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  1. Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good week! I am looking to sell this fountain pen, amongst others, due to a recent change of circumstances. What is the best approach to take if I want a quick sale? Any advice or tips on marketing or value are welcome. Sakura is a very important symbol for the Japanese culture. It symbolizes beauty and transience, as well as the beginning of spring. Produced in 2002, this Sakura honors the Lady Ise and is fashioned from 18 karat rose gold highlighted with cherry blossoms painted in exquisite enamel work. Built on the Boheme chassis this exquisite pen features a retracting 18K 750 rose gold Medium (M) nib marked with Kanji characters.4 1/2 ” (11.4 cm).Limited to only 88 piece world-wide. This precious Limited Edition is a unique treasure from Montblanc Atelier. Each individual writing instrument is the work of a master craftsman and bears a specific limited edition number as proof of its exclusivity. Presented in an ivory colored box with all original packaging and papers. Thank you.
  2. This pen was ordered for me by my family as a gift. This is my 3rd pen from the Leonardo workshop (I already had the Momento Zero Green Alga and the Momento Magico Anima Nera) and is the biggest of the line-up. This is a limited edition of 50 pieces and exclusively available at Fontoplumo in Delft, The Netherlands. So, the facts: Manufacturer: Leonardo Officina Italiana Model: Momento Zero Grande Edition: Art Deco 2021 - Limited to 50 pieces for Fontoplumo the Netherlands Material: Green Japanese Ebonite Nib: Jowo #6 14k gold (EF) Filling system: Piston Capped: 159 mm Uncapped: 141 mm Posted: 175 mm Section: 12 - 13 mm ______________________________________________________________________ Appearance & Design – Beautiful detailed design The appearance of the pen is typical for Leonardo with superb details. The pen is made from green Japanese ebonite with geometric Guilloche engravings on the cap, barrel, and gold bands. The gold trims give the green ebonite a warm look. The clip is the typical MZG clip with wheel and on a big pen like this the clip looks tiny. The engraving on the cap band as well as the piston band are crisp and fit the theme of this pen. The engravings are unintrusive and give the pen a slight textured feeling in the hand. The only lettering on the cap band is “Italy” and on the barrel it says, “N. 29/50”. The cap and barrel have the classic pointed finials. The ebonite isn’t even in colour but contains micro dots which are darker (looks black), the are described as micro minerals. This gives some depth to the material, alas I can’t show you that more clearly as I don’t own a microscope camera. The (arguably) one disappointment on the design is a lack of an ink window. There is simply no way to know how much ink you have left in the pen. But on the other hand, an ink window also might disturb the Art Deco design of this pen, I don’t know. There is room just above the cap threads where you could fit one without disturbing the overall looks, IMHO. Construction & Quality – Well build The threading on this pen is smooth. The pen posts very securely and is not back weighted, but I don’t tend to post this pen as it makes it overly long and posting it also might damage the ebonite. The cap comes off with just 1¼ turns, which is ok for me. The pen feels sturdy and well build. Weight & Dimensions – Lightweight and good ergonomics. As I don’t own a scale, I can’t weight the pen (it is advertised as 36 gram capped and 23 gram uncapped) but it feels great in my hands. The length of the pen fits my hand very well. The ergonomics of the section is great as it has the same design but with a bit more girt than the Momento Magico. Nib & Performance – well tuned As I had a bad experience with my other two Leonardo’s with a Jowo nib (misalignment and flow problems) I asked Fontoplumo to tune and smoothen the nib before sending it to me. They did a great job! The 14k nib is well tuned and with its ebonite feed lays down a rich wet line that just stay’s withing the extra fine realm (on the right paper, that is). It has subtle feedback that is best compared to a soft (3B-ish) pencil. The nib design is nothing special, just the laser engraved Leonardo logo and standard Jowo stamps. Filling System & Maintenance – Classic piston filler The piston filling system works well and has a advertised capacity of 1,5 ml. It is difficult to know if you have a full fill as there is no ink window of any sort. As all piston fillers cleaning can be a bit of a challenge and is time consuming. But there is a tool provided with the pen to take the piston apart and that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The Jowo nib can be removed easily. So, for those OCD cleaning freaks out there, you can get this pen as clean as it arrived in the box Cost & Value – Well, it’s expensive This pen retails for € 630,- (incl. 21% VAT) in the Netherlands. That is quite a hefty price for a writing instrument, but for that you get a limited-edition ebonite pen that has a lovely design and is well constructed, also it is user serviceable (which is a huge plus for me) . So, there is that. Is this pen overpriced? Well, in my opinion, yes. But as I’ve got this as a gift, I really can’t complain. Conclusion – Beautiful and well-designed pen Apart from the price, this is really a lovely designed and well writing pen that suits my hands very comfortably for long, long writing sessions. The ergonomics of the pen (especially the girth of the section) suits me very well.
  3. airline0

