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Found 18 results

  1. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  2. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  3. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  4. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  5. Lazard 20

    Waterman´s Old Ads Photo Thread

    Lewis Edson Waterman, as a child he came with his mother and younger brother and settled in Kankakee and it was in the little old wagon shop, conducted by his brother Elisha S. Waterman, where the first model of Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen was turned out in wood. With ads we will try to illustrate the history of this early beginning in the little wagon-making shop in Kankakee, and the equally insignificant work-bench at the back of a cigar store on Fulton Street, NY, where pen were made by hand –and the total output then was 200 in a year- to 5,000,000 Waterman´s Ideal sold during 1919.
  6. Dear all, I bought this pen from an ebay retailer in Germany and all they knew about it was that the pen was made in Germany in the 1950s and I was wondering if anyone has seen this pen before or the unique anchor marking on the underside of the clip. It might be one of those many forgotten, mass-produced pens from that time period, but any help is appreciated. It's a piston filler and the nib is a semi-flex that is has "Edelchrom qualitat B" stamped on it. It's actually a pretty well made pen and is very comfortable to write with. There's a nice ink window. The nib was pretty scratchy, but I smoothed it a bit on an emery board. It is NOS, so the nib was a bit out of alignment, but it's a nice writer on cheap paper, which I use a lot since I'm a grad student. The only markings on it are the "Ideal" engraved on the body of the pen and the anchor(?) logo on the underside of the clip which is visible in the last photo. Anyway, let me know if you know who the maker is or any more information! Thanks!
  7. Hi All I'm new to this forum and would very much appreciate if you could help me to obtain any details about this vintage Waterman Ideal ballpoint pen that has been given to me by my father in law amongst many other pens when he was clearing out his house prior to sale. Info: (1) Appears to be a limited edition, the number of the pen is 829 of 2000(2) it shows Waterman 'Ideal' on the card and case.(3) Most likely purchased in the 80s. My father in law is Japanese but lived in France on business in the 80s. There is a chance that the pen was purchased in Japan. (4) The pen is of solid weight, it weights exactly 40g. Please could anyone help me to specify the model, year, what materials it's made out of and anything special about the pen? I've spent a lot of time on google, ebay and other websites and couldn't the same pen.I'm thinking of using this pen on the assumption that it is worth anything up to £150, but if it will turn up that the pen is ultra rare and highly valuable I may reconsider this. I can provide more pictures if required. Many thanks Jay https://8cfvua.bl.files.1drv.com/y4m8Mmb7o0UKAmD1h2jBL36eWFP8zTrdIjXsYyoVmPWNUqOcqSqHp4TuQpcH2o371TWmTcjQWwSgRba87odRizuIyj2sP-dttO_FtkjPzeaZ2EBYKApJm6EHoyr-BT2bOTAwGgtof2geAtb1fpl38l_Xjga-qDlNKv_xfkdd-CuqJiLpQbJuQLEHbsqL04GqZS7lPWI4151Yw5B5foB3QLjSg?