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  1. Hello everybody! =) I write you all this message because I would need a bit of help - I got two Waterman fountain pen (I guess it is waterman as it is written on the nib), which I think are pretty old because I got them from my grandfather who used to buy many various fountain pens in second-hand. I absolutely LOVE them as they are EXACTLY the kind of touch/feedback I was looking for two years ago. Even thiner and even more flexible than my usual Platinum Century 3776 SF that I always use (special renewed thanks to the members who helped me then advising me to buy this pen by the way ) ; t
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm looking for the information on this Platinum (supposedly) pen, which I bought on eBay - it was advertised as "Urushi" and "Maki-e", and has a nib of 3776. But the cap is not screw-on (and on my other Platinum 3776 pens caps screwed on the barrel). I saw a similar pen (https://andersonpens.com/platinum-3776-urushi-maki-e-sakura/), but this similar pen also has a screw-on cap. I'm wondering if this pen is fake, and if it's not - I would be happy to know more about this pen. Thank you very much for any information. In the box: Without cap: Nib:
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new to Fountain Pen Network, and what has drawn me here is the expertise of the members who frequent the forums here. I would like to participate more in the future, but I do have an immediate question of the community. Please tell me if I've included anything in this post that are against the rules. I recently acquired this Sailor 1911 King of Pen from England. The seller informed me that her father (its previous owner) died recently and that he was an avid pen collector. She is slowly selling the collection apparently because none of the family is that interested in the
  4. The is a lovely old pen from the 40's i would guess. 140mm but only weighing 20 gm, with a 14ct Warranted nib. Does anybody know anything of this brand?
  5. dicks390

    What Montblanc Model Is This?

    Hello: This is my first post. I recently purchased the pictured pen on Ebay. It has an 18K nib, but is only hallmarked with Montblanc and Germany on the mid ring, with nothing on the top ring. It looks similar to the 121 and 14 based on the mid cap design, but it is not. Can someone please tell me the Montblanc Model name? Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, I went to the DC Pen show last weekend, and fell in love with a pen that I didn't know anything about. I've attached a few pictures to show the pen opened and closed with a full sized pen case and lined notebook paper for scale. (Sorry for the bad quality pics -- I had trouble getting them small enough to post!) This little acrylic Laban pocket pen caught my eye immediately, and even after walking through the whole show, I just kept going back to it. I have a weakness for pocket pens, and this one isn't too thin and feels very comfortable in my hand. It twists to po
  7. Hello everyone, I bought a Platinum Pocket Pen a few months ago whose model name I don't know but would love to find out. I look forward for help and thank you. I read some topics here on FPN on Platinum and Pilot pocket pens, found old advertisements but can't identify it assuredly. Some characteristics are: - made by Platinum - black body with gold trim - 14k nib - accepts modern Platinum cartdridges but not converters - lenght closed ~11,9cm, lenght open ~10,3cm, lenght posted ~14,9cm - the trim on the clip and cap looks more yellowish than the ring on the body Again, thanks fo
  8. I have owned this particular Waterman's pen for some years, but for the life of me, I've not been able to identify the model. It has a screw-operated internal plunger for filling, the knurled part that you twist being hidden under a removable cover on the end of the pen. The text on the pen clearly says "Waterman's" and "60", and "made in England", but I don't think it is like a Ligne 60. The overall style is reminiscent of a Taperite. I'd be grateful for any help you can offer in identifying this great little pen.
  9. Can somebody help me identify this vintage Visconti fountain pen? Sorry for the bad photo's (didn't make them myself) I don't have it in my possession yet so have to do with these images. On the nib is engraved "Tropen Iridium chrome". This is all the information I have. Sigrid
  10. So, what is this pen? I was recently in London for the first time and doing the tourist thing with my husband when we swung by the 221B Baker Street Sherlock Holmes Museum. Unfortunately, I hadn't anticipated high demand on a Tuesday (?!) and we realized we most likely wouldn't make it to our next appointment if we waited for entry through the (50+) long line and took a quick consolation lap around the gift shop. The pen caught my eye (the idea of Sherlock Holmes handing out branded pens to his clients gave me a chuckle, at least) and on uncapping it I noticed it was a fountain pen--bonus!
  11. ProfessorB

    Identify A 45 Set (?)

    Hi All, Is this a 45 set? Not great pictures but the section and nib look like a 45, although the cap and barrel are a color I've never seen in the 45. Maybe a limited, special run of 45's? But there were a gazillion 45's over the years, and for all I know this might be more common than I think. Li'l help with the i.d. and any information you might have on this set in particular? Does that nib look like it might be 14k? Scott
  12. ProfessorB

    Help Identify And Appraise?

