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  1. Crowley74

    Broken Carene Nib Grip Section

    Hi, First time poster and I am in need of help and experience. Unfortunately my Waterman Carene Fountain Pen has suffered the same fate as Balenemate's pen. His link is here from June 13. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/247665-broken-carene-nib/ I've added pictures below: The crack is around the entire circumference of the Pen grip. I believe that the Fountain Pen lid itself is defective and must have some how damaged the pen Anyone with experience of this problem? Will Waterman replace the entire pen under warrant? Rather than attempt a repair? Thanks Tom
  2. Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the world of fountain pens, and have a couple beginner's questions regarding my new Retro 51 Tornado. It came with a medium nib, which writes nicely, but I'd like to purchase a nib that allows me to vary my line stroke and write more calligraphically and personally. Before I look into flexible or italic nibs, however, I was wondering if my pen can even take replacement nibs; the nib doesn't seem to come apart from the nib assembly/ feed, so even if I knew the correct size to buy I'm not sure if my pen could take it. Do I have to purchase an entire new nib assembly (in which case, where should I look to buy them?) or does the nib disconnect in a way I'm unaware of? Thank you all, Alec
  3. I recently acquired two Sheaffer Sagaris fountain pens, one with a fine nib, the other with a medium. I decided that I preferred the fine nib so I went looking for a fine nib unit to purchase to replace the medium. Since it's the entire unit, it should just screw into the barrel, right? I found a replacement fine nib unit from a seller in England, purchased it, and it has arrived. It won't screw all the way into the barrel that came with the medium nib unit. Hmm... So let's try the fine nib unit from the other pen from the original purchase. It won't screw all the way in either! Oh, futz... It's not due to the length of the converter (or shortness of the barrel.) I tried screwing in just the nib unit; no joy. The gap left between the barrel and the unit flange that nestles up against it is about 1mm. If I can find a flat washer with the proper i.d., o.d., and thickness I can fill the space, but that's a big if (and a big, ugly kludge.) I might have a better result with an o-ring (see ugly kludge.) Time to get out the vernier calipers and take some precise measurements. I suspect that the medium barrel was not threaded to the same depth as the fine barrel, hence the fine nib unit coming up short. It strikes me as very odd that Cross/Sheaffer would manufacture different barrels for different nib units because a more complicated manufacturing process is a more expensive and error-prone process. Can anyone shed some light on why the nib units are not interchangeable or suggest any alternatives for dealing with my situation? thanks, richard -- - You can’t get enough minimalism.
  4. Hi I didn't know where to put this so please delete if this is the wrong place, but... I wanted to know how to pick the right feed for my pen when buying from Fountain Pen Revolution. Here's the link in case anyone wants to see: https://fprevolutionusa.com/collections/5-5-nibs My pen has a feed that is 39mm long but I'm not sure that's what they're measuring here. Any and all help appreciated!
  5. coolcapri

    Twsbi Eco Nib In India

    Dear All, Greetings, I am from India and have newly joined FPN, a goldmine of information regarding fountain pens. I recently got (re-)interested in fountain pens after using a Lamy Safari for past 2-3 years. I needed something with better ink capacity and found TWSBI Eco to start with However, due to my stupidity I lost it's nib, and now cannot find a reasonably priced replacement for it here in India. Please guide as to what are my possible options. Thanks and regards
  6. besynes

    Twsbi Great Service

    Just more praise for the excellence of TWSBI service. My 580AL has been my everyday pen for over five years with NO issues. Love it. A while back I dropped it on the sidewalk, which cracked the barrel. I made an email request and TWSBI sent out a replacement barrel the next day. Only charged me $4.00. Wow. Thanks TWSBI!!!
  7. Ruth Feiertag

    Replacement Nib For Lifelong Pen

    I have a vintage Lifelong Pen in need of a new nib. Does anyone know where I might get one? Thanks for any help anyone can give me! Ruth
  8. So basically I have a HS dark age body, but need a nib for it. I know there are places out there to buy a nib for it, however, I want to see how the factor the following into any decision: Visconti is apparently switching to 18k gold nibs for the HS line going forward. Will those nib units fit in my pen? I also know that Visconti doesn't make their nibs and that I believe Bock does. Does Bock make a unit that I can acquire and use?
  9. Sprool

    Cda Replacement Nib?