    Visconti Race Tech Limited Edition

    Visconti Race Tech Limited Edition The limited Edition Race Tech pen is an ode to racing and is packed full of racing themes: The lightening holes on the clip, the black and white checkered finishing flag enameled on the pen's band, the body is crafted from sturdy race ready carbon fiber and all parts are trimmed in racing red resin. The Race Tech is limited to 388 pieces worldwide and is available in fountain pen and Rollerball. The fountain pen accepts cartridges or converter and is outfitted with the Visconti tubular chromium nib. Each pen is packaged in a luxury box. This beautiful tribute to racing is composed of red resin and carbon fiber with chrome plated trims. https://www.airlineintl.com/search?keywords=race
  4. Hello dear FPNers, Today I have something new, something German, something menthol green for you: Moctezuma 1 Pierced Sky is one of the most recent inks released by Montblanc. This ink is a complementary part of new Patron of the Art series: Homage to Moctezuma 1. It is a limited edition ink, and it has a 50 ml cube shaped bottle, which is a pretty standard bottle shape of Montblanc. I suppose this ink is very close to J. Herbin Vert Reseda, but a tad darker than it. Another similar ink is Edelstein Jade. Unfortunately, I have neither of them, because this cannot be called as my favourite shade of turquoise. However, I have Diamine Dark Green and Visconti Green, both of which are also pretty close to Moctezuma, I suppose. Here is a comparison of three inks on white Tomoe paper: They are very close indeed. But before describing the differences between 3 inks' colours, maybe I should mention about some important ink properties: Saturation: Moctezuma has a medium-to-low saturation. It is not as washed out as Herbin Vert Reseda, but still lacks some saturation in my opinion. Sheen: There is definitely no sheen with this ink. Maybe only if you pour down huge amounts on Tomoe, you may see a little bit of sheen. Shading: It has a high shading capacity, I loved it. Obviously not as much as a KWZ Honey, but still very nice shading. Wetness: Moctezuma is a dry ink, as most of you could easily guess, because most Montblanc inks tend to be so (except Elixir line, they are the wettest inks I have ever seen). It is not the driest ink in the world either; not as dry as a Pelikan 4001, but definitely on the dry side of the spectrum. Unless you have a vintage pen with an ebonite feed, or a modern pen which is tuned to write wet, most people wouldn't like this dryness combined with medium-to-low saturation in EF/F nibs I suppose. Check this out again: Lamy Safari M nib's output is not amazingly washed out, but not very legible either. I am more of a BB/OBB guy. I don't use fine nibs very often, but if I do, personally I would like to see a bit darker, or brighter line. The colour choice is already dangerous: it is a pastel menthol green, not most people's first choice of colour to easily read the written, so at least it should have been a bit more saturation in my opinion. About dryness of ink: I suppose both Montblanc and Pelikan specifically keep their nibs' tippings wide, to have them larger surface area when in contact with paper, which makes them smoother. And then they need to adjust their own inks to be a bit more viscous than a regular ink to make it flow slowly through the tines, compensating the thick tipping material's large surface and making the pen write narrower, so keeping the promise of theoretical nib size. I don't know. It is a choice of company. Pilot succeeds in having narrower tippings be smooth, maybe not as smooth as their German counterparts but still quite smooth. And they see no problem in producing a much wetter ink. I suppose most people would trust in Iroshizuku line's fluid properties more than they do for Montblanc inks or Edelstein inks in an