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Found 21 results

  1. Fountain pen beginner here! I just wanted to get the assurance of more advanced fountain pen users to affirm whether this is a good angle to rest my fountain pen at (I believe it is around the 40 degree range).
  2. Fenner Benedict

    Lamy Studio Threads

    I have just purchased a Lamy Studio replacement plastic grip section to replace the very slippery chrome version on my 2022 Special Edition Brown Studio. However, there appears to me to be a fairly obvious issue with the threads on the replacement part in the form of a significant 'dent' right through the threads. The shop contacted Lamy on my behalf and received this reply; " [...] the front part of our studio pens are produced by injection moulding. The "dent" in the thread on the studio is therefore not a defect but actually a production-related feature." The response from Lamy seems to imply that the dent is an inevitable consequence of the injection molding process. Seems quite unbelievable to me that this was not designed out during product development. I would consider a significant dent right through the threads to be a compromise too far - the part should either be manufactured differently to eliminate that or not manufactured at all! Has anyone else seen this on a Lamy Studio plastic grip?
  3. Crowley74

    Broken Carene Nib Grip Section

    Hi, First time poster and I am in need of help and experience. Unfortunately my Waterman Carene Fountain Pen has suffered the same fate as Balenemate's pen. His link is here from June 13. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/247665-broken-carene-nib/ I've added pictures below: The crack is around the entire circumference of the Pen grip. I believe that the Fountain Pen lid itself is defective and must have some how damaged the pen Anyone with experience of this problem? Will Waterman replace the entire pen under warrant? Rather than attempt a repair? Thanks Tom
  4. I have been using a metro and recently i switched to a pelikan m200. I noticed, that even though the pelikan is significantly lighter and has a slightly larger grip, my hand would get tired more easily. After a few days I got used to it. Is it normal to have that experience after switching grips?
  5. I'm in my 40s and am an artist wanting to learn calligraphy. I'm particularly interested in Copperplate. A recurrent issue is that I have a weird pen grip -- index and middle finger on the pen and thumb high -- a lateral quadrupod, from what I've been able to discover online. While I'm sure there are calligraphers who have the same grip but have found a way to work with it, I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to relearn holding my pen. Having the weird grip is making it difficult to fully enjoy some pens like the Lamy Safari. So has anyone completely changed their grip, and if so, how long did it take you to feel like you're as comfortable with the proper grip as your old one? My hand is currently feeling like a withered claw from practicing writing. It's only day one... thanks, Liora
  6. I know there was another thread about thicker sectioned pens but the OP specifically wanted pens that were under 50 dollars and I didnt want to hijack it into something the exact opposite of what they were looking for. The range for comfortability for me would be 10.5mm - 13mm and I would say the upper end of what I would spend would be ~600 usd. Right now I already have a Pelikan M800 and a Montblanc 146, but i kinda find the Pelikan to be a little more comfortable because it flares out at the end of the section. I am not looking for a pen with a steel nib, not to say that they are not as good at writing, but of course like all things in this hobby, it's a personal preference. So far I've looked at the Homosapiens and I am not sure if I like how shiny the finish gets after some use, along with the quality control issues that I've heard about (though some say its