    I have a Caran D'Ache Ecridor fountain pen with medium nib - would prefer to try a fine sized nib as ink flow is a bit fast for my liking - does anyone do a third party replacement nib to fit? Can the nib be removed easily? Or do I have to buy whole replacement unit at around £57?
  10. prinselijkcoder

    Replacing A Waterman Laureat Nib Feed

    Hello everyone, I'm exactly sure where to put this, but repair seems most apt to me. I'm fairly new to FPs, having bought a Pilot Metropolitan F about a year ago, and have especially started using them in the past few months. Apart from my Metro, I have a Waterman Laureat Mk1 M, which was given to me by my mother. She got it in the 90s, and I don't think she really used it more than a few years after that. I'm pretty sure she never even bought more than one bottle of ink. Considering that, it's been sitting in storage for at least a year, if I remember correctly it was not entirely clean either. So, the nib has what I assume is some corrosion on the nib. Overall though, it wrote perfectly fine over the past year, I never even took the nib out, just flushed it with water and soaked it awhile. That is, until I recently purchased a set of random ink samples from Goulet Pens. I got a couple shimmering inks, which is exactly what I didn't want, since the Waterman is only a medium and I tend to only use it once or twice a week. But, I was going to write a letter to a friend, and thought I'd just put the ink in to write it, then clear it out immediately. I used De Atramentis Indian Blue-Copper. Well, I wrote all of one line of carefully constructed greetings, slowly tilting, rolling and flipping the pen all the while before the nib was entirely gunked up. The copper was pooling on top of the nib channel and all underneath it as well, it pretty much entirely stopped writing. Well, I can't give up immediately, so I figured I would take out the nib and feed, clear it up, and try once carefully once more. Maybe the sample, or what I had syringed of it, had an inordinate amount of copper, and there'd be less now. I took it out, wiped the nib and feed off and rinsed it a bit, but didn't entirely 100% clean it since I was going to use the same ink. (Sorry for the bad quality pic, but you get the idea.) Yep. I didn't realise I needed to put it back in in a particular orientation, and in the attempt, after quite awhile, managed to snap the front of the feed off. Not my proudest moment by far. I doubt I can economically (at least relative to the price of another Laureat) or with a good chance of success repair it. It's a fairly clean break, but also a very small surface area to work with. I'm not sure I can glue it (I assume) back together, have it set properly and not just snap again. So, I assume I could buy another and just replace the feed. But, I was also curious if anyone knows of another feed or even entire front end of a pen that can work with the Laureat body and nib. I already contacted Waterman and as expected they stated they were unable to provide any replacement parts. That's about it I think. Just looking for some informed opinions on if I have any alternatives to trying to snag a duplicate, which I'm not even sure how pricey that could end up being. Of course, if anyone here just happened to have a feed or pen, I'd be happy to buy it. Though it didn't get used much, this pen has some history with my mother and I'd hate for it to just become a useless decoration in a box. Thanks for reading. Any input is appreciated, including the scolding I'd expect. I deserve it...
  11. Hello Forum, I am in need of a replacement part for my Lalex 1938 pen. I have attached a photo of the pen parts, it is a small pocket pen. The feed and section are one piece. The feed has a crack in it, so it leaks. I have tried sealing it to no avail. Montegrappa no longer owns Lalex so I cannot contact them for assistance. Can anyone recommend a feed/section that will fit this mini pen? Tip of nib to bottom of feed measures 1.7 inches/4.4 centimeters in lengthThe silver tube that screws into the barrel and the feed slips into measures .8 centimeters in circumferenceThe pen in total length measures 3.8 inches/9.5 centimeters Thank you,Safron
  12. Greetings, Long story short. My wife gave me at Med. Nib Platinum StarWalker as a morning present at our wedding about 2 and a half years ago. And... I never use it. The Med. Nib is faaar to wide for me - which is a shame. Only finding out about the 6 weeks nib exchange recently - i got quite upset - and asked my wife, who knows I don't like nor use the pen because of the nib size, if the Sales assistent informed her about the Nib enchange. She said no. I emailed Customer service explaining the situation and aksing if I could exchange it. I got a flat out "We are very sorry you are unhappy with our product - but no chance of exchange". I was a little surprised. So I email back saying this, stating that my wife and I have probably spent 10,000 USD in various Mont Blanc products over the last 3-4 years, asking if they could help me make a sentimental item usable in everyday life. The answer back was, directly translated. "I am sorry that you are not happy with us not replacing a nib after a few years for free use". So. There we are. Technically i know that I have no claim on a replacement - but the nib has hardly been used, and we were not informed about the exchange program at the time of purchase, so I feel that some wiggle room could be applied. Rather then spending quite a lot for money for a replacement nib, i now have to investigate how to make the nib i have usable. Not knowing a lot about fountain pens, i have heard that one can grind a larger nib down to smaller sizes. Could someone please point me in a direction of someone who could help me with this? I would think waiting on the Classified for someone to sell a Plat. SW Fine/EF nib would perhaps leave me wating for a long time. Thanks for your help
  13. I assume that this question has been raised in the past, but did not have much luck in searching the forum. I have two very early Safari's where the blind cap has become brittle and comes out peacemeal. I understand that this is a common problem with the very early versions. Can these blind caps be replaced with newer ones? ...or has the design been changed?
  14. Alexcat

