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  1. These days, more and more of us know someone who is utterly baffled by cursive handwriting. They will someday need to read something that is in cursive — but they are very unlikely to go to the trouble of learning to write cursive just for the sake of reading it. Even people who have been taught cursive as children often forget it, and find it a baffling mystery by the time they grow up. There are college entrants who’d “had” cursive in school at age 8, who can no longer read it by age 18. (Literally, as adults they cannot read their own childhood schoolwork.)
  2. Hello. I wanted to see what everyone thinks about the quadrupod grip. My girlfriend and I, who are discovering fountain pens together, was a bit slow to jump onto the bandwagon because she has a quadrupod grip and hated writing with my Lamy Safari (my first fountain pen). After reading what I can find here on FPN, and scouring the internet, I have come to the conclusion that everyone will never do anything the same. Especially when it comes to writing. I have read articles that advocate correcting the problem at a young age, and I have read that some consider it a legitimate "normal" gri
  3. http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m496/gclef1114/Tutuguans/0212151616a-1.jpg
  4. http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m496/gclef1114/Tutuguans/HenrySweadnerpropertysale.jpg http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m496/gclef1114/Tutuguans/PETERSUMANWARRANTOFEXECUTION.jpg
  5. Does anyone else notice that the quality and nature of penmanship changes depending on the nib, pen, ink, and paper?? Here's a sample of my sloppy handwriting. Practice in progress. Rhodia Paper.
  6. Esterbrook made millions of their flagship 048 Falcon steel pen. It was their best-selling pen for over 70 years. They're still common, relatively inexpensive and generally dismissed by those seeking the "grail pens." (they don't fit in an oblique holder, for one, so calligraphers tend to not be interested) They can vary in quality over the years, but even the worst, the most recent made (1940's) are still, in the end, a decent pen. They actually don't get the praise I think they deserve. This one is from the late 20's, but even the later ones are relatively nice. So, her
  7. Hello Everyone. It has been a while since my last post, and my pilot VP with cursive italic nib brings me back to here! I was looking for cursive italic example (as I am sure there is a lot on FPN) but most of the photos were deleted. Could anyone generously share his/her writing of cursive italic again please? I am planning to find some examples which are elegant but they can also be "tweaked" when I need to write faster (i.e. at work, etc) Many thanks for your help Gordon
  8. lindamarie

    My Writing Has Degenerated

    Hello! I'm lindamarie from Kentucky, USA. I promise that I learned to write -- and used a fountain pen years ago. But as I've gotten "older", I think I need to make some adjustments! Glad to be here!
  9. Hello. I am hoping someone could answer a few questions about the VP & Decimo pens if able, for lack of seeing the pen in person before ordering, mainly about the nibs: 1-I am under the impression that the matte black VP in medium might be a lot wetter than the medium Decimo, something about the intended market. Is that correct? If so, how does the medium nib in the Decimo and the VP compare to, say, the Metropolitan medium? 2-If the VP & Decimo are different in actual nib size, are the special alloy (capless) and the Decimo 18k the same actual size? (That is, their mediums are
  10. KateGladstone

    Some Handwriting Help Products ...

    A product of mine is now carried by major distributor Therapro ... http://www.therapro.com/Browse-Category/New-Products/TriOn-Pencil-Grip.html A second, much older, product of mine has been produced by them for years, and is still carried by them: http://www.therapro.com/Browse-Category/Stage-Write-Raised-Line-Progressive-Writing-Series_2/Stage-Write-Raised-Line-Paper.html Another, though smaller, distributor carries three of my products and makes them searchable under my name: https://www.nationalautismresources.com/search.php?search_query=Kate+Gladstone&
  11. teodormircea

    Feedback On My Penmanship

    Hello all, I would like to ask to give me some honest feedback on my penmanship. I started exercising 3 weeks ago with Michael Sull book, American Cursive. Thank you
  12. Hi there Fountain Pen Network, We are hosting Michael Sull in Tampa for four script workshops in February and wanted to extend the invitation to you all. He will be teaching American Cursive Handwriting (currently sold out), Beginning Spencerian, Off-Hand Flourishing, and Ornamental Penmanship. Class descriptions are here. Typically, he holds private or overseas workshops, so this is a unique opportunity for the Southeast U.S. Please see the attached flyer for more information. The Thursday-Sunday schedule in a few weeks is a great opportunity to visit Tampa and enjoy a nib-and-ink works
  13. phillieskjk

    Pilot Penmanship

    This pen has been reviewed before, but I just wanted to give anyone considering one or needing an extra fine nib another viewpoint to check out! First Impressions (5/5) The pen arrived from Jetpens in a small baggie. It is a fairly attractive pen, I got the clear demonstrator version, and came with a standard Black pilot ink cartridge. The plastic of the pen feels less brittle, and much thicker, than something like a Platinum Preppy or a Pilot Petit1. Appearance (4/5) The pen is long and thin, looking almost like a desk pen. There is a significant amount of space in the back of the barrel
  14. BLeeds

