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  1. I have a few Parker 51 pens that I've taken apart, cleaned out, and now it's time to replace their sacs, so I thoroughly removed any gunk and residue from the sac nipple, then shellac'd the new sac and left it to dry for a day or so. The result: after the shellac dries, it seems that it doesn't provide a good air seal. There seem to be "bubbles" under the sac between the "ridges" of the sac nipple, and as I apply some pressure on the sac, it starts to separate from the sac nipple very easily. For this reason, I'm too afraid to put this in a pen, because even though it sold of holds, I'm afr
  2. I've disassembled a couple of Parker 51s for cleaning and tuning. On one of these pens, the sac came off even though I didn't really want to take it off. I assume when I heated it up in order to take off the hood, it must've also destroyed whatever was holding this sac in place. The sac itself is somewhat discolored but it doesn't seem torn or damaged in any way. Is it okay to reuse this old sac by shellacing it back to the connector when I reassemble the pen? Or is this something that I shouldn't do?
  3. Hey guys, During my vacation in Greece, my bag was stolen and with it my trusty Parker 51. So I started to search for a replacement on ebay and a few other sites, and I just realized that they are now selling for like 2-3x the price I got mine back in 2018. It was a British burgundy 51 with a rolled silver cap, and I got it for about 60 bucks or so in 2018. But now, I can't find the same model anywhere below 180~200. Hell, I can't even find a decent one with a lustraloy cap below 100~120. What gives?
  4. Venemo

    Which Parker 51 Cap Is Legit?

    On the left side, there is the usual Parker 51 cap shape that I was already familiar with. On the right, it's a cap that came with a Parker 51 that I recently got from ebay. It has the 51 printed on it along with "1/10 12K GF" then "Made in USA". However it's suspicious to me that it has a somewhat slimmer apperance, a smaller jewel and a longer arrow clip. Can the cap on the right side of the picture be legit for the pen it came with? The pen is an otherwise ordinary looking aerometric 51 with the filler that has the black plastic bit at the top and the "To fill press ribbed bar firmly
  5. Carguy

    Mkiii Parker 51 Color Question

    In reading the Parker 51 book, I am finding a color I didnt know they made in a MKIII 51 - Turquoise Blue. Very similar to that color 61 which is my favorite color in that range. Do any of the big collectors have a 51 in Turquoise Blue that they can share a picture of? Id also like to see Rage Red for reference. I picked up a red Argentina model but its not as bright as I expected it to be. Any one willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  6. WLSpec

    Where To Look For A 51 Vacumatic

    I haven't ventured much into the world of vintage Parker pens, but after hearing endless good things about the 51, I am thinking of getting one. I am curious to know where you would recommend looking for one (best online stores) and what prices to look for. So far it looks like I could potentially get one for around $80 or so (looking for a regular sized vacumatic P51) but I want to make sure it is restored and in decent condition (I am looking on Ebay, but I have had some bad pen experiences on Ebay and I would want to make sure it is a good seller). So, what price should I look for with a P5
  7. Or not ~~ interesting, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. This custom "51" features the following: Four “quick change” threaded cap top jewels: 1) a Solid Gold Crown – ideal to have on the pen in your pocket when going to see the dentist – this one is also of course known as the Crown Jewel; 2) .45 solid lead – ideal for high caliber meetings; 3) 9mm Brass Jacket suitable for lower caliber meetings or casual writing; 4) 146/9 Mont Blanc White Star - ideal for highly pretentious meetings with status conscious individuals or groups… etc. The stainless steel c
  8. Or not ~~ interesting, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. This custom "51" features the following: Four “quick change” threaded cap top jewels: 1) a Solid Gold Crown – ideal to have on the pen in your pocket when going to see the dentist – this one is also of course known as the Crown Jewel; 2) .45 solid lead – ideal for high caliber meetings; 3) 9mm Brass Jacket suitable for lower caliber meetings or casual writing; 4) 146/9 Mont Blanc White Star - ideal for highly pretentious meetings with status conscious individuals or groups… etc. The stainless steel c
  9. Okay, so sometime back i bought these 2 parker 51 lookalike pens to try out hooded nibs(which I really liked). Now, one of them has developed skipping an hard starting issues, because I'm a lefty and many paper fibres and gunk are stuch in the grip section. I would really like to open it and give it a thorough clean, and it would satisfy me very much so. Since it is a very cheap pen (<$1), I did not hesitate to carry out repairs myself. I watched a few tutorials and realized that the feed can be accessed by rotating the grip section on its threads. Now, I tried this, with the result that
  10. Dear all, I am restoring my 51. I do not have access to any shellac to fix the hood. What common household items will suffice? Clear nail polish maybe? Also, please the photo and tell what will the best method to remove the scratch on the hood, and the grit sizes. I have bought Micromesh grits. Regards, Joarder
  11. sandy101

    Why A Parker 51?

    So, what is it that a Parker 51 does that no other pen does? There is a lot of eulogising about this pen on these forums, and I'm just wondering what this (vintage) pen offers that modern pens do not? I enjoy my Parson's Essential and the modern pens I have, and having been slightly disappointed in the vintage typewriter market (they are never as described on e-bay). I'm just wondering if anyone could share their enthusiasm for this pen. Why is it such a (supposed) classic? Why pay £30-£100 for a Parker 51, which may or may not work, when a brand new Pelikan.,or Mr Pen, (or whatever) can
  12. Daddysteve

    Help In Identifying A Pen

    I purchased a pen at a car boot sale it has Parkers with an s and 51 under it, the cap has a parker arrow clip and the nib is a bankers nib Any ideas?
  13. Greetings enthusiastic FP network community! I am new here, began collecting from around 3-4 years ago. Ever since I didn't really put much thought into taking my hobby up a notch until now. I recently just got a Parker 51 vacumatic from an antiques store for the equivalent of about $70. But what really weirded me out was me not being able to identify it's variant, as I couldn't find any similar pen to it on google so far. I thought maybe someone can help me out and give me more information about it and if I had a good deal? Information about the FP : It's vacumatic, 14K gold filled, and h
  14. HalfDeadHero

    Question About 21 And 51 Desk Sets.