    Yard-O-Led Nib Unit

    Firstly, I know I made a huge mistake/boo boo...am daft, etc. insert word if choice. Trust me, Ive used them all, and then some. I bought this: "The plain version of the Viceroy style. Purchased in 1988. The nib is a medium point and the original. On the pen cap there is a tiny dent, barely visible. Pen number 4635 YOL 925 . Hallmarked. Wooden box and YOD guarantee" When I got it, it wouldn't write...I tried soaking, gently(no chemicals whatsoever, not even Fairy) patience, multiple flushing s etc. still wouldn't write. Long story short, contacted seller, who was adamant it wrote when he sold it, and he thought I may have damaged it in my attempts to fix. He offered a return, but conditional on him sending it to a repairer(and I had no way of knowing whethervId be named/charged for repair etc) Got myself so upset( lot of life stuff going on, recently widowed, am very fragile right now, can cope with very little) and wondering if I had in fact damaged it, that I closed the eBay case and Sid I'd get it fixed myself. I know that sounds stupid, buI really couldn't cope with the hassle. So. Asked my friendly penman if he'd look at it, explained it all, upshot is that it has a crack; this is what he said(and he also said that there was very little chance that I had done the damage): "have just taken a good look at the forward part of the section, and there is definitely a spiral shaped crack in it that extends for about 5 or 6 mm. As such, you are unlikely to ever get a decent ink flow from the nib. You would need a replacement section. Your pen is quite an old model, and YOL no longer make sections of this type, so i don't really know where you'd get one from. " Does anyone have any suggestions(other than trying to contact the seller on eBay....already did, no response, and as I was stupid enough to close the vase, he is in the right) Is there any other nib unit which would fit, or anywhere I could get a replacement without spending a fortune? Hope this makes sense.... Alex
  15. Does anyone know of Daniel Steiger fountain pens? They appear to be a watch/jeweler for men, and must have made some branded fountain pens at some point. I got one as a gift around 2010, and need a replacement nib/feeder, but can't find anything that fits and don't know what to look for in a generic nib/feeder anyway. If I knew the mfr of this pen I'd have an idea where to look, or if I knew how to know what size nib/feeder I have, I could look for a generic. Thanks for helping!
  16. iruciperi

