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  1. thesmellofdustafterrain

    The Philosophy Of Spencerian Script?

    When I was choosing a script to learn, I was interested in Spencerian because of the philosophy behind it. Articles talk about how the shapes were based on nature and mention that learning the philosophy was an important element to learning the script. However, there isn't much mention of this in the six-book set from Mott Media. Just the theory book and the five copy books - which are lovely and I'm learning a lot from these books. However, I want to also learn about the philosophy that inspired this style of writing. Are there any resources out there that cover this?
  2. I'm wondering if I should buy a 0.2mm or 0.3mm (or even 0.5mm) Mechanical Pencil for practicing Spencerian Script... It is suggested in several places that when practicing Spencerian Script I should use a writing utensil that produces as thin a line as possible. However, I'm wondering if 0.2mm or even 0.3mm lines are simply too thin? By the way, if anyone was wondering, this is the pencil I'm going to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Pentel-Mechanical-Pencil-ORENZ-PP3003/dp/B06VWNYHY3?th=1 The reason I'm using a pencil and not a pen is because I want to use super cheap paper and I don't
  3. I have just started reviewing the Theory of the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship, which is American and therefore doesn't include the German ß. Does anyone have a image of how it's supposed to be written? Dominique
  4. I am 20 years old, a left handed writer, and new to the world of fountain pens. I taught myself cursive when I was in the 7th grade, because before then my penmanship was absolutely terrible, and schools in the U.S. do not teach it past the 2nd grade. For a very long time I have admired the beauty of Spencerian script, yet I am very apprehensive to even attempt to learn it because of my handedness. Normally I am a hooker, like most left handers, but I do not view that as practical for a script that emphasizes whole arm movement. I am trying to become a sort of underhanded writer, and am doing
  5. First of all greetings to all I am new at The fountain pen network and in the magnificent world of fountain pens at the moment I only have one lamy logo and within a month I will get a 2000 lamy. I am a young man of 20 years old who since childhood my mother taught me the art of writing. I use the palmer method to write and I love it and more when I use stub nibs because of the effect of line variation.And I've had some curiosity about trying out new calligraphy styles like Spencerian or Copperplate and I really do not know which one to start with first and which one is going to make it easier
  6. Hello FPNers, I'm all about vintage flex and want to use a rough adaptation of Copperplate for journaling and letters. A while back I purchased a lovely little gold-filled ring top Wahl FP with a wet noodle #2 nib. The nib writes about a Western EF when not flexed, so I'd like to get a finer nib. My question is: should I have the nib reground to a finer point for calligraphy purposes or should I get another pen entirely? Will the small size of the pen make it harder to control for styles like Copperplate or Spencerian, or does the weight of the all-metal construction make up for it? C
  7. Greetings! This is my first post. My goal for 2018 is to learn Spencerian script. I am working my way through a bunch of exercise books I found online. I am trying to adjust my grip so it is better suited to using a fountain pen and dip pen. I am having some trouble though. I notice that my wrist and forearm are starting to hurt. I had issues with carpal tunnel syndrome from when I used to do a lot of data entry, and it has suddenly flared up. I have not had pain like this for over 5 years, so I am frustrated. I am not sure if this writing position is simply not suitable for me
  8. Hi there Fountain Pen Network, We are hosting Michael Sull in Tampa for four script workshops in February and wanted to extend the invitation to you all. He will be teaching American Cursive Handwriting (currently sold out), Beginning Spencerian, Off-Hand Flourishing, and Ornamental Penmanship. Class descriptions are here. Typically, he holds private or overseas workshops, so this is a unique opportunity for the Southeast U.S. Please see the attached flyer for more information. The Thursday-Sunday schedule in a few weeks is a great opportunity to visit Tampa and enjoy a nib-and-ink works
  9. Just starting out on my fountain pen and improve my handwriting odessey. It took a while for me to find a style I liked. I ended up with Spencerian as shown in Spencerian Handwriting by Ulysses. Its not the full blown Spencerian that almost looks like copper plate, and its a bit fancier than what I was taught in school that had no name but cursive. So I have downloaded some pdfs with the 52 degree guide lines and the the three spaces where the center space is smaller than the other two. Its been very helpful with my practice. So now we are going on a little trip and I thought I would ke
  10. i have just bought a pilot custom 912 customized by john mottishaw to a spencerian. does anyone have experience with this set up, and if yes, any recommendations regarding black ink in terms of ink flow, feathering, bleeding etc.? thanks. best, nils
  11. Bonjour / Hello , I'm a young french student who wish to learn how to improve his penmanship. I don't really know anything about this art except that looking at some samples here on this forum has a very pleasant effect on my mind. I've decided that I would like to master the Spencerian style and I've just bought on Amazon the books by Mott Media (picture 1). I however have some questions regarding the pen i should use to start. Since I've never used a dip pen in my life, i don't know if it would be better to start the copybooks i've just bought with one (if yes, which one?) or if i should
  12. Hey everyone, First time writing here, been mostly reading for a few months and getting lots of very valuable information, thank you all! I have purchased the Spencerian Theory and 5 Copybooks of Spencerian and have faced this problem on the 3rd Copybook on Page 10. So the scenario where I'm having issues with: 1. missing dots above the j - unless it's a y 2. Has the dots, but why 3 of them? 3. No dots - correct (inverted h) is 1 a printing error? http://i.imgur.com/i4MqteA.jpg Thanks to all the Penman masters for helping out on this!
