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  1. jchch1950

    Lamy New Editions for 2024.

    Lamy has brought out new colours in many of their models every year. Some of them are new and others are reissues and they attract the attention of part of the penlovers community and collectors. Has anyone news about the new issues?
  2. Fenner Benedict

    Lamy Studio Threads

    I have just purchased a Lamy Studio replacement plastic grip section to replace the very slippery chrome version on my 2022 Special Edition Brown Studio. However, there appears to me to be a fairly obvious issue with the threads on the replacement part in the form of a significant 'dent' right through the threads. The shop contacted Lamy on my behalf and received this reply; " [...] the front part of our studio pens are produced by injection moulding. The "dent" in the thread on the studio is therefore not a defect but actually a production-related feature." The response from Lamy seems to imply that the dent is an inevitable consequence of the injection molding process. Seems quite unbelievable to me that this was not designed out during product development. I would consider a significant dent right through the threads to be a compromise too far - the part should either be manufactured differently to eliminate that or not manufactured at all! Has anyone else seen this on a Lamy Studio plastic grip?
  3. Astronymus


    From the album: Pins

    © astronymus.net

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  4. jchch1950

    New Lamys?

    After the new lamy cc, Ideos,Studio Black-green among others. Is information about a new Lamy pen? Any Idea of the 2022 Safari colours?
  5. jchch1950

    Lamy Studio paint.

    Today I took out a Lamy Studio with black finish and found that the paint/lacquer is sticky and looks like a very used one. You can see the metal base of the pen in some points. The pen was almost unused the last few years. Is there any solution for the problem ?. It is a problem with all the Studio colours ?
  6. I have long followed a utilitarian approach to fountain pens, which ultimately serve as the vehicle for inks, with a collection mainly of Lamy Vistas and Mujis; but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good looking pen, even if many of those are way out of my budget. I have better pens in terms of their nibs or ergonomics, but with the arrival of an m205 it made me think about design, as I find this pen mesmerizing, so here are my four finalists: Pelikan m205, Faber Castell Ambition in pearwood, Lamy Studio in Imperial Blue and Black. Which are yours? Pictures please!
  7. Astronymus

    Lamy Forecast 2019

    Some forecast for 2019 emerged on the net. New Joy, Aion, Safari, Studio, and the very confusing AL-Star and Lx. See here: https://frankunderwater.com/2018/12/30/a-peak-into-lamys-2019-special-editions/
  8. Two new colours for this year , the same of the original 1980 Lamy safari :Terracota and Olive.
  9. I found a kitchen scale laying around the house tonight so I weighed some inked pens for fun. The silver vermeil section on the brown arco really seems to add some weight! The Titanium Omas Paragon came in at 41.29G Omas new style brown arco Paragon at 49.88G Visconti Millionaire at 55.97G Lamy Studio at 32.96G
  10. DrDebG