    Size Of The Ipg Nibs

    Hi friends. I bought a custom pen from a local store with magnificent wooden-made body. The problem is that, it has a cheap IPG (Iridium Point Germany) nib and not working well. I can grind it by myself, but I don't think it's deserve it because it is so cheap. So I decided to replace the nib. It seems like JOWO or BOCK #5-size, but I'm not sure because I have no #5-size-nib pen. Do you guys have any experience for replacing the IPG nib to nibs made by BOCK or JOWO? If not all the IPG nibs have the same size, I can measure my IPG nib and tell you. Best regards.
  17. DavidtheGnome

    Lamy 2000 - Replacement Parts?

    Does anyone know where I can buy Lamy 2000 replacement parts in the United States? I just need a tabbed spring/ cap clutch ring for the original Makrolon version. The pen is not under warranty.
  18. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I got an inkwell from goulet, and no wick came with it! Annoyed, I emailed Coles, who sent me a wick, no problem, but was told that they don't sell them. It looks like carded felt. So I found some 1/4 inch carded wool felt and now have way more than I could ever use in my lifetime. So I figured I'd share. Not making any money on this, just trying to use up my square foot of this felt. At what I'm asking I could afford to buy more stock and keep going if this becomes weirdly popular, since they don't take very long to make, I'll do this for you guys. To cover my shipping costs of envelopes and stamps, I'm asking $3 for 3 wicks of carded wool felt. They can be rinsed off several times and are highly absorbent of ink, doing a great job of cleaning nib creep (shown is a picture of cleaning the hardest pen to clean in the world - the faber castell loom. Ink gets stuck EVERYWHERE, including the grip on this pen.) They're about 1.5 inches long and of slightly varying thickness, since I hand cut them. I test them all in my inkwell to make sure they won't be too tight. They won't fall out when inverted, you have to pinch them with your fingernails to pull them out, but thusfar have been plenty happy with mine. When you put the wick back into the inkwell, I suggest not pushing the wick down, but leaving it at least 1/4 inch above the neck and use the cap to push it down. Not only does that avoid ink on the fingers, but will give you a good grab point to pull the wick out from when you uncap. It's not a tricky thing, just gently set the wick back in any amount at all, and then use the cap to press it in, which it'll do easily and effortlessly, and give you the perfect amount to grip as well. Ignore all the excessive stray felt fibers in the pictures, I have been playing around with different cuts all morning. The one used to clean the loom has been used about 6 different times so far. Most pens barely leave a mark on the felt, the loom is a really messy pen to clean (I don't even fill it by dipping anymore, it's such a pain to clean)
  19. As I plug my last cartridge of Lamy Copper Orange into my Al-Star, I start to consider replacements. So I have to ask: which inks the network believes are good look-alikes for Lamy Copper Orange? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
  20. Honeybadgers

