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  1. MartinTenbones

    Montblanc 220 Plated Nib?

    Were any of the 220 pens made with gold plated nibs? I have what I think is a 220 and it appears the nib is plated as it looks like its flaking off a bit.
  2. zelenogradskiy

    I.D. on this pen?

    Got this antique Montblanc pen as a gift a few days ago, was wondering exactly which model or series it is. The nib says Iridium point Germany on it, it was bought in an antique store in Istanbul. Thank you in advance, if any extra info is needed I can provide!
  3. Hello everyone, I went to the DC Pen show last weekend, and fell in love with a pen that I didn't know anything about. I've attached a few pictures to show the pen opened and closed with a full sized pen case and lined notebook paper for scale. (Sorry for the bad quality pics -- I had trouble getting them small enough to post!) This little acrylic Laban pocket pen caught my eye immediately, and even after walking through the whole show, I just kept going back to it. I have a weakness for pocket pens, and this one isn't too thin and feels very comfortable in my hand. It twists to post, so makes a sturdy full sized pen to write with. And it writes beautifully! It has a German fine steel nib that is smooth and consistent without being a gusher, so perfect for work, when I sometimes have to use less than ideal paper. I was a bit worried about the metal grip section, but because of the angle, my fingers don't slip on it. Also, despite the small size, it fits a normal sized converter. I have a few friends who enjoy their Laban pens, so even though I hadn't researched the company or pens much, I took the plunge and bought it. But I can't figure out the model name of the pen, since there's not a lot online about Laban. It's not a Expression, which is the only Laban pocket pen I see reviews for. Does anyone know the model name for this beautiful little pocket pen? I'd really love to be able to name my new favorite every day carry pen! Thanks!
  4. I've come across this pen in a supposedly Leonardo box, with a nib with a picture of Leonardo (as I remember him), and a rather different clip from the usual Leonardo quality item. Can I assume it is a fake?
  5. Dear folks of the fountain pen network. I recently came across this add for a Visconti Michelangelo on a local marketplace, but as I am quite new to the hobby I don't know if the pen is real. Below I wil put some photos of the pen. All comments are greatly appreciated. Kind regards Cas
  6. Dear Members, is the attached a 9202 Sheaffer Imperial 777 Rolled Gold Fountain Pen and Ball Pen set? I am new to fountain pens and have trouble identifying. Thanks
  7. Vasilis97

    Is this a Pelikan?

