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  1. Can’t find any info about this on line. Big gold nib, fantastic feel, but haven’t dipped it to try it. Going back to store soon. Expensive, about 1600 Euros. The story how I came across it, as well as more pix, are here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/366734-sevilla-papelería-ferrer/#comment-4540900 i naively asked the owner if it was a new brand. But these are the Staedlers who started making pencils in the 1400’s, and makr ke tech pens etc today. if you call the store and buy it before I get there, please save me. tol
  2. Hi guys! I'd like to share with you a quick video review of the diplomat aero (Steel nib) I made recently! I think this is an amazing pen and just wanted to share my thoughts and the unboxing experience with you guys if you are interested in getting one of your own! Video review link! I'd have to say that if you're on the fence about getting one, you should just pull the trigger and get one! Let me know if you guys have an questions or comments! Links to where to get one; Diplomat catalog; http://www.diplomat-pen.com/product-category/diplomat/aero/ Get one here!; https://www.overjoyed.xyz/product/diplomat-aero-blackorange-fountain-pen-fine-45591
  3. truthpil

    Schneider Bk406 Review

    Schneider BK406 Review Introduction & First Impressions I was looking for a cheap EF pen to dedicate to Baystate Blue and wanted something blue to match the ink. I had been leaning toward getting a blue-capped Pilot Kakuno (F) for this purpose, but when I came across this Schneider pen for less than half the price here in China (under US$5), I thought it was worth a try. I couldn’t find any reviews online for this model and the closest equivalent for sale in the West seems to be Schneider’s Zippy which is still quite different. Schneider makes several inexpensive pens for sale in China that have the same feed and general design as the BK406, but this is one of the few pens in the family that comes with an EF nib, something I felt essential for minimizing BSB’s infamous feathering issue on cheap paper. I was quite underwhelmed when it arrived. It came in a cheap plastic sleeve (see photo below) and had no instructions. Everything about the packaging screamed “disposable ballpoint.” I was still grateful that upon unscrewing the barrel I found a complimentary blue international standard ink cartridge (which I discovered after some testing to be quite waterproof) and a strange empty cartridge inserted into the nipple, perhaps to show the new owner that the pen was cleverly designed to have one cartridge in use and a spare behind it inside the barrel. This is quite clever and explains the length of the pen. Appearance & Design True to its German origin, this pen is as utilitarian as it gets. Everything from the ribs on the cap for ease of removal to the matted section with grip indentations says that this pen is designed for quick and easy use in the trenches of the office or classroom. There are no bells or whistles whatsoever. Even the nib is so plain that all it has on it is an encircled “EF.” If the appearance hadn’t convinced you, the two places where the cap tells you it was made in Germany leave no room for doubt. Like disposable pens, its cap is unfortunately marred by the brand logo and “Schneider Made in Germany” along the side where it can’t be missed. There is a rounded grip section with subtle indentations like is often found on student pens. This section’s matte finish and smooth corners make it quite comfortable to hold and allow for more variation in grip than on something with sharper angles like a Lamy Safari. The flat grooves are even less prominent than on a Pilot Plumix. I was very thankful for this feature because the nib and feed are not aligned with these grips like they usually are on other pens. Since the nib and feed are very tightly in place and appear immovable, I have to disregard the grooves in order to hold the pen the way I usually do. Thankfully, the unobtrusive nature of the grips makes this easy. At first I thought the odd alignment was a quality control issue, but my other Schneider pens have the same alignment, so I suspect it may be some ingenious German design feature. The pen writes perfectly if you hold it according to the grooves, but the alignment just looks odd. Construction & Quality Despite the impression given by the packaging, the BK406 is not a flimsy pen. The plastic barrel and cap have a slightly soft surface (just a little harder than on those disposable Bic ballpoints they have at a bank teller), but the material is thick and looks like it could easily take a beating in a purse or book bag. It feels soft but solid in the hand, certainly more so than similarly priced pens like the Platinum Preppy. Holes at the end prevent the roomy barrel from being used as an eyedropper. The pen has a molded plastic feed which is quite thin and fragile at the tip but seems adequately protected by the rolled steel nib that partly wraps around it. The nib is thick and looks like it could take some tumbles without any repercussions. I used the pen as my daily carry for over a week and it met the floor a few times and survived unscathed. I’m sure you can treat this pen like any cheap ballpoint and expect it to hold up admirably. As for manufacturing, the only flaw I found is the slight misalignment of feed and nib which doesn’t affect writing. The only visible external seam is on the grip section which isn’t really an issue with a pen this cheap and would be covered by one’s hand anyway when in use. Weight & Dimensions Measuring about 14.5cm capped, its length is just between that of a Pilot 78G and a Plumix. This makes it just a little too long to fit neatly in my T-shirt pockets, but a decent fit for the pockets on my dress shirts. It’s too long to fit in the pen pockets of some backpacks and messenger bags. In one bag I tried it stuck so high out of the pen pocket that the clip couldn’t grip the pocket. It measures 13cm uncapped, and 16cm posted, which for my smallish hands means this one is not a poster. Weighing in at 11.6 grams capped/posted and 7.2 grams uncapped, the pen is light and allows for prolonged writing sessions without any fatigue. Writing with it feels like a dream compared to the cramps I was getting from my chunky clunky Jinhao X750. Nib & Performance The BK406 is only available with an extra fine nib, but Schneider makes several similar pens in this price range in fine (e.g., BK400, BK402, Zippi). Some may scoff at using a rolled steel nib, but I find the BK406’s nib to be surprisingly smoother than the dubiously labeled “iridium point” nibs on many of my Chinese pens. It glides across the paper and only gives a little feedback if pressure is applied on rough paper. As can be expected for this price, it’s a true nail with no flexibility whatsoever. The nib and feed work well together to provide perfect flow which I would describe as moderate. I never once experienced skipping or hard starts, although I’ve only tested it with the juicy Baystate Blue and nothing drier. The line is a typical German extra-fine, which becomes somewhere between a Japanese fine and medium when using such a wet ink like BSB. BK406 with Baystate Blue vs. Pilot 78G (F) with Luxury Blue: Filling System & Maintenance The BK406 comes with a single blue Schneider international sized cartridge, but a converter can be purchased separately for nearly the same price as the pen. The converter is great and holds a lot of ink. This pen and converter combination creates a perfect workhorse for extensive writing. Although the pen functions well, it’s regrettable that the nib and feed cannot be removed for cleaning. This inability limits the pen to being used with low-maintenance inks that can be easily washed out or dedicating the pen to just one high-maintenance ink. Cost & Value As far as I know these pens are not available in the States, but here in China they are a little more expensive (32RMB=$4.87) than Chinese pens like the Duke 209 or Hero 359 (both 25RMB=$3.81). The Chinese pens may be better deals because they are often mostly metal and have a removable nib and feed. Nevertheless, I find the nib on the BK406 and other Schneider pens in the same price range to be sturdier and more reliable. For me it’s worth it to pay a little more for an all plastic pen that writes reliably and is more comfortable to use than the cheaper alternatives. Conclusion I’m completely satisfied with this pen and believe I got what I paid for. Although plastic, the BK406 feels sturdier than a lot of lower end Japanese pens that cost much more than it. It isn’t stylish or pretty by any means, but it feels great to write with and suits my needs—an ideal bright blue pen for Baystate Blue (it’s also available in black or white). That being said, I’d never give it to someone as a gift because it lacks eye appeal. If you want an inexpensive and extremely practical pen, this is a great choice.
