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  1. In order to improve my handwriting, I'm going through two exercise books: Michael Sull's "American Cursive Handwriting" and Austin Palmer's "The Palmer Method of Business Writing." The former includes practice sheets but the latter doesn't. In lesson 32, page 70, Mr. Palmer writes "As there are six-sixteenths of an inch between the rule lines in the practice paper generally used, and in all the the Palmer Method practice paper... ." So, where do I get this 3/8" paper or "Palmer Method practice paper?" Also, what is Seyes paper? Where do I get French-ruled Clairefonte paper or n
  2. I'm continuing to work on my Copperplate script, and used holiday greetings and vocabulary here. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are appreciated. I had to switch to a Blue Pumpkin nib midway here because my Brause EF was catching on my paper. Happy holidays to all!
  3. So, about a month ago I began playing around with my first flexible fountain pen, and then for the past few days with some dip nibs and my attempts at shaded writing looked like this just two days ago (the 6th). Yesterday evening I printed out my first practice sheets and started working my way through Dr. Vitolo's wonderful eBook for the iPad Script in the Copperplate Style. It's a multimedia compendium of his articles and videos on how to write using the Copperplate or Embossed style of calligraphy. And then today I was able to run over to John Neal (just an hour west of here) and
  4. Hello, I have been considering some different flex pens for copperplate and as I can already write with a fountain pen and messed about with some of my friends flex pens, which pen would be better. I am looking mainly at either a modified fountain pen with a zebra g nib, a cheep calligraphy set or a vintage Conway Stewart 759. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. putteringpenman

    Desiderata Pens

    I'm thinking about buying a Desiderata Pen for Copperplate calligraphy. Most of the time, I use a proper pointed dip pen and calligraphy ink for Copperplate, but sometimes I'm lazy and use a Noodler's Ahab for practicing so I don't have to clean my nibs. Plus it's a good way to use all this fountain pen ink I have! I'd like to find a flex nib pen that gets a closer feel to a true pointed pen. If you have experience with a Desiderata Pen, can you do Copperplate with it? How is the experience of using the pen? Will the feed be able to keep up with the flexible nib ink flow? Thanks so much to
  6. First of all greetings to all I am new at The fountain pen network and in the magnificent world of fountain pens at the moment I only have one lamy logo and within a month I will get a 2000 lamy. I am a young man of 20 years old who since childhood my mother taught me the art of writing. I use the palmer method to write and I love it and more when I use stub nibs because of the effect of line variation.And I've had some curiosity about trying out new calligraphy styles like Spencerian or Copperplate and I really do not know which one to start with first and which one is going to make it easier
  7. Learning Copperplate As promised, I am adding my Copperplate lessons here. We will start our study of Copperplate with the small letters i.e. the minuscules. I have divided the minuscules into four groups. The first three groups are based on strokes common to the group. The last group contains the letters that do not share a pattern with other letters - these are the misfits. The process is that students will study each lesson, do their practice and submit the assigned words for feedback. Students move on to the next group only when sufficiently proficient with the current one. Each gro
  8. Hello FPNers, I'm all about vintage flex and want to use a rough adaptation of Copperplate for journaling and letters. A while back I purchased a lovely little gold-filled ring top Wahl FP with a wet noodle #2 nib. The nib writes about a Western EF when not flexed, so I'd like to get a finer nib. My question is: should I have the nib reground to a finer point for calligraphy purposes or should I get another pen entirely? Will the small size of the pen make it harder to control for styles like Copperplate or Spencerian, or does the weight of the all-metal construction make up for it? C
  9. I have a suspicion that I have ignored a specific but essential part of the formula for easy use of flex pens -- which ink works? The variation of line width in flex writings depends on the ink flow creating a consistent connection and fillng of the line being developed between the tines. When the flow of ink only flows off the tines, not remaining connected across the gap between them, you get railroading. When the ink stretch between the tines is not broken as the pen moves a clear, solid line develops as the ink transfers to the paper. Often wide stretch between the tine breaks the i
  10. Beauty through Adversity - This thought kept echoing in my mind as I was carving this holder. Just like a hardship caused this Maple to become so uniquely beautiful, we too become stronger, better and uniquely beautiful through adversity. This holder celebrates the beauty in all of us as we face life's trials and tribulations. It is available in my online store along with a couple of others :-) - Salman
  11. Hi there, I am an avid user of fountain pens and I also love to write with an italic or stub nib for calligraphy. However, I'd like to venture into copperplate and Spencerian script so I'm looking for dip pen nibs. I want to be able to write small letters so that I can write things like letters without running out of space. I'm new to this area so I don't know if it's possible or even desired to have writing that would fit onto the lines of standard lined paper, but that is what I'm looking for. Any suggestions for nibs? Also, is it necessary to have an oblique holder for calligraphy? Thank
  12. I am happy to announce my workshop on Copperplate Calligraphy on January 7th 2017. I will be introducing my system for learning Copperplate Calligraphy in this 4-hour workshop. We will work through the fundamental forms that make up the minuscule (small) and majuscule (capital) letters of the alphabet. This class will benefit both beginners and those with some experience in Copperplate or other pointed pen scripts. Tickets for this even are available here: Copperplate Calligraphy with Salman Khattak - Jan 7th, 2017
  13. Expressions