    I'm about to buy a cool Falcon set, and probably going to pay too much for it. The seller says it's used and (but?) in excellent condition. I know nothing more than what is in these fuzzy pictures. Anyone know: (1) which Falcon model it is? (2) what year(s) it might have been made? and, (3) ballpark idea of what it is worth (in the sense of what would sell it somewhat quickly in the FPN Classifieds)? Would really appreciate your detective skills and knowledge about whether it is (4) desirable to collectors (it is used, and "excellent" is not mint, although maybe it is minty? Looks like t
  13. I found this pen on ebay and I'd never seen anything like it. So of course I had to have it if nothing else than to try to figure it out. The nib seems quite odd to me especially for the brand. It kind of looks like it's semi-hooded? It says Stylomine 303 on its barrel but I've never seen a Stylomine pen that looks like this. Ive swen hooded Stylomines but they don't resemble this pen much as far as I can tell. I was thinking it may be a knockoff but Stylomine is a rather obscure brand for that. Otherwise, it may be a later model near the end of the company? Can anyone identify it? It was list
  14. Hello everyone, I just purchased this set of NoS Aurora sterling silver fountain+ballpoint pens (only FP shown in the photos), i need help with identification of the model name and any other info, many thanks in advance
  15. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I hope this post is appropriate. My grandmother recently gave me her Waterman Fountain pen. She doesn't remember much about it and I am having trouble finding any information about it on the internet. She thinks it is at least 30 years old. I don't even know if it is a dip pen or if it's just dried shut 😂. Do any of you guys know anything about this pen? I greatly appreciate the help!
  16. What is the name/model of this Parker fountain pen and ballpen? ...
  17. Hi all! Just starting with fountain pens and I managed to dig out this pen that has been sitting around. I believe this was apparently purchased in 1992 at a reputable department store but I am unable to identify the pen. I have attached two photos. It has the initials VR on the back. Help is much appreciated.
  18. penman88

    Pelican 140,

    i found a pelican 140 for about $80 us. how do i know if i am getting a 40s or 50's etc pen? the nib says 14c 585, and has the pelican logo on it. is this a semi flex nib or the ultra semi flex? how do i know how flexie this nib is by looking at a picture? the seller claims it is in perfect working order, i am on the fence with this purchase, can anyone help?
  19. Hi everyone! I recently picked up this pen that I believe to be from the civil war era. The nib says "John Foley's Bank Ben New York No. 7" I have seen varying versions online, but they all have a date on the nib; this one does not. Is that a problem? This does seem to be from the civil war era, but again, I am not an expert in this. I'm looking for more information on this such as when was it made, if it is okay that there is no date on it, what is its worth, that sort of thing. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you! Pictures can be found here because they are too big/too many to
  20. Hi everyone! I recently picked up this mechanical pencil that I believe to be from the civil war era. It is a slide pencil, has a screwable jewel top, and the name "Ezra C. Dean" engraved on it. The mechanical mechanism slides in and out, the jewel top comes off, and the hook loop on it also slides. I'm looking for more information on this such as who made it, when was it made, what is it exactly, what is its worth, that sort of thing. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you! Pictures can be found here because they are too big/too many to upload https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y0mB
  21. I'll spare you the backstory, but I've been quite enjoying the way that this old Monteverde Regatta writes, but it just dawned on me that this is likely not even a Monteverde nib! Unfortunately the "Iridium point Germany" isn't helping. Can anyone identify this leaf insignia? Thanks! http://i.imgur.com/S4F9htdm.jpg
  22. Hi I got this pen at a car boot sale and want to know what it is but honestly have no idea and says nothing on it except made in France and iridium point that doesn't help much
  23. Hi everyone!! I'm new here and I’m hoping someone can help me identify this pen and/or get more information on it. What I’ve figured out so far is that it’s definitely of Czech origin based on the 14 carat gold nib saying “CZECHOSL”. The cap also has a Czech silver mark of a goat head with a 3 underneath plus the US mark of 900 indicating that it’s 90% silver. There’s another mark that I’m assuming is a makers mark but I haven’t been able to pull up info on it. It appears to say K1P but I’m not sure if it really is a “1”. This was recently given to me after it was found in a desk. It was l
  24. dzwlim

    Help Id This Sheaffer

    I'm a newbie so please go easy on me but I recently found my father's Sheaffer in the closet and am curious as to what it is. His memory is fuzzy at best but he believes that he was gifted the pen during the 90s. I also managed to find a box of old Skrip Cartridges and would like to know what kind of converter this pen would use. Any help would be greatly appreciated! https://imgur.com/fpngallery/WhZpN0c
  25. My grandfather recently passed away, and one of the items that he left to me was a Parker Vacumatic. I have tried to figure out more about the pen from online articles and unofficial Parker collector sites, but so far have not had much luck. It seems that this particular pen is somewhat different than many of the most common subtypes. I was hoping that someone here might have the expertise to help me identify the when it was made, the subtype/style, and any other relevant information that could help me in appreciating this final gift from my grandfather. While I would never sell it, any insigh

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