separate post in which I will share my tests on fadeout of ink from light. I did my first test two years ago(2018), but there was not much ink. This is the original test sheet: These are sheets after half a year tested outdoors but without direct sunlight. Conclusion: First sheet: It seems to me that Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, Noodlers Midway Blue, Noodlers Ottoman Azure, Sheaffer Torquise did the best with the task of lightfastness. At the same time, Noodlers Midway
  3. Afternoon everyone. Lockdown and terrible sleep patterns have me at a minor stage of madness, so at 5 this morning while I was considering grabbing the air rifle & silencing some of the birds that had apparently gotten hold of megaphones to sing their dawn chorus outside my window... I decided instead to do a very unscientific test (see also: dirty) on my all time (so far) favourite ink for practicality, Sailor Sei-Boku - Pigment Blue/Black. The test was carried out as per the description on the index card, what I didn't have room to fit however, is that the index cards are cheap (mo
  4. Cyrille81

    Test Montblanc Jfk 1917 Le

    Hello, I have inked the first time today my JFK 1917 fountain pen with the ink MB JFK. I put again my photos of the fountain pen and the some writing result of my test. And now few photos of my test with ink JFK:
  5. Hey Guys, I am looking to pick up a Lamy 2000 as my first gold nib pen. I have had a Lamy Aion (M) for a while and really like it (except for the cap rattle, but I've been able to fix that with some tinkering. With the Aion, the medium is good when writing on quality paper (i.e. Rhodia), but when I write on lesser quality (I write on medical charts all day), I find it slightly too bold. I'm really torn as to if I should get it in a Fine or Medium nib because it is an investment. I have been searching all over the DFW metroplex for a place where I could test both to see which one I
  6. JETSTREAM & easyFLOW In my pursuit for a perfect ballpoint refill I’ve came across with these 2 brands: JETSTREAM & easyFLOW. Why ballpoints? Because sometimes you need something else then a fountain pen to write on different surface: like napkins, fabric, wood, skin, you never know when or where. So I have narrow down my options for these hybrid ballpoint refills. Both write smooth, dark lines and both have water-proof and sun fade-proof characteristics. uni-ball JETSTREAM was developed in 2003, it’s an evolution of their gel refill “Signo 207”. Can be found in medium or fine str
  7. Expressions

    For The Ink Lovers

    PENtastic CxPO Tester Folded Pens ( Buy Now ) These folded pens are designed to fit the small sample vials that are hard to get into. They hold a lot more ink than dip pens and produce much more expressive lines. They are also super easy to clean - a dip in water, a shake, a wipe and you are ready to move on to the next sample (or bottle :-) These pens fit any standard straight holder and can be ordered individually or as a set of 2 nibs (in different styles). Here is a short video showing the pens in action https://youtu.be/7Smg8PvToLQ These can be ordered from the online store
  8. The subject comes up regularly, which is normal since not everyone has access to good paper, or is willing to splurge; and yet it might not be splurging but part of a good experience. In any case after using only Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Tomoe River, Fabriano and HP 32 lbs for the past few years, I finally tried all my pens on regular, no name copy paper, and here are the results: On decent paper all my pens write well or very smoothly, the more expensive Sailor Pro Gear, Pelikan m600, Parker Sonnet and a Lamy Studio are particularly nice; on copy paper the results were surprising to me: Sm
  9. I've posted this on another forum, but I think you all would be interested in it as well. This is a test of how waterproof certain ballpoint and gel inks are (also included are two fountain pen inks at the bottom). I've categorized them as follows: Waterproof: Uniball SignoPilot JuiceBic CristalRite in the Rain (Fisher Space fine)Semi-waterproof: Pilot G2Schmidt easyFlowFisher SpacePilot PreciseNot waterproof: Parker Quink Gel
  10. tgoto

    10 Inks Waterproof Test

    Hi guys- I have decided to do a water proof test using the inks I have. Not that I own many inks, but here are the images of before and after. The inks were submerged under water for 30 seconds. The inks used were: - Noodler's Navajo Turquoise - Diamine Sepia - Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu - Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun - Iroshizuku Tsukushi - Private Reserve Daphne Blue - Montblanc Burgundy Red - Diamine Claret - Montblanc Jazz Blue - Waterman Inspired Blue After the test, Tsukushi was the most legible ink. Navajo Turquoise, Sepia and Murasaki-Shikibu were equally somewhat legible.
  11. I think I have just performed a miracle! Had cleaned out my Noodler's Ahab completely (so taking the feed/nib off cleaning everything. This pen, like my Creeper and a lot of other noodler's pens out there, was railroading BAD after a mere minute of fun. Had checked everything, every video, forums, tips and tricks and it was just a pain. Well.. Not anymore! And in a grand spectacular way! This is the third page of clairefontaine triomphe Loaded with ink with ZERO railroad. That's right. ZERO. Sometimes going around the page making a fat line and it just never skipped. I did make a
  12. Hey there! Look what I found, sitting suspiciously unsuspicious under the Christmas tree.
  13. PENREG is available free of charge. If you like the software, idea, please consider a helping with future development, testing, maybe additional ideas. I have begun this some time ago, but my motivation is next to none as I have no way to say if tihis is help full to anyone but me. So far I have resources: server, disk storage, development tools, and of course major of development done (everything in my free time which is really limited). I am not looking for money, if I need I will found myself (as so far) or organise some. I am looking for people to help, or just say drop it, (because it m
  14. GlennPen

    Twsbi Vac-700 Airplane Flight Test

    Hello, I just recently received my TWSBI Vac-700 Demonstrator in Medium, and although I am leaving already (oh bittersweet, to receive a pen and not use it immediately right after) from Japan to California, I'd thought it to answer my own question: Can the TWSBI Vac-700 truly withstand leaks on an airplane, be used on-board, and not leak when landing (or even when in use)? http://i.imgur.com/7n1HaOi.jpg To answer this question I've filled my TWSBI with bottled water (so that should it leak or heaven-forbid, explode) to the brim using the technique shown by Brian Goulet, and will have
  15. Prolix

    17 Inks Water Tested

    A quick water-fastness test of 17 inks on a sheet of Rhodia dotpad paper. They all dried for at least a week prior to when I conducted the test. I rinsed the sheet in warm water, soaked it for half an hour, and then pressed it under a stack of magazines to dry. http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv56/k4p2tog/InkWaterTest1copy.jpg De Atramentis Aubergine (4) Diamine: Hope Pink (2) Marine (1) Peach Haze (1) Syrah (3) Noodler's: 54th Massachusetts (5) Antietam (3) Bad Green Gator (5) Baystate Concord Grape (4.5) Black Swan In Australian Roses (4) Green Marine (4) Kung Te-Cheng (5) Lib
  16. Hey guys! So for those of you who like new ink, we may have something in store for you In addition to currently being carried by ISellPens.com, ZellerWritingCompany.com, AndersonPens.net, Bertramsinkwell.com, and Amazon.com, we now have our very own Laboratory Series available on our website here. Some info on these - these inks are all tested and high quality writing inks. The colors just were good enough to put out in our full line - yet! We made around 20 bottles of each color, and intend to gather feedback from these. As more and more feedback comes in, we are going to make the

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