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  1. Hello, I am communicating to all of you who have great experience in these pens. I just purchased my first vintage pen parker 51 aerometric condition near mint restored from a reliable website. But the problem is that the pen has a miserable ink flow like I've never seen, an extremely dry flow that makes the black ink look gray like a very soft pencil. It is also worse in my case that I write in cursive and fast and my loops look terrible and feel rough and look dim. And my question is if I'm supposed to have bought it restored so it's clean and free of obstructions or is it a problem with the nib? I feel quite nervous and disappointed honestly I like the grip and design of the pen but its performance is the worst felt in a fountain pen. And this happened with the most wet ink I have, I can imagine the terrible result with a dry ink = 0
  2. remus1710

    Parker 51 Comeback 2020?

    So i read on the TFPN facebook page that the parker 51 will come back in the second part of this year? What are your thoughts?
  3. dysmedia

    Greetings from Rome

    Hi there. I'm a Canadian living in Rome, and am just beginning to think about fountain pens for the first time in decades. A couple of weeks ago I uncapped an old Parker 51 that belonged to my late father, and was surprised to discover that it was filled with ink, that it started immediately and wrote beautifully. As a result I read everything I could about Parker 51s; I bought a Hobonichi notebook with Tomoegawa paper, and some new-old-stock Waterman South Sea Blue ink; and I started writing a book. The Parker is wonderful — it's a Special, with an Octanium nib that's pretty much perfect, except that it's a Medium, and my crabbed handwriting requires something finer. Hence, I've ordered a Pilot Custom 742 with a Fine Medium; it's on its way from a shop in Tokyo. It appears there are a number of great repair/restore people in Italy, so I may have the Parker nib replaced with a vintage Fine. Anyway, nice to be here.
  4. I walked down to Greenwich Market last Thursday hoping there would be a few stalls open. One had a couple of fountain pens, including this desk pen. I'm a sucker for Whitefriars bases so pounced on this. When I got it home and had a proper look, the sac was completely clean, I gave it a fill with water and no old ink came out at all! Parker 51 Desk Pen by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr Parker 51 Desk Pen by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr Parker 51 Desk Pen by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr
  5. Does anyone here know a shop or private nibmeister (nibmaestro?) in Rome who I can trust to grind a vintage Parker nib? I'm not even sure whether this is a good idea. It's a vintage Parker 51 Special with an absolutely perfect Medium nib (Octanium), but what I really need is a Fine. Is it sacrilege to have it ground down? Will it be as good as it is now? Am I better to simply swap it out? Semi-serious metaphysical question: It has sentimental value; does grinding a nib diminish the sentimental value of a pen?
  6. After trying a vintage 51, and two vintage Sonnets, I want to try a new out of the box Parker pen with a gold nib. I really liked the way the 51 wrote, and one of the Sonnets, they felt nearly frictionless and the way I write that's helpful. They were all Medium nibs. The options for that, at the best price I can find here in Canada at the moment, are: Parker 51 re-issue"next-generation" in Plum, "Deluxe" model with Fine 18k nib. OR Parker Sonnet Classic series Black lacquer, palladium trim, Fine 18k nib (rhodium finish). The 51 is slightly more expensive, but for the purposes of this let's say they're both about $160 USD. And they're both only available at these prices in the Fine nib, so there's that. Thank you for your votes and wisdom, and scolding, and whatever else you have in store for me.
  7. Hi folks, I got this Parker 51 from Ebay for a total of $70 including shipping. I'm trying to figure out of the nib is a medium or a broad. The pen is Made in England. If it's a Medium, it's quite a bit broader than my Made in England Parker 45 medium nib. What do you folks think? I am writing on Mnemosyne paper. Thanks! The nib says "14K" "585" "Parker" "Made in England" and I believe that's about it. I'm interested because I never thought I would love a nib that's this broad. It works well for speech outlines because it's easily legible.
  8. Bristol24

    Parker 51 to Fully Restore or Not?