indefinite case of which ink to use in an unfamiliar pen. I remember having hard times with some Montblanc and Pelikan inks in my EF/F nibs. Whatever. Note that the pen I used for Moctezuma is Sailor Progear Ocean with 21k Music nib: Mr John Mottishaw cut its tip into a beauuuutiful cursive italic, smooth and crisp, and tuned it to be quite a wet nib: So the wetness of nib would be able to balance the dryness of ink, I thought. Same triple comparison is also done on 80 gr white Rhodia paper, which is the industrial standard of pen world, I suppose.. Let's see the differences between 3 inks above. Here are some close shots of them on Tomoe again: Moctezuma is the lightest of them. Diamine Dark Green is a bit greener than Moctezuma, with a bit more red dye, and it is more saturated. Visconti Green actually has a very similar green-blue ratio compared to Moctezuma, but it is much more saturated. And the red dye content is definitely higher in Visconti, as a result it seems darker with some nice sheen. Sometimes I love writing with over-saturated feeds. They show the full potential of an ink. Also, if you have a moderately wet nib, it gives a clue about how the colour would be seen with a wet nib, especially with a vintage nib. A close shot of writings made with over-saturated feed on Tomoe: Lovely sheen with Visconti Green to be noted. Same thing for Rhodia: It can be said that Moctezuma gives a nice colour with a very wet nib, preferably a vintage one. Some other ink properties: Feathering: Not detected, not likely to feather. In this term, quite a well behaved ink. Bleeding: Not detected, not likely to bleed. In this term, quite a well behaved ink. Showthrough: Some distinct showthrough on Tomoe but every ink has a showthrough on Tomoe, so it shouldn't be a criteria I think: On Rhodia, it has minimal showthrough. Quite well: Note that heavy swabs or parts written with over-saturated feed will of course have showthrough, and even bleedthrough. It is normal. The concentration on normal writing should be the way in judging showthrough/bleedthrough. Water Resistance: Meh. Not so much, but who cares?? Not me, definitely.. Before water test on Tomoe: And after water test: It cannot be said that the writings have gone completely, but they are not legible either. But this situation does not bother me. Actually, I like inks which are not resistant to water. In my experience, they are much easier to clean than water-proof inks. And considering that I am obsessive while cleaning pens until water comes out completely crystal clear, this ink is a nice choice for me. I haven't tried to clean it from my pens, but I am sure it will be cleaned quite fast. CONCLUDING REMARKS If you are into menthol green colour, you will definitely like this ink. Note that it is a bit pale, pastel colour, not very vivid.With very wet nibs, it has a lovely hue of an exotic lagoon at its best. I live in an inland location, but I felt like I am in Maldives.Doesn't have sheen or shimmer, but has a nice shading.Montblanc Moctezuma 1 is not the most unique colour in the world. There are some similar colours like J. Herbin Vert Reseda, Pelikan Edelstein Jade, Diamine Dark Green, Visconti Green, etc.. You may consider them also.Price is about 35 Euros, same as Montblanc Petrol Blue. It is definitely not a cheap ink, but not the most expensive one either. I am not sure if it deserves this price. I would buy it anyway since I am an ink nerd, but I may not buy the second bottle. Besides, alternatives are much cheaper, and this ink does not have amazing specifications in terms of colour.With over-saturated feed, it provides a much more distinct, vivid colour, which means if you are likely to buy it, consider using it in your wet pens, preferably gushers or vintage pens. No need to afraid of cleaning from vintage pens. Hope you enjoyed. Thank you..
  5. The-Thinker