    Small Selection Of Premium Holders

    I am offering a small selection of these premium holders just in time for your Christmas shopping. These are all ready to ship and available in my Etsy store at: Expressions Art Shop 1-1 & 1-2 - These are my 'short-form' holders. These 4.5 inch holders are carved from Cherry with Zebrano and Rosewood accents in the grip area and Bubinga in the finial. Although short, they feel like full sized holders in the hand. ($120 for the set) Sold 2 - This 'Swan' holder is carved from Cherry. It was a challenging project but I am happy how it turned out. ($140) 3 - This 'Tulip' holder is c
  14. Practitioners of Copperplate and Engrosser's Script know that the spacing in these scripts is fairly 'automatic' i.e. things fall in place rather nicely when the exit hairlines are drawn correctly and meet the following letter at about halfway up the x-height. It is interesting to ponder exactly why that is so. It turns out (no pun intended) that the bottom turns of the straight letters (i, t, l) etc are actually similar to the rounded letters (o, c, e). When drawn correctly, i.e. like the bottom right side of an 'o', exit strokes will be at the correct angle (i.e. match the slant) when they
  15. Nowadays, when one wants to begin to learn copperplate,or spencerian, one of the first questions I usually see is "well, what kind of paper should I get?" Granted, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best paper for the job, and in todays market, there seems to be a plethora of paper types that are made spegifcally for pointed pen calligraphy, which I am admittedly extremely thankful for. That being said, I always wonder if the pioneers of pointed pen calligraphy were as spoiled as us when it came to paper selection. In my mind, I cant help but imagine that, in its infancy,calligraphers had
  16. I've been looking through old convict records and felt the need to share some of them:
  17. dragos.mocanu

    Nibs For A Beginner

    Hello! This is my first post in the calligraphy section, and I have a question ...but first, a brief intro: I've been tackling with flexible handwriting ever since I got my first Noodler's flex pen, and what a bumpy road it has been... My first flexy nib was incredibly stiff, so I reoriented towards vintage flex, but that turned out to be misleading as well (couldn't find a pen to fit my style). Long story short, it's long since I've sold almost all of my flex pens, keeping only a modified Noodler's nib (ease-my-flex mod) for messing around. And the level of 'messing around' I'm at right
  18. Hi all, I am excited to announce my upcoming class on Copperplate Calligraphy. This 6-hour class will be held at Wonder Pens in Toronto. This is a Level-1 class where we will start our study with the structure of the minuscule letters. Both beginners and practitioners of Copperplate are welcome. The class is limited to 10 students. This ensures that I will be able to spend plenty of time with each participant. Further details are available at: Copperplate Class with Salman Khattak I hope to see some FPN'ers there. - Salman
  19. Bluey

    What Now?

    Hi all For about the past month and a bit I've been practicing writing in Copperplate because I love the look and style of it and always wanted to write in it. But now I'm getting to the point where I'm becoming more confident at it, so I'm wondering where I go from here to get a little more from the art and use it in a creative and (hopefully) fulfilling way? If I just carry on writing sentences and doing drills I'm sure I'm likely to get bored, and end up dropping it to chase another dream. So what do you all do to add a bit of spice?
  20. Hey guys! Just sort of polling the community here. I'm curious as to what scripts you all are learning! Do you think it's a good idea to practice two scripts at the same time? I've been learning Copperplate but recently my eye has really been taken by the beauty that is Spencerian. Should I double team them or focus on one? Thanks and can't wait to hear what you all are learning!
  21. Hi! I just joined this network, and I'm new to calligraphy world. I'm looking for a workbook to practice copperplate font. Suggestions?
  22. I'm really fond of the dip nibs especially my Brause No 141 . But I'm looking for a flex nib Fountain pen under Rupees 1000 . I have no qualms about the exterior design I rather hardly care about its age . But then I'm low on budget right now and wouldn't mind a bad looking pen I just want an Extra fine or fine tipped flex pen . I have checked the Lucknow stores the price they quoted me was over 25000 .I have high hopes from FPN.
  23. I wanted to be able to practise Copperplate without having a bottle of ink and dip pen out, mostly due to having young children who are fascinated by the ink and pen, and always manage to find them if they're not locked away! *The ink and pens, not the children! I decided to try out a couple of Ackerman pump pens, and compare them to the Desiderata Daedalus. My aim is to have an easier, less risky way of practising. Apologies again for the photos quality, handwriting, and verbosity in this review. Ackerman Junior Hunt 101 & Gillot 303 AU$17.29 each Postage AU$2.67 each 3 we
  24. Well, I am currently on a quest to improve my penmanship. It all started with finding a few old Sheaffer School fountain pens in the attic. (I loved those pens). In the 50’s, I had perfect penmanship in elementary school. I was actually quite good at 'Chancery Italic Hand' with a dip pen and India ink back then. (I missed many a boring class while my hand was put to work for the greater good). However, high school and college note taking ruined my cursive and got me started printing in order to take fast notes in class. The printing was acceptable. But the advent of the internet and e-mail has
  25. PrestoTenebroso

    Desiderata Pen Company…Restocked!

    Good Day! The webstore reopens on Monday, March 16th at 11am Central Time. www.DesiderataPens.com Delrin Daedalus will be there. They are in stock, ready to ship. They are all eyedropper-convertible, post securely, have redesigned, smoother sections, better finishes, and they uncap 3 times faster now. Ebonite Daedalus are back! (In Blue/Black ripple, Green Ripple, Yellow Ripple and Brown Ripple) But not for good! Once my inventory of them sells out, that's it. You may see ebonite again, but I can't guarantee it. Also…No more preordering. Ever. If you see something you like, you can get it

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