    Recently I was able to get this Cocoa Parker 51 with a 1/10 12k gold cap. The imprint is fully legible with the date code showing that the pen was made during the third quarter of 1951. The pen looked pretty rough when I got it with dark spots in the gold cap and spots on the barrel. The barrel was easily cleaned up with some very fine polishing compound but the cap proved to be another matter until I reached for my can of Never Dull. A small wad of Never Dull did wonders for the cap (has anyone used Never Dull this way?). All of the dark spots faded to tiny specks and one small dark streak on the cap opposite the clip at the very top of the cap. There is also a small ding in the cap at about 9 O'clock from the clip. In addition to the ding and small spots on the cap (actually small pits and flaws in the gold filling), the breather tube is apparently either loose or corroded in two as I can hear and feel it move about if I slowly shake the pen with the barrel off. The pen fills and writes quite nicely, albeit a bit dry for my tastes but certainly doesn't miss a beat regardless how fast one writes. So, the question is: Do I fully restore this Parker 51? I can remove the sac and probably change out the breather tube here. The ding in the cap is another matter. I don't have the tools for that so I would need to send it off. Removing the ding should be straight forward but there would still be the flaws in the gold filling. Can those flaws be repaired or will I end up reaching escape velocity on this with the costs exceeding the pen's value. Right now, I am into the pen about $50 and could do the sac and breather tube here for another $15.00 or so. I heard that Cocoa is a somewhat rarer color. Is that true? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cliff
  9. Severn

    The new 2021 Parker 51

    Is it out yet? I've heard that it's meant to be released sometime this February, but I've started to see the new Parker 51 on eBay from the US and Poland, but have not seen any official confirmation of this. Did I miss something, or are these just from a few suppliers who've gotten early stock?
  10. 4litre

    Parker 51 nibs

    Can anyone tell me, are all Parker 51 nibs compatible with all Parker 51 pens? More specifically, are the later 1960s-70s nibs with a hole towards the rear end compatible with the feed assembly on earlier Aerometrics ? Or did Parker maybe give the feed a wider diameter on later pens, so that a nib from one of these pens will be too loose on the feed of an earlier Aerometric?
  11. jchch1950

    Parker 51 Flighter.

    How many versions of the Parker 51 with steel barrel and cap were made?
  12. Thought it might be Yellowstone/Mustard, initially, but find nothing comparable online. Photography can throw things off somewhat, but what are the chances that there'd not be a single pic that's even close? Could it be a rouge colour? It isn't even close to the Mustard here: https://parkerpens.net/parker51.html or here: https://www.peytonstreetpens.com/parker-51-vacumatic-1948-double-jewel-set-gold-cap-mustard-fine-excellent-restored.html somewhat similar to this, though not terribly close: http://vintageparkerpen.xyz/2018/06/rare-vintage-parker-51-double-jewel-fountain-pen-mustard-yellow-vacumatic-exc/
  13. This is certainly the most shocking / awe inspiring news from the Chinese Fountain Pen market that came surfaced recently .... well ... take a look yourself Parker China had the pages taken down already but the leak is out .... first photo show text say " new generation Parker 51 " , 2nd photo show comparing to original P51 , the last photo shown steel cap with steel nibs and gold plated ( look like VPD ) cap with 18K nib ; not much info, but look like a Chinese market only model and is rumored to be made not by Parker themselves but a long time local partner ( guess we know who ). No pricing yet and no info regarding as if its real or marketing testing the water ( Parker did once or twice try something like that in Chinese market ).
  14. Mercian

    English Parker “51”s

    From the album: Mercian’s pens

    Both aerometric “51”s, both made in England in 1954. ‘Navy Grey’ and (British) Burgundy. The cap on the Burgundy pen appears to be a 1948-9 cap.
  15. I have a few Parker 51 pens that I've taken apart, cleaned out, and now it's time to replace their sacs, so I thoroughly removed any gunk and residue from the sac nipple, then shellac'd the new sac and left it to dry for a day or so. The result: after the shellac dries, it seems that it doesn't provide a good air seal. There seem to be "bubbles" under the sac between the "ridges" of the sac nipple, and as I apply some pressure on the sac, it starts to separate from the sac nipple very easily. For this reason, I'm too afraid to put this in a pen, because even though it sold of holds, I'm afraid it would come loose and start to leak soon. It also seems that the shellac is weak, if I apply very little force the sac comes off easily. I've now repeated the process 3 times, tried 2 different kinds of shellac, each time cleaning out the gunk and residue from the previous attempt carefully. But I always get the same result. What am I doing wrong? Is there a trick that I'm missing here? This feels very silly because I was able to do this successfully in the past but for some reason I can't get it right this time.
  16. I've disassembled a couple of Parker 51s for cleaning and tuning. On one of these pens, the sac came off even though I didn't really want to take it off. I assume when I heated it up in order to take off the hood, it must've also destroyed whatever was holding this sac in place. The sac itself is somewhat discolored but it doesn't seem torn or damaged in any way. Is it okay to reuse this old sac by shellacing it back to the connector when I reassemble the pen? Or is this something that I shouldn't do?
  17. Hey guys, During my vacation in Greece, my bag was stolen and with it my trusty Parker 51. So I started to search for a replacement on ebay and a few other sites, and I just realized that they are now selling for like 2-3x the price I got mine back in 2018. It was a British burgundy 51 with a rolled silver cap, and I got it for about 60 bucks or so in 2018. But now, I can't find the same model anywhere below 180~200. Hell, I can't even find a decent one with a lustraloy cap below 100~120. What gives?
  18. Venemo