    Replacing A Very Tight Nib In A Vacumatic

    so I got my nib back from greg minuskin, it's gorgeous, but now I cannot get the nib/feed back into the section deeply enough for the cap to screw down completely. my fingers are raw at this point. I have a homemade knockout block that I'm setting the section in, I'm using a piece of old motorcycle tube for a super secure grip, I've tried heating the grip in 160F water and then pressing it in, I've tried dish soap, I've tried a combination of the two. The nib and feed are correct for the pen, I've tried finding the impression of the nib into the section (there really isn't one I can feel) I get it in, it gets really tight, I press as hard as I can, and i get it to slide all but maybe 1/4 inch from the bottom, and it just stops. I can't get it any further. Does anyone have any advice for getting this bugger back in? I really want to use this pen again!
  21. Hi, I have a Waterman Expert II that I have been using as my main pen in the past 4-5 years for work. It is a very nice and smooth pen out of the box. One day I come and the nib was horribly bent. I'm not sure exactly how this happened.. perhaps I dropped it without noticing, but I think it's more likely that someone took it and bent it :/ I took it to repair it, but I got it back and while it works, it still feels very scratchy. I think at this point it's better if replace the nib entirely as it was really really badly bent. Now the nib has some gold on it, I think. I haven't actually bought the pen (it was a gift) so I wouldn't know, but that looks like gold to me on the nib. So I can't just replace it with some random nib. I would much rather get a new official Waterman nib. How can I go about doing that? What are my options? Is nib replacement something that any average joe can do, or should it be left to the experts? Also, what sort of prices am I supposed to expect? Also, since this pen is somewhat old (90s, I believe), can I still find nibs for it? Or do modern Waterman nibs work on this one? The other issue I'm having is that the UAE doesn't have a Waterman service center, but there are distributors, so if I need to send the pen for replacing the nib I'd probably have to send it all the way to France. As there isn't much of a fountain pen community here, I can't really ask anyone, so apologies if this is a giant newbie question.
  22. bstnnyc

    Poa New Nib Policy Question

    Hi Everyone, I sent my Copernicus to MB to get a Broad nib installed in place of the Fine nib, which I have been using for the last couple of years. I want to have the nib changed because I really love this pen, and want to enjoy using it daily, but have not been using it as much lately since I prefer Broad nibs when not using a pen for note-taking and now have other pens that are much better suited to daily note-taking. Since the pen was a gift from my parents, I was hoping to keep the nib for sentimental reasons. Montblanc US just came back to me to let me know that, even though I will need to pay the full fee (close to 400$), they consider this service a nib exchange and will be unable to return the original nib to me. I have gone through the threads on nib policies on FPN and Fred's very helpful thread on Policy of removed parts, but, since I couldn't find a definitive answer for POAs, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any recent experience with a new nib requested for an old POA or any updated information on MB's nib policy. Thank you for your help!
  23. I have just got a beautiful English aerometric Parker 51 from 1965, but when I flushed out the dry old ink the press-four-times filler slowly started letting out water at the opening where one pushes. I assume that the pli sack has gone loose and either has to be replaced or re-glued with shellac - which leaves me with some questions: 1) How do I get the filler out? (It certainly is not easy to get it out and I don't want to use to much force.) Is it correct that it is not screwed in? Does it help putting it in warm water? 2) Any advice on what size of pli sack I should get will be appreciated, as will any advice on what brand of shellac to use and any details with regard to the procedure in general. I have looked all over FPN but I have found very little on the subject, so if you are experienced in these matters please give me as much advice as possible. Best regards Ursus
  24. Hey, guys! It's been a while since I've last posted, but I needed some advice! For the last year and a half I've been using a medium Lamy 2000M with Iroshizuku ink, usually Tsuki-Yo, at school. The notebooks I use can handle the ink no problem, but whenever I have to use it on regular printer paper, the ink bleeds terribly. I know that the Noodler's bulletproof black ink I had a while back didn't bleed through paper nearly as badly, and dried much quicker. Even though the drying time isn't a deal-breaker for me, I wonder if anyone might know of a good replacement ink which might offer similar vibrance and shading, but work much better on cheaper papers. Thanks for any advice!
  25. Hello all I've lost the barrel of my favourite EDC pen: my Platinum PTL-5000. I (used to) keep it in the pen slot on the back of my Hazard 4 Badger ID card holder, and one day the barrel came unscrewed and disappeared without me noticing :-( I can't find replacement barrels but have an interesting "Frankenpen" question to solve my problem. I can get a Platinum Maki-e rollerball slightly cheaper than buying a new PTL-5000 fountain pen (http://www.andys-pens.co.uk/platinum-makie-rb-phoenix?tag=modern&sort=rating&order=DESC). Does anyone know if the sections are interchangeable between the fountain and rollerball pens, ie - can I use the barrel from the rollerball with the section / nib / converter / cap from my fountain pen? Thanks in advance if anyone can help Chris

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