    Review - Lamy Aion

    A couple of days ago I traveled through the Frankfurt, Germany airport and noticed a store selling Lamy pens. Naturally, I had to go in and see what they had. I immediately noticed the new Lamy Aion in black satin finish and knew I had to have one. This is Lamy's new everyday carry pen. And I must say, after using it constantly since I bought it, I really like the pen. It is clear that Lamy really thought this one through. There are very few things I can say that need improvement. APPEARANCE: 10/10 Minimalist look, but very professional lookingSleek, but not too slenderSatin finished black aluminum with shiny black ring at the end of the cap which accentuates the satin finishShiny silver clip CONSTRUCTION: 10/10 Solid aluminum constructionBalanced feel even when postedSubstantial, yet not too weightyComes with a reasonably sized proprietary converter, or can be used with a cartridge. CAP: 9/10 "Click" on style - firm hold but easy to pop offCap has a wider radius than the body of the pen with a raised lip when capped (this might get hung up in a tight shirt pocket or pen sleeve) CLIP: 10/10 Minimalist designBright shiny silver with Lamy logo on the side Slips easily inside of pocket or pen sleeve GRIP SECTION: 10/10 Satin finished metalNon-slick feel; there is no slippage when gripping this penWider; does not cause cramping during writing sessionsNIB and FEED: 10/10 Excellent nib: smooth with just a tiny bit of feedback; slight spring to the nib (I generally do not care for fine steel nibs, but this is excellent)Feed delivers the right amount of ink for a slightly wet writing experience. PRICE: 10/10 Excellent value compared to other pens in the $70-90 range. Pen retails in U.S. for $89.00 (www.gouletpens.com)I purchased my Aion in the Frankfurt airport for 59 Euros. OVERALL: 9/10 For the price point, this pen is an excellent, every day carry type of pen. This is a great, professional looking, but substantial enough for a hard-working student. In my humble opinion, I believe Lamy has a winner here. COMPARISON WITH OTHER LAMY PENS: The Aion is a completely different pen than the Safari/Al-Star/LX and the Studio. The nib and feed are different as is the size and weight. The Aion weighs slightly more than the LX, Al-Star, Studio or Lamy 2000. It is wider than the Studio and Lamy 2000, but comparable to the Safari/Al-Star/LX. (Top: Aion; Bottom: Al-Star) The nibs are similar but definitely not the same. Even the wings where the nib slides onto the feed are different as shown above. While they may seem interchangeable, the feeds are different as well which may affect the delivery of ink to the nib. (Top: Aion; Middle: Al-Star; Bottom: Studio) The Al-Star and Studio nibs are more slender than the Aion nib. (Top: Aion; Middle: Al-Star; Bottom: Studio) The feeds are different as well. (Top: Aion; 2nd from top: Al-Star; 3rd from top: Studio; Bottom: 2000) As stated above, the Aion weighs more than the others, yet not substantially more. It is very comfortable in the hand even for long writing sessions. Posted it is the same length and width as the Al-Star, but without the flat spots, triangular feed and ink window. (Top: Aion; 2nd from top: Al-Star; 3rd from top: Studio; Bottom: 2000) The length of Aion when posted is between the Studio and the Al-Star, but has better balance than the Al-Star when posted. Overall, the Lamy Aion is a great pen. I highly recommend it.
  11. Hi, I need help choosing my next pen. I cannot decide between the studio and the ipsilon. I would prefer to get a fine nib. Which one would you get and why? If you think another pen is better at the same price, please say so. Thank you.
  12. senzen

    Are Lamy Studios Easy To Clean?

    In particular, are they as easy to clean as Safaris / Vistas? I have a Vista dedicated to Rouge Hematite, which eventually gunks up but is very easy to clean, I got a a Studio will eventually get to me, and have to decide if I keep Rouge Hematite in the safe pen or use it in the Studio...
  13. Usernameistaken

    Offering Photography Advice

    Hello, I recently found this forum and posted for the first time asking about a pen I had that was very special to me, which, unfortunately, I lost mere weeks later, after having it in my pocket every day for over 20 years (still reeling). Anyway, this community has been very kind and insightful to me, and since I am the furthest thing from a pen expert here, I want to offer whatever expertise I can to support the community. I am a professional studio photographer, specializing in high-end watch photography, as well as jewelry, pens, and other pricey objects (I have also worked around the world on commercial and editorial sets with notable personalities, and just about every style of photography you can imagine). So, I intimately know the difficulties most people encounter when photographing their favorite items, whether for sale or personal gratification. I recently rebuilt the studio for my watch retailer client, and am shooing 20-30 watches per day, which all feature difficulties like domed crystals, mother of pearl, facets, angles, curves, different finishes, moving parts etc. - meaning nothing even the most complex pen can throw at me can trip me up. So, anyone here who has questions about photography, or other photography dilemmas, should please feel free to contact me directly or post your queries in this thread, and I'll gladly offer my expertise. I can virtually guarantee that my advice and techniques would improve your photography more than any expensive equipment purchase would (equipment is the trap many amateur photographers fall into). I can help perfect your technique, identify your problems, interpret your light, whatever you need. Next time you are photographing your pens and are struggling to capture the images you want, please just ask, If you'd like see a very small sampling of my work, you can visit my website at: http://www.jamesburger.com. I hope to be of help. Best, James
  14. TonyRustici

    Lamy Studio Sections..interchangable?

