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  1. There are some reviews on the Platinum Cool, which is also known as Platinum Balance, on FPN and other places. Nevertheless I think adding one more might contribute some more information, another perspective, experience and pictures. I had this pen in fine and medium and now use the fine for more than a year. Introduction This review is meant to depict my personal opinion and valuation. I wont use points to rate aspects. While I dont intend to criticize those who do, I dont want to evoke the semblance of objectivity. I am neither an expert for standards used nor could I compare this pen to
  2. What will be the Sailor nib length comparison in comparison to standard German Bock #5, #6 nibs or #8 nibs?
  3. Hello FPNers, I'm all about vintage flex and want to use a rough adaptation of Copperplate for journaling and letters. A while back I purchased a lovely little gold-filled ring top Wahl FP with a wet noodle #2 nib. The nib writes about a Western EF when not flexed, so I'd like to get a finer nib. My question is: should I have the nib reground to a finer point for calligraphy purposes or should I get another pen entirely? Will the small size of the pen make it harder to control for styles like Copperplate or Spencerian, or does the weight of the all-metal construction make up for it? C
  4. Some context for the adventure here. The question comes in the last paragraph. I bought a long model Onoto 6234 from Spain recently, expecting it would need some service work. The pen looked to be in very fine shape externally, so that was promising. The plunger was extremely difficult to push down. Before taking it further apart, I removed the section to add some silicone grease to the barrel, as an experiment. Now the plunger moved very easily, but with no suitable 'pop' of vacuum breaking. Removing the rod showed that the "cup washer" was made from two bits of what appears to be bicyc
  5. Babangita

    Modern Duofold Compatibility

    Dear distinguished gentlemen, any help on this topic would be highly appreciated. I am deeply and profoundly in love with the modern Duofold, Centennials early MK1 models form the '80. Somehow, I never got especially attached to the later modern versions of the Duofold despite minimal design differences. I am referring to the ones with the slightly curved cap finial, and somewhat shorter finial on the barrel. From the information I gathered on the net, both girth and length of the two versions seem to be the same. But is it exactly so? In other words, are the bodies and caps on these t
  6. I have received my TWSBI Vac Mini, and thought there maybe people waiting to see/hear about the Vac Mini before they make their decision on their order, so I have done a few photo comparisons of a few TWSBI pens. The biggest thing I was anxious to know about the Vac Mini was if it has swappable nib unit with TWSBI Mini and TWSBI 580 pens. And the answer is, Yes! The nib units are swappable, after you take off the little metal ring. TWSBI Mini has a kind of a one-piece skirt that goes around the nib unit which pops off. TWSBI 580 has a metal ring plus a plastic skirt that also pop off. So ju
  7. Rosendust2121

    Nib Size Question

    Hey everyone, I received my new pen today and am confused by its nib size. The only information I have to go on is the inscription that says, "Iridium point, Germany". Based on this information, do you think it will write like a German fine? Thanks, Rosendust (PS-If needed I can attach a photo)
  8. Hi. In two weeks time I will be sitting seven exams where I will need to write some 5000 words in 2 1/2 hours. I want to buy the Waterman Carene, would you recommend the Fine or Medium? Currently, I've been using the Hemisphere (Fine) for the past four years but I found it scratchy and quite slow, my handwriting can get quite large when writing quickly which makes it a little tiring Thank you
  9. spaceink