blown out of proportion, but as someone who has never bought one I cannot say). Im kinda lukewarm about demonstrators (don't really like the "clear" versions but do like tinted versions like Pilot Custom 823) Here are a few that I am considering but I would also like some more recommendations to scope out what would be most aesthetically pleasing and a good workhorse (I am planning on using this pen for all my notes and work at school, not worried about thieves 1) most people im my classes arent really interested in my pens besides the "wow your pens look so fancy" 2) I keep watch of my pen case the entire day) Pilot Custom 823Visconti Homo SapiensPineider La Grande Bellezza Honeycomb (Can anyone with this pen tell me how the finish feels against your hand when you're writing?)Aurora 88
  7. I'm looking for a reliable daily writer, an inexpensive - let's say under $50 - fountain pen with a section that's 10.5mm-12.4mm in width. As I continue to learn more about fountain pens I find that I like thicker sections. My favorite nib still has to be on my Metropolitan M, but the 8.4mm section (acccording to the GouletPens site) is so narrow it's painful for me two write more than a half page with it, so had to I clean it out & put it away. My main writers are a bunch of F and M Preppy and Plaisirs, and a M Kakuno. Their 10mm sections' widths are just about the minimum I can write with for long periods, but I'd love something a bit thicker. (I'mfine with light pens though, and I prefer to write unposted.) My favorite-feeling pen I've used is the Jinhao 159, which GouletPens notes has a 12.4mm section. But I've had terrible, repeated issues with all my Jinhaos drying out and hard-starting (using various inks), as well as occasional feed problems with two different replacement Jowo B nibs. If I could get a Jinhao 159 that didn't dry out I'd be in heaven, but the pen's design (and the cheap plastic feeds, which sometimes reseat the nibs after continued use) are design issues that I don't think can be avoided. From my research one possible pen option I came across that's close to my needs might be Monteverde's Giant Sequoia, which is a bit outside my budget, and bigger/heavier than I'm used to. Azizah's review says the section is 10.8mm which might could work well for me. Are there any decent thicker-grip pens I should consider in my price range?
  8. Hi I am a new KOP demonstrator owner. I have just inked it up with the SAILOR Bird Nipponia Nippon Red ink ordered from Japan which arrived today. It writes excellently. However, what I see after inking it are some small blobs of ink between the clear plastic on the steel ring above the black grip on one side Is this normal? Should I go back to the seller? (see better photo after edit) Warm regards/gary
  9. Hey everyone! My question is, if you own a TWSBI-Eco T, what's your impression of the grip section? Also, do you think this would work for a lefty, even though I dislike Lamy's grip? Thank you!
  10. I bought it on one of my ebay trawls (I think). I have no idea if it has a model number. It certainly feels nicer than the hard triangular section of the Safari and its clones. It is the nearest thing I have seen to a clone of a Lamy Nexx. I believe it came in a 0.5mm nib or a 0.38mm nib that is hooded.
  11. I love Pilot Elite E95S Fountain Pen, but I wish it was a bit longer since I have long fingers. Its the right weight, right balance, classic look of a fountain pen, and I love how the cap slips off and on easily, no screws, which makes it a pen to go to immediately in order to jot a note or plunge into writing. Are there other pens that have that classic design, long enough for my hand, and the cap slips off easily in order to get down to writing? Pens are tools for me and I wish for a pen to have it all so I can write and write and write. And yes, Im familiar with Lamy 2000 as a good workhorse pen. What are some other recommendations, please? No screw caps please.
  12. tvradio