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8cc6ra.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mEZURCs4o3tuE3xahUFlCvXRNOBz0UXTK6darsKNpAQdPf9af2XpXeBE0tfWLhbhi4Evb2WqDzPQQu6hEbWh5umQrKy7UtuwOEWFJshKsXaF2O6uFHInJhmFF-Bf2nAaQ94CMaNjApTKhUSWh5WPhs44rxBgFOFa75v3CVhkn4H013Uq8ZhliaQxeTk-nZIX0x4nAl5X9qjyxxyZWZ16k5w?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8cczqq.bl.files.1drv.com/y4m_gExCSJ1VXkMB664nAiwogdm42gVavT_3Q3J2g_e_l3D610ePooW3_LrkU0eKNmqbfiOhOOq5n26TyiExITHO72RNiZAwvBrASG3xU8CigEbqR4SVc0Ot6PqHHi1wbM2BV7P8yIjLswecA459-gRM1vN6r8Yl6ZE7HYeH5GkVZ-geTYB6OcryzsHOUKn5wTsHB_XOMt1R-YssuLlgn3TEA?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://8ceyia.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mukT0RyvrZ4SKvkyAmZbkYaBflZfUlHisVTXZc0uMeZSM-pZsSJn9F1NOZGnp80jdeP5njoKoEOwfizgVR9NhqThyki7bi14MY9vwDCpfWvDAmfG2QJD3h9UzWRS5MuR-QHuZDRF8qJdDkqkkFse98TS9YcQ-Nf153CaMVzozdW5v6wGjZHpVFAsgStuTEJwJCG1MpNF9fimDb1MY2WTIXQ?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://dses0w.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mqgZhq6Uq0tpUFBeQDBoW685wCyFz55uJwq0WoMVgVkit1H_AS3L2XiYkzqDvk1_GJKFgJ4K5vPeBdYXp-WP9O1dj0fTCRFJn9vGAAofHgmU-fodihRDKu7ca-WmuOrtlseuCbJBhpX8Pu1d8xmMBSke8iMC2fcVro4xCnw7hLtx0PFJiflkAHoSjLG2rUT049WYZ5fML4uR9obDsvwvgMQ?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://etwl1a.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mO7XZSBxEzW2Ka-XdipdEqMqO1CFG96WUMeQPkmztrK3x6qSdqWXwg7qSO9YSO8R0UyfhJsZwDpp526j8D3H47BtBFjcIMmWbvsBKoU2NoingJuqRlU45kAMiUaPe88_Gofk4mG88bIzHukLCQvPv3-rOmew-heoqywKafHRBuwkF_fMMYVIKmGNQTOY7qQg2ir8CGj-S98G0tmDV0W3pEw?width=2592&height=1944&cropmode=none https://etydga.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mAW_3Yv2ntERQLu-RhNoSb56x63fc50G8xglMmConRNX-jSFyC9ADLJh6HbJ8fkZwh6Ss6cg_y6UKlXehHyrVyFHnM2lepaWTy0hO3GFyU6SYaqkDzQHDubYkTLTevwTnvVth_2OhZ-qm7mkuXGraa5EH8sL8mpiZCxxu172jidj2yLClcPl4xmYuhTgjRhwpLMJaYFeNqZvrtW5xJU7rLQ?width=923&height=1231&cropmode=none https://etxudg.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mxaxsVPn8cEKUzMCr6KtZcKR1VehpAhntgSoJb3BkTP66WGS7Vx8ZtHZ1T909NTdd30h85giS4yQfuC2JVxUzzTtalmAX39XFh04RxjRcZvtvFY7pWB1tJkWWgomtOppxfrCiwXrsKk_KPIRRdIC4sl2C8DtUaNT2FzR5Lec4GA8L8NTjRHkvOPdP8EV4p4vWEp4tB7Ww1JGH5CTx8dA1Ig?width=640&height=853&cropmode=none https://etwxrg.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mbxBmLNkK1anSmO-SNcWTHV6_cV7H2YmcMXTWP2UjSb_qbd9sKU_z31BHRTqRTRn9gGAgSPoGdzxik-Q7PkROCTAfU-llbf9BprLi9WXKWbWcueltLJEb5vm8nGGabGUMmElCGoKLdx8njwJdC-WB3UKPIAGILIDd7aZ_fa4MqgEqMD37TOuhCcuRy3W1XxQ2SkBQIdnSv17QQKdZa9fRGA?width=828&height=1103&cropmode=none https://8cdwlq.bl.files.1drv.com/y4mSw2-X5h55xJNCRmitSlcM_GvVbrRlYqF5fYNX49-4eS9B4qalDcn2QaG-sSzgbwR7sGNy0SHDyFw9owABNdTg8mZvhFGrwbhqh93_99tNjeDZBtu_JDSIaHurJDYNPy_gXNCXZnZzGBpdt0k07l7QXYmcqvWLlC2-apayhNxNfq-Cy--_btBBc2vZFDJnWK72Sy9pkSgV2EHPp9gJY4IZQ?width=923&height=1231&cropmode=none
  8. Bemahan