    Best Pens

    Hi there. I have created a new blog, listing some of my favorite pens, and there is a section on how to achieve better penmanship. I would love to get some comments from the readers of the Fountain Pen Network about the pens. I would also like to have your ideas on how to achieve clearer, nicer-looking writing. You may be the first person to reply to my blog! Thank you. Bruce Leeds
  15. My new Nakaya 17mm Portable Cigar String Rolled Aka-tamenuri with an EF nib. This is my favorite Urushi finish/color. It is also the first Aka tamenuri finish I've owned with Urushi on the threads. My previous pens had exposed Ebonite. http://www.zanerian.com/Nakaya17mmPortableCigarStringRolledAka-tamenuri01.jpg http://www.zanerian.com/Nakaya17mmPortableCigarStringRolledAka-tamenuri02.jpg
  16. So I was using my Penmanship with Perle Noire and thinking I was finally getting used to its extra fine nib, particularly with this ink... And with my luck of course at that very moment the !!! thing decides to burp a big drop of ink on the page. I was transcribing some notes onto a Claiefontaine notebook, it was so much ink it went through the page and stained the one behind it before I could say "where's that blotting paper?". I have to confess I was playing with it, turning the pen while holding the cap, although it didn't screw off completely. Might that have caused it? Why?
  17. Just starting out with pens and am in the market for a nice fountain pen. What kind of features am I looking for? What should I ask? How do I know I'm not getting ripped off?? Tips and suggestions much appreciated!
  18. For written (now drawn) italic—I'm talking about everyday script, but we can exclude post-it notes and such—I think there's room for disagreement on whether the following letters are better written with 1 or 2 strokes: d, e, p, and w. I find myself going back-and-forth, especially on e and p, and I'd like to finally settle on either 1 stroke or 2, and not have to think about it anymore. So, I'm curious what's most common among the FPN crowd (this sub-forum, anyway). I feel like the sources I tend to look at for Italic ductus and exemplars, etc., are pretty evenly split on d and p. But there
  19. Would any fountain pen person want to help me transform (into a fountain pen) the handwriting instruction pen that I now purvey which is here: http://pen.guide ? This pen contains a pull-out handwriting improvement tip-sheet (by me), consultable on-the-go ... but, so far, I have only been able to get it made up in (GASP! HORRORS!) ballpoint ... therefore, I am looking for someone who can work with me to produce it in fountain-pen form with a choice of nibs. Please reach me at handwritingrepair@gmail.com with the words "Handwriting Pen" in the subject-line.
  20. ThreeSixNine

    Elegance Or Obfuscation?

    I have taken ownership of a cache of family history-related documents and, browsing through them, have been struck by the penmanship employed on some of them. In particular, these two interment certificates from Wavertree churchyard, Liverpool caught my eye. The first is reasonably legible even to my untrained eye, but the second is almost completely opaque. The documents are dated 17 years apart, with the more legible one being the older of the two. I wonder whether the the same clerk is responsible for both, and that what we see is the refinement of his art to the point of absurdity. I
  21. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  22. Wouldn't it would be entertaining to post favorite recipes written using favorite pens and/or old handwritten recipes that came from friends and family? I am starting with a German Stuffed Turkey recipe given to me by a long ago exchange student's mother. If you are so inclined, please share your own and we can all join in two exciting obsessions! As Jacques Pepin would say, "Happy cooking!" written with my Edison Nouveau Premiere F nib
  23. Let me begin this post by admitting that I am no expert in handwriting, and that my own handwriting is nothing about which to be proud. That being said, I have observed that the attribute known as "flex" seems to have assumed something of the aspect of a Holy Grail in penmanship. Certainly, I mean no offense to those who value this attribute; and certainly, in the hands of expert penmen, the ability to utilize expressive variance in line thickness evokes my profound admiration: but my worship of flex is tempered by the following considerations: 1) I have read stories of modern and antique ni
  24. http://uproxx.com/life/2015/08/master-penman-craftsman-jake-weidmann/
  25. Hi all, I wonder if one of the nibs is thinner than the other. I have VP with fine nib and Penmanship with extra fine nib. It seems the fine nib of VP is little a bit thicker than the extra fine nib of Penmanship. I like the nib size of extra fine in Penmanship and the retractable mechanism of VP. Thus, I am thinking to purchase extra fine nib for my VP, but I’m not sure if the nib size of VP ef is thinner, thicker, or same compared to the nib size of Penmanship ef. If anyone has both pens with ef nibs or experiences with these nibs, please give me some feedback. Thanks in advance.

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