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  1. brg5658

    Twsbi Eco Turquoise!

    I just got the notice from Goulet that the TWSBI Eco Summer 2017 special edition turquoise pen is in stock. I ordered both an EF and a 1.1mm. Beautiful color! Now, I have to be patient until they arrive...
  2. So today I got to my dusty now pen holder and took out 3 Twsbi ECOs which were sitting there unused for around 2 years half-inked. They did not dry! To my surprise they even wrote from first nib touch to the paper, amazing! The inks were quite decent quality as well, Iroshizuku Kon Peki, Sailor Yama-Dori and Souten, so that may have been a factor too, colours however did come out much darker than normally attributing for some H2O loss.
  3. My preordered TWBI ECO in yellow arrived in the mail today. YAY!!! I was thrilled to see that it wasn't a dull orange-yellow or an eye-stabbing neon yellow, nor yet a depressing school bus yellow (which never fails to look dingy to my eye). Nope! What I have is a sunny cheerful yellow. See it below! Now I just have to ink this pretty pen up ... but though I would like to use a yellow to yellow-orange ink (but nothing mustard-like) I don't know which ink I should use. Would anyone like to offer up any suggestions as to which ink I can pair up with my new pen? Please and thank you!
  4. Kalikrates

    Possible To Fully Fill Twsbi Eco?

    This is probably a very naive question, but I have gotten hold of a TWSBI eco which is the very first piston filler I try (and by the way, great nib for the price), so please bear with me. When I fill it, the piston sucks ink from the bottle but it also sucks air, i.e., like half of the barrel gets filled with ink and the other half is empty (or in other words, the ink level goes up slower than the piston, for every 2 mm that the piston goes up, I get 1 mm of ink). Its this just a physical limitation with piston fillers and "just the way it is", or am I doing something wrong and the barrel should fill fully?
  5. Hey everyone! My question is, if you own a TWSBI-Eco T, what's your impression of the grip section? Also, do you think this would work for a lefty, even though I dislike Lamy's grip? Thank you!
  6. ​Sorry i mistakenly called it WingSung, so many new pens came out lately and they are so similar. anyway, it may look like TWSBI ECO but its not in the same league at all Great for rough use , not for showing off. ​
  7. Here the diagrams of my little and very simple origami "stiloforo" for fountain pens. On this site more pics + tutorial https://sites.google.com/site/cartedartificio/home/easystand ;-)
  8. adatse

    New Twsbi Eco - Transparent Blue

    Came across this: https://purepens.co.uk/acatalog/TWSBI-Eco-Fountain-Pen-Blue-Transparent.html Picture from PurePens. I saw an Instagram post from them about a release date in September, but I can't find that post anymore. What do you think?
  9. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Dripping Ink!

    Hi guys, There is a problem with my TWSBI Eco of dripping ink from the feed. While I had emailed TWSBI they said to wipe the feed after filling the pen and that seemed to have solved the issue, but only for a while. What happens is when I write for a long time, ink rushes into the feed making it very saturated and it starts to drip. Is there any solution for this? It may be the heat from my hand and I live in UAE (it is summer here) but I have my ACs on. Can anyone help me? Regards, Adit
  10. DocFP

    Jowo Nib For Eco

    Hi guys! I have an ECO EF but would like to fit it with an xxf. FPnibs sells and grinds jowo steel stock #5 nibs, but they don't know if it fits the ECO.... I think it does, but has anyone tried to fit a stock jowo nib on the ECO? Tks!
  11. I have a Lanbitou 3059, which I believe to be a clone of a TWSBI Eco, but I am not sure how close a copy it is. Anyway I want to remove the piston assembly to give the thing a really good wash out as I have been using it with Diamine Registrar's Ink, which is an iron-gall formulation I believe. Anyway, there's some ink between the two seals of the piston. It needs a thorough clean with warm soapy water before I contemplate using anything else in the pen. The Lanbitou 3059 really is a 'nothing' pen to me. It does have a really fine nib, which is it's saving grace. The huge ink capacity isn't that meaningful unless you have found an ink colour you like enough to buy a good sized bottle.
  12. antichresis

