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Found 23 results

  1. Hello guys, I am a mechanical pencil collector from China. It's my first time posting here in FPN. I have been seeking for a PILOT Automatic H-5005 Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil for 5 years, and this is the 6th year. I think many of you have heard of it. It's very rare, and I already looked over ALL the websites that have a keyword "PILOT AUTOMATIC H-5005" that I can find on Google. I did see some auctions in Japan for it during the past few years, but I missed it because of many reasons. I have talked to many pencil collectors outside of China. I don't think it had been sold officially
  2. Hello guys, I am a mechanical pencil collector from China. It's my first time posting here in FPN. I have been seeking for a PILOT Automatic H-5005 Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil for 5 years, and this is the 6th year. I think many of you have heard of it. It's very rare, and I already looked over ALL the websites that have a keyword "PILOT AUTOMATIC H-5005" that I can find on Google. I did see some auctions in Japan for it during the past few years, but I missed it because of many reasons. I have talked to many pencil collectors outside of China. I don't think it had been sold officia
  3. I've been using fountain pens actively only for few months and i quite much like the stiffness of non-gold nibs. I quite like my Pilot 78G F nib. It is quite stiff compared to my Sailor Profit 14K F nib. I might later come to appreciate the extra smoothness gold nibs give but at the moment i quite much enjoy to not having to feel the "OMG am i going to beak it" feeling that i associate with gold nibs. I have two questions that i have been trying to find information about but not succeeded. If you are in possession / have tried special alloy nib i would greatly appreciate more information.
  4. Having had a Pilot Vanishing Point in Carboneque Blue for quite some time, I really wanted to try the Matte Black. As I've seen from many folks (here and other places) it seems to be a common malady to get the lust for this pen and then, after ordering, checking sites and finding out that the Matte Black is not famous for durability. After which it also seems, we all exclaim, "Great, I just ordered one." Mine came in and the finish is decidedly so-so. Under a bright desklamp it almost appears to have scratches (not the type that go through to the brass mind you) but upon exam with a 10x l
  5. Hi I have 2 vanishing points in 18k Rhodium plated, one Medium and one Fine. The Fine one is a bit too thin, too dry, while the Medium is wet and on the broad side for me. Attached is comparison to a Metropolitan MR Medium which I like both as a line thickness and as wetness, crispness. Is there a way to modify the VP nibs to write like the Metropolitan, and how?
  6. Mr Tutt

    Won't Write Vp Nib Unit

    I have two medium Pilot VP nib units that refuse to write. I've soaked them in water, and had them in the ultrasound bath, but to no avail. One unit, with a converter, won't take up ink; the other, with a cartridge won't write more than a few words before drying up. Any suggestion as to who might take a look at these. Thanks.
  7. weissa

    Vintage Plastic Vps

    I have three plastic VPs that predate the popular faceted models, and I'm trying to find out if they're considered particularly collectible. I haven't seen ones like these come up for sale or trade in years, but I don't know if that's because they're rare, or because their plastic bodies and less refined internal mechanics make them less desirable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. I'm thinking of buying a Pilot Capless. However, I haven't seens a reliable comparison of the line widths. I have heard that the medium nib is like a European medium, but it varies quite a lot from pen to pen. Is this still the case. I have also heard that the fine nib is like a Japanese fine. This makes me consider the fine-medium nib, however it only come in one finish and is nearly twice the price of the standard finishes. I know it's quite a lot to ask, but... Does anyone have a comparison that shows the line widths? Preferably compared with Custom 74 medium and Metropolitan medium and
  9. spacecoastpenny

    Vp (I Think) Desk Pen Help

    Hello FP Gang, I have been going through my desk set pens and found what I think is a VP. Not sure I know what I have so I turn to the FP network, where all my questions seem to get answered. Where I need help is, 1. Is this a VP? 2. The indicator seems to do nothing but change the feel of the grip, is this correct? 3. What is the filling system? It looks like a eyedropper filler. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Hey, all! I was lucky enough to secure an order today for Pilot's Twilight LE Vanishing Point (Goulet Pens just restocked, for those looking to get one). I have smaller hands, so it's really important that my pens be relatively slim and light (my Pilot Metropolitan is almost a bit too wide and heavy, especially when posted). Obviously, a VP is fairly hefty, but I've heard from various reviews that the weight seems to be centered more in the middle and bottom half where the clip's located, which makes it more manageable. Can anybody confirm this? I'm also curious to see whether people with sm
  11. I'm wondering if anyone has seen the VP in dark green + rhodium steel for sale online anywhere? I would prefer an EF nib but am open to another and just switching the nibs out myself, or sending off for a grind. It is really hard to find! I know of one in Australia but only with a fine nib, and that's still rather expensive given I'll want to switch out or grind the nib, so thought I'd just ask around as a last resort. I don't want the Fermo version, but am also open to Green Carbonesque, not that this would be any easier to find! http://static.shop033.com/UserFiles/3688-Files/Image/N
  12. Hello. I plan on buying an 18k VP (probably a Decimo) in the near future, and I am considering alternating between nib assemblies rather than whole pens because of high cost, since apparently it is easy to keep an inked nib assembly from drying out, ready to switch quickly, unlike with most nib switching in other pens. Anybody knows about good prices on VP nib assemblies? A not so recent review suggested they can be had for about $35, but I have not found anything for less than about $61, which is not far from a whole capless steel nib pen, and waiting patiently for some big discounts on a
  13. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i82/anangeli/NIBS/20150813_Pilot%20VP%20accident_0042_zpsxu1z1ofp.jpg This is the second nib I bought for the VP because the medium scree-e-e-ches. I was delighted with the Fine nib. Folks, do not carry too many things in your hands PLUS open fountain pens!
  14. So here is my second pen review, again hand written. Summary: Pros - Impressive box, light weight, well engineered design and smooth. Cons - Pen does not look or feel high end, and it may not initially be apparent why the pen costs as much as it does, can be too wet leading to bleed through. http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=rk77k&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yypgp&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=mjg68&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/ima
  15. After discussions with a fellow fountain pen enthusiast about the problems with loose and spare nib units for Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point/Capless pens a solution has been found. I was asked to assist with the design and testing of a custom made cap to fit over the end of the nib unit to protect it from damage, make them easier to transport, and keep them from rolling off tables. Many prototypes have been tested and now a final working product is available. Here are those caps in use: http://i.imgur.com/oDkM3hW.jpg They are available through my friend's Shapeways store: http://www.shapeway
  16. Tom Traubert