    Which Parker 51 Cap Is Legit?

    On the left side, there is the usual Parker 51 cap shape that I was already familiar with. On the right, it's a cap that came with a Parker 51 that I recently got from ebay. It has the 51 printed on it along with "1/10 12K GF" then "Made in USA". However it's suspicious to me that it has a somewhat slimmer apperance, a smaller jewel and a longer arrow clip. Can the cap on the right side of the picture be legit for the pen it came with? The pen is an otherwise ordinary looking aerometric 51 with the filler that has the black plastic bit at the top and the "To fill press ribbed bar firmly 4 times..." imprint and a barrel that says "Made in England". I think the fact that the barrel comes from England and the cap from the USA is quite suspicious. However, I'm pretty sure I've read about some early aerometric 51s that have a longer clip, so maybe this is just one of those? What do you guys think?
  19. IThinkIHaveAProblem

    Parker Superchrome Jade Green

    In keeping with my theme of doing things because I was told I can't... Parker Superchrome Jade Green! Yes, the slightly LESS deadly ink invented to replace Parker "51" ink! If you are not familiar with Parker "51" ink and the story behind it, please feel free to see my reviewsTunis Blue: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/354212-parker-51-tunis-blue/?hl=%2Btunis+%2BbluePan American Green: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/353661-parker-51-pan-american-green/?hl=%2Btunis+%2Bblue So, now that everyone knows why "51" ink had to go the way of the dinosaurs, let's take a look at its replacement!Launched around the same time as the new Aero-Metric (1948ish) version of the Parker "51" pen, the advertising for Superchrome was VERY bright and vibrantIt even went as far as to explain how this magical ink would soak into the paper and dry nearly instantly, instead of by evaporation!Here's the patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US2528390NEAT! Ok, so what happened then? Why is this called the "slightly less deadly" ink? and why can't i find it in stores!? Because it was discontinued in 1956 ok, but WHY!? Well, Parker started getting warrantee claims on their new Aero-metric "51"s... a lot of them... seems the alkalinity of Superchrome was actually eating up breather tubes!And they were made of STERLING SILVER... eventually, replacing them starts to get expensive ya know! you can read more about "51" and Superchrome here:http://www.richardspens.com/ref/care/51_ink.htm My Bottle is a slightly later bottle, the first ones came in a cool metal tin! According to the Parker "51" book, my box was designed around 1949And was awarded an honourable mention by the Folding Box Association of America! Wow... really!? the FBAoA!? no way! Yes way! it says so on page 145 of the Parker "51" book! here is my box and bottle pictured with my green Parker "51" Special Demi There was some sedimentation in the bottle, much like the Tunis Blue bottle, but much less of it, and not stuck to the bottom of the bottle.As with the Pan American Green, don't worry, I shook the bottle excessively in order to try and get those precious dyes back into suspension (not solution)! ok, but what does it look like on paper you ask? well I'm glad you asked, cause that's the whole point of this shindig! (Typed Text follows for search-ability, and because my handwriting is atrocious!) Rhodia Webnotebook, paper is slightly off white in real life 15 Jul 20Parker Superchrome JadeGreen. Bought 3oz bottleon eBay Jun-ish 2020. Thisis the second deadliest inkin history. Only the inkit replaced (Parker "51") isworse! Meant to "dry" nearly instantly it was designedto soak into the paper. Toobad it also ate sterlingsilver breather tubes...More teal than Green, buthat may be due to the age of the bottle. Some dryout when left over night in a pen(Dry times in a Wing Sung 601 and a TWSBI Eco 1.1)Would buy Again?N/A Parker SuperchromeJade GreenEco 1.1mmWing Sung 601Shading: Good/Very GoodSaturation: GoodFeathering: NilSpread: NilBleed: NilCleaning: Easy/Medium (Water tests, dripped and dabbed vs rubbed with a wet Q-tip) Notes: Colour is very close to Diamine Marine. FlowsOK. Pan American Greenis much greener.*Leaves a white crust/residue! (On the feed and nib, Seen well after cleaning and drying the Eco. So that white residue on "51" Feeds? yeah... probably from this ink!) Clairefontaine Notebook paper, paper is VERY white Parker SuperchromeJade GreenTwsbi Eco 1.1 mm stubThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.1234567890Clairefontaine PaperDry Times 30 25 20 15 10 5 1Wing Sung 601Drytimes: 30 25 20 15 10 5 1 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog1234567890 Parker SuperchromeJade GreenDiamine MarineJade Green Marine So that's it. That's Parker Superchrome Jade Green. It's a lot like Diamine Marine, except you know, super expensive, hard to find, and will kill your pen!While also leaving a weird white residue on your nib and feed... yay!
  20. CharlieAndrews