    I want to order the black plastic section normally found on the 065 brushed steel and put it on my imperial blue 067 to replace the high gloss grip. Are they interchangeable? I can order one but want to find out if it will fit first.
  15. I have a Lamy Studio whose cap is having some issues. I've found plenty here about cap issues with the Studio, but they refer to the ring above the nib coming off and getting wedged inside the cap. That isn't the case here unfortunately. It seems the rubbery piece inside the cap came out of place. Because of this the cap will not stay posted very well and can slide right off the pen. I generally carry it in a 3-pen case with a top that folds down, so the cap coming off isn't usually an issue, it the click isn't as satisfying and it is a bit annoying, as when I remove the cap, the black rubber piece remains on the pen and I have to pull it off and slide it back in the cap to post it. Does anybody know how it was secured in the first place, or have ideas on sticking it back in there, or would it be best/possible to get a replacement from Lamy? I didn't want to just pour some glue in there without seeking some info from those more experienced. See the images for clarity. Thanks!
  16. marcelo

    Lamy's Converter Capacity

    Hi FPNers! I have a Lamy Studio Palladium (Medium nib). I've been using it with the converter for more than one year and think it runs out of ink so quickly. Does it really have a small ink capacity, smaller than other brands'? Regards, Marcelo
  17. Do enjoy the pictures. -Peppers
  18. Biology

    Show Your Lamy

    Show your LAMY off! I want to see differnt LAMYs, different years, different nibs, different inks! Sorry for bad pic, at lab, had idea.
  19. BrittainPenz

    Lamy Studio A Good Buy?

    So I am in the market for a new pen. I have been thinking that i might want a Lamy studio, however, I have also been looking at other pens like the -Parker Urban Premium -Delta Unica -Faber Castell Loom So is the Lamy studio a good deal? Or should i go with one of the other pens? Much Appreciated! --Caleb
  20. I have a sudden issue with my Lamy Studio (brushed steel). The cap has stopped posting onto the barrel - it gets most of the way on, but will not click on firmly, as though something is stopping it. Simultaneously it has stopped clicking into place when I cap the pen. The cap goes all the way on, but does not click; it just sits there loosely and readily slides off if I invert the pen. I have attached images of the pen and of the nib area uncapped. All I can imagine is that some ring perhaps that should be on the nib part has become jammed within the cap part. If that ring usually enables to cap to click into place and stay on it is no longer there doing the job, and is also preventing the cap from posting as usual. Well that is my hypothesis.. however I can't tell if anything has changed or what may have been lost from the pen into the cap! I hope that you expert folk could perhaps offer an explanation and solution for me, or at least compare my images with your own Studio pens!
  21. a.lachlan