    The seller doesn't give any details on the description other than it is a Pelikan (?) and the photos are not really helpfull. I believe that the cap and the nib/feed are indeed by Pelikan. But the main body with the long striped ink window in combination with the cap and the exposed nib make me have my reservations. At least it's not a model that I am aware of
  8. Hi All! I am a student who wrote with the same FP for many years. However, I wanted something new, so I decided to trade pens so that I could afford it and switch pens more often. I recently bought two Montblancs 144s. The price was good, but I have a few questions regarding the age, nib size and serial number. 1. How can I determen how old my pen is, even if there is no serial number. 2. I want to clean the pen a bit better, but I am not sure how to remove the nib. There is also not a good Youtube video that shows me that. Any ideas? 3. My pen has no serial number. I don't directly suspect the pen to be fake, but I am also not sure what the reason could be and if it's normal. Attached some pics for reference and age determination. Thank you all very much for your help in advance!
  9. Hello all, Did my best preliminary research trying to find out what Parker pen I have here and wanted to verify and get your opinions or thoughts! Seems like I might have a Parker 51 but the aerometric inside has etchings calling it a Special which is confusing me. I think it is a Navy Gray Parker 51, likely 1960s. Why the engraved "Special" inside? Is the cap from a 51 and capping a Special? Filler: Aerometric (1948-), engraved with "Parker 51 Special", instructions to squeeze 4 times Cap: looks like Lustraloy, with pearlescent jewel (not black like the Specials) Cap engraved "Parker 51" with no date markers (1953-) Color: Navy Gray Body: breather hole on the side (1960-) Thanks for looking at my new to me pen! Ink note: Already got Waterman ink for it as I heard Iroshizuku inks might feather hard in these after a while due to evaporation. Let me know if that's off base.
  10. Hi there! I am looking for some help in identifying this pen I bought (currently in transit to me) I've spent way too much time searching and I thought I'd ask for help so I can possibly continue on with my day! It looks like a Century 3776 Body with a 14k 'wingfold' nib (idk if that's the correct term for this style but I'm going with it for now-feel free to correct me with the correct term!) The other really strange thing about this pen is the dome on the cap. It's not smooth like the #3776 pens...It seems to have ridges. Any information you could pass along will be much appreciated!!
  11. Hello there! Can anyone help me identify this vintage Pilot? All I know is that it has a gold-plated stainless steel nib. This particular pen comes from an official Israeli retailer, and I obtained it from a trade. Besides that, not much is known. It's impossible to get info about this anywhere. I've been scouring every resource on the internet, including old Pilot advertisements and catalogs, and have found nothing except for a single eBay listing of this pen. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hi I got this pen at a car boot sale and want to know what it is but honestly have no idea and says nothing on it except made in France and iridium point that doesn't help much
  13. I somewhat accidentally won an auction on eBay (bad things happen when you forget to put a period between the dollars and cents in your bid but luckily I won for not too much more than what I was willing to bid anyway) for an Eversharp and I have no idea what I actually bought. It's not a Skyline, but maaaaaybe it's one of the late model Symphonies? Low-resolution images are included in the post. Here's a link to larger images: https://imgur.com/a/85KRQ8Q. Details: Dark navy blue body, seems to be plastic, but it smells pretty bad and maybe feels...sticky? Might just be age and/or how it was stored, but I don't want to try to clean it until I have a better idea of what it is Screw cap Three cap bands; two narrow silver-colored bands on either side of a wide gold-colored band Gold-colored cap clip, no double-check warranty marks. Top imprint is, "MADE / IN / USA," followed by EVERSHARP stamped vertically down the clip 14k nib, a little flexy, with the Eversharp banner imprint, seems to be in fantastic shape Lever seems to be in good shape, haven't pulled the section yet The body is a little warped Measurements (very approximate): Capped: 5 1/2" (13.97 cm); 12g Uncapped: 4 7/8" (12.38 cm); 8g Cap: 2 3/8" (6.03 cm); 4g Nib: 3/4" (1.90 cm) Grip width: 1/4" (0.64 cm) Body width: 3/8" (0.94 cm)
  14. Hello all and thank you in advance for your time here. I have a mother of pearl dip pen with a Spencerian number 3 nib in it which I bought a few years back at a local garage sale. It’s about 6 or 7 inches long, appears to be made of mother of pearl and sterling silver and ends in an ornate floral motif with a silver back. I can’t find any makers marks or forge marks on the silver parts of the pen. The pen came in a worn out black case, but one which seems to have been quite nice when it was new. At this point the only information I have comes from the Spencerian nib which seems to be from around the turn of the century. That and a note which came with the pen that reads “I think this pen belonged to my mother” ~Elsie. The woman I bought the pen from was in her early 70s and said that Elsie was her mother. Which seems to track with the turn of the century nib. Hopefully one of the experts on this forum will see this and know more information about this pen. It rights fairly smoothly still, I am a total amateur but I enjoy drawing and the qualities of this pen are quite nice for fairly fine line work. Anyway thanks again for any help identifying this and helping me shed a bit more light on this pen’s history.