    I'm new here and have only been collecting for about a year. I have recently got into 51s and was wondering if a 51 would fit into a 21 desk set or vice-versa? Sorry if this is common knowledge but I gave it a couple googles and couldn't find any good information. Thanks in advance.
  15. Dear all, Boring backstory... I've got a Parker 51 that works wonderfully. It's an heirloom pen and as it writes so wonderfully I no longer take it out and about. As such I'm in the market for a new 51 copy, a pen that I won't be fussed about loosing, breaking, nib down dropping, loaning... you get the picture Question: Can you wonderful folks list any 51 copies, and your experiences with them for me? If so I'd really appreciate it! I've heard the Hero 100 is a good imitation, one comment on fpn even suggested that the Hero 100 is a "slight improvement" on the 51. Could this be so!
  16. I recently purchased a serviced Parker 51. However it skips terribly, and starts hard. Backstory: So I asserted that the seller had maybe mislead me about servicing it. So I decided to take it apart and fix it myself. The filler unit works well, so I didn't bother to take that apart. I took off the hood, but realized that the seller didn't lie about it, the collector and feed were completely clean. I re-aligned the nib and feed with the collector carefully, so that the wide air gap on the collector is now precisely over the top of the nib. Then I pushed the nib and feed into the collector as
  17. Burtbricker

    Parker 51 Question

    I just got a Parker 51 today. I have a question about how it writes. I would say that it's an EF and wet only if I hold the pen a specific way. Just picking the pen up and writing it's dry and skips. I have a to move the pen around to find a sweet spot. I did buy it from a reputable seller. I would call him and see if something can be done but I don't want to bug him if that's normal. Thanks for any suggestion. Burt
  18. Rottandan

    Parker 51 Pencil Reassembly

    Hello guys , I have recently playing around with a new parker 51 pencil that I received (rotary) , and I can't for the life of me get it back together and working properly. The pieces to the puzzle that I have are a small gold ring , a metal washher-like piece , a small spring , the mechanism , and the rubber section for the back . As well as the body of course. Could anyone give me some guidence in to how to reassemble the pencil properly please? Thanks
  19. I think some of you are aware of my quest to find my first 14k gold - nibbed pen. I have boiled down to two choices: the 2000 or 51. My intentions are to: - Have a purdy pen. - A good suit pen - A writer's pen - A fine nib - An EDC pen. - It needs to also be durable. ("Drawing" done by a green Wearever Pennant - Ink is Noodler's Polar Eel Black) Thanks in Advance, Al.
  20. I finally got my 51(yay!) However, the pen was damaged during transist and there was a deep scratch on barrel which I removed using 1500 grit wet sand paper (read from a forum here) and now I have to remove microscratches from barrel and small scratch|es on cap.Can simichrome be used? And from where can I find replacements (s.s or lustraloy) caps? Thanks
  21. Hi! Straight to the point: what pump-filler pens do you know of? I know of Edison's Pump-Filler but the price is more than what I can afford ($350 for a steel nib and $450 for the gold nib besides international shipping...) so I'm looking at a "51" Vac which is about a fifth of the price. Do you guys have any other suggestions at this lower price point? I'm also aware of the Pilot 823 and TWSBI Vac700 which have a plunger of some sort. Open to those kinds too that are not variations of a lever filler. Thanks!
  22. When I disassemble Parker "51" aerometric pens, I find two kinds of breather tubes. Sometimes, the tube is metal (silver or stainless steel). The tube is pretty long, going pretty far into the sac, and there is a tiny little hole in the side of the tube, close to where it enters the feed. The other kind is a short, plastic tube, which makes a little "comma" shape as it comes out the back of the feed. These do not have the tiny little hole in the side. So, I was wondering two questions, which I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than I am about the "51" could answer. I gather from the vinta
  23. I need to replace the hood on a "51." I prefer to use hoods that work with o-rings: I don't have to screw them down hard (stressing the plastic) or use shellac to seal them against leaks. I have the option of buying a shell with a fully-recessed indent for the o-ring, or a half-recessed indent. I have no idea what the trade-offs are here. Could someone clue me in? The half-recessed shells look a little more robust around the lip, for obvious reasons. But I am no expert. Do they completely hide the o-ring? How do the two kinds of shell work out? E. K.
  24. In the world of fountain pens, there are forgettable pens and famous pens…. and then there are the icons. Those are the pens that have a wide appeal and a cult like following. You may love them or not, but there is no denying their impact and the passion they generate amongst devotees. One of these icons is the Parker “51”. There is an abundance of information about these great pens, and I will make no attempt to repeat all the details. I will simply point out that there are two primary filling systems used in the life of the pen – the vacuumatic plunger filler and the aerometric filler. The v
  25. lyonlover

    Tipping Material?

    I'm still learning about fountain pens (even two years into the hobby), and I wondered about this picture. The tipping seems to be a bit meager on this Parker 51. From advertising pictures and from most pictures I find online, Parker 51s generally come with nice round ball-shaped tipping. What do you guys think? Does this nib look normal?

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