  4. Dear FPN'ers , Ranga Pens wishes you all Happy Valentine's Day Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  5. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far This group buy is for RANGA Handmade Pens Model 4C in beautiful Premium Acrylic resins. The pens are completely handcrafted from high quality blanks made in Taiwan. Acrylics are glossy, attractive and Visually stunning This is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. It is one of the Popular Ranga Model Pen. It caps in less than 1 turn. Capped Length - Approximately 5.75 Inches Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm, Section Dia - 12.5mm at Thickest part and 11mm at lowest part. In order to purchase Ranga Model 4C Pen , Kindly fill the Google Form (Link Below) RANGA Model 4C - ORDER FORM ---------------------------------- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjBG1FO-PtNsnYyWjmNtMzdTKyvuufuC7Hpxc8m_sWnStlow/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Prices are as follows: RANGA Model 4C with Ranga Nib and German Schmidt Converter: 74USD (Its Regular Price is 89USD). Kindly avail this Offer Price for this Excellent Pen You can upgrade it with German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter. Up-gradation charges are mentioned in Google order form Colours : Premium Acrylics: ------------------------ 29 – Turquoise Green Parfait 30. Blue Purple Parfait 31. Yellow Blue Parfait 32. Iced Mocha 33. Green Orange Parfait 34. Bengal Tiger 35. Kaleidoscope Weave 36. Classic Tigress 37. Vegas Nights 38. Tortuga 39. Cardinal Tetra Finish :Polished Finish or Matte Finish Clip Option - 1. Gold Clip 2. White Clip 3. Clipless Cap Turn: It takes less than 1 turn to cap and uncap For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options Nib Option: Ranga Extra Fine Nib - Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Fine Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Medium Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Broad Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Double Broad Nib:Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Flex: Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga 14K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Flex Bock Titanium #6 nibs: Fine Point, Broad Point, Double Broad Point Bock 18K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, JoWo Fine Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo Medium Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo Broad Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo 1.1 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo 1.5 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone Schmidt Fine Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone Schmidt Medium Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone Schmidt Broad Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone No Nib - Threaded for Bock #6 No Nib - Threaded for JoWo #6 No Nib - Threaded for Schmidt #6 Price : Base price for Ranga Model 4C with Ranga Screw in nib and German Schmidt Converter is 74USD (Premium Acrylic) Customer's can upgrade it to their favourite nibs with extra charge Making Time : 2-3 weeks from payment date Shipping: Via Courier . It takes 4 to 9 days.Via Courier- Kindly note that courier rates are very high now. We are happy to share that we are collecting only 50% of the courier charges and rest is incurred by us . Customer's need to pay 15USD for USA/Canada, 10USD for Central Europe /Singapore/ Malaysia and country specific rates for other countries. Making Time: 2-3 Weeks after payment Payment Details: Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com If you buy More than 2 Pens and if you don't want to fill the form, You can directly send the specs to our mail id mpkandan@yahoo.co.in Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  6. Dear All, Happy New Year 2020!!! We are happy to welcome 2020 with 30% Offer Sales on the below stock Pens in the pictures. Please mail to mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for purchase Available Nibs : F/M/B/1.1/1.5 Without German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt nib -12USD lessBock #6 Size Titanium Nibs - 59$ MoreBock #6 Size 18K Nibs -185$ MoreBock #8 Size 18K Nibs- 230$ MoreBock #6 Black /Red Nibs -9$ More RANGA Model 8B:(Clipless Model)(Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $52 RANGA Model 5: (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Bamboo (Regular Size): (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 16mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Giant Bamboo: (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 17mm Dia , Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $72 RANGA Thin Sugarcane: (Clipless Model) (Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 16mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $57 RANGA REgular Sugarcane (Regular Size): (Clipless Model)(Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 17.5mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 6.5 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Giant Sugarcane : (Clipless Model)(Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 18.75mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $72 Note: Offer Price will be applicable till 20th Jan-2020 for the below Pens in its original configuration Ranga Handmade Pens with German Bock Nibs (Pictures in the below order)-----------------------------------------------------------------------Thin SugarcaneModel 8BRegular Sugarcane BambooGiant SugarcaneModel 5 Making Time : Will be shipped Immediately upon paymentShipping: India Post Register Post .Delivery in 2-4 weeks from Shipment datePayment: Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com Please see the next set of pens in the next post Regards,Kandan.M.PRanga Pen Company
  7. The Diplomat Aero is the third pen from the Diplomat range that I’ve added to my collection in recent times – and definitely the most interesting of the three, in terms of design! I wasn’t keen on it at first glance, but given my positive experiences with two of its stablemates – the Esteem (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/271382-the-diplomat-esteem-conservative-german-styling-great-writing-experience/) and the Excellence A (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/296585-the-diplomat-excellence-a-another-great-german-fountain-pen/) – I decided to take the plunge. So I contacted Kevin of JustWrite Pens (www.JustWrite.com.au), and asked if he had any left in stock. The answer came back in the affirmative – and in due course, yet another pen had made its way to my door. As with the Excellence A, the Aero is not an inexpensive pen – the recommended retail (with stainless steel nib) is up around US$195, though (once again) I was able to get a significant discount, with a site-wide 25% discount on offer during June 2015. The Diplomat Aero is not a perfect pen – it has a couple of drawbacks that I’ll outline in the review below – but it’s such a striking pen to look at, and writes so wonderfully smoothly, that I’m happy to overlook them. ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Appearance & Design (9.5/10)The Aero comes in exactly the same kind of box as the Excellence A – a generously-sized box with aluminium wrap-around lid. Inside the box I found the pen itself – a brown cigar-shaped object that tapers sharply at both ends. The barrel and cap are both deeply scored with “groove-like depressions” along their length that give the pen its distinctive look – according to Diplomat’s advertising materials, it’s designed to resemble a Zeppelin airship. http://i.imgur.com/Fp77kci.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mt6j03u.jpg I love the look of the pen when capped – the chocolate brown colour of the bulk of the pen, topped and tailed with brushed aluminium ‘finials’. It *does* look a bit like a(n elongated) Zeppelin airship – a very unusual shape, but it’s really grown on me! Uncapping the pen reveals a brushed aluminium grip section, with a fairly severe step-down from the barrel – but the length of the grip is sufficient to ensure this doesn’t create any issues in terms of comfort. 2. Construction & Quality (8/10)The Aero is a robust pen, very well made, with a full aluminium casing, and anodised surfaces – in this case, a matte brown finish. With two caveats (see below) this is a pen I’d expect to cop a lot of abuse without trouble (though if you want to retain the finish, you’ll need to take all due care!). The pen barrel appears to be quite thick, the cap a little less so – but both are extremely sturdy. The grip section threads securely into the barrel, and the cap snaps on to ensure an airtight seal, ensuring the ink won’t dry out in the nib. Be warned: at least initially, a bit of firm pressure is required to get the cap to fit snugly. http://i.imgur.com/aM7dn24.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3P4X3Wz.jpg I only have two real concerns with the quality of the construction: first, there’s the aluminium clip. I’ve read a couple of comments online that suggest it’s a little fragile. It’s certainly quite stiff and inflexible – like the rest of the pen, I believe it’s made of anodised (matte silver finish) aluminium, which I suspect may have a lower tolerance to bending and springing. The clip itself is also made of two parts – a smaller, bent section that attaches to the pen under the cap finial, and the ‘body’ of the clip itself, which runs the length of the cap. The two parts are either soldered or screwed together (or both – it’s hard to say which!). The consequence of this is that it feels a little flimsy to me – I can see how it might fairly easily snap off if it got snagged on something (at least one online review has reported this problem). http://i.imgur.com/d7Ul107.jpg http://i.imgur.com/EYwQUSU.jpg [Forgive the poor focus - my setup isn't the best!] A second, smaller concern is the ‘paintwork’ on the pen – the words ‘Diplomat’ and ‘Made in Germany’ are painted (in white) onto the anodised surface of the cap (near the base), while the logo is painted in black onto the finial. With extended usage about half the logos has worn away, and it looks likely the remainder will follow, leaving the finial a bare brushed aluminium dome. Similarly, the white text on the brown anodised aluminium has begun to wear off in places. Neither of these greatly concern me – they’re cosmetic details. What’s more, to be honest, I didn’t find the logo very attractive – if anything I think the pen looks better without it! 3. Weight & Dimensions (10/10)Like its more conservative ‘cousin’ (the Excellence A), the Aero is a substantial pen – if you prefer a lightweight pen, you should look elsewhere. It weighs 41.5g capped, and 30.5g uncapped – unlike the Excellence, the bulk of the weight is in the barrel, not the cap. http://i.imgur.com/XgmBDxs.jpg The pen is 140mm capped, and 129mm uncapped; ‘posted’ (i.e., with the cap sitting loosely on the back of the pen), it’s somewhere around the 160mm mark (my calipers max out at 155). At the join between cap and barrel (the widest point), the pen’s diameter is 15mm. The grip section is nearly 30mm long (from ‘step’ to nib), and tapers gently from a maxmimum diameter of ~12.3mm down to 10mm. http://i.imgur.com/UX9dHAM.jpg 4. Nib & Performance (9/10)The Aero takes exactly the same nib as the Excellence A –#6 size, made of stainless steel (though gold nib options are also available). Once again, I was only able to obtain the pen with a M nib – which I found to be a wonderfully smooth writer, laying down a generous amount of ink with hardly any feedback. These two pens (the Excellence A and the Aero) are among the smoothest writers in my collection – though the Esteem is not far behind (once I’d sorted out its skipping issues). The one thing that differentiates these two higher-end pens, in terms of writing experience, is the slight slipperiness of the aluminium grip section – at least in winter, when my hands are dry. I find I have to grip the pen just a little tighter than is ideal. I would have expected this to be a deal-breaker – but surprisingly, it isn’t. It takes a couple of minutes to adjust… then off I go. http://i.imgur.com/D3kH279.jpg I should also mention, for the sake of completeness: I don’t find these nibs to be very ‘flexible’. They’re not quite nails – you can gain some line variation by exerting pressure – but they’re at their best when they’re gliding across the page rather than being forced down into it. I haven’t tried the gold nibs – but my understanding is that for the additional price they’re not significantly softer. The stainless steel nibs are probably be the best value option for most users. http://i.imgur.com/BLfBikp.jpg 5. Filling System & Maintenance (9.5/10)Diplomat pens take standard international cartridges and converters. The lower-priced Esteem did not come with a converter included in the price; thankfully, both the Aero and the Excellence A do. The Diplomat-branded converters are well-made, sturdy… and will hold about 0.7-0.8mm of ink. This is not a particularly innovative system – but it makes refilling the pen as straightforward as can be. http://i.imgur.com/rjQaXaW.jpg 6. Cost & Value (9/10)The RRP of this pen is around US$195 – I’ve seen it for sale at AU$195 in various Australian stores, which is pretty good given the current exchange rate. This wasn’t available on the JustWrite website at the time I enquired about it, and still hasn’t been returned to his listings – but at my request he was happy to send it out. 7. Conclusion (Final score [sUM/6]: 9.17)I like the Aero almost as much as I like my Excellence A – they’re both wonderfully classy looking pens. The Aero is the more striking / interesting of the two in terms of appearance, but is shaded by the Excellence A because of (a) the writing experience (i.e. the slight slipperiness of the Aero’s grip), and ( concerns over the clip and the disappearing text and logo. Those are very small concerns, though – I’m really glad I invested in this pen. It won’t be everyone’s preference, aesthetically or practically – but it’s a real winner in my books.