    Another Vp/capless Question

    Hi all. Me again. Had my Capless for a couple of days now and I've got a question about its appearance. The body is a dark yellow, stainless steel trim but the nib is gold. Is this combination normal? Also, the nib doesn't mention 18k anywhere, just Pilot <M> which looks legit and the number 612. I'm sure everything's kosher because it writes like a dream, just wanted to check.
  17. Aetheric Continua

    Pilot Vanishing Point <M> Vs Custom 823 <M>

    I've done some searching but couldn't quite find what I'm looking for. I recently purchased a VP with a Fine nib and it's just finer than I would like, so I'm planning on getting a Medium nib unit later in the month. Later in the year I'm hoping to get my hands on a Custom 823. Before I got my VP I was thinking about getting the 823 in a Fine but now I'm likely to go with the medium. Only thing is, from what I've read on the forums, Pilot's VP Medium writes rather similarly to a Western Medium and that there's no real happy medium. Is this the case with the 823? How does a VP Medium comp
  18. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to fountain pens, but I adore them already. I started using them as a product of a search for a finer line (messy, fast, small script required it), and now I continue my search. I am currently most interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point XF nib, which I have heard great things about. For context, I am a senior in high school (limited funds, and this will be used for note-taking), and I have been using a Lamy Safari XF for about five months now. How much thinner is the VP XF nib? How smoothly does it write? Is it useable for daily note-taking, as in fast not
  19. I received my first Pilot Vanishing Point in the mail today and so far I have been nothing but pleased with it. However, one thing that has been bothering me is the fact that the nib sort of 'wiggles' due to the hole it pops out of. I can't really feel anything when I'm writing fast and in cursive but it's definitely more noticeable when I make strong vertical lines (like when I write in capital letters). Is this normal? I've never used a retractable fountain pen before.
  20. I had a horrible experience. I could not find my edc, my go-to pen:a matte black Pilot Capless (or Vanishing Point). I travel about from office to office and worried I had left it behind or worse it had slipped out of my bag on the Tube. I could not put my hands on my pen. I went to my bag and turned that inside out. I went to my wardrobe and searched the pockets of every jacket I had worn recently. Then I did it again. I went through my desk. I went through files and folders I had used. I could not find my little baby. I went on websites to price a replacement. I could not imag
  21. Hey guys! So after much consideration and saving up, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got my first expensive pen- the Pilot Vanishing Point with an xf nib. I picked it up from my local B&M store, and they were great, really helpful. I love it, and I was just wondering if anyone has any stories or tidbits of advice for a first "nice" pen (my other pen, really my first, is a Lamy safari xf). So, tips? Stories? Horror stories, perhaps? Thanks! -Rumbleroar
  22. Hey fpn, I have a birthday on the 9th of june and I was looking to get a pen. I've narrowed it down to a pilot vanishing point, lamy 2000, or edison hudson. I really need a workhorse, but I want something that is kind of nice so that if I use it in a meeting or something It looks nice, but I need to use it in class as well. These are my thoughts so far... Pilot VP: +convenient nib concealment +matches my pilot/namiki collection -converter pen, small ink supply Lamy 2000 +nice finnish +nonflashy nib +piston fill -most expensive -doesn't match collection Edison Hudson +eye dropper fill +cu
  23. PenandDesign

    Vanishing Point Stops Writing...

    Hi FPN, I've encountered a rather unexpected problem with my Medium VP (modern) over the last few days. Sometimes, over the course of a page, the ink flow will dwindle until the pen stops writing. After retracting the nib and lightly shaking the pen a few times, it (quite literally) gushes back to life. I have Noodler's Black in the cartridge, and haven't yet heard of this ink being problematic to the VPs. I've flushed the pen in tap water for 12 hours, and filled it with MB ink, but I'm going to be needing a darker black (MB's is purplish) tomorrow onards. Any suggestions? Thanks! Pen&

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