    Three Stack Nib

    what is the possibility of finding a sailor king eagle on a secondary market, or even on a very special edition sailor that they might produce in the future? is it easier to ask a nib meister to stack 3 nibs to mimic the 3 stacked nib of a king eagle? if so how hard would it be? is it even possible to find someone (or know someone) who does such works? Interested in this topic, since i have been wanting one for quite some time now ...
  6. Andrew_L

    Montegrappa Piston Problem (Le)

    Hi everybody! Does anyone know how to disassemble Montegrappa(piston or piston emulated filler) from a limited edition series? This is MG La Traviata Sterling Silver. The piston does not work(don't move by knob), probably a broken stem. The knob rotate is very easy. There is no access from the pen unit hole - there is a steel thin hole. I don't know how to remove the piston knob, there are no keyhole slots like on Pelikan/Aurora/TWSBI and there are no wedges like on Omas or vintage pens. Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks! https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439176/e7cb6aeb/27738321.jpg https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439177/977feaf4/27738322.jpg https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439177/1fb4c035/27738323.jpg
  7. mns68

    Is This Platinum ?

    While I am looking for a platinum FP ....I found this one on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Japan-Platinum-Special-Edition-Raden-with-Gold-Trim-Fountain-Pen-PBA-1600/132844031325?var=432146709412 I haven't heard about it before and I haven't found any information about it in the internet is it fake ?
  8. Endless Pens started putting Leonardo Officina Italiana pens in its (pre-order only) catalogue earlier this year, including a store-exclusive Bacio Del Diavolo ("The Devil's Kiss") limited edition of the Momento Zero model. There seemed to have been a lot of flux in its pricing of the Leonardo models since; first the prices dropped briefly for less than a week†, then went back up at the same time as free international shipping subject to a minimum spend threshold of US$149 was introduced, and then up and up again over the past couple of months (when I glanced at them occasionally; I haven't been watching and charting all the movements). During that time, the Bacio Del Diabolo was always priced at least the same as, and sometimes higher than, more commonly available models of the Momento Zero such as the Blue Hawaii. Right now Endless Pens has issued a special promotion code of 25% off that applies to pre-orders of The Devil's Kiss edition only. That brings the price of the steel-nibbed version to US$149.25, and that of the gold-nibbed version to US$267. (The text of the product listing seems to suggest that the 25%-off code will not work for the gold-nibbed version, but I tried it and it does work, at the time of writing.) For the first time, Endless Pens is offering its store-exclusive, 100-pieces-only limited edition for less than its contemporary pricing for the Momento Zero Blue Positino; I'm not going to speculate why here. However, I also note that the minimum spend threshold for free shipping has now been raised to US$250, so an order of the discounted steel-nibbed version alone will not qualify. I think it's an attractive-looking pen, and some fellow FPNers have had reported good experiences with Leonardo nibs. But then, some others have had problems with the nibs as delivered (and mostly sorted out with good customer service by European retailers from whom the pens were ordered). My own experience with the EF nib on a Leonardo Momento Zero was not great, so now I'm hesitant to buy another, especially when I either have to pay for shipping or top up the order with yet another US$100 worth of products I don't need.
  9. Rohrer & Klingner has recently released a "2018 limited edition" ink called Aubergine. As a big fan of their inks, I think they deserve more recognition for their wonderful inks. Solferino remains my top purple/magenta/violet ink with its retina-searing brightness and vibrancy. I've bought a bottle of this new Aubergine and I like it very much. Aubergine comes in a cardboard tube packaging and their regular understated bottle. I like their bottles because they are functional. The ink itself is a low-key yet gorgeous purple that leans to the blue side but never so much as to become a blurple. It shows quite a lot of shading. A slight golden-red sheen could sometimes be observed but is really subtle. The inks writes very wet, and the lubrication is medium to good. It's not water resistant but it leaves a visible dark trace. Packaging Splash Sample (Rhodia) (Tomoe River) Comparison (Maruman loose leaf. I think it could be quite close to the non-accessible Sailor Pen & Message Sanyasou but with less sheen. However I don't have that one (sample) anymore for a comparison.) Miscellaneous (For my November "Clash of the colours" ink combo I matched up Aubergine and KWZI Menthol Green. I think a purple and a cyan-turquoise colour combo is quite ugly LOL. What do you think?)
  10. Drcollector