    Eco-T's Triangular Grip

    I'm a lefty with an oddly angled grip, where the nib ends up aimed almost at my right shoulder when I write. With the placement and angle I hold my pens Lamy triangular grips just don't work for me. However the Pilot Kakuno does, because the nib unit can be rotated (unlike the Lamy). So: is the nib unit in the Eco-T set in place in relation to the section, or like the Kakuno can it be rotated (slightly) to accommodate my weirdo writing style?
  13. What ball point do you use for long writing sessions? I do not feel comfortable using my lovely jotters so I have found the Faber Castell 2011. The grip is absolutely convenient for the task of writing two or three hours so …I am going to by the same as a mechanical pencil too. https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/e-office/item/grip2011bp/ https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/auc-youstyle/item/fc131253/
  14. KateGladstone

    Some Handwriting Help Products ...

    A product of mine is now carried by major distributor Therapro ... http://www.therapro.com/Browse-Category/New-Products/TriOn-Pencil-Grip.html A second, much older, product of mine has been produced by them for years, and is still carried by them: http://www.therapro.com/Browse-Category/Stage-Write-Raised-Line-Progressive-Writing-Series_2/Stage-Write-Raised-Line-Paper.html Another, though smaller, distributor carries three of my products and makes them searchable under my name: https://www.nationalautismresources.com/search.php?search_query=Kate+Gladstone&Search= Note that one of my products there is a (gasp) ball-point with a pull-out sheet of handwriting help info. Id like to reach anyone at FPN who could help me make a fountain pen version of this,
  15. Uncial

    Decoband Grip Play

    I have a red ripple effect decoband and the lower grip section is all black but has a little bit of play in it which I can oftentimes feel as I write with it. It isn't so loose that it comes out, I just think it has either shrunk or loosened with age, but it really is very slight. I was thinking that a small bit of shellac might help to secure it, but I'm also conscious that this may present a bit of a pain if I ever need to replace the sac. Would this be a good solution, or is there another solution that might help that I haven;t thought of?
  16. Hello, Fountain pen lovers! I have several Lamy Safari pens as well as a brand new Pilot Metropolitan. I also just got some Diamine Shimmering Seas ink that I'm really excited to try out. I look forward to getting to know you. Cheers, Liora
  17. MichaelSpyker

    Pelikan Go! P-70

    Hi Everyone, So I have a Pelikan Go! P70 and I've royally fu**ed up. I was cleaning the nib, very gently, and, I guess my gentle wasn't soft enough so while still screwed into the barrel, the nib section broke off. On top of that, there's a crack in the grip and it keeps falling off. Here's a few questions I have. I'm dirt poor and can't afford another one! I had this pen for literally 3 days before it went to sh*t. I pretty much spent my savings on this and I'm pretty sure I got ripped off. I paid upwards of 50 euros for this, plus currency exchange fees from the Canadian Dollar, so, I know, I messed it up. Okay.... Can I repair this pen? It's my only hope to write with a fountain pen. Can I remove the screw in section from the barrel? It's broken in there, screwed in. If I can remove the section stuck in the barrel... how can I reattach it to the nib section? I'm planning on fusing the plastic together to fix the crack and using superglue to make sure that the grip stays sealed (not stuck to the nib section though). Honestly, I'm desperate to repair this pen. I can't afford another one after I got ripped off with this one.
  18. I don't know what the proper name for this, but Im curious to know what other folks think.... I've attached a photo, for purely illustrative purposes: the part where the barrel and the nib unit and grip all come together. Like a "step". I find pens with this to be very uncomfortable, difficult to hold....but that might just be because my hands are relatively small, though long fingered, and my joints are hypermobile and headed towards arthritis. Any thoughts or opinions very welcome. I'm trying to distract myself from some things about which I can do nothing, and I find that thinking/reading about/using my pens, plus listening to Leonard Cohen, is a very good way of at least taking the edge off somewhat.... Alex
  19. When using an Esterbrook flex nib 9048 or 9128, how do you hold and write with the pen? With a fountain pen, I normally write with a tripod grip with the pen at about 5 o-clock angle to the writing. And the downstroke is actually a diagonal stroke with the pen. But with my 9048 nib, I switch to a finger over grip, with the index finger at 12 o-clock on the pen, and the pen aligned at about 7 o-clock to the writing, so the downstroke is in line with the pen. This allows the downstroke to be a straight down pull rather than a cross stroke. Similar to a grip that is taught in the old Spencerian and Palmer instructions.
  20. Hello All, I've been making slow progress with my writing but noticed that I've developed a bad habit with my pen grip. I seem to have developed a 'crab' thumb grib. I start off with a nice grib, but by the end of the line my thumb is bent to 90degrees at the first joint and I'm pushing the pen towards the index and middle finger. Are there any tips, exercises, practices I could do to help with this? I'd much rather fix this now, than get my handwriting to a good point and then try and fix my grip. Thanks.
  21. Hi I've just bought a parker 45 with a grip section that has 4 equially placed depression, they are placed at 12,3,6 and 9 oclock. they are smooth and contain no ridges unlike other shaped grips i've seen. In fact this is the first Parker 45 I've seen without a totaly round grip section. Does any one out there have any info on this? Pen is a parker 45 flighter, gold nib with silver coloured (chrome) trim and tassie at the end of the barrel. Regards

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