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Found 5 results

  1. RudraDev

    Ink Review: Krishna Cool Breeze

    Hi, I recently went on a hunt to find the best turquoise-blue ink I could find and I landed on this ink by Krishna pens. This ink is a part of their super-saturated series and the color is a super nice azure. Here's the full review: Color: The color is a super vibrant turquoise without any green undertones. this ink is a true blue. the color is somewhat similar to Robert Oster Fire and Ice and Noodler's turquoise. Drying time: THe flow of this ink is very wet. I used a medium nib and it took about 35-40 seconds before it became completely dry. the pen I used was relatively dry flowing, so if you were to use it on a wet BB nib or a flex nib, the dry time could be higher. Drip test: The ink is not advertised as being water resistant, and it is not. most of the ink washes away with water, but the writing, for the most part, remains legible. so I would say that it is moderately water resistant. Shading: This is where it shines. The ink shades like crazy! Even on regular paper, the shading is very prominent. I don't know if this is a trend with turquoise inks, but this has to be in my list of top 10 shading inks. Saturation: The ink is a part of the super-saturated series. the saturation is very good, especially since the ink flows very wet. Ease of cleaning: Since the ink is saturated, it does tend to be a little cumbersome to clean, but nothing too difficult. I would rate the easiness to be moderate. Conclusion: The ink is super vibrant and shades really well, plus the color is a delightful shade of turquoise. My only complaint would be the tiny 20ml bottle the ink comes in. The retail price for this ink is Rs. 180, or about 3 dollars US for a 20ml bottle. It's definitely one of the best turquoise inks I've tried. materials I used: Krishna Cool Breeze ink Lamy VIsta Medium nib Tomoe RIver 68gsm A4 printer paper 75gsm
  2. We’ve been waiting for a while for this next round to start, but hopefully I can make up for it by saying that there are twice as many inks in this round? If not, then I don’t know what I can do for you. Without further preamble, let’s meet our latest batch of inks! In case you are viewing this on a small screen, here is a typed list of those inks: Left page Lamy CoralNoodler’s BSiAR (version #3)Sailor Jentle EpinardPrivate Reserve Gray FlannelJ. Herbin Ambre de BimanieDe Atramentis Black Ed.-BlueNoodler’s Air Corps Blue-BlackSailor Sei BokuMont Blanc Permanent GrayPilot Juice Black, Blue-Black, Blue, Grape, Light Blue, Green, Apple Green, Apricot Orange, Orange, Red, Coral Pink, and Baby PinkPlatinum Carbon BlackPilot FrixionDiamine Ancient CopperNoodler’s Kiowa PecanRohrer and Klingner SepiaSailor Kiwa GuroJ. Herbin Rouge Hematite, Bleu Ocean, and Stormy GreyRight page Noodler’s Heart of DarknessPrivate Reserve AvacadoMaruzen Athena SepiaIroshizuku Tsuki-yoKaweco Summer PurpleNoodler’s Apache SunsetKaweco Royal BlueRohrer and Klingner HelianthusIroshizuku Shin-RyokuNoodler’s BSiAR (version #1)J. Herbin Poussiere de LunePelikan VioletPilot BluePilot G2 BluePilot G2 GreenPilot G2 OrangePilot G2 PinkIroshizuku Murasaki-ShikibuPilot Blue-BlackI am excited about all of these inks. There’s a fair number of “conventional” inks, there’s some that claim to be all but invincible to the elements and time, and there’s some non-fountain pen inks that are quite popular in other circles as well. As usual, I will be doing three tests, plus the control: one sheet is hanging on my fridge, where it gets plenty of diffuse natural and artificial light during the day. One sheet is hanging in the window, though this is no longer a south facing window so it will not be getting as much direct sunlight as the pages did in my last apartment. And one sheet got a thorough soak, so let’s take a look at that: Left page: More than half the inks on this page haven’t been reviewed yet, so there was a good element of surprise here. The inks that claim to be waterproof (Pilot Juice, the pigmented ones, MB Permanent Gray) all performed very well and you would never know that they got wet in the first place. I was surprised by how waterproof the Pilot Frixion is, as I had no idea how it would behave (I also have no idea why I though it was 2012 when I wrote that line…). The Noodler’s inks are all partially water resistant and it shows, but they are all still readable to some degree. The Lamy Coral, PR Gray Flannel, JH Ambre, Rouge Hematite, and Bleu Ocean, and Diamine Copper all washed away nearly completely. R&K Sepia and J. Herbin Stormy Grey were surprisingly water resistant, which is nice. Right page: Most of these inks have been reviewed before, so not many surprises here. A lot of these inks are not touted to be water resistant and yet put up a good fight, like the three Iroshizuku inks that are still decipherable and the two standard Pilot inks that are pretty much unmoved. I’m still disappointed to see the G2 completely wash away, but at least now I know that the Juice is a suitable replacement with a bit more longevity. That’s what I have for now. I’ll check back in a month on the fade testing, and I’m quite interested to see how those bright Pilot Juice colors hold up to UV exposure… These inks were either purchased with my own money or provided for the purpose of review and I am not being compensated for this in any way. All opinions above are my own and you are free to disagree if you like.
  3. yogalarva

