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  1. Hello again to all my FPN friends, After acquiring too many inks and far too many pens, I thought it was time to turn this obsession toward papers in order to round out the experience. I just received a blank notebook in the mail from a Chinese stationary company called Kinbor (www.kinbor.net/). They seem like a Chinese version of Midori and offer very similar products (at much lower prices, of course). Here's an article about the company that has nice photos of their products. I'm thoroughly impressed with the paper in this A5 notebook. Although this paper is 80gsm and quite sturdy, it's
  2. I'm looking for a reliable daily writer, an inexpensive - let's say under $50 - fountain pen with a section that's 10.5mm-12.4mm in width. As I continue to learn more about fountain pens I find that I like thicker sections. My favorite nib still has to be on my Metropolitan M, but the 8.4mm section (acccording to the GouletPens site) is so narrow it's painful for me two write more than a half page with it, so had to I clean it out & put it away. My main writers are a bunch of F and M Preppy and Plaisirs, and a M Kakuno. Their 10mm sections' widths are just about the minimum I can writ
  3. peroride


    From the album: peroride_pen_pics

    Relatively affordable note taking pens
  4. A while back, I purchased a fountain pen called the Indus from Fountain Pen Revolution. With that pen, you get an integrated, piston-filler (capable of full disassembly) with a very smooth steel nib with ebonite feed. However, that pen had some quirks (like a wiggly clip, a weird smell, and a very skinny grip) that made it less than perfect, even at that price point. I still like and use my Indus, mainly because of its most excellent nib, but I don't love it as much as I could. For those who don't know, Fountain Pen Revolution (hereafter FPR) is a brand dedicated to low-cost fountain pens,
  5. truthpil

    Pilot 78G+ = The New 78G?

    Hi Everyone, Last year a pen starting popping up for sale in China that looks like a legitimate reincarnation of the discontinued but beloved Pilot 78G. The interesting thing is that this new pen, the Pilot 78G+, seems to only be for sale in mainland China. At first I thought it was another knockoff like the Wing Sung 659, but then I saw this on the official Pilot website for China. Scroll down to see a detailed comparison of the 78G and 78G+. In short, the major differences are that the 78G+ comes in 2 new colors (bright blue and bright red) and an EF (0.28~0.3mm) nib is finally available
  6. Geordielass

    Parker Vector - A Classic?

    For Information: Bought: At least a decade ago from WHSmith's (large stationery shop), reduced to half price (£3-£4... I think). Availability: This is about the easiest fountain pen to lay hands on in the UK and, as I understand it, it certainly isn't difficult to find in many other parts of the world, either, whether in a high-street shop, a supermarket or on the net. The price hasn't risen too much in the last decade, either. If you want a fine nib you may not get one quite so easily, though, and extra fine stopped being made ages ago! There's a bit of a story behind this one, for me
  7. Don't know if you guys have noticed this. Posted on Bobby which is arguably our favorite Chinese based fountain pen seller: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxymyYNj_hV/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet Specs are still unknown, probably a standard #5 nib, available with the shut-off valves etc. What caught my eyes is the caption which if true, then the price will be less than $10. Hopefully at that price I'm not getting a limp acrylic.
  8. A quick search on the forums didn't reveal an easy answer to this question. I recently saw a post in which someone indicated that a "cheap" fountain pen was any pen less than $100. This seems relative to me given that any pen that is more than $25 would be an expensive pen for me currently. Question: What criteria do you use to establish whether or not a fountain pen is cheap/inexpensive?
  9. I've figured out that the Pen and Gear brand notebooks sold exclusively at Walmart are fountain pen friendly! They aren't quite up there with Tomoe or Rhodia or Clairefontaine in terms of quality, but I've basically never experienced feathering with this paper, with the ONLY exception being feathering along a single paper fiber, which hardly qualifies as feathering, and I've used this paper with dip pens and fountain pen ink (for calligraphy). I can only speak for the spiral notebooks with a colored plastic cover, but I've been using these notebooks for years and the quality remains the same a
  10. Hi all, today I was in my local branch of the UK chain of discount stores ‘Home Bargains’. I chanced to walk past their stationery section, where my eye lit upon a sales pack that contained a cartridge-fill fountain pen and two cartridges, for the price of 59p For those of you who do not live in the UK, that bricks-and-mortar store price of £0.59 includes my country's sales tax of 20%. At today's exchange rate, £0.59 = 0.69€ = $0.77. As a ‘purchasing power’ comparison, at the time of typing this the price of a 2-pint bottle of whole milk in my local supermarket is 80p. The ‘huge’ investm
  11. Hey everyone, So im new here as a member, but I've been browsing the forums as a guest for quite a while, and one thing ive noticed is lacking is a single thread talking about Indian pens that are excellent deals, and ones that aren't worth even the cheap price. Recently ive stumbled across a wonderful website called fountainpenrevolition.com which im sure many of you have heard of, where they sell many many many kinds of Indian fountain pens, most of which are very inexpensive. This intrigued me, because id never seen much on Indian fountain pens. So in short: I think it would be nice to use
  12. Hello, I was wondering if there were some dependable brands that provided cheap fountain pens for beginners but also had a screw on cap. I wanted to introduce my cousin to fountain pens, but i have yet to find an inexpensive screw on cap pen. As always thank you for reading, Sincerely, The Beginner
  13. I bought these pens on a whim @ $10.99 on Amazon because I wanted to try piston-fill fountain pens. I bought the Extra Fine (EF) but they write more like a Fine (F). They aren't the prettiest pens you'll own, but they write beautifully and have a HUGE ink resevoir. I honestly can't even predict how long it can go without being refilled. They come in a nice box and are suitable for gifting. They are currently $8.99 and Prime Day on Amazon is coming up on the 16th. BTW, I've discovered that Prime Day lasts 36 hours, not 24. At this price, I highly recommend these pens by Yakura. They won
  14. Hi everyone, Does anybody know of a brand of not too expensive paper (for a student) that is FP friendly and that comes in notebooks and/or loose leaf and/or pads that is easy to find in Canada (through places like Amazon or Staples). So far I have had to resort to buying Hilroy notebooks but they are very inconsistent so I'm looking to upgrade to something better for my everyday writing without breaking the bank on something like Rhodia or Clairefontaine. Thank you all very much in advance!
  15. essayfaire