    Nibs For The Twsbi Eco

    My first TWSBI is supposedly on its way and in anticipation am already thinking of playing around with nibs. The question is, which nibs will fit the ECO? The other TWSBI nibs might fit? Also, what size non-TWSBI nibs will fit? How does one remove the ECO nib: screw off, pull off, or knock out? And if you've switched in some other nib, feel free to post your results.
  10. I've read the few reviews written about the new Wahl-Eversharp Decoband with the superflex nib, but I haven't seen a review by a woman (or someone with small hands). I know this is an oversize pen, and it weighs 45 grams uncapped. I'm interested in hearing from someone who owns the pen and has small hands. How does the pen feel? Can you write for long periods without fatigue? Does it seem just too big? Unfortunately, I'm too far from civilization to attend one of the big pen pen shows (and I wasn't able to go to the Dallas show this year). Thanks. Susan
  11. I'm looking at a Montblanc 14 right now, and it's a Medium nib. I have a Montblanc 145 (modern) in M, and I don't really like the M nib so much. For Montblanc, I think I'm more of a Fine person. Thing is, I was wondering if the Nibs in the past (1968) followed the nib sizes of the present. So if in 1968, the Montblanc M nibs weren't as thick as they are now, I may consider purchasing this Vintage pen. Many thanks to those who reply!
  12. eissante

    If The Size Is Right...

    G'day FPN I know the only real answer to this question is 'try them out!' but all the way down here in Australia there seems to be a scarcity of brick & mortar pen shops, so I'd love to hear from you: Is there any rule of thumb for marrying a pen size to a hand size? theres a lot of talk around the forums of large and small hands, but as it's so subjective what size 'large' hands actually are, and obviously the weight distribution of the actual pen in hand plays a huge part in what makes it balanced or not. the Safari I use at the moment is a little back heavy when posted (those pen
  13. Hi all, I am currently looking at getting either a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 or Custom Heritage 912 in with a SFM nib. The only differences that I can see between them are a slight size difference, price difference and differences in the size of the nib - with the CH91 being a slightly smaller Pilot #5 nib and the CH912 being the larger Pilot #10 nib. Would you say that you will be able to feel a differences between the two nibs as a result of their size, and do you think that it would be worth paying the £50 (~$71) for? Thanks a lot! Merlin.
  14. UphillGil

    Montblanc Nib Feed Diameter Size?

    I am talking about the diameter size of the nib portion that goes into the feed (the opposite end of the nib tip). The nib feed diameter, not tipping size (fine, broad, italic). What is the diameter in mm of a Montblanc 149 and a Montblanc Writer's Edition? I am interested in both of those nib units but I don't know what the writer's edition sizing is. I know 149s are size 9 and I know the writer's edition is smaller, but how much smaller. I want to know what size the writer's edition sized nib feed can fit into and preferably exact diameter of it and also the exact diameter of the 149. (9.1,
  15. Some might say that anyone with more than ten fountain pens is a collector. If this is true then I might be that. I buy to use rather than to file away in a case or drawer, but in truth I only have ten or so inked at any one time. I've tried to do a purge and find that all I can manage is to offload what I have decided I will never repair or what I truly despise. On the other hand, having so many has been very useful in being able to narrow down what it is I really like and wondered if it is the same for others in the same boat as me. So, I thought I might outline what I like and enjoy through
  16. merrycitrine

    Would The Pelikan M200 Be Too Small?

    Hello! I want to bite the bullet and get my first Pelikan! I really like the look of the Congac M200 Demonstrator, and was thinking of getting this, or maybe the new Amethyst! However, my only concern is that a lot of people say these are small pens. Now when I purchased my Pilot Prera, I didn't expect it to be that small! I can write comfortably with it posted, but I wouldn't write with it unposted. I usually have a tendency to reach out for heftier and/or longer pens over it, such as my Platinum 3776 Century, Lamy Safari or even my Pilot Metropolitan. In this picture, the M400 looks re
  17. BrianR

    Souveran Size Question

    I have decided that I want to invest in a Pelikan, but I am going back and forth on which model to go for, specifically between the M800 and M1000. The next pen show I can attend is the DC show, so I'm looking to compare their sizes to pens I own or can get cheaply. I am using a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 currently, which I am finding too small for my liking (too narrow and the section is too close to the paper). I am a college student, so I don't want a pen that's so large it's uncomfortable to use for a long period of time. The M800 seems similar in size to an Ahab or a Jinhao x750, both of wh
  18. Sehn

    Montblanc 149 Nib Size?