  8. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings!!!! Over the years We at Ranga Pens have successfully organized many group buys. FPNer's frequently ask us to offer Famous Bock Titanium nibs for their flexible nature . We at Ranga Pens offers these nibs with our popular twelve Ranga models in 50 Ebonite Colours So this is a good time to buy our Various 12 different popular Models with Bock titanium Nibs( @ Discounted Price) in this Group Buy. There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Various Popular Ranga Pens (12 Models) in Various beautiful 50 ebonite colours than before 2. Famous Bock Titanium Nibs which are Flexible This Group Buy is Valid till 31-May-19 In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX_gcFot1KRN_WNgyyq0KRB7t-_01frDKubRw0xdJK1qcgug/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Available Colours are as follows: A. Special/ Regular Ebonite Colours (SE Series) Solid Forest Green (S1) Forest Green - Black Ripple(S2) Forest Green - Honey Ripple(S3) Forest Green - Khaki Ripple(S4) Forest Green - Mustard Yellow Ripple(S5) Forest Green - Teal Blue Ripple(S6) Teal Blue - Black Ripple(S7) Teal Blue - Khaki Ripple(S8) Mustard Yellow - Black Ripple(S9) Solid Maroon(S11) Rose Red - Black Ripple(S12) Rose Red - Mauve Ripple(S13) Rose Red - Forest Green Ripple(S15) Rose Red - Mustard Yellow Ripple(S17) Brick Red - Khaki Ripple(S18) Brick Red - Black Ripple(S19) Teal Blue - Orange Ripple(S20) Solid Olive Green (S23) Solid Golden Brown(S24) Blue/Green Ripple (S25) Solid Chocolate Brown(S26) Solid Sacramento Green /Teal (S27) Solid Grass Green (S28) Solid Military Green(S29) B. Regular Colours (RE Series) Brown Ripple (R1) Green Ripple(R2) Olive Ripple (R3) Solid Black(R4) Mottled Brown(R5) Mottled Green(R6) Mottled Olive Brown(R7) C. Premium Ebonite Colours (PE Series) Solid Blue(P1) Black Yellow Swirl (P2) Blue Pink Swirl(P3) Solid Pale Green(P4) Blue White Swirl (P5) Green Yellow Swirl (P7) Solid Pink(P8) Blue /Green /Orange Swirl(P9) Green/Pale Pink(P13) Blue/ Pink/Pale Yellow Swirl (P14) Prices are as follows: RANGA Model 3: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter : US $133 RANGA Model 3C: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- US $133 RANGA Model 4: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 4C: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 5: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $130 Premium Ebonite- US $145 RANGA Model 8: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 14mm, Barrel Dia : 12.5mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- US $133 RANGA Model 8B: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 9B: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model Giant 9B: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite-US $130 Premium Ebonite- US $145 RANGA Thin Bamboo: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 14mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $133 Premium Ebonite- US $148 RANGA Bamboo (Regular Size): (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 16mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $143 Premium Ebonite-US $158 RANGA Giant Bamboo: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $153 Premium Ebonite- US $168 Finish - Polished or Matte (Bakul) Clip Option - Clipless or Gold Clip or Silver Clip Nib Option: For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options (included in price) Bock Titanium- Fine / Medium / Broad Shipping: Via Registered Post which is included in Price and takes 2 -4 Weeks. Making Time:4 Weeks after payment Payment: Paypal id- mpkandan@gmail.com In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with "Form Submitted or just repost the choices in thread https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX_gcFot1KRN_WNgyyq0KRB7t-_01frDKubRw0xdJK1qcgug/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Thanks for your support Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
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  10. spirit_stampede

    Kaweco Dia 803/07 Mini Review

    Kaweco Dia 803/07 Mini Review [Transcript from handwritten review below] I bought this pen on German ebay about a month ago. I always wanted to have a vintage Kaweco but after getting a piston-filler V11 I wasn’t very impressed (the nib was problematic but even if it has been fine, it wouldn’t have been what I was looking for). I stumbled upon this Dia not knowing much about it, but it wasn’t that big of a risk so I told myself ‘Why not?’ The pen came in its original box with a sale receipt dating back to 1958 (!) The pen turned out to be much smaller than I expected but I have small hands and do like smaller/thinner pens in general. Posted, it is perfectly usable. The 803 is a piston-filler and luckily mine didn’t need repairing: It operates quite smoothly for a pen of this age (that hasn’t been restored from what I gathered on the listing description). This is the first pen I have that has a blind cap, which I think is pretty cool. The barrel and cap are made of a plastic-like material that I guess is celluloid. It feels really nice to the touch and I think is a tad heavier than normal plastic. The cap has quite a lot in common with the modern Dia II. The clip on mine is very, very stiff, almost to the point of being unusable but I think it’s only a problem with my specific pen. The nib is very small compared to modern pens I have but not very out of proportion considering the size of this pen. Mine is a 14K nib that says Warranted above the little Kaweco stamp. As it came to me unrestored, the nib is quite scratchy (I think due to a slight bend and misalignment that I need to inspect as soon as I get a loupe and some proper tools). However, it lays down a very charismatic line known to pens from the 50s and 60s that I’ve seen and admired from reading reviews. Part of that charisma is due to the softness and the oblique cut. My only complaint is the section is too short for comfortable writing. That said, there is no large step down between the barrel and section so I can rest my fingers on the threads just fine. Overall, I am very happy with the Dia 803/07 though the nib definitely needs some work. It is a small but fantastic pen that I feel is somewhat underappreciated and often overlooked when it comes to vintage pens. [This is my first review on the forum. Sorry about the image quality ]
  11. EdwardSouthgate

    Ka-Bu-Co- 16B / Osmia 226

    In the mail and thought I'd share some pictures . Ka-Bu- Co according to the seller is the German Office Supply Company Kaut - Bullinger & Co and this pen is made by Osmia . It is the same as an Osmia 226 so is their large pen . The clip is a very nice but uncorrect replacement so I will be on the lookout for a correct one . #6 Broad flexible nib . Here are a few of the sellers pictures . Eddie PS: Forum wont let me post the other two pictures for some reason . I tried resizing by 50 % but it still won't accept them .
  12. Dear all, I bought this pen from an ebay retailer in Germany and all they knew about it was that the pen was made in Germany in the 1950s and I was wondering if anyone has seen this pen before or the unique anchor marking on the underside of the clip. It might be one of those many forgotten, mass-produced pens from that time period, but any help is appreciated. It's a piston filler and the nib is a semi-flex that is has "Edelchrom qualitat B" stamped on it. It's actually a pretty well made pen and is very comfortable to write with. There's a nice ink window. The nib was pretty scratchy, but I smoothed it a bit on an emery board. It is NOS, so the nib was a bit out of alignment, but it's a nice writer on cheap paper, which I use a lot since I'm a grad student. The only markings on it are the "Ideal" engraved on the body of the pen and the anchor(?) logo on the underside of the clip which is visible in the last photo. Anyway, let me know if you know who the maker is or any more information! Thanks!
  13. Anyone have one of these ?? New one to me . I just bought it from Wasupen on ebay this morning . Any info will be much appreciated . All pictures are from the seller as is the writing sample . Thanks Eddie
  14. EdwardSouthgate

    Osmia 52Sm

    Would like to hear any info I can get on this Osmia I just won on Ebay. Size in paticular is of interest . It has a Supra marked 14K nib so should be plenty flexi .
