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  1. heymatthew

    Where To Buy Nib/section For Lamy 2000?

    Hey guys, I had a Lamy 2000 and sold it, but really missed it. The other day I jumped on a Lamy 2000 with a 0.6mm stub customized by Mike Masuyama. I really like the nib, but it's way too broad for my liking for everyday use (I can see it coming in handy for special occasions, though). I want to buy a nib and/or section. Preferably something already put together so all I have to do is swap it out. Worst case scenario is that I can trade someone the Mike-ified nib that I have for a standard Lamy 2000 EF nib as I'll use that way more than this stub. But I'd really like to have it as a second o
  2. Hi folks! Well, I didn't actually mean to buy this pen. I wasn't against it, it was just that the Blue sold out so quickly that I didn't expect to ever see one for sale. But then I was in Montréal, at Stylo, and there it was. Now I've followed the thread on whether this pen is a way to rip off gullible Lamy fan-children, I've watched the Goulet videos, and I felt I sort of understood the product and the fuss it was attracting. Then I met one in person. I've had quite a few Lamy 2000s over the years. I like the concept, the simplicity, the look, but they haven't always s
  3. praxim

    Onoto K Series Pens

    I found here one review of an Onoto K series pen. It is excellent, worth reading as a companion because I do not plan to repeat most of that information. This is more of a comparison and notes on the pens. However, I will recap the series briefly. In 1955, just three years before they gave the pen game away entirely, Onoto released a series in a new style for them, being fairly plain plastics, piston fillers, mainly with hooded nibs, and barrels in the vogue cigar style. They proved to be good pens but, too little, too late as the British were wont to say. The pens were: K1 - Gold clutch cap
  4. Greetings, fountain friends, I’ve been an offline observer to this wonderful community for some time now, and it has influenced me in many of my pen decisions and handwriting expansions. I'm an Irish doctor working in England, and in my spare time, I am a keen German language user, chess player, philosophy and psychology enthusiast, and now beginning to dabble in the world of writing. I’d like to begin to give back with my own opinion regarding an undoubtedly biased view on my favourite fountain pen purchase to date – the Lamy 2000M Stainless Steel (my model is a fine nib, and I like to rota
  5. Hey Guys, I am looking to pick up a Lamy 2000 as my first gold nib pen. I have had a Lamy Aion (M) for a while and really like it (except for the cap rattle, but I've been able to fix that with some tinkering. With the Aion, the medium is good when writing on quality paper (i.e. Rhodia), but when I write on lesser quality (I write on medical charts all day), I find it slightly too bold. I'm really torn as to if I should get it in a Fine or Medium nib because it is an investment. I have been searching all over the DFW metroplex for a place where I could test both to see which one I
  6. Hey Guys, Edit: My apologies! I now realize that I put this in the wrong forum! I didn't realize this was intended for pens from the USA, I thought it was general about the pen community in the USA. I am looking to pick up a Lamy 2000 as my first gold nib pen. I have had a Lamy Aion (M) for a while and really like it (except for the cap rattle, but I've been able to fix that with some tinkering. With the Aion, the medium is good when writing on quality paper (i.e. Rhodia), but when I write on lesser quality (I write on medical charts all day), I find it slightly too bold. I'm really torn a
  7. I work in a doctor's office, and someone left their Lamy 2000 ballpoint. My coworkers are not pen people, but as soon as I saw it, I knew what it was and grabbed it in case the rightful owner were to return. I know it's not as expensive as the fountain pen, but I'm sure someone is missing it, as it is a nice ballpoint. If you can name the doctor's office, DM me and we can arrange a way to return it. If you know who lost it, please put them in contact with me.
  8. kmk09k

    Any Other Fake Lamys?