    Twsbi Eco And Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng

    Hi! I received my first TWSBI—an Eco—and I was wondering how resistant it is to staining from "strong" inks. In particular, I am looking at filling it with Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng, which is a great ink but also something that people have described as "apocalypse-proof". I have lent it successfully to people when their ballpoints (ew) would not on the signature space on credit cards so it is that kind of special and stubborn. I don't have high hopes for its compatibility but if it has been tried and tested it would a welcome surprise. nb. I get the whole battle scars argument but I prefer my pens to be on the side of "pristine"
  13. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Review

    Introduction: The TWSBI Eco fountain pen was a birthday gift from my day. There is quite an interesting story with this pen. I ordered this from The Goulet Pen Company and chose USPS First Class International because it was the cheapest option. But…. the package never reached Abu Dhabi. I informed GPC about this and they took care of me by shipping another one through FedEx- for free. They have great customer service. The pen reached me within a week and when I inked it up for the first time, I was…. disappointed. It wrote way too wet with Waterman Purple. I thought it must be the ink so I changed it to Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue but still no use. So, I thought that is the characteristic of the ECO so I let it be that way and filled it back with the Waterman. One fine day, I sat down to do a project for school and the pen dripped purple ink on the paper and of course, the project was ruined. Fast forward to a few months, the section cracked and the feed stem broke. I never reviewed the pen due to my experience. With some hesitation, I ordered replacement parts (feed and barrel) from TWSBI and now, I am as happy as I could be. Packaging: The TWSBI Eco comes in a frosted plastic box which I just seem to love. It doesn’t take up much place but does what it needs to. It holds a vial of silicone grease, a TWSBI wrench, the pen and two manuals. It does its job perfectly. I wouldn’t be grading packaging from now because it doesn’t impact the usability of the pen in any way. Construction and Looks (9/10): The TWSBI Eco is TWSBI’s most economical pen at around 30 dollars. They minimized costs by reducing the amount of metal in the pen but haven’t cut down on quality. It has a very minimalistic design with a nice geeky elegance. The only metal parts being the nib, clip and cap band are highly polished. The clip reads ‘TWSBI’ and ‘ECO TAIWAN’. The white of the plastic accents the clear smooth barrel well. The cap and piston knob are faceted. The nib is a small nib which is very brightly polished and has the TWSBI logo stamped on it. The only place of dislike for me is the cap insert of the TWSBI logo. It feels really cheap especially after trying the Diamond 580. But for 30, I can’t complain much. Filling and Cleaning (8/10): The TWSBI Eco though economical, comes with a piston filler. It has a nice ink capacity and is really smooth to use with just a bit of resistance that makes you realize you’re turning a knob. Filling is a breeze and so is cleaning. You can take apart the pen completely with the exception of the clear section. But at times, in the small groves just before the section, ink can get stuck and is quite difficult to remove. Other than that, I have no problems. Maintenance (9/10): As I said before, the pen can be taken apart which makes maintenance very easy. TWSBI provides with a wrench made of plastic to take the pen apart and a small vial of silicone grease which can be used to grease and smoothen the piston system. The only problem is that it is a liquid kind of silicone grease which can get into the section if you aren’t careful. Also, it doesn’t resist water as well as the thick one. Writing (10/10): The TWSBI Eco is a workhorse of a pen with a beautiful medium nib and a perfect ink flow (with the new feed). The nib is on the finer side of western medium which writes very smooth with a whisper of feedback. I use the pen with Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz that I received at the Pelikan Hub 2017 Abu Dhabi. This is my favorite nib in my collection with the ASA Nauka nib being a close second. I have no complaints here whatsoever. Conclusion (9/10): The TWSBI Eco fountain pen is a serious pen for any beginner and I would recommend it to anyone. Yes, it can have some problems but TWSBI will take care of you if it does. I would place this pen leagues above the Lamy Al-star/Safari/Vista and Pilot Metropolitan. The pen is really a great value for the money. For something of an interesting nib, the 1.1 stub is awesome. I tried it at the Pelikan hub 2017 Abu Dhabi. I will also use a new way of describing a pen here- Closer to my hand- Writes great, workhorse and comfortable. Closer to my heart- Something special with an emotional story behind it. Closer to my wallet- Economical and nice quality. This pen is both closer to my hand and wallet. I give it a big yes. Thank you for reading my review of the TWSBI Eco and let me know your thoughts below.
  14. spaceink