    List Of Sailor Pro Gear Colors

    While the 1911 is my go-to writer, the distinct shape of the Pro Gear has a special place in my heart. The goal of this thread is to encompass Pro Gears of every color ever released. This makes categorizing a little bit easier for us Sailor fans. The following models are included: Pro Gear King of Pen, Pro Gear, Pro Gear Realo, Pro Gear Slim, Pro Gear II, Pro Gear II Realo, Pro Gear II Slim, Pro Gear Mini, Pro Gear Slim Mini. I need your help! If you have colors to add or find errors (i.e. duplicates) in the list, please leave a post below. Solid Colors 12th Anniversary Blue & Gold A Mode Green A Mode Orange A Mode White A Mode Yellow Black & Gold Black & Gold Ribbed Black & Rhodium Black & Rhodium Ribbed Black Luster Black Velvet Blue & Rhodium Blueberry Briar & Urushi Bungbox Ebisu Bungbox Silent Night Bungbox Soleil Bungbox Sweet Love Pink Bungbox The Witch Burgundy & Gold Classic Fountain Pens 20th Anniversary Red & Black Classic Fountain Pens 22nd Anniversary Yellow & Black Daks Simpson Tartan Earth Four Seasons Haruzora Four Seasons Manyou Four Seasons Meigetsu Four Seasons Yukitsubaki Framboise Granzaus Neo Imperial Black Imperial Blue (Maruzen) Ivory Kanreki Keio Atman Kingfisher Kingdom Note x Sailor Autumn - Aubergine Kingdom Note x Sailor Autumn - Mushroom Kingdom Note x Sailor Spring - ? Kingdom Note x Sailor Spring - ? Kingdom Note x Sailor Summer - Chili Kingdom Note x Sailor Summer - Squash Kingdom Note x Sailor Tale of Genji* Kingdom Note x Sailor Winter - Carrot Kingdom Note x Sailor Winter - Turnip Lame Blue Lame Purple Lame Red Lame Yellow Light Blue Mandarin Yellow Marbled Ebonite & Gold Marbled Ebonite & Rhodium Matte Black Metallic Blue (differs from Pearlscent Blue) Micarta Micarta Green Millecolore Blue Millecolore Pink Morita 60th Anniversary Mosaic Black Mosaic Brown Mosaic Green Mosaic Red Nagasawa Gokuen Toshi Fresh Green Nagasawa Rokko Island Sky Nagasawa Suma Rikyu Rose Nagasawa Tarumi Apricot Orange Pearlescent Blue Pearlescent Red Pearlescent Violet "Pikachu" (yellow & black Mini) Pink Prochic Largo Prochic Vivo Red Red Demon Regency Stripe Sakura Stream Starburst Galaxy (Cosmos) Usagiya Mizuki Usagiya Souten Vermilion Red White & Gold White & Pink Gold White & Rhodium Yellow YY Pen Club Exclusive Demonstrators Blue & Rhodium (La Couronne du Comte) Blue & Gold (Wancher) Clear & Gold Clear & Rhodium Dandelion Green Hougado Brown Hougado Green Lavender Mocha "Old Fashioned" Orange Pen-house x Sailor Precious Aquamarine Piccadilly Night Pink Purple Red Rhapsodie (Rakuten) Shumibun Club Exclusive Sky Blue Turquoise Unidentified Orange body with cream ends This list is a work in progress and will be updated as needed.
  11. Isn't it time Montblanc issued more attention to entertainment industry? The Art series or other ones barely pick any person from film industry. I remember seeing only Marilyn Manroe special edition and a Hitchcock ink. Seriously? So many pens after writers, musicians, politicians and others. Why not filmmakers or actors or producers? Please add the special film people you wish to see Montblanc special editions in. My list: 1. DAVID LEAN: (Look of pen perhaps inspired by Dr.Zhivago's winter visuals or Lawrence of Arabia's brown desert against blue sky theme or even the 'mirage' scene that introduces Omar Sheriff) https://giphy.com/gifs/maudit-maudit-so-pretty-lawrence-of-arabia-J4OQbin983bZ6?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media%20Links&utm_term= 2. STANELY KUBRICK: (Design perhaps inspired by the final drop of the bomb in "Dr.Strangelove" much like the current Antoine Saint-Exupéry limited edition. Or, the "War Rooom" design from the same film. ) or (Design inspired by the ultimate evil look of the poster of “A Clockwork Orange”) or (Inspired by the eerie twins in the corridor scene in “The Shining” OR the Jack Nicholson scene at the door with the axe (“Here is Johnny”) OR the ‘maze scene’ in the climax) or (Look inspired by “A Space Odyssey” product design or art direction which more or less can be a similar theme for a limited edition pen in honor of Steve Jobs) or (An eternal youth look inspired by “Loita”) 3. HUMPHREY BOGART or CASABLANCA 4. GODFATHER 5. TIM BURTON: (Edward Scissorhands or his other umpteen films so beautifully visualized and in Gothic look, perhaps)
  12. Hello, I got this pen last year, and its one of the extremely rare instances where I buy a pen other than FP, but I couldn't resist this beauty, this edition is limited to only 100 pieces. Best regards.
  13. essayfaire