    Hello All, Two months ago I started my dive into fountain pens and bought my first "Safari" which I found out today was a fake (yes it was the charcoal EF one with converter). What is frightening is that I have bought a Lamy 2000 on Amazon for $128 from "BestSource OfficeSupplies", and now I am afraid it too is a counterfeit. While the 2000 is around $159 on gouletpens.com, this was is significantly cheaper which now has me worried. Has anyone ever gotten a fake 2000 before? I cannot find much info online, so I'm hoping the production process is too expensive for companies to "fake" the
  9. Hi All I'm new to this forum and would very much appreciate if you could help me to obtain any details about this vintage Waterman Ideal ballpoint pen that has been given to me by my father in law amongst many other pens when he was clearing out his house prior to sale. Info: (1) Appears to be a limited edition, the number of the pen is 829 of 2000(2) it shows Waterman 'Ideal' on the card and case.(3) Most likely purchased in the 80s. My father in law is Japanese but lived in France on business in the 80s. There is a chance that the pen was purchased in Japan. (4) The pen is of solid weigh
  10. I have a 2000-2010 (bought used from a non-pen person) Lamy 2000. Love it. No issues but one question: If I push the cap on lightly to first click the cap stays on but not tightly. Very easy to pull off, hardly any resistance. If I push it harder to second click it stays on tightly, requiring regular pressure to pull off. Am I jamming the body too far? I know the nib is not hitting the cap tip. Any info appreciated.
  11. The tryst with fountain pens never ends. To add one of the heavier retractable ones in my collection, I had two choices - Fermo or a Dialog 3. And I went with the dialog 3 . Here goes a review for the same. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog as the image upload size is limited by this free photo-sharing tool and it re-sizes images to a thumbnail size after a short while. Below is a link to the same: LAMY Dialog 3 Review Motivation A collection of fountain pens is never complete without the retractable ones in your armoury. And the ones which imm
  12. Hi, I was wondering if someone had in his possession montblanc catalogs for any of the years 1990 to 2010. Information about solitaires and solitaires doues is very hard to get. And I don't know if anyone can help me but I just bought a montblanc solitaire gold and black (35979) (2006) and I was surprised to see it coming with screw on cap, it came with box and papers but is it normal for this model? Thank you very much,
  13. DrDebG

    Review - Lamy Aion

    A couple of days ago I traveled through the Frankfurt, Germany airport and noticed a store selling Lamy pens. Naturally, I had to go in and see what they had. I immediately noticed the new Lamy Aion in black satin finish and knew I had to have one. This is Lamy's new everyday carry pen. And I must say, after using it constantly since I bought it, I really like the pen. It is clear that Lamy really thought this one through. There are very few things I can say that need improvement. APPEARANCE: 10/10 Minimalist look, but very professional lookingSleek, but not too slenderSat
  14. I think some of you are aware of my quest to find my first 14k gold - nibbed pen. I have boiled down to two choices: the 2000 or 51. My intentions are to: - Have a purdy pen. - A good suit pen - A writer's pen - A fine nib - An EDC pen. - It needs to also be durable. ("Drawing" done by a green Wearever Pennant - Ink is Noodler's Polar Eel Black) Thanks in Advance, Al.
  15. I intend this thread to be used for identification work on the early plunger filler models of Onotos, in particular the 1000, 2000 and 3000 series. To that end, I would like to gather in here all data relating measurements to photos, and to models where known rather than presumed. I shall start with this specific question. I have recently bought two Onotos labelled 3000 by the seller, one on ebay and one from a non-ebay seller, both in Britain. Of course, these models carry no model imprint unlike later Onotos. The 3000 was the 'N' model and there was a shorter 2000 or 'O' model of the same
  16. As you may know Lamy is celebrating their 50th anniversary and wants to share this moment with all of us launching a very special new Limited Edition. Lamy 2000 Black Amber Limited Edition, with only 5000 pieces worldwide! Awarded for an excellent design, the barrel of this fountain pen is made of blasted stainless steel, with a special warm silk galvanic finish. The nib is made of rhodium plated gold and keeps the shape of other pieces in the Lamy 2000 collection. Plus, this Limited Edition comes in a special packaging gifting a 50ml bottle of ink. Available this upcoming September, th
  17. Review Redux Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Review Paper: Rhodia No. 18 Lined Pad Specs: Time Owned: 3 Years (since 12/25/2012)Nib: 14k platinum-coated goldMaterial: Makrolon and brushed stainless steelFilling Mechanism: Piston with nearly invisible tail knobWeight: 25 gramsMeasurements: 5.5″ closed, 6.0″ postedInk Capactiy: ~2ml Intro/About: I've mentioned throughout the site that the Lamy 2000 is my favorite pen...and well, three years later it still is. The initial excitement over getting the pen has long since worn off. The purpose of these Review Reduxs is to show how a pen has held up over t
  18. pollandakuma