    Hey there! I bought a Montblanc 149 from an auction and finally got it today! Really happy about it, since my daily writer to this day has been a Lamy Nexx or Safari. I got told it's a M size nib, but it is really big compared to the M nib I had on the Lamys. I really like it, but I'm just not sure if it really is a M. So, that brings me to my question: http://imgur.com/TK59KRP top: http://imgur.com/EWczmCe bottom: http://imgur.com/Yp3Rlpv side: http://imgur.com/zHvEPVg I've also encountered a little problem, but probably it's because the pen only got used once and isn't "written in"
  19. I am really attracted to http://www.franklin-christoph.com/model-33-abditus.html. I keep postponing buying one because of (the cost and) my concern with it that the pen itself may be a bit thin. As I cannot try and hold one in real life, I would appreciate thoughts and experiences from Model 33 owners. I own different pens and particularly like my Pilot VP's, Pelikan m205, Lamy 2000 and TWSBI 540, just to give you an idea of the diverse type and sizes that I like. Thanks!
  20. freewheelingvagabond

    A Question About Sailor 1911 Sizes

    I see that there are two sizes - medium/'standard' and large/full-size, ignoring the "realo" piston filler model. I am not familiar with these sizes, but am familiar with the Sapporo standard (or Pro-Gear slim, distinct from Sapporo mini) and Pro-Gear standard sizes. My question is what is roughly the size of the 1911 medium/standard model when compared the Pro-Gear standard? Are these two similarly sized pens? Thanks, and I apologise if this has been answered in the past.
  21. I am a bit confused. Are these the same size cartridges or is it they messed up with words? - One says "International Size" AND athe other one only says "Standard". No International anywhere... One is G302BK, the other G306BK I would very much appreciate information so I can stock on cartridges until I get a fine fountain pen that I can use with a converter. Is there a place where the length of the different sizes of cartridges is specified? I have seen lots of videos on how to use cartridges and converters, but I cannot find a single video where I could see someone m
  22. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Sailor Procolor but I'm still not sure about the nib size. I have a Lamy steel EF, a TWSBI EF and a Pilot 78G in M. Ideally something close to the Lamy EF would be nice. The TWSBI is a bit too fine for my taste. Pilot 78G in M is the absolute upper limit in what I would be comfortable in using (I mostly use my pens for Maths). Basically, I think that the Lamy EF is pretty much perfect. I've had a look at the nib nook but it's very difficult to judge based off on that. A Lamy 2000 that I ordered in EF turned out to be much finer than I had thought it would be ju
  23. Hi All, An appeal please for those who own either (or both) the oversize or the midi Homo Sapiens. I can't seem to find the dimensions of the midi listed anywhere online, reviews, blogs, retailers, ect. I'd like to compare the two before deciding what to go for. The best I can find is likening the oversize to the m800 / Al-star and the midi to an M600. (I'm not too concerned about filling systems between the oversize and piston only steel midi.) Any comparison of nib widths to common pens (Pelikan / Sailor / Lamy / MB ect.) would also be fantastic. Photos would be ideal but any measur
  24. Do any of you guys have the size and weight of this pen, the Omas Arte Italiana Milord. I have been searching everywhere but with no result, or maybe missed it. And how does the nib perform. http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/images/omas_ai_fp_milord_all.jpg
  25. I've seen a few "is this pen the right size for me?" questions. While everyone has his/her own preferences, I heard there is some correlation between hand size and preferred pen size, and it appears that the appropriate pen size for the hand is flummoxing quite a few of the new FP users. And since some of us can't just make a dash to the nearest brick-and-mortar pen shop, I thought to compile a comparison of hands against favoured pens. Here are the rules: Post a picture holding the pen you write the most with (the pen you feel the most comfortable writing with). There must be a picture of

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