  15. sundragon

    Pen Identification

    Hello All, I was looking on eBay and saw this Pelikanesque pen that is inexpensive and could be a good buy. Does anyone know who makes it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-PISTON-FILLER-FOUNTAIN-PEN-ORANGE-BLACK-M-NIB-MADE-IN-GERMANY-/142502157724
  16. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum1.jpg Staedtler - a German brand synonymous with pencils and technical instruments in Europe - had launched its new "Staedtler Premium" range of fountain pens. Interestingly, the Staedtler Foundation owns all shares of the Staedtler Group since 1997. The Staedtler Foundation is "dedicated above all to the promotion of innovative ideas and the perpetuation of knowledge." and "promotes scientific research at national universities and polytechnics. It also supports cultural projects closely concerned with the subject of education." "Lumograph" pencils were standard issue way back in school, and one may still vividly remember the "Triplus" office set which contained a fineliner, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and highlighter. The all-in-one office set is still on sale today with the same ingenious packaging that functions both as a case and stand for the ergonomically designed triangular writing instruments. In the same light, Staedtler Premium's high quality writing implements and accessories are backed by the brand's technical expertise and inspired by the values that led to the founding of the Nuernberg based company by J.S. Staedtler in 1835. The Initium and J.S. Staedtler collections differ in that the former has an understated appearance while the latter offers sophisticated workmanship, exclusivity and design with a price to match. Make no mistake - the Staedtler Premium Initium collection is no compromise, as the following review will illustrate. INTRODUCTION: The Staedtler Initium Lignum is my first fountain pen from the German brand. It comes in a few editions named in Latin - Resina (resin) Lignum (wood) and Corium (leather). I opted for the wood version because I liked its earthy appearance, natural feel and admired the contrast between its natural wooden grain and matte chrome accents. Those who have read my previous reviews on The Fountain Pen Network would already know that I have a weakness for wooden pens and own quite a number of Japanese ones. The Initium Lignum comes in a cardboard box with an elastic closure. The box contains the pen wrapped in plastic and beneath it lies a small catalogue of the different models as well as care instructions and a guarantee booklet. Appearance & Design (8/10) – The Staedtler Initium Lignum, like most of the Initium collection, comes with minimalist German design. An exception would be the Corium Urbes line which is something like the Corium Simplex line, featuring metropolitan city skylines imprinted onto the pen's leather surface. There is even a Singapore themed pen that features a sketch of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. Like its name suggests, the Initium Lignum is constructed with a high quality wooden finish. Two colours are available - brownish Plum wood and beige Maple wood. Like any natural material, each piece has its own distinctive grain and no two are alike. As a personal preference, I finally chose the Plum wood over Maple. The Plum wood does have a wooden scent though the scent is not very apparent until to put your nose to it. The wood has a tactile surface and feels great to hold. It does indeed appear like a natural material. The Staedtler Mars logo appears on the top of the cap while the brand "STAEDTLER" is proudly engraved on the back. At the bottom of the cap, "MADE IN GERMANY" reminds us that the pen is constructed to the most exacting standards we have come to expect of German brands. Construction & Quality (10/10) – The Staedtler Premium Initium Lignum deserves top marks for construction and quality. The moment I picked up the pen, I could feel that there was no compromise in quality and construction, and the execution of minute details was not neglected. It didn't take more than one and a half twists to remove the cap, so making short notes will be manageable. Giving the pen barrel a light squeeze, the wood felt firmly attached to the barrel without any creaking sounds and was seamlessly integrated with the matte chrome metal parts - a testament to the technical superiority of the Staedtler brand. Everything was executed flawlessly - while removing the nib section, I could hear no screeching sounds and did not see rough edges on the inside. The nib is also well executed with an unassuming Staedtler logo and the nib size etched on it. I am thoroughly impressed by the construction quality of the Initium Lignum, given the price point. The pen is truly a tank, and will last for generations if used the way it was intended. Weight & Dimensions (8/10) – The Staedtler Initium Lignum is an extremely hefty pen, and understandably so because it is constructed of metal. It isn't extremely large or long so it would suit anyone. The cap on the Initium Lignum is particularly heavy so I feel that it does better left on the table. That being said, it is still possible to post the cap and write. I would not recommend posting it for fear of damaging the wood and due to the fact that the pen could become significantly more top heavy. The weight of a pen is often a matter of personal preference - some find heavier pens more effortless to write with while others say it causes fatigue. In my opinion, the weight and dimensions of the Initium Lignum make for pretty effortless writing. I find that with heavier pens one doesn't have to exert too much downward pressure when writing, and can glide the nib over paper. The considerable weight of the Initium Lignum does truly make a statement about Staedtler's dedication to creating serious value. Here are some technical specifications for those who’d like to know: Weight: 50 grams Length with cap closed: 10.37 cm Diameter: 1.25 cm Nib & Performance (7/10) – The Staedtler Initium Lignum is a pen that delivers in almost every department. However, it is my honest opinion that the steel nib has great potential for its out of the box performance to be further improved. In writing, I can feel slight feedback throughout the strokes, especially on lower quality copier paper. It is definitely pleasant on the smoother pages of my Japanese made Life Noble notebooks. I have observed that some fountain pen users actually do like this feedback and I am curious if the 18K gold nib on the J.S. Staedtler line is similar in feel. Visually, the Initium Lignum's steel nib is definitely well made - polished nicely and engraved with a Staedtler Mars logo. Examining it under a loupe, I can tell that there is no serious flaw or misaligned tines. I opted for the F nib because I like finer lines and have small handwriting. Ink flow is well controlled, so that compensates slightly for the feedback. The Initium Lignum steel nib is stiff, and like most of the other Steel nibs in this price range that is unsurprising. The nib isn't overly stiff though, and is still pleasant to write with. There is nothing stunning about the steel nib from Staedtler, and it would be unfair to demand a gold nib in this price range. I must say that my experiences with other German and Swiss made pens with steel nibs of similar size have been better, though some believe that steel nibs do improve after consistent use. Hopefully it will smoothen out over time. Filling System & Maintenance (8/10) – The filling system of a pen is one of the important aspects - akin to the fuel tank of a car. Fortunately, the Staedtler Initium Lignum utilises the standard European converter. One issue with some fountain pens is the tendency of the converter to rattle inside the barrel of the pen. Staedtler has ensured that the converter is firmly fitted and would not pose that issue. There isn't much else for me to say here except that it does a commendable job and has great capacity. The fact