    Lamy Studio Review

    I got this pen in two colours; the black and stainless steel, as they were both on sale on the WHSmiths website for only £26 and £24 respectively (normally they’d be around £40), as I had been so impressed with the black version. Being from WHSmiths both initially had medium nibs but I got an extra-fine nib for the stainless steel version having tried a fine on it which was very similar to the medium - I’m guessing there can be quite a bit of variation between nibs with Lamy as it was definitely a lot broader than the fine nib I had on my Safari. Initial Impressions: When the black version arrived I was very impressed straight away, it feels bery well built, the cap clipping on very precisely with the satisfying click you always look for, both over the nib and when posting - it has a special ring on the back for posting. The nib seemed very smooth and wet as well. The matt black finish looked really good as well, the whole pen infact looks really sleek and cool. The grip section it polished steel, with a slight convex, which I think looks good with the black and didn’t seem slippery at all despite my hearing that it was and being afraid it would be! The stainless steel version was much the same, I didn’t think the stainless steel finish looked quite as good as the black, but it has a rubberised grip though that I think makes up for it and I definitely prefer the feel of over the polished steel grip of the black version. The polished grip section definitely suits the black version more though, I think a black rubberised grip with the black body would just be too much. Design: The pen has a bit of weight to it but I certainly wouldn’t call it an overly heavy pen, but I wouldn’t post it as it becomes a bit top-heavy. The clip has an interesting shape you’ll see in the pictures that actually works quite nicely, it’s a little springy and its shape helps it slide on easily. The grip section is relatively comfortable to hold but its shape isn’t very ergonomic. It isn’t that slippery, obviously it can be in certain situations (i.e. If you have particularly sweaty hands...) but usually I haven’t had a problem with it in that aspect. One thing it does do however is attract fingerprints quite a lot and it needs a quick wipe to clean them off every now and then. The body comes off the grip section nicely, there aren’t any plastic threads holding it on which is always a plus in my opinion, I’ve never liked pens that have a solid metal body that screws onto the grip section with delicate plastic threads. The finishes on the body of both versions are pretty tough and so far haven’t scratched at all after a couple of months use. Overall it’s a pretty well-built, sold feeling pen and looks awesome but I think they gave form priority over function. Score: 6/10 Nib and Performance: The nib is the same used on the cheaper Lamys like the Al Star, Safari, Nexx, etc. Not that I’m complaining though, it can be a very nice nib! The medium is ultra smooth with only a little feedback, just enough to let you know you’re touching the paper. One thing I did find though was that it seemed to have a bit of a sweet spot - it has to be at the right angle to get the most ink flow and smoothness. The medium Lamy nibs I’ve tried have definitely been the broadest I’ve used and this follows that trend, albeit being a little bit drier than the Al Star I had used before (although that is an incredibly wet pen!). The feed keeps up nicely but I’ve had a lot of false starts, although this may only be because I’m not quite on that sweet spot I mentioned before, it’s a bit of a nuisance at times. The extra-fine nib wasn’t quite as smooth obviously but it is a very fine nib. It’s perfectly usable though and I’ve found it perfectly pleasent to use. Please note however that I haven’t had that much experienced that many extra-fine nibs! 8/10 Conclusion: Overall it’s a nice, solid, smooth-writing pen, but I don’t feel it’s up there with the best. I can see it being ideal for those who don’t require it for lengthy writing, maybe a nice pen to keep in your pocket for quick notes here and there; however for someone who does a lot of writing it’s just not comfortable enough for me. Don’t get me wrong though, this is certainly a good pen and I’d recommend it, especially for anyone who’s a fan of the nibs they’ve had on the cheaper Lamy’s and want to try something a bit more expensive and higher-end. Score: 15/20 Pics! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7366/12254538864_27597e9b57_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7417/12254537934_2cb83137ae_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3814/12254273883_331e828454_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7292/12254099685_ff953c63f6_c.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5527/12254271813_77ca20f2eb_c.jpg Finally, with the grip sections swapped out which I think looks a lot better... http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3722/12254271023_65ae3a76d5_c.jpg Writing sample with comparisons... http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7352/13166469415_2e3fa31e49_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7007/13166733314_51ccd3a148_c.jpg And a size comparison... http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2857/12254281983_82b552b578_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/12254281053_a872506103_c.jpg Sheaffer 300, Sheaffer 100, Sheaffer Prelude, Lamy Studio, TWSBI Diamond 580, Kaweco Allrounder, Pilot Prera
  22. Hi everyone I posted about my broken No. 5 Studio about a month ago, the end (nipple) had broken off the feed while I was cleaning it. I bought a NOS pen from ebay just for the nib section, so it's now back in full working condition (it's a damned fine inexpensive pen, by the way). Having given it a bit more thought, I realised that I probably damaged the nipple when I tried to make it take a long international cartridge - others on FPN have apparently made that work but I wasn't so lucky. Because of that, I'm now stuck again with Platignum-only cartridges (they do black and they do blue - it makes Parker's cartridge selection look extensive ), as I'm now very wary of anything else - I don't want to have to keep buying new pens just for the section, after all! After that long-winded preamble, I will finally ask the question I started this thread for: Does anyone know if the old Platignum converters from their calligraphy sets (from before it went bust and then was resurrected) work in the new fountain pens? You see, I found this http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0083TZIAW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3TTQ7ZHX1X92Y which includes a Platignum converter but, as I say, it appears to be from before the company went into receivership then was bought up by Snopake and relaunched (I think - the set has the old logo, anyway, so I'm assuming so). My alternative is an ink syringe and a washed out cartridge, but I'd rather have a proper converter if one is available - you can easily pay £5 for a decent converter so I don't mind buying the calligraphy set just for the converter (though if the nibs are semi-decent, I'd probably use the set as well, occasionally) but I'd, obviously, prefer to know that the converter will work before I buy it. I know it's an obscure question, but if anyone knows, it will be someone on FPN!
  23. thepretender69

    Lamy Studio - Which Version To Get?