    Japan Exclusives

    My daughter will be in Japan, outside of Tokyo, for some time and I would like to give her specific instructions on bringing me back pens. The yen is strengthening so I am more interested in pens that are exclusive to the Japanese market than in ones that might be cheaper over there. Is my best bet to give her a budget and tell her to get pens that are exclusive to the store she is in? She'll be there long enough to search out bungbox. I wouldn't mind a Decimo in a color we can't get stateside, either. Thanks everyone!
  14. The Lamy Safari is 17 grams and 37 years of design excellence that’s been the beginner’s fountain pen of choice for almost all those years. Its design is one of the most strikingly simple yet modern in the pen world, yet it has proven to be as timeless as any of the classics. The Al-Star is its big brother. Made from aluminum instead of ABS plastic, the Al-Star weighs more and feels more solid in the hand, but is nearly identical to the Safari in every other way. They share the same nib, design, and internal functions. The Al-Star is a way to own the classic yet modern design in a sturdier and slightly heavier body, and it appeals to people who like the feeling of metal in their hand while writing. Each year, a unique color is released as a limited edition for both the Safari and the Al-Star. This year, the Al-Star came in Pacific Blue. The Pacific Blue Al-Star Along with a Regular Blue Safari and a Dark Lilac Safari Appearance and Design The Pacific Blue color of this year’s Al-Star is striking and vibrant, yet light enough to not be overly flashy. The silver coloring of the nib and clip match well with the blue, creating a look of warm ocean waters. One factor of the design to be aware of, if you don’t already know, is that both Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars have a triangle grip, so they can be uncomfortable for some people to hold. For most, though, the grip is perfectly comfortable. As someone who enjoys having slightly unique pens, this limited edition is a truly gorgeous one, and in my opinion Lamy really nailed it with their color choice this year. The Al-Star Alone Construction and Quality This is a solid pen. In preparation for writing this review I used this pen daily for a little over a month, and in the course of use I dropped it countless times on varying surfaces, none of them particularly soft. The pen has yet to get a scratch. (These were all with the cap on however; you may fare far worse if the pen is dropped nib first.) Safaris have a bit of a reputation for being indestructible, and the Al-Star is a Safari but stronger. If you get this pen, you won’t have to worry about breaking it. Additionally, the overall quality of the finish is excellent. Lamy’s quality control is famously excellent (every pen is tested with a bit of blue ink before being shipped) and their care is on display in their pens. The Al-Star Deconstructed Weight and Dimensions If you’ve ever seen a Safari, it’s that but slightly heavier. As someone with large hands, it fits nicely posted in my hand while writing. I asked a friend with much smaller hands to test the pen as well, and she had no issues, although she did prefer the pen unposted. The pen posts easily, and I haven’t had any issues with scratching on the back of the pen from the cap, as I occasionally do on other pens. Nib and Performance So here’s the thing. It’s a steel nail. A very boring steel nail. But is boring so bad? The nib comes smooth straight from the box, and is incredibly reliable and consistent. In short, there’s nothing exciting going on but it’s a real work horse, and it’ll be smooth and ready to go from the get go. The nib sizes on these pens do tend to run broad, so if you aren’t used to Lamy nib sizes (or German sizes in general), I’d get one size smaller than you would usually buy. A Writing Sample with the Al-Star Filling System and Maintenance The Al-Star is a Cartridge/Convertor pen. It fits proprietary Lamy cartridges or a Lamy convertor, which can be purchased for give or take five dollars from wherever you buy the pen. The accompanying ink for this Limited Edition, Lamy Pacific Blue, can be purchased in either cartridge or bottle form, and matches the color of the body of the pen nicely. Cost and Value An Al-Star will set you back just under $40. Is it worth it? That’s up to you. For the same cost, you could have a gold-nibbed Platinum PTL-5000a or most of a TWSBI Diamond 580, both definitively better, or at least more interesting, pens to write with. The Al-Stars price forces it to compete with pens outside the Safaris league when it’s essentially a Safari with fancy skin. For me, the pen was worth it for the color. As a big fan of limited edition Lamy’s, I loved the Pacific Blue. But if you aren’t that into the color, there are other, better options for the price.