  15. Hello, The title says it all. I need some help identifying this visconti pen. Thanks!
  16. I'm having trouble identifying exactly which model this Montblanc Monte Rosa is. Based on searches I think it's an 042 or 412 with a 14K gold nib, but what's throwing me off is that the other images I've seen have the star on the cap and sometimes the clip as well. Pictures are included, but here are the highlights: Silver metal screw-on cap with MONTBLANC in all caps and Monte Rosa in script at the base Gold nib stamped tip to collar: MONT / BLANC / 14C / MONTBLANC / 585 Diamond ink windows MADE IN GERMANY stamped above the ink window area Piston filler The tines are bent and the feed looks like something chewed on it. The nib also seems too loose, and I'm wondering if the unit isn't inserted as far as it ought to be. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the piston. It seems like I ought to be able to remove the nib, but neither pulling nor turning seems to work (it's also super gunked-up and I'm still soaking it in water to try to get it clean. Ink and water will come sort of down the feed but the pen will not write. I'm chalking this up to the super dirty feed and I might try to floss between the nib and feed. Sometimes when filling with water or ink some of it bubbles through and comes out of the screw/piston area, so I think that a seal might be loose somewhere. That, or I need to fill and empty extremely slowly. Thanks for whatever insight you're able to provide. ETA: I managed to wiggle the nib out and it looks like the stamp is 342. So I guess the pen model is 342G? There's no G on the stamp but it's a gold nib, so it only makes sense. Still, it doesn't match any of the images I've found online and now I have to figure out how to get the feed out.
  17. Is this pen recognised by anyone? Other than the TT emblem, I cannot find anything online. Looking up TT on google brings up the new kickstarter project that has these initials, and this is not made by them. This pen has a rather broad nib. The metal of the tip of the nib is made of the same nib, not like iridium points which is welded. The shape of this point from the side is like a big arc. I thought this pen has a lot of flow, very wet, and perhaps qualifies as broad. The converter is proprietary, it screwes onto the back and seems to hold a large amount of ink, if only you could fill the whole of it with one pull. If you dip the pen in the bottle and pull that thing, you'll hardly get a quarter of the converter filled. Right now I'm using it for..... wait for it... drum roll........ printer ink mixes! If anybody has a name to put on it, something which you didn't make up unless it's very cool, and an opinion of it, then I would like to hear from you.
  18. Hoping to get some clues as to what this pen is- saw it in an antiques shop, thought "ooh pretty, a mystery" and promptly failed at finding any information by myself. I'm sure it's nothing fancy, but would like to try to clean it up. Not knowing exactly what I'm looking at has me wary.
  19. Hi! I'm a new member from Sweden and my name is Peter, nice to meet you all! I inherited 3 pens when my father passed earlier this year and i need help with identification of the pens and also want to know if they are any good or if it's just "ordinary" fountain pens. They are all piston filled pens by the way. The 1st one is fully striped and have no text/logo or markings on it whatsoever and is equipped with and Iridium point. The 2nd is one color blue/gray-ish (Can't really determine because of impaired vision) It has the text "Valero" branded on it's body and has a nib with the text "Real 12R" on the point. The 3rd I know just alittle about, it is black and have the text "The Tower" on two places on the pen and a 14K gold nib. As far as i understood this was the name Soenneken (?) gave these pens when selling them to Sweden and some other country. Maybe some of you can fill me in here? Name, model, approximate age and other info would be nice I would appreciate all info you can give me and if someone can help with estimating the value on each pen it would be nice. (No pens are for sale, i plan to start using one or several of them.) //Peter
  20. Hello, Italo Calvino is one of my favorite authors. Just today I happened upon this picture of him using a fountain pen. Can anyone identify this pen based on the photo? The nib appears to be hooded, but for some reason I doubt that it is a Parker 51. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks much!
  21. Hello everybody! =) I write you all this message because I would need a bit of help - I got two Waterman fountain pen (I guess it is waterman as it is written on the nib), which I think are pretty old because I got them from my grandfather who used to buy many various fountain pens in second-hand. I absolutely LOVE them as they are EXACTLY the kind of touch/feedback I was looking for two years ago. Even thiner and even more flexible than my usual Platinum Century 3776 SF that I always use (special renewed thanks to the members who helped me then advising me to buy this pen by the way ) ; they are just GREAT. The problem I have is that I have no idea what they exactly are - I love fountain pens but know very few about them. So could one of you please help me identify them and tell me how I must take care of these new babies in order not to do any damage? (I will attach below, for both the pens, some photos and three links towards youtube unreferenced videos) The only clues I have are the following ones: - The inscription on