    Hey everybody Looking to buy my first brand new pen A friend has a Lamy Studio which seems to be a really good pen Did some research and apparently it is one of the best pens for that price My questions is, what are the differences between the various finishes? I know the standard one is the cheapest, then the palladium then the platinum Their price do vary substantially but apart from the finish, are there real differentiations at all? I wouldn't want to pay an extra $200 for the platinum one which is what I'm looking to if the writing experience is the same as the $150 base model Looking forward to your opinions Thanks Keefe
  24. Hello all! To kickoff the weeks leading to the DC Pen Show, we are releasing the first images of our new line of ebonite pens. They can be found here! They are all eyedropper filled, as standard with many ebonite pens. They are made through an awesome partnership with an Indian based artisan. We will have the styles and colors available soon, with the Mendeleev available immediately! We will be shipping to our retailers in the coming weeks, and can accept orders through tyler@organicsstudio.com. We are offering a limited number at the moment of each style for reviews/feedback on the pens. There are very few left, so act now! We have some more cool products for all of you inkophiles coming in the next week or so, so stay tuned and like us on Facebook to keep up! Until next time, Tyler
  25. Lamy Safari vs Platignum Studio (This is my first review) Introduction I have owned quite a few budget fountain pens over the years such the Parker: Reflex, Vector, Jotter, frontier as well the rotring: Skynn and Freeway (my favorite). I have always enjoyed using fountain pens the safari and studio are two of are my most recent additions to my collection. I bought both of these pens for about £15, the safari from Paperchase and the studio from Rymans. Both of these pens are similarly priced and appeal to the same consumer and a are probably classed as school fountain pens. Design, Appearance and Build Platignum Studio (Unusual clip design) The studio is mainly made from aluminium with a spring steel pocket clip, brass screw threads and a rubberised grip section. The body has a tapered cylindrical cigar shape throughout with black trims. The grip section is resembles the section found on the parker frontier and is comfortable. The pen sits comfortably in the hand and is well balanced both posted and unposted. The most appealing and unusual aspect of the design is the pocket clip which resembles a nib which I particularly like. The pen weighs 20 grams uncapped and 30 grams capped. The pen is available in a wide range of vibrant colours ( see http://www.platignum.com/pick-your-pen/studio-range/studio-pen-rainbow/) Lamy Safari (The Safari’s apple green colour) The safari is made from ABS plastic with a chrome plated sprung pocket clip. The safari has a unique design with flat and curved sides and finger grip groves on the grip section. The pen is comfortably in the hand and however it is a little light for my liking weighing approximately 17 grams and 10 grams unposted. The pen has never really appealed to me until recently. I’d known of it’s existence for around 10 years however this changed recently when I saw the apple green 2012 limited edition pen in the flesh the colour in my is perfect and really suites the design I knew I had to have it. The pen comes in a wide range of colours varying every year with limited editions. Design, Appearance and Build Winner DRAW The materials used in the studio are more premium and represent better value than the safari however the bold design and vibrant colour makes the safari really stand out. Nibs and Filling (Nibs, grip sections) Studio The studio has a steel nib as well and however only comes in a medium size. The nib writes fairly smoothly however it is a little dry and skips occasionally and unlike the safari it does write in a standard medium thickness. In other reviews it has been questioned whether the studio takes standard international cartridges or proprietary ones? I have tried both standard cartridges and a Faber-Castel converter and both work fine and don’t leak. Safari The safari has also has a steel nib and however is available in a wide range of nib sizes F/M/B/LH. The fitted Medium nib writes a little broad which I dislike as I tend to write fairly small. However it writes extremely smoothly and is quite wet. It takes proprietary ink cartridges as well as a proprietary converter which is available for around £5. Nib and Filling Winner SAFARI The nib on the safari wins it as even though it takes proprietary cartridges the smoothness of the nib is amazing. Price and Value Both pens represent good value for money the platignum has a solid traditional metal design build and the safari has very smooth nib however it very light and doesn’t have the same reassuring weight. Price and Value Winner STUDIO The Al-Star is a good £10 more for a similar build to the studio the studio wins as feels more premium so represents better value. Conclusion Overall Winner SAFARI Both pens are good choices for a budget/school/everyday fountain pen and both represent great value for money however I slightly prefer the safari as I really like the vibrant colour and the smoothness of the nib which makes it the winner. However the studio does represents better value for money it has feels more comfortable in the hand as it is more heavy.

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