that a standard converter was used also means that maintenance is a breeze and replacements can be obtained easily and affordably. To reassure us of their commitment to quality, the Staedtler company guarantees that any defects or failure within a two year period will be repaired or replaced at no cost. Cost & Value (9/10) – The Staedtler Initium Lignum isn't a stunner but delivers compelling performance and great value for its price point. The weight of the pen together with its quality wooden finish and overall appearance do justify the cost. Being a fairly new product range, it is natural for people to make comparisons with competing brands. We should however judge each product for its own merits and give the brand a chance to show us what they have to offer. With a long history and great technical know how, I am sure that there is much more to come in the near future, and the exclusive J.S. Staedtler collection is definitely worth a look. The Staedtler Initium Lignum is priced at S$210 including tax, here in Singapore. That is approximately US$167, €130, or £102. Conclusion (Final score, 8/10) – It was pleasantly surprising to hear that Staedtler had launched a premium range of pens last year, because I never associated the brand with fountain pens but rather,pencils and technical instruments. Until Staedtler, there was from my knowledge probably only a singular German brand (which needs no mention) nearly unchallenged in its manufacture of premium range wood fountain pens. Staedtler is a welcome addition to the mix and I will be closely watching what they have to offer. The harmonious combination of wood and high quality matte chrome exudes both warmth and modernity, fitting my collection perfectly. I admire clean-cut designs with a sobering appearance. Staedtler's design is sensible and elegant - not too pretty to carry around, to be used. With timeless qualities that would never grow out of fashion, one would enjoy the pen tremendously in daily use, and for a long time to come. Background Information: You may be interested in the kinds of pens I like - I've long been an advocate of Japanese pens. I started out with my first pen, a Lamy Vista, many years ago. Eventually I progressed to the Lamy 2000 and a Sailor Professional Gear which I still write with daily today. I like wooden pens and demonstrator pens, and recently I started to appreciate Omas pens for their great nibs and construction quality. I acquired the Arte Italiana Art Deco and 360 in Vintage Turquoise, both of which are wonderful pens I am glad to have in my collection. I later also got myself the Omas 360 Lucens as it is a wonderful celluloid piece. This is my tenth review on FPN. You may have read my reviews of the Sailor Professional Gear here, Pilot Custom Heritage 92 here, Namiki Origami Crane here, Sailor Chizusugi Cedar Wood Sapporo here, Omas 360 Vintage Turquoise LE here, Pelikan Souveran M800 Tortoiseshell Brown here, Sailor 1911 Profit Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku here, Sailor Precious Wood of the World Sapporo pens here, Stipula Etruria Rainbow Yellow LE here, Omas Ogiva Vision Turquoise LE here. If you'd like to know more about my pens and collection you can find out more about me here at my profile. This review contains high-resolution photographs which you can view below the post. Till my next review, here are some photographs of this exceptional pen for your viewing pleasure! I’ve also included links to my previous reviews in the above paragraph for your convenience. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum2.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum3.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum4.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum5.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum6.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum7.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum8.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum9.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum10.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum11.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum12.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum13.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum14.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum15.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum16.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum17.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum18.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum19.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum20.jpghttp://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w143/nicholasyzh/StaedtlerInitiumLignum22.jpg
  17. Dear Fellow FP Addicts We welcome you all to the Group-Buy of Ranga Majestic Model. Majestic is a new model of Ranga Pens. To Participate in this Group Buy. Please fill out the form in the below link and Reply to the thread with “Form Submitted” or just repost the choices in thread https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgJyR0Qbttf8qfucTPTFaJydJDVFSaM1yqyFIBPqNYY-br6Q/viewform?c=0&w=1 MODEL: Ranga Majestic is a Handmade Giant Size pen and is available in various beautiful ebonite rod colors. The pen has a band around the cap and has black ebonite finials at the bottom and top. the pen is available in two versions: Round End Flat End It is approx 175 mm in length and the barrel dia of the pen is 17 mm and dia of the cap is 18.75mm. We have very limited number of pens. Pens would be shipped in 1 week from payment. So No waiting time . Enjoy the benefit of Group buy price with no waiting time The pen is available only in Gold colour finish clip along with gold colour trims. It would be EDC and Treasure for Giant Size Pen lovers .Though it is Giant , It is absolutely comfortable pen for long writing sessions. NIBS: Only Bock Nibs along with the Schmidt Converter is available for this Group Buy 1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5 2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5 3. .#6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: EF, F, M, B 4. #6 Steel Nib – Black Finish: EF, F, M, B,1.1,1.5 5. #6 Gold 18K Nib – B (@ extra US$ 185) 6. Without Nib But Pen threaded to take Bock Nib (@ less US$ 14) MATERIAL & COLORS:For this Group Buy, Regular series and Special Series Ebonite are available in both Polished and Brushed Finish. Regular Ebonite: RE Series (Polished or Matte Finish) R1- Brown Ripple R2 – Green Ripple R3 – Olive Ripple R4 – Solid Black R5 – Mottled Brown R6 – Mottled Green Special Ebonite: SE Series (Has Black Specks) (Polished or Matte Finish) S1 – Solid Forest Green S2 – Forest Green – Black Ripple S6 – Forest Green – Teal Blue Ripple S12 – Rose Red – Black Ripple S16- Rose Red Bottle Green Ripple S17 – Rose Red – Mustard Yellow Ripple S18 – Brick Red – Khaki Ripple S20 – Teal Blue – Orange Ripple S21- Solid Bluish Green S22-Solid Red S23 – Solid Olive Green S24- Solid Golden Brown S25- Green Blue Ripple PRICE, PAYMENT & DELIVERY: The Price of the pen is US $ 77 including Registered shipping. The pen will be shipped within 1week once the order is confirmed. We have limited nos. of these pen in stock Payment to be done via Paypal only for international customers Paypal ID is: mpkandan@gmail.com We have limited nos. of these pens in stock and the pen will be shipped immediately after payment within 1 week. For shipping within India Kindly PM for the prices and how to make payment. To Participate in this Group Buy. Please fill out the form in the below link and Reply to the thread with “Form Submitted” or just repost the choices in thread https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgJyR0Qbttf8qfucTPTFaJydJDVFSaM1yqyFIBPqNYY-br6Q/viewform?c=0&w=1 Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  18. Trying to learn the origins of this pen. "Germany" is inscribed on the top edge of the clip where it bends to join the cap. I wondered if it was a Waldmann? Any information gratefully appreciated.
