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Found 12 results

  1. eugenebeauxbuton

    Date This Vac?

    Hey there! So I just snagged this Parker Vacumatic pen/pencil set. It seems to have an imprint of 'Made in Canada' (I knew when I read that the nib had great flex that this was probably the case) and a Speedline Filler along with a Blue Jewel Clip. Would you guys be so kind as to help me narrow down the year of this thing? I'm pretty sure 1939-1941 but would love to know for sure. Also what do you know about the 'Active Service' deal? Was that program only for active-duty military personnel? How did Parker market that etc.? Also this would lead me to think 1940/1941. I've included the photos that I have and I should have it in my grubby hands later this week...
  2. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  3. GabrielleDuVent

    Getting Nibs Re-Ground?

    After the local Paradise Pens decided to bite the bullet and go under, I went and bought a Cross Century Classic. Unfortunately, the pen is a medium, and I want to bring a FP to school. I'm currently bringing Sailor High Ace Neo, which is fine, but the plastic body is a bit worrisome. So I am considering getting one of my pens re-ground to XXF. My question is, should I get my Cross re-ground, or a Lamy Safari XF reground?
  4. Hello, in searching for a manifold nib, I realize I know nothing about Esterbrook pens. Basically, if I go to ebay and buy a manifold nib, will it fit any Esterbrook pen? If not, how do I find out? Even though this topic is simply a newbie Esterbrook topic, I don't mind if it diverges into a manifold discussion, since that is my only reason for being interested in an Esterbrook pen.
  5. Vanishing point question: anybody tried/owns an extra fine 18k nib and fine special alloy nib? How do they compare in terns of small writing and scratchiness/smoothness? Some people discouraged me from getting an alloy pen as being too dry compared to the 18k, but the fine nib 18k seems a bit too wet for some uses, after initially being rather dry for a week or two. Since the alloy fine has been described as rather dry, I was wondering whether it might be better than an extra fine 18k for my purposes (smoother yet smaller writing is the goal). A wet writer defeats that purpose.
  6. So here is my second pen review, again hand written. Summary: Pros - Impressive box, light weight, well engineered design and smooth. Cons - Pen does not look or feel high end, and it may not initially be apparent why the pen costs as much as it does, can be too wet leading to bleed through. http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=rk77k&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yypgp&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=mjg68&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=shayc&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=tiqz5&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=umhoo&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=jaocz&f=1 Click to view full size!
  7. Welcome to my first fountain pen review. This is of a waterman carene in contemporary blue and gunmetal with an XF nib. This pen was purchased (and tuned) from nibs.com. For now I will not post any pictures (as I can't be fussed to pull out the SLR) but pictures can be found from the offical website: http://www.waterman.com/en/carene/212-contemporary-blue-and-gunmetal-fountain-pen-st-3501179045580.html I think it looks better in person though! Forgive my hand writing, this is a hand written review. I did it quite hastily, the scanner didn't quite capture the ink's colour properly, it's a bit darker, but my screen isn't 100% calibrated either. enjoy! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yayzc&f=1 Click to view full size!
  8. Hi, I got a Hero 9296 last year, first chinese extra fine nib pen I have tried that is truly smooth, nothing about "satisfying tooth" that some reviews say when they want to defend a pen which is not quite smooth. Great price too. Well, I went to order another one, come to find a few surprises I did not see the first time: 1-Wide price variation, some sellers seem to have prices quite a bit higher than just 6 months ago, some for quite a bit less. 2-Some reviews describe the pen as a total loss, quite scratchy, nothing like my experience. So the question is, are there some Hero 9296 pens that are fake? Any way of knowing before buying? Perhaps some sellers are more reputable for this than others? Are the higher prices actually worth it? Something I did not know before buying, according to reviews, the converter is highly unreliable, proprietary (again, I am guessing the fakes use different converters than the "real" ones? No problems with my first one) Thanks for some clue.
  9. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to fountain pens, but I adore them already. I started using them as a product of a search for a finer line (messy, fast, small script required it), and now I continue my search. I am currently most interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point XF nib, which I have heard great things about. For context, I am a senior in high school (limited funds, and this will be used for note-taking), and I have been using a Lamy Safari XF for about five months now. How much thinner is the VP XF nib? How smoothly does it write? Is it useable for daily note-taking, as in fast note-taking? Could I use it with your typical 5-subject mead or staples notebook? ****If not, what's a good five-subject notebook for it?****** And, honestly, is $140 worth it? I'm saving up for it with lawn-mowing so it will take a few months (or longer if it snows early this year), but if it's really worth it I'm in. And one more thing, does anyone know if it's possible to test-drive one in a pen shop? It doesn't have to be any particular size nib, I just would like to know if the clip placement is a problem before I spend that amount of money. Thank you, to anyone who can help me out!
  10. DrPhilth

    Edison Ef Nibs

    I finally have the funds to purchase the ever so lovely Edison beaumont. I have been wondering though how the extra fine nib is. If anyone can tell me their experience with the edison EF nibs (scratchiness, wetness, etc.) it would be very appreciated. Thanks, ~Phil
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to Inky Thoughts but I figure this is the place to go for ink recommendations. I have been using Diamine Sherwood Green for a while, and I love it, but I'm getting kind of bored. Green ink has become something of a signature of mine, and and I really want to stick with it, but I need something new. For context, I write with a XF vanishing point, and I typically use good paper, so while feathering is a concern, as long as it wouldn't make the line significantly thicker, it's not a huge issue. I'm looking for medium to dark greens (has to be appropriate for school essays, letters, etc), and in multiple brands. I've only tried Waterman black and Diamine Sherwood before, but I want to branch out. That's why I'm here! So what are some of your favorite green inks? Anyone know of some particularly nice emeralds, swamp greens, or dark greens? Or some of your favorite inks in general that you think are worth a try. Thank you, as always, Rumbleroar
  12. Hey guys! So I'm looking for a second pen, I'm a newbie, I know. I'm looking for a nicer pen (I have a Lamy Safari XF now), and I want one with a bit of heft, a good FINE nib, and a nice sleek design. It can't be that flashy, I'm going to bring it with me back to college, but a nice pen between 100-150 would be great. Below 100 would be ideal, but I'm willing to pay more. The only requirement I have, and this is why I need all of your help, is that the nib has to write REALLY finely. I know those can be a tad scratchy, but I just need a really fine nib. Finer than a Lamy XF, if that helps. My handwriting just cannot take even medium nibs and still be legible, so please help guys! Thank you!

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