    Epic Ink Test

    This is the second round of ink testing that I am doing - the first is already three months in and you can find those posts on my blog. I figured that for this one I would start from the beginning on here and post updates as I go along. Eek! I am so excited about this. After taking nearly a month to fill up a new page full of inks (partly because I went on vacation for a week), it’s finally ready: As with my first epic ink test, I will have four tests running in parallel: a control which will be kept in a plastic sleeve in a notebook, an ambient light test which will hang on my fridge, a water test, and a sunlight test which will hang in my bedroom window. The ambient and sunlight tests are already in place, so let’s meet our contenders for this round, shall we? Just in case you cannot easily read my handwriting, here are the inks that will be tested: Pilot Varsity disposable pen in black Diamine Salamander Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine Iroshizuku Tsutsuji Private Reserve Shoreline Gold Paradise Pen Turquoise Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku Fisher Space Pen, black ink Yoobi gel pen Organics Studio Gregor Mendel Diamine Poppy Red Standard Sharpie marker Noodler’s Sequoia Green Organics Studio Edgar Allen Poe Noodler’s El Lawrence Pilot G2 in purple Sharpie pen in purple *The test indicator was written in a black sharpie pen* This is sad because it also shows you just how far behind I am on posting reviews. I will eventually post reviews for all of these inks except probably the Sharpies… Anyway, I am very interested in seeing how these inks perform because a lot of them are not marketed as being “bulletproof” or “archival” or “eternal” - they are just regular inks. The paper used is Staples bright white 24 lb inkjet paper and the pens were mostly a mix of M and B nibs. Right away I can share the results of the water test: To do this test I submerged the paper in a bowl of cool tap water and let it soak for a few minutes. I then pulled it out, gently blotted off the excess water with a paper towel, and allowed it to air dry on a metal rack. I would say the following inks “passed” my water test, in that they would be easily still readable by someone who did not do the original writing: Pilot VarsityDiamine Salamander (this is weird, because as I noted in my review I saw some water resistance there but then retested on different paper and it was not there, but this is the same paper I used in the review so…?)Noodler’s BSiAR and El LawrenceIroshizuku Ku-Jaku (I saw similar performance on the water test which will accompany my review)Fisher Space Pen and Yoobi gel penOS Gregor Mendel and Edgar Allen PoeBoth Sharpies The rest of the inks I would say are not terribly water resistant. Obviously this is my opinion and you might feel differently, but a lot of them washed out just a bit too much for me to write anything that needs to be permanent. So, that’s where I will leave this for now. In a month I’ll update on how the other two tests are coming along and in the mean time I’ll start working on the page for round 3! :-)
  4. *Note - sorry if this should be in a different sub-forum. Mods, please feel free to move it if you feel necessary. :-) I’m pretty much ready to pull the trigger on an Al Sport, so I decided to do a few tests this weekend to see just how much writing I can get out of a standard international cartridge. And, since I’m such a generous person, I figured I would share my results with anyone else who might be curious. For my first data point I grabbed a no-name black cartridge that I have and stuck it in my only pen that will take standard internationals (from now on, I’m going to use S.I.C. = standard international cartridge), my Nemosine Singularity with a Goulet 1.5 mm stub. I started making lines of loops until I used up all the ink. This test was done on my standard for ink reviews - Staples 24 lb bright white inkjet paper. I know the picture above might be hard to decipher with so many angles, but I got exactly 7.5 pages of loops out of the cartridge (1 page = 1 side of a piece of paper). I would like to have stopped there, but too many years to training in the scientific process does not allow me to make claims based on a single trial. If I had enough time and patience I would run through a myriad of a combinations of ink and paper, but I have other things to do, so I tried one further run. This time I refilled the same cart with Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine, popped it back into the pen, and put the nib to some A4 Miquelruis notebook paper. Instead of just doing loops, I wanted to do some writing more true to real life. I chose one of my favorite novels and began transcribing it, which took quite a bit longer than I expected. This time the ink ran out just at the bottom of page 9. I also found that the ink flow was much wetter and more consistent than I usually get using the converter with this pen, which was a nice change. Based on the limited statistics of my N=2 experiment, I would estimate that a S.I.C. will write for 7-10 pages. Obviously, this will vary depending on how much pressure you write with, your nib size, the paper absorbency, if you are drawing as well as writing, etc. I’m impressed and I would say that this has convinced me that I could use a pen that takes only S.I.C.’s and have it not be too cumbersome to use in my daily life. Especially since refilling carts is not that hard, and I’m going to experiment today with a way to reseal them so that I can have an extra with me in any color I want.
  5. Prolix

    17 Inks Water Tested

    A quick water-fastness test of 17 inks on a sheet of Rhodia dotpad paper. They all dried for at least a week prior to when I conducted the test. I rinsed the sheet in warm water, soaked it for half an hour, and then pressed it under a stack of magazines to dry. http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv56/k4p2tog/InkWaterTest1copy.jpg De Atramentis Aubergine (4) Diamine: Hope Pink (2) Marine (1) Peach Haze (1) Syrah (3) Noodler's: 54th Massachusetts (5) Antietam (3) Bad Green Gator (5) Baystate Concord Grape (4.5) Black Swan In Australian Roses (4) Green Marine (4) Kung Te-Cheng (5) Liberty's Elysium (3.5) Pelikan Edelstein Ruby (2) Pilot Iroshizuku: Ama-Iro (2) Yama-Budo (3) Private Reserve Tropical Blue (1) Notes: I was having feed issues with the pen with which I wrote the Bad Green Gator sample, which is why it is lighter than normal. The way the waterproof Baystate Blue and the more fugitive Baystate Red combine produces a decent imitation of mimeograph printing. I've given a numerical rating based on remaining legibility. 5 = Unchanged 4 = Changes to color but still entirely readable 3 = Readable, but it is getting hard 2 = If you stand on your head and squint, you just might make something out 1 = All gone!

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