  19. Dear All, Today is Holi fesival in India. It is festival of colours. So Ranga Pens have decided to introduce more vibrant ebonite colours for this Holi festival to FPN Community Please reach us at mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for queries. We have limited quantities. This is not grop buy offer. All old colours that were in demand are available now. We have 14 colours in Premium Ebonite now for our Handmade pens 1. Solid Blue 2. Black / Yellow Swirl 3. Blue/Pink Swirl 4. Solid Pale Green 5. Blue/White Swirl 6. Black/Red Swirl 7. Green/Yellow Swirl 8. Solid Pink 9. Blue/ Green/ Orange Swirl 10 Solid Orange 11 Blue/White/Green/Orange Swirl 12 Black / Orange Swirl 13 Green/Pale Pink Swirl 14 Blue/Pink/Pale yellow The Pens are mutely polished .The mottled pattern are gloriously inconsistent from pen to pen. It varies drastically but beautifully. We also provide many Nib choices and many models for the above ebonites. Nib Choices for C/C: -------------------- German BOCK Screw in Nib -------------------- 1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5 2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5 3. #6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: EF, F, M, B 4. #6 Steel Nib – Black: EF, F, M, B ,1.1,1.5 (@ more US$7) 5. #6 Gold 18K Nib – M,B (@ extra US$ 185) 6. Without Nib But Pen threaded to take Bock Nib (@ less US$ 14) German Jowo Screw in Nib ------------------- 1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: F, B 2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: F, M, B 3. #6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: EF, F, M, B,1.1,1.5 4. #6 Steel Nib – Black: EF, F, M, B ,1.1,1.5 5. Without Nib But Pen threaded to take Bock Nib (@ less US$ 14) German Schmidt Screw in Nib ------------------- 1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: F,M,B 2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: F, M, B Nib Choices for Eyedropper (#6 Nibs): --------------------------------------- 1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: F, M, B 2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: F, M, B 3. #6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: F, M, B Models for Reference: --------------------------------- Model 3 (Eyedropper : 50USD , C/C: 88 USD) Model 3C(Eyedropper : 50USD , C/C: 88 USD) Model 4 (Eyedropper : 55USD , C/C: 93 USD) Model 4C (Eyedropper : 55USD , C/C: 93 USD) Model 5 (Eyedropper : 70USD , C/C: 108 USD) Model 8 (Eyedropper : 50USD , C/C: 88 USD) Designer (Eyedropper : 70USD , C/C: 108 USD) Bamboo (Eyedropper : 70USD , C/C: 108 USD) Thin Bamboo (Eyedropper : 60USD , C/C: 98 USD) Giant Bamboo (Eyedropper :85 USD , C/C: 125 USD) Zeal (Eyedropper : 55USD , C/C: 93 USD) Model 8B (Eyedropper : 55USD , C/C: 93 USD)- It is bigger version of Model 8 Clip Option: White Clip or Gold Coloured Clip or Clipless. Bamboo , Thin Bamboo , Giant Bamboo, Model 5 are available only in Clipless Finish : Polished Or Matte finish Making Time: 10-12Days Shipment: Worldwide free shipping with India Post Register Post (2-4 weeks delivery) Payment: Payment to paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  20. This morning's mail brought the first thing that I have ever bought through Massdrop. The package I got includes three colors: Atlantic (blue), Dublin (green) and Australia (red). So far I've just been trying out the Atlantic in my TWSBI Vac 700. It's a dull color; I can hardly decide if it's gray-blue or more of blue-gray. I knew when I ordered these that they were dull colors, and I'm fine with that. My taste has gravitated toward subdued colors recently. Label reads: Made in Germany by Rohrer & Klingner Leipzig-Co. Shake well before use! To prevent dry residues drain the writing instrument after use and rinse several times with water. Hmm, not sure I've ever got a bottle of fountain pen ink before with such explicit warnings. It does make me wonder why more ink makers haven't gotten into cellulose-reactive dyes, since Noodler's Ink has demonstrated how well they can work. When it comes to waterproof ink, Noodler's is the king and all the rest are the peasants. Anyhow, this Super5 ink is indeed waterproof (as indicated by a quick dunk), and it feels smooth on the page. Maybe I should give credit to the TWSBI or the Rhodia pad, but the ink is behaving Just Fine so far.
  21. There are no reviews of Otto Hutt fountain pens on FPN, and I found only one online (of a Design 06 model). Otto Hutt, we are told on various online pen store web pages, has been "delighting European hands since 1920." Well, they seem to have found a US distributor now, and so they are here, trying to delight American hands in 2017. I'd never heard of this manufacturer, but some searches on FPN did unearth brief, passing mentions of Otto Hutt in the context of Faber-Castell and Graf von Faber-Castell several years ago. Otto Hutt appears to be a small, family-owned company in Pforzheim, Germany, a center of jewelry making, so they could be considered the German S.T. Dupont. Like S.T. Dupont, Otto Hutt pens are all metal. They have 7 models, called Design 01 through Design 07 (no one in the family business went to marketing school, I guess), in increasing order of price. The Design 01 is a slim model, reminding me of the Montblanc slim line, Porsche Design slim line, and the Aurora Hastil. However, unlike those pens, whose selling point is their ultra-modern design, the Design 01 is advertised as having a "purist", "function-over-form", "Bauhaus" design. I think it just means that it has minimalist design which, if executed with high quality of materials, fit, and finish, should be enough of a statement to be successful on its own terms. On the other hand, the Design 04 looks a lot like a Graf von Faber-Castell Classic, except that all GvFC pens except for the Tamitio have gold nibs, whereas both the Design 01 and Design 04 are sold here in the US with steel nibs by default (one online store advertises upgrades to gold nibs). The advertising copy for Otto Hutt pens says that they are entirely manufactured in Germany, so I guess these steel nibs come from one of the usual suspects: JoWo, Schmidt, or Bock. However, these nibs then get the fancy treatment that even Faber-Castell doesn't give to its steel nibs, namely rhodium/palladium/platinum plating, and (in the case of the Design 04) gold plating as well (to get a two-tone appearance). With regard to barrel finishes, Otto Hutt has taken after S.T. Dupont (its jeweler DNA is showing) rather than Faber-Castell, in that the barrels are heavily lacquered with multiple layers of lacquer. My experience (call it prejudice if you wish) is that lacquered-metal-bodied pens look and feel cheap unless both the following hold: (a) barrel has high-quality lacquer, and (b )the fit and finish are absolutely impeccable. If either of the above does not hold, then that pen is competing against, and will lose out to, the Pilot Metropolitan (a $15 pen). Of course, S.T. Dupont more than satisfies both the above requirements, as we well know. Now, Otto Hutt pens have a list price about 40% lower than comparable S.T. Dupont pens (albeit, without the gold nibs that all Duponts except the Defi have, but the Defi isn't priced any lower than any gold-nibbed Dupont anyway). So, do they offer good value? The Design 01 has a nicely lacquered brass barrel. It's easy to see that the lacquer is of high quality. However, I have had slim Waterman pens (the Preface comes to mind) with barrels with similar quality of lacquer. What the Design 01 has to distinguish it is the sterling silver cap (snap-on type) and tassie (or whatever the piece at the end of the barrel is called). Fit and finish is of very high quality, comparable to a Graf von Faber-Castell (or an S.T. Dupont). According to one online store, the steel nib (Fine, in my case) is platinum-plated. It does feel a little different from "regular" steel nibs, and unlike its rivals from Germany and France, it writes a "true" and somewhat dry line. The filling system is pretty boring: just the usual cartridge/converter. The box for the pen includes the converter (shame on you, Waterman, for not doing so on some pens that cost about as much) and a polishing cloth (for the sterling silver bits). The Design 04 in "The Code" finish, which I have, overdoes the lacquer work, in my opinion. The barrel is coated in a black lacquer. Then the lacquer is cut away by laser in the random bar-code pattern you see (I wonder if it is different for each barrel, but it is not advertised as such anywhere). Then, the parts of the barrel exposed by the laser etching are plated in palladium. Finally, the entire barrel is coated with a few more layers of clear lacquer. Whew! This is a lot to go through in order to distinguish oneself from S.T. Dupont and their exquisite but more conventional-looking lacquerwork. As for the steel nib (Medium in my case) on the Design 04, it is also platinum-plated, but parts of it are also gold-plated to give the two-tone appearance. The cap (screw-on type) and grip section are also palladium-plated in my case, though it appears that other, more conventional finishes of the Design 04, with solid lacquered barrels, justify their price by platinum-plating the cap and grip section. Once more, the nib is excellent, but feels different from "regular" steel nibs (and is also "true" and somewhat dry). The filling system here is also cartridge/converter, and the box (identical to that of the Design 01) includes the converter and a polishing cloth (must be to keep the palladium plated parts shiny, since nothing on this pen is sterling silver). I've kept comparing the Otto Hutt pens against S.T. Dupont and Graf von Faber-Castell above. I think Otto Hutt can distinguish themselves from both these prestige marques in the case of the Design 04 at least: the barrel design is modern, like GvFC or Porsche Design, but lacquered like a Dupont, while the cap is similar to the GvFC cap that I like more than the cap on any Dupont model. The steel nib helps keep costs down (maybe), but gets a bit of "bling" by being platinum- and gold-plated. At $400 list, it's not much of a bargain versus a GvFC (which can usually be had with a gold nib), but is very good value relative to an S.T. Dupont. If you want a GvFC with Dupont-style (and Dupont-quality) lacquerwork, the Otto Hutt Design 04 may be for you (but you won't get a gold nib unless you pay quite a bit more for an upgrade). Fortunately, there are sellers offering the pen at a much more reasonable price online -- I bought it right here from the FPN Classifieds, brand new, at more than a 50% discount from list. The value proposition of the Design 01 is more dubious: it lists for $250, but the lacquerwork, though good, is not as superb as that on the Design 04, and the selling points are perhaps the sterling silver cap and barrel end-piece, and the platinum-plating on the steel nib. Neither S.T. Dupont nor Graf von Faber-Castell has a pen as slim as the Design 01, so the closest competition is Porsche Design's slim line (P3125), which does, however, come with a gold nib (but costs $400 or so). I have the latter, and I have to say that it is a better pen than the Design 01 with regard to both looks and construction. However, if you can get the Design 01 new for, say, $150 or lower (as I did), then it is tolerable value for money (though not a bargain). In summary, I'd give the Design 04 an overall score of 8 out of 10, and the Design 01 either a 6 or a 7 out of 10. The nibs on both, however, would rate a 9, at least when compared against other steel nibs, because they really are distinctive, both in construction and in the way they feel when used.