    Cheapest Place To Get A 2000 Online?

    I'm thinking of getting either the Makrolon or the Stainles Steel, but where can I get them cheap?
  19. Martinsroom

    Where To Get Spare L2K Nibs

    Hi everyone, Any idea where I might be able to get hold of a fine nib for my Lamy 2000 in the UK? I'm finding the medium nib a bit too wide for work.
  20. Ages ago I got a Lamy 2000, and I do love the sleek, almost sci fi/cyborg looks....but on reading up about it( which .i now know would have been more sensible to do before, rather and after getting it) Ikeep seeing mention of an ink window, and mine does not have one. Plus....those ears,which I thought would not bother me. They do. A lot. And I wish they didn't! But they do....and Im not being hyper fussy or over sensitive - I have some joint/muscle issues, which affect my hands as well as the rest of my anatomy. So....can anyone tell me anything regarding the lack of window? Im seriousl
  21. spezialemic

    Copper Piece Fell Out Of Lamy 2000 Cap...

    I was cleaning my cap with a paper towel because my pen burped some ink, and the towel pulled the copper fingers out. How do I put them back in??
  22. So here is my second pen review, again hand written. Summary: Pros - Impressive box, light weight, well engineered design and smooth. Cons - Pen does not look or feel high end, and it may not initially be apparent why the pen costs as much as it does, can be too wet leading to bleed through. http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=rk77k&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yypgp&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=mjg68&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/ima
  23. Hello fellow fountain pen enthusiasts! I hope I wrote this topis on the correct forum =). I've been a fountain pen user for more than 10 years already and own a small collection of Parker and Twsbi pens. This month, I decided I shall expand my collection and reach into the world of gold fountain pen nibs. The pens that facinated me the most were the Pilot Capless Matte Black and the Lamy 2000. I've read and watched a lot of reviews and completely hit a wall. I simply can not decide between these 2. Maybe some of you will answer with "Why not both?" and yes... both probably sometime in
  24. peelsreveni

    Lamy 2000 Service Question

    Hi everyone, Somehow I noticed that the threads had become stripped on my beloved Lamy 2k last month and sent it along to Lamy USA for servicing. They told me they would replace the barrel, however I recently received it back and noticed that the front section and barrel don't match/meet up exactly-- I can feel it when gripping the pen. I am going to write them and ask if anything can be done, but I was wondering if any of you have had to send yours in and ever received it back in a similar state? Is this just what happens when you have Lamy 2k parts from different years? I had assumed th
  25. rlpkamath

    Lamy Service Experience Fm Uk

    Hi - I bought a new Lamy 2000 Makrolon edition with a F nib, off of ebay, for about $130. After receiving it, I found the ink flow to be very dry and the pen to be quite scratchy. After a few weeks, I mailed it using regular postal mail to Lamy Germany ( the Heidelberg address on their website) with a letter detailing my name/ address and complaints. Note I didn't include my purchase invoice or any warranty paperwork (don't think Lamy issues any). 2 weeks elapsed with no acknowledgement or return of the pen. So, I emailed the email address on the website asking for an update. Within a day

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