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line-height:150% !important; }} @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ .footerContainer .mcnTextContent,.footerContainer .mcnTextContent p{ font-size:14px !important; line-height:150% !important; }} Now accepting pre-orders Pelikan Limited Edition Raden M800 For inquiries or to place an order email us at orders@airlineintl.com Or call us at (915) 778-1234 Details Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft mainly used for lacquer ware and woodwork. By working with small stripes of precious shell material, the artist of the Raden pen creates a beautiful, impressive piece of art. Each piece is truly unique. The first step to create the fountain pen Raden M800 Royal Gold is to give the surface a deep black impression by using the special Japanese Urushi lacquer. Then the typical stripes are made with particles from the precious white mother of pearl shell. A 24 carat gold foil is carefully affixed to the backside of these stripes. The stripes are fixed to the cap and barrel by a coating of lacquer. Finally, the artist individually signs and numbers each fountain pen with the Maki-e technique, which used to be reserved exclusively for Japanese Royals as an indication of their power. With the limited edition Raden series, Pelikan applies this wonderful Japanese decorative craft to fountain pen models of its famous Souveraen series. The Raden M800 Royal Gold fountain pens are masterpieces with finely-chased 18 carat gold nib in the size M, accentuated with a rhodium decor. Each fountain pen is encased in a traditional Japanese gift box which is made of Paulownia wood. The Raden M800 Royal Gold will be available mid-June 2017 in a limited edition of 388 pieces worldwide. MSRP:$3,000.00 Copyright © *2017* *Airline International Luggage*, All rights reserved. @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ table#canspamBar td{font-size:14px !important;} table#canspamBar td a{display:block !important; margin-top:10px !important;} }
  16. Dear Pen Heads, We just heard from Pelikan that the Zeus pens, part of their 7 Wonders of the World Series, will soon be available! These are limited to 300 pieces and are available in EF,F, M, B... at least for now. First lets ogle at the pictures. The specs follow the pictures. http://i.imgur.com/LHCprlZ.png http://i.imgur.com/eh0uXlV.png Sterling silver barrel 18 carat rose gold embellishing + nib 18 carat gold plating via electroplating bath Piston fill Place your preorder today by calling us at 410-992-3272 Will be on our website shortly: www.penboutique.com Best, The Pen Boutique Team
  17. This is a handmade Hybrid Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber composite that is machined from solid block with Diamond tools over Titanium and Stainless Steel. The cap is complimented with luminescent engraving. Limited to 3 pieces worldwide. https://www.airlineintl.com/product/grayson-tighe-composite-redline-sport-fountain-pen
  18. Handmade hybrid carbon fiber and blue Luminescent glass fiber composite over stainless steel and titanium with luminescent cap band engranving. Fountain Pen with titaniunm nib. https://www.airlineintl.com/product/grayson-tighe-blue-lume-fiber
  19. Hi guys, I just ordered a pilot custom 823 demonstrator which is supposed to be a limited edition. But how limited are pilots limited edition? I know pilot itself is a huge company what numbers should i think of? Do pilot limited edition pens raise / retain value? thanks for your insight guys new here all info and comments greatly appreciated.
  20. PenBoutique