    Show Your Twsbi Eco

    Mine just came in, and I assume others are receiving theirs as well. Show your first scribbles with it, or just let us know your quick impression of it. This is my first TWSBI, and I'm impressed. I've handled an acquaintance's 580 and like that, too, but I feel the ECO holds its own. A nice piston filler that has a good, solid feel in my hand at a price competitive with other intro pens like the Lamy Safari or Pilot Prera. Writes smoothly out of the box, for me. I wouldn't hesitate to point my friends to this one.
  15. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Help

    Hello and greetings I have a TWSBI Eco which is my favourite pen currently in my collection. But there seems to be a problem. The piston knob when screwed all the way in, rotates freely for maybe a quarter or a turn. Is this common or something that I have to worry about? Thanks and regards, Adit
  16. Hi guys, I have a TWSBI Eco. It's a good, competent pen, smooth, with a large ink capacity,I like screw caps, and it's inexpensive. On the other hand I'm not in love with the pen. I borrowed a lot of Ecos (probably a dozen or more) from friends before and I was never struck by how good they were. They were nice, and I knew I was going to try one eventually—if a good deal came my way—but it wasn't high on my list. I just felt that it lacked a bit of character, a bit of a quirkiness. From that and from your own experiences, should I get a Wing Sung 698? What does the 698 have that an Eco does not, why do you like one over the other? For additional context I have a 659 I bought last year. Again, a good pen, but I don't find myself reaching for it. There was also a problem with the feed (ink would not come down) that I eventually fixed. From what I understand, the 698 and the 659 have the same writing end (I also have a couple of 78G pens from <F> to <B>). Besides the piston filler capacity, what does the 698 bring to the table that those two don't? Does it feel better in the hand, is it better made? Lastly, I got the 659 because I like demonstrators and I love clear feeds. However, the feed on mine has stained. I don't recall what ink I had in the pen, but I don't think it was any problematic ink because it's only the feed that got stained and not the section or the converter although it is also possible that I had the pen inked much more than usual (didn't reach for it much), but did you get your 698 feed stained? With what ink?
  17. OTrizy

    Twsbi Eco Dry In A Way?

    I don't think it just me or my Ecos but I have and issue with my eco. I need to prime the feed about every 2-4 pages I write. For example first time in the morning I do is to write essays/text in general and after 2 pages my shading ink is not shading anything and is a lot lighter then my letters are missing some parts like T letters the '-' part or something like that then I screw my piston for a little bit so I forced some more ink to my feed and after a while I have the same problem. I know some others have the same issues but did you guys find a solution to this or just try to deal with it. Btw I write in Rhodia paper with Noodler's Blue-Black Air-Corp. Twsbi Eco M and F nib.
  18. coriander

    Ecos With Screw Caps?

    Hi folks! My first TWSBI came in the mail today--a white ECO with a broad nib. Being the kind of person who obsessively reads reviews before buying ANYTHING, imagine my surprise when the cap screwed off instead of snapping off like I was expecting! (The wording makes it sound like I was expecting it to break but you know what I mean) Can anyone offer any insights as to when they might have made the switch, just to sate my curiosity?
  19. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Dripping Ink-2