  13. OK, I bought the old Speedball Caligraphy Collectors Set, and the Spencerian Penmanship Mott Media about a year ago maybe? And I set it aside after just a couple of uses. Now I am going to give it another go and I was wondering about a few things. The ink is dry, is there a way to fix this or should I just buy new ink and cleaner? It came with the really small bottles anyway. I also read in another thread here where italic was recommended before moving on to Spencerian. I do not have any issues with this if it would be best. At this point handwriting skill is level ZERO. Can/Should I get a
  14. Nowadays, when one wants to begin to learn copperplate,or spencerian, one of the first questions I usually see is "well, what kind of paper should I get?" Granted, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best paper for the job, and in todays market, there seems to be a plethora of paper types that are made spegifcally for pointed pen calligraphy, which I am admittedly extremely thankful for. That being said, I always wonder if the pioneers of pointed pen calligraphy were as spoiled as us when it came to paper selection. In my mind, I cant help but imagine that, in its infancy,calligraphers had
  15. Hi All, I finally found, for now, the perfect pen to continue my study of Spencerian. I'm not yet ready to tackle an oblique holder and nib AND learn a new method of cursive. So taking it one step at a time. I got the Pilot Falcon in EF and absolutely LOVE it. It has enough flex so I can begin adding the shades and is fine enough that my letters don't get filled in (even tho my Visconti's will always be my faves). My question is, as a school aged child in the 70's, I'm reasonably sure we were taught Palmer cursive or some ugly (to me) form of it. HOW do I drop that darn roundness? It's ug
  16. i have just bought a pilot 912 with spencerian customization (mottishaw). any recommendations for a notebook that can handle the greater ink output (without feathering, bleeding etc.)? thanks in advance. best, nils
  17. I recently decided to switch my handwriting focus from cursive italic to Spencerian Business script. I have a number of resources for Spencerian thanks to my time studying calligraphy, but one thing that I can not get my hands on are the perfect set of practice sheets. I really like the sheets used in the Spencerian Theory copy books, but I can not seem to find this same style without the pre-printed letter forms and movements. I really just want a blank version, but I can not find them. The ruling is similar to French Rule, but it is different enough that French Rule templates just do
  18. I've been doing calligraphy for about a year now and ever since I've always had this frustration about my very tremorous hands. I've been trying to implant lifting my wrist off of the paper when I do my capitals and big flourishes but it's always so shaky that I just need to carry the stroke all the way without lifting... So I have a question, is it really important to lift the wrist off of the paper? And if the answer is no, I would still like advice from people who also suffer from very tremorous hands of how you manage to control your stroke and how you train your hand to be smooth...
  19. Hey guys! Just sort of polling the community here. I'm curious as to what scripts you all are learning! Do you think it's a good idea to practice two scripts at the same time? I've been learning Copperplate but recently my eye has really been taken by the beauty that is Spencerian. Should I double team them or focus on one? Thanks and can't wait to hear what you all are learning!
  20. Let me begin this post by admitting that I am no expert in handwriting, and that my own handwriting is nothing about which to be proud. That being said, I have observed that the attribute known as "flex" seems to have assumed something of the aspect of a Holy Grail in penmanship. Certainly, I mean no offense to those who value this attribute; and certainly, in the hands of expert penmen, the ability to utilize expressive variance in line thickness evokes my profound admiration: but my worship of flex is tempered by the following considerations: 1) I have read stories of modern and antique ni
  21. Hi all! This is my first post, but I've been lurking and learning from you wonderful people for some time now. I am a public high school English / Language Arts teacher trying to start a calligraphy / handwriting club for my students. Many have shown great interest which is both amazing and scary when you consider that most of them have never learned a proper handwriting system / style in the first place. My school is big on technology and all students are issued their own laptop which, of course, drives me crazy because the worst thing you can do to kill kids' creativity when they are writing
  22. Hello FPN, I'm a beginning penman who seeks to improve his handwriting. I've chosen to learn Spencerian in an effort to achieve this. I have some questions regarding the script and other relating topics. I currently use a Pelikan M200 Piston Fountain Pen to write, is it any good for Spencerian? What kind of nib or pen is recommended to write this script? As a lefty, how should I grip the pen and what would be the technique to use? I'm sorry, but I'm extremely new to the scene of the art of penmanship so I do not know much. I'm extremely grateful for any and all help anyone can afford to me.
  23. Here's a juicy one! Michael Sull made individual name place cards for all the students in his class yesterday at The San Francisco Pen Show. This is mine and it's really spectacular, wouldn't you agree!? The class was from 1:00-5:00 but it got a bit frazzled at the start* so he continued on past the allotted time by an hour and a half....he is such a giving person and a wonderful teacher. He helped me get my pen 'hold' in order and it's made a remarkable difference. I bought two of his pens for the flanges are especially made by him to facilitate proper Spencerian. Also such a treat to
  24. Which style of penmanship would you use with an: a) extra-fine or fine nib? b ) medium nib? c) broad nib? d) stub nibs (bellow 1.9)? I took three days, an hour in each, to practice cursive and I was really impressed by how much it improved my handwriting! However, it looks much nicer on finer nibs than on wider nibs. I looks weird on a stub 1.1mm nib. Then I saw some of you using spencerian and it seems to require a flex nib. So, I am wondering, which style would you use for different nib widths?
  25. Can anyone of you marvelously experienced writers tell me which nib I should order for the Parson's Essential? I will be doing Spencerian and Copperplate with this pen. As always, I trust the judgment of people on this forum and I thank you ever so much for the help.

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