    Fan Of Pilot Petit

    So I just received a Pilot Petit from Japan and I think it's a wonderful little inexpensive pen. it writes much finer than the Varsity that I tend to use on the go (because I once lost a good pen...). Even though it is short, it fits well in my hand and I think is a great pen to live with a checkbook, wallet, or small purse. No, it doesn't write like my Sailor, but if I lose it I won't be tearing myself up.
  16. I'm interested in acquiring some of the best of the inexpensive (<$35) Chinese fountain pens. There are so many pens that fall into this category on eBay that it's hard to know what to choose. Are there any especially good models out there? My main interests are pens that are reliable and made of reasonably attractive materials. I'd don't like blinged up pens. Just simple designs using good materials (considering the price). I already know of leading brands like Jinhao, Duke, Kaigelu, etc. so I'm much more interested in recommendations of specific models. Any help?.
  17. Sailor Kenshin

    Could You Help Two Orphans?

    TWSBI nib units, that is. I have an italic and a fine, just lying there pathetically, and no bodies to host them. They are from the 540 series, I believe....so, what inexpensive and easily attainable not-metal pen bodies (besides Noodler's Ahab) will these fit? Thanks for your suggestions!
  18. Hello, I'm fairly new to the world of fountain pens. I've picked up about 10 now, and I keep buying more and enjoying tinkering with them. I have purchased high priced pens for my g/f (high-priced for me), like the vanishing point and the Lamy 2000. For myself, though, I can not imagine spending that amount on a pen. Up to this point, I have been doing the frankenpen thing with Jinhao pens and Anderson / Edison / Goulet nibs. I went to the Dallas Pen Show, and I purchased a Franklin-Christoph nib assembly. I had to remove the nib and feed from the F-C section / collar. However, even as just
  19. Hey everyone I'm wondering what nibs I should use for Sanskrit (Devanagari) and Tibetan scripts. Also, I am looking for cheap pens with said nib for a class I'll be teaching in September. The students will be required to write in Sanskrit in a notebook for homework. Ideally one that is an eye-dropper or converter. So I want a decent pen/nib for myself but need a cheap alternative for my students.
  20. I bought pads from a Big Store, and they turned out to be paper towels with lines printed on them. Even so, I struggled doggedly to use them. But now I'm done, and I'm looking for something nice to write on, yet still inexpensive. Or even cheap! Does anyone know of a CHEAP, white, lined 8 1/2 x 11 top-bound pad? US sources only, please, readily available, and low-cost... as I already have pads from Levenger, Rhodia, Clairefontaine, and a few precious Staples Bagasse. And many thanks for your help!
  21. gregamckinney

    Sheen: Best Bang For Your Buck?

    For some of my writing (journaling, mostly) I like sheen. However, the ink that I have with the most sheen is Bungbox 4B, which is quite dear ($$$.) What are some good options- color doesn't matter too much as long as it is on the darker end of the spectrum- for a good sheening ink on Tomoe River paper that is of a less expensive make? Thanks for your suggestions! greg
  22. Davjohn

    The Simple Jinhao 611

    The Jinhao 611 is one of the several pens that I bought from ebay. They came to me shipped in a padded brown envelope rather than "coffins" or boxes. If I remember correctly, I paid no more than $7 for each pen + shipping. I purchased 3 of them because I was attracted to the simple streamline shape. I wanted a pen that would be very comfortable for someone who uses mechanical pencils because they are so straight and plain. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1447577001__jinhao_611.jpg I liked the barrel colors that were shown in the picture of the ebay auction. One is
  23. gammada

    Montblanc Carrera Worth Buying?

    Hello, I would like to know your opinion on the value of a vintage Montblanc Carrera pen that is in an apparent good condition. The seller is offering a yellow barrel/ black cap model that uses cartridges. There's no box, or manuals or anything like that. I've been unable to see photos of the nib but the seller states that is in good condition (medium) and I will be able to test this in his presence. He wants $100 for this pen. Do you think it is worth it? I'm new to fountain pen collectorship and so far I've only own a Parker Vector and a Lamy Safari and -pending repair- a Cross Centu
  24. Looking over the pens on my desk I realize that very few of them are expensive pens. Most of the pens that I use on a regular basis are actually pretty inexpensive (even with the price of an after market stub or italic nib factored in). This got me to thinking about why we so frequently equate price with quality. Is a $200 pen really worth ten times more than a $20 pen? When I look at how well my inexpensive pens perform, I have to admit that I have a hard time seeing the value in more expensive pens. So, let's see some love for those low cost pens! The ever-ready pens that fill out you
  25. dothgrin

    Skilcraft Fountain Pen

    I have to say, being a part of the fountain pen world has been excellent, and an "accidental" discovery can turn into a gold mine. For example, the Skilcraft Fountain Pen, in burgundy or blue. The burgundy nib, at least in my purchases, are a little more fine, than the blue. The blue, however, is a bit more of a "wet" writer. You can get them on Amazon or via http://www.blind-made.com/office-products/pens/skilcraft-executive-fountain-pen-and-ball-point-pen-set-7520-01-451-9188-burgundy-barrel-black-ink.html The burgundy comes with a ballpoint (I gave that to my wife, who loves a good ballpoint

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