  22. Bought this German USUS mechanical 4 colour pencil. Its a twist action pencil and is in pretty good working condition. The balance of the pencil is nice and the build is sturdy. Apart from these very general reflections the internet is not throwing up sufficient information about USUS. Desperately want to know its lead diameter (1.1 mm?) and where can I buy colour leads? Also how to clean broken leads from the holders which are quite narrow. Thanks in advance...
  23. The Lamy Safari is 17 grams and 37 years of design excellence that’s been the beginner’s fountain pen of choice for almost all those years. Its design is one of the most strikingly simple yet modern in the pen world, yet it has proven to be as timeless as any of the classics. The Al-Star is its big brother. Made from aluminum instead of ABS plastic, the Al-Star weighs more and feels more solid in the hand, but is nearly identical to the Safari in every other way. They share the same nib, design, and internal functions. The Al-Star is a way to own the classic yet modern design in a sturdier and slightly heavier body, and it appeals to people who like the feeling of metal in their hand while writing. Each year, a unique color is released as a limited edition for both the Safari and the Al-Star. This year, the Al-Star came in Pacific Blue. The Pacific Blue Al-Star Along with a Regular Blue Safari and a Dark Lilac Safari Appearance and Design The Pacific Blue color of this year’s Al-Star is striking and vibrant, yet light enough to not be overly flashy. The silver coloring of the nib and clip match well with the blue, creating a look of warm ocean waters. One factor of the design to be aware of, if you don’t already know, is that both Lamy Safaris and Al-Stars have a triangle grip, so they can be uncomfortable for some people to hold. For most, though, the grip is perfectly comfortable. As someone who enjoys having slightly unique pens, this limited edition is a truly gorgeous one, and in my opinion Lamy really nailed it with their color choice this year. The Al-Star Alone Construction and Quality This is a solid pen. In preparation for writing this review I used this pen daily for a little over a month, and in the course of use I dropped it countless times on varying surfaces, none of them particularly soft. The pen has yet to get a scratch. (These were all with the cap on however; you may fare far worse if the pen is dropped nib first.) Safaris have a bit of a reputation for being indestructible, and the Al-Star is a Safari but stronger. If you get this pen, you won’t have to worry about breaking it. Additionally, the overall quality of the finish is excellent. Lamy’s quality control is famously excellent (every pen is tested with a bit of blue ink before being shipped) and their care is on display in their pens. The Al-Star Deconstructed Weight and Dimensions If you’ve ever seen a Safari, it’s that but slightly heavier. As someone with large hands, it fits nicely posted in my hand while writing. I asked a friend with much smaller hands to test the pen as well, and she had no issues, although she did prefer the pen unposted. The pen posts easily, and I haven’t had any issues with scratching on the back of the pen from the cap, as I occasionally do on other pens. Nib and Performance So here’s the thing. It’s a steel nail. A very boring steel nail. But is boring so bad? The nib comes smooth straight from the box, and is incredibly reliable and consistent. In short, there’s nothing exciting going on but it’s a real work horse, and it’ll be smooth and ready to go from the get go. The nib sizes on these pens do tend to run broad, so if you aren’t used to Lamy nib sizes (or German sizes in general), I’d get one size smaller than you would usually buy. A Writing Sample with the Al-Star Filling System and Maintenance The Al-Star is a Cartridge/Convertor pen. It fits proprietary Lamy cartridges or a Lamy convertor, which can be purchased for give or take five dollars from wherever you buy the pen. The accompanying ink for this Limited Edition, Lamy Pacific Blue, can be purchased in either cartridge or bottle form, and matches the color of the body of the pen nicely. Cost and Value An Al-Star will set you back just under $40. Is it worth it? That’s up to you. For the same cost, you could have a gold-nibbed Platinum PTL-5000a or most of a TWSBI Diamond 580, both definitively better, or at least more interesting, pens to write with. The Al-Stars price forces it to compete with pens outside the Safaris league when it’s essentially a Safari with fancy skin. For me, the pen was worth it for the color. As a big fan of limited edition Lamy’s, I loved the Pacific Blue. But if you aren’t that into the color, there are other, better options for the price.
  24. I recently picked up my first fountain pen. Actually, it is my second, but my first was nearly 4 years ago, and I never used it to its full potential. I'm trying to adapt to a Faber Castell WRITink with a B nib. The papers I am writing with however, seem to have a decent amount of feathering. I currently live in Aachen Germany, and as germans usually have a german equivalent of everything non german, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for good quality paper of all price ranges (all I care about is quality) the price I will decide on. I know 32lb hp premium choice paper is a constant recommendation, what would be the german equivalent of this? I know many german companies are hesitant to sell online or ship oversees, but are available through domestic distributors, any advice would be great. I'm running blind!
  25. Hello, I'm am new to this forum. I bought a Tintenkuli and would like some information on it. I have read a post from this website about the history of the pen, but would like to find some instructions. So far I have seen some pictures of the original instructions on eBay but they are in German. I am sure it is a piston driven pen becaus there is a twist knob at the end of the pen. How does that work? Where the ink go in through? The tip or just behind the tip? Any info would help. Please point me in the rite direction. I would appreciate it. Thank you

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