the nib: "WATERMAN'S IDEAL | REG. U.S. | PAT. OFF" (Identical on both pens) - They probably works with a plunger (the little round thing on the side?) on which is engraved "Ideal" (have no idea about how a plunger pen works!) (identical on both pens) - They are probably old for the reason I wrote above, also because they have no clip on the cap (my father told me this occured only with old pens) - They are extremely pretty!! No relation with some other plastic fountain pens I could find in my grandfather's collection! - They both have flexible nibs. If you have any indication or information to give me, I would be extremely grateful!! I know that vintage flexible fountain pens are usually the best, I heard about the Waterman's ones, so when I saw these two pens I immediately tried their nibs (and loved them), though, I have no clue about their identity, nor their age. I also would like to ask how I could clean them entirely - I've been testing them just diving the nib in my usual Monteverde inks and removing gently the rest of ink with a cloth after use (I didn't mix the inks by the way, always removed the rest of the previous ink before testing another). I love them so much I would be horrified to harm them. I passed the nib of the smaller one under cold water to remove the ink I had used the first time, and could guess there was a rest of some blue ink inside (that doesn't appear when I'm writing though). I know I must not mix some inks with each others, in order not to clog the pen; is there any way I can clean these pens? Generally, can I use them with my Monteverde inks in the future? Is there anything special I should absolutely know about fountain pen care in this case? Could someone also explain me how a plunger fountain pen usually works...? The long pen also seems to have feed issues if I compare it to the small one, which feed "follows" me wathever I do (my favourite from the two, although the nibs seem identical). Below links and pictures. Thanks to all!! =) Photos on google drive (otherwise the display is not adapted): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12CtU2lKJjWmmb_CksVZynFBcyM5Te0UP?usp=sharing Links toward youtube: => => => (Sorry for the poor quality of the videos and the fact it is twisted, with no experience neither professionality and only one hand available I couldn't do anything better ^^ x) ) Inks used: Monteverde, Sapphire for the small one and Rose Noir for the long one. Thanks again! =)
  22. Hello, everyone! I'm looking for the information on this Platinum (supposedly) pen, which I bought on eBay - it was advertised as "Urushi" and "Maki-e", and has a nib of 3776. But the cap is not screw-on (and on my other Platinum 3776 pens caps screwed on the barrel). I saw a similar pen (https://andersonpens.com/platinum-3776-urushi-maki-e-sakura/), but this similar pen also has a screw-on cap. I'm wondering if this pen is fake, and if it's not - I would be happy to know more about this pen. Thank you very much for any information. In the box: Without cap: Nib:
  23. Hello everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and what has drawn me here is the expertise of the members who frequent the forums here. I would like to participate more in the future, but I do have an immediate question of the community. Please tell me if I've included anything in this post that are against the rules. I recently acquired this Sailor 1911 King of Pen from England. The seller informed me that her father (its previous owner) died recently and that he was an avid pen collector. She is slowly selling the collection apparently because none of the family is that interested in the pens. The only thing she could tell me was that she thinks the body + cap are ebonite due to the smell, which she described as burning tires. My primary concern is to determine if the pen is real, and to know more about its history. I would appreciate any information you might have. I've asked around a little, and the best guess from a trusted source is that it could be a very early King of Pen model, possibly 2005. I've compared this pen to the other 5 Sailor pens I have (all very modern models). There are three things about the pen that cause me to question its authenticity: 1) The underside of the clip, the bump, is folded differently than the clips on my other Sailor pens. This could be because the pen is an older model. 2) The nib is missing the gold hallmark '875' below the '21K' that's present in every other Sailor nib I have 3) The body + cap material appears to be ebonite, but I'm unsure. I haven't been able to find any information on a 1911 KoP made of ebonite, just the large bespoke KoP that does not look like a 1911. Video showing the material characteristics: Sailor 1911 KoP w/ Sound Here are the pictures I've taken; I captured what I thought were all the relevant details. Please let me know if I should upload more of specific areas. Showing the cap engraving of 'KING' and 'SAILOR': Trying to show the material of the cap and barrel: Nib close-ups: misaligned tines (since corrected): Section assembly: Back of clip (notice the back of the bump):
  24. The is a lovely old pen from the 40's i would guess. 140mm but only weighing 20 gm, with a 14ct Warranted nib. Does anybody know anything of this brand?
  25. dicks390

    What Montblanc Model Is This?

    Hello: This is my first post. I recently purchased the pictured pen on Ebay. It has an 18K nib, but is only hallmarked with Montblanc and Germany on the mid ring, with nothing on the top ring. It looks similar to the 121 and 14 based on the mid cap design, but it is not. Can someone please tell me the Montblanc Model name? Thank you.

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