    Monviso By Cesare Verona!

    We are taking pre-orders! If you have any questions please give a call or send us your questions via email. Phone: 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Email: Support@penboutique.com 18kt solid gold nib, Limited to 360 units
  21. Andrej


    Hello again friends My collection is getting larger So as a new collector I have Pavarotti FP M 149 FP EF Collodi FP B Shaw FP M Schiller FP M Starwalker FP So I made a list of pens I want to get to round it out and was thinking if you could just tell me which ones you believe are the most desirable. I am not trying to make profit but I can not collect all so at least want to have the main ones. I know this might sound stupid but I guess I want pens that will still be desirable like hemingway or proust. Pens I would like to own: Julius 888- ( NOO WAYYY ) Gaius 4810 Peter 4810 Catherine 4810 Octavian Poe Verne Einstein Leonardo Nikolai and the nice Lapis lazuli Now which ones would you think are most desirable from the WE and Poa Whether I would be better off buying a Great Character or precious stone solitaire I could probably buy one patron in the next month so have to choose
  22. WE HAVE TWO SEALED LIMITED EDITION MONTBLANC GREAT CHARACTERS UP FOR SALE!!! 1ST WE HAVE THE MONTBLANC ALFRED HITCHCOCK RB!!! 2ND WE HAVE THE MONTBLANC JFK FOUNTAIN PEN MEDIUM POINT!! We only have one of each so act fast!! Alfred Hitchcock JFK You can call or email for price information. 410-992-3272 or 1800-263-2736 Support@penboutique.com
  23. This Beautiful Writing instrument would be a great edition to anyone's collection. Limited Edition: 250 Fountain pens Has a double reservoir filling system and the nib is a large 23kt. 950 Palladium Dreamtouch nib. Point size available: EF,F,M,B,BB and Stub Please contact us for more information. By phone: 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 By email: Support@penboutique.com
  24. Susanna

    Delta Monza 80Th Anniversary

    Completely sold out at Delta head office, I currently have the last piece in stock. Delta Monza 80th anniversary Just one, #792/922, with 18 Kt gold Medium nib. http://www.giardino.it/pens/delta/IMMAGINI/MonzaRossa.jpg Delta made this Limited Edition in 2002, entrusted by Autodromo di Monza for celebrating its 80th Anniversary with an exclusive fountain pen, dedicated to racing and pen enthusiasts. http://www.giardino.it/pens/delta/monza.php
  25. Hey there! I am looking for inks which can be used in a professional setting but have a tiny bit of fun with them. For me, these inks should be very dark, so that by not taking a closer look you could mistake them for a blue or even black ink, but at a second glance you can see a tiny pop of color. So almost black, but with something extra. Some inks that could be used as examples: - Noodler's red-black - Mont Blanc British Racing Green - maybe Mont Blanc Albert Einstein I am happy to hear your suggestions, as I am not that knowledgable about all the inks yet, and I am sure you have many good ideas.

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