    Waterman Ideal Nib

    I have an art deco Waterman Ideal 32 1/2 fountain pen and pencil set which I bought as part of my early plastics collection. Trying to downsize so, while listing it for online auction, I noticed the nib isn't marked as gold. I assumed that Waterman's would have gold nibs but there's nothing but the Waterman's trademark on the nib. Did Waterman's use other metals for their nibs, please? (I tried to upload a pic but the file was too big) EDIT - resized and tried again - thank you for the advice!
  9. fotojake

    Waterman's 52 Lever Fill Failure

    Hi, I bought a circa 1918 Waterman's Ideal 52 lever fill fountain pen two weeks ago. I had it filled with Waterman's ink at the store, took it home, and gleefully wrote with it until it ran dry today. I started to flush it out with distilled water and after about 20, or so, fills and flushes it just stopped filling when I released the lever to fill it one more time. No forewarning of impending failure, no breaking or snapping sound, nothing. Any idea what this could be, is a fix simple? I am somewhat handy, but if this is a repair beyond my means, can someone recommend a place that works on lever fill pens that is good? Thank you for any advice you can offer up. Jake
  10. mazg

    Waterman Ideal Info Request

    Hi My dad gave me what I think is a vintage (maybe 60s) Waterman Ideal fountain pen. The nib is gold, marked "Watermans" and has some flex. The cap is marked Waterman, Ideal, Made in England. The sac has cracked and I need a new aerometric converter but it appears to be crimped on (I don't want to force anything until I understand how it can be removed). I have added 5 photos below: -nib, -cap, -pen, -ideal marking -aerometric converter I would be interested in knowing more specifically the date range of the pen, anything interesting about it and whether the converter can be removed (if so, how), and what I need as a replacement unit. It would be great to get this working again. TIA, Marina
  11. Hello there!! Hopefully some might be able to help me with an ID of my Waterman My mother bought it YEARS ago, and I just found it after going through storage. I know it's worth something, but I'm having a problem identifying the *exact* model. There are similar pens around, but they are much thinner and shorter because they've all got #2 nibs, and this one has a #10. I've written to Waterman, but have yet to hear anything. I have seen other eyedroppers, but they do not have the overlay. Apparently, according to one guy, there were only 3 made in this era? Who knows if that's correct. Sincerely can't find any information on this one- or maybe I just don't know/can't find where to look? Here are the characteristics: - Thick/fat body and cap - 6.5" long - Warn off "20" with a circle on the base of the body - Hard Rubber body and cap (probably black before, now looks dark chocolate) - Sterling Silver overlay - Trefoil Vine pattern (1907-1923) - "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen" and "Sterling." engraved (crookedly) on silver - Clip Cap on lower half of cap (not in middle like on other, shorter similar pens) - "Clip-Cap; Sterling; IDEAL; PAT Sep. 26.05" engraved - Nib #10 - "Waterman's; IDEAL; Reg US; Pat. Off.; 10; Made In; USA" engraved If anyone could help me regarding this model of pen, it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello FPNers, I was able to acquire the attached Europa Safety Pen and Pencil (18ct r.g. with Fine/Flex Warranteed 1sr Quality nib) on ebay for a good price. From what I understand, Europa was founded by Giuseppe Cavaliere. I think the company created overlays for Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. Can anyone point me in a direction to find out more info on the company and, perhaps, the model of pen (or correct any of my previous assumptions)? -Mike-
  13. Please help me identify this Waterman's Ideal. The silver hallmark carries the alphabets F.DW and a P other than the image symbols. And what is the stone on the top of the cap? ]
  14. sidthecat

    Might This Be An Artist's Nib?

    This pen arrived today: a bit beat-up but what a set of tines! If it isn't an artist's nib it's his first cousin...but what do the experts think?
  15. theokuser

    Carey Nib On Waterman Ideal?

    Hey all, while out thrift shopping today I found two Waterman Ideal eyedropper pens for a fairly great price and had a question or two I hope you guys can answer. One pen has a clip and somewhat clear imprints on the barrel and the #12 on the bottom. The other has no clip and there is a chip and crack on the cap but it should still be usable and is also a #12 with a wood like finish to the barrel. What I found interesting is that one has a flexible Carey nib on it. I did some poking around but did not see much information for the nib or the company so I was hoping to get some help. So my questions are; Are they rare nibs since the company was not around long? Were these found commonly on Waterman pens or is this just a Franken-pen? I took some pictures (pardon the quality my phone isnt the best at up close shots) http://imgur.com/a/cOY0L
  16. ggoldsmith4556

    Hello From Philadelphia, Pa

    Hi, this will be mt first post here prompted by my dear uncle who wants me to share in his interest as a way to keep in touch. Every once in a while he gifts me a pen pen with the understanding that it will be sold on eBay. The only stipulation is that I study the history of the pen in order to present an intelligent and honest post. We've sold about a dozen pens from his collection so far. The reason I've joined today is because he gave me a Waterman Ideal wave brass pendant fountain pen that I can't find enough info on to complete my post. I don't need a valuation - the bidders provide that. I just need the most basic info like when it was made, and some bare bones historical context. I thank anyone here in advance for their time and consideration.
  17. The only marking on the pen is on the nib, It says Ideal with a logo of a bull or bison of some sort. The pen was given to me by my grandfather about 20 years ago, then pen though is much older. I'm assuming its an Indian company as years ago someone told me Ideal was a pen company based out of Mangalore in India, I can't be too sure though. Thanks.
  18. jaqcp

    Ideal Nib

    I just inherited a pen that has a nib which is engraved, "WATERMAN'S, IDEAL, CANADA, 2." Several clues indicate it is gold, such as the tipping being white and scratches on the backside of it remaining yellow. It also has a heart-shaped breather hole. It is not original to the pen as the barrel says Conklin and Pat. Nov 17 1925. As this is the Waterman forum, my primary query is whether the Ideal nib is actually gold as I believe it to be. My secondary, bonus question, would be whether anyone happens to have a general idea what date range the barrel might be from. It is a lever-filler. Unfortunately, the cap did not accompany the rest, so it offers no clues. Any educated guesses are deeply appreciated.

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