    The Famous Parker 51?

    Hello y'all! So I've seen mention of the famous Parker 51 EVERYWHERE. Whenever anyone is asked their favourite Parker Pen, it's more often than not their beloved Parker 51. What's so great about the Parker 51? What makes it different? Are there many makes/models of the Parker 51? Where does one go to acquire one, as I'm pretty sure they are vintage? Any information would be very much appreciated. -Charles
  21. danielfalgerho

    Leaky Parker 51

    I'm stumper by a Parker 51 Aerometric that drops gobs of ink into the cap or on the page. It had a broken collector, replaced that, gave a new ink sac, ran a thin steel wire through the breather tube and blew through it, put everything back together but the problem persists. Saying I'm stumped would be an understatement. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  22. Conradandhispens

    Reusing Parker 51 Breather Tubes?

    Hi, I'm still on the fence about whether or not i've done the right thing by keeping the original sterling silver breather tube in my 51 aero, previously on my other 51 aero i replaced this as it was snapped off. but i decided to keep the original in this pen because i had no breather tubes on hand and shipping them to my country takes over 2 weeks, and with the whole Covid-19 thing i fear it would have taken longer. about 3mm snapped off the end where it goes into the feed (i did get the broken part out, using Ron Z's method) but now the little breather hole is a little closer to the feed than before, is this ok and is the pen going to fill and empty fine? the breather tube is clear and has no signs of further deterioration. Thanks all. (this is the same pen I made a post about not being able to get the hood off lol, as you can see im still learning )
  23. WLSpec

    Where To Look For A 51 Vacumatic

    I haven't ventured much into the world of vintage Parker pens, but after hearing endless good things about the 51, I am thinking of getting one. I am curious to know where you would recommend looking for one (best online stores) and what prices to look for. So far it looks like I could potentially get one for around $80 or so (looking for a regular sized vacumatic P51) but I want to make sure it is restored and in decent condition (I am looking on Ebay, but I have had some bad pen experiences on Ebay and I would want to make sure it is a good seller). So, what price should I look for with a P51 Vacumatic, and where should I look? (I have also been scanning classifieds but I don't see many there). Thank you for any info Edit: Likely doesn't matter, but I am okay if it doesn't have a nib in it - just might give a few more options
  24. ALeonardoA

    Parker 51 12K Gold Cap Restoration Help

    Hello Members, I'm currently restoring my grandfather's Parker 51 with a 12K gold cap. The process been surprisingly smooth so far, thanks to YouTube and good luck probably, except I noticed that the nib of the pen doesn't seem quite right. It's a 14k nib and the tip is bent towards the right a bit. I don't have much experience with these pens and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about what options I have to remedy this problem. Would I have to purchase a new nib? If so, where can I find one? Could the nib be repaired? Any recommendations of who would be up to the task? I'd appreciate any help in the matter. Thank you kindly! Sincerely, ALA

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