    Seems like I spoke too soone in my previous topic. My TWSBI Eco is just the same-dripping ink. I cleaned it out again and filled it with water to see what exactly was happening. -When the pen is in writing position, air bubbles from the nipple of the feed rise towards the top of the ink reservoir one by one. -This is followed by water rushing into the section and filling it completely. -And after that, it drips ink or water. Anyone had this? I love the pen but it has given me problems unlike many of my pens. Thanks and regards, Adit
  20. Today on TWSBI's FB & Instagram pages they announced a Lime green Eco will be available from mid October. Looks pretty nice, although I'll believe it when I see it, considering how long the clear caps took to come to market....
  21. spaceink

    Nibs For The Twsbi Eco

    My first TWSBI is supposedly on its way and in anticipation am already thinking of playing around with nibs. The question is, which nibs will fit the ECO? The other TWSBI nibs might fit? Also, what size non-TWSBI nibs will fit? How does one remove the ECO nib: screw off, pull off, or knock out? And if you've switched in some other nib, feel free to post your results.
  22. Just received these two pens in the mail so I thought I would quickly give my thoughts in case anyone might be debating between buying one of these. I did get the 1.5 nib on both of them. As you can probably tell from the picture, the Eco writes a touch thinner than the Vista. The Vista also writes a bit wetter but the Eco is not dry by any means. As TWSBI has stopped selling the 1.5 nibs, I wanted to get one while I could. It is tame enough that it will easily work its way into my EDC rotation. Writing Both write great. The Eco 1.5 can be an everyday pen whereas I think the Lamy 1.5 is a little too wide to be used for everyday stuff. Comfort As I said, I just got both of these so I can't say which would be better for long writing sessions. The Lamy obviously has the triangle grip, I don't mind it at all but some people do. I'll call this a tie. Looks You can judge by the pictures what you think is better looking but I think without a doubt the Eco with the massive ink in view is much sexier looking. I'll give Eco the win here. Value Once you buy the converter for the Vista, the prices are quite similar. Again with the piston filler technology you're getting with the Eco, I'll give the win to it. Side note though. Lamy nibs are much cheaper so big edge to Lamy for that. If the 1.5 is too big for EDC, a different nib can easily be bought and viola, now you have an EDC. Bottom Line The Vista is basically a clear Safari. Amazing pens. Been around for decades. The safe choice. Choose this if you want one pen with multiple nibs. The TWSBI Eco Clear is the sexy new kid on the block. If I had to choose just one, I would take the Eco for the looks, piston technology and the fact the 1.5 nib can be used everyday both at work and at home.
  23. Driften

    Got My First Twsbi's

    i got my first TWSBI's. I ordered an ECO F off Amazon and while waiting for that to come in I ordered a second one in the 1.1 Stub from Goulet. That one actually showed up a day before the one TWSBI shipped. For me the 1.1 seems like it goes from fine to medium. I can see using it as a daily pen, not just the special use type I thought it might end up being. The fine nib works well just as well as some of my other pens with fine nibs. Both are nice smooth writing pens. My favorite ink in general is Kon-Peki so I got samples of two other inks. I used samples of Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu and Shin-Ryoku inks in the two new pens. One issue I had filling from the samples was lots of bubbles in the ink fill. That kept me from getting good fills. I expect filling from a real bottle would be different but it would be good to know if that is other people experience. I look forward to the new 700s Vac coming out. Here is a pic of the new pens. http://driften.dragonsightsoftware.com/images/TWSBI-pair.jpg
  24. oberyn

    Twsbi Eco Leaking

    As the title says my Eco's nib/feed is leaking. :'( I accidentally dropped it onto the floor (thankfully with the cap on) then after a day or so I used the pen and noticed that the cap had a lot of ink in it because it dripped onto the car seat. I tried pushing the feed in and it worked for some time but it started leaking again. How do you suppose I go about fixing it?
  25. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Help

    Hello and greeting to all I recently bought a TWSBI Eco fountain pen from The Goulet Pen Company and I absolutely love it. Except for a problem. The piston is quite stiff and sticks to the barrel and sometimes gets stuck. This wasn't into action before cleaning the pen and removing the piston from the body to wipe out the water of the barrel. Can anyone help me out here?

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