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Found 12 results

  1. What is the relation between "script" and "cursive"? A long, long time ago, I learned how to write in script. That must have been the in first few grades in Elementary School. 65 or so years later, I still write in script. I see a lot of discussion in the fountain pen enthusiasts community about "cursive" writing and see very little discussion about "script." Are they the same? I've read somewhere that in cursive writing, you don't lift the pen between letters. Is that the only difference? As many members of the board do, I'd like to improve my handwriting. However, I'm not yet ready to take on an entirely different way of writing, such as Spencer.. One step that might help is using lined or dot-grid paper instead of blank paper. Can you recommend a book for re-learning the basics of script?
  2. Aloha Everyone. This is my first writing sample. Does anyone know what style it is? How can I improve? What style or method should I practice to improve it? Thank you, jim
  3. Hi there Fountain Pen Network, We are hosting Michael Sull in Tampa for four script workshops in February and wanted to extend the invitation to you all. He will be teaching American Cursive Handwriting (currently sold out), Beginning Spencerian, Off-Hand Flourishing, and Ornamental Penmanship. Class descriptions are here. Typically, he holds private or overseas workshops, so this is a unique opportunity for the Southeast U.S. Please see the attached flyer for more information. The Thursday-Sunday schedule in a few weeks is a great opportunity to visit Tampa and enjoy a nib-and-ink workshop with one of the foremost living penman. Spencerian is a significant facet of American history, circa 1850, as it was the de facto correspondence and legal document writing style before the typewriter came into widespread use. Mr. Sull will also be giving a lecture across the street at the Henry B. Plant Museum on Saturday February 10, which is free for workshop attendees. About Us: The Paper Seahorse is a creative studio and shop in Tampa specializing in fine stationery and paper, writing instruments (Lamy, Kaweco, Midori), greeting cards and seasonal items, vintage typewriters, tools for mindfulness, and creative classes. We’re led by Tona Bell, lifelong lover of all things analog. Please feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested and don’t hesitate to reply with questions.
  4. Practitioners of Copperplate and Engrosser's Script know that the spacing in these scripts is fairly 'automatic' i.e. things fall in place rather nicely when the exit hairlines are drawn correctly and meet the following letter at about halfway up the x-height. It is interesting to ponder exactly why that is so. It turns out (no pun intended) that the bottom turns of the straight letters (i, t, l) etc are actually similar to the rounded letters (o, c, e). When drawn correctly, i.e. like the bottom right side of an 'o', exit strokes will be at the correct angle (i.e. match the slant) when they meet the following letter. What is even better is that the join won't be jarring even if the hairline meets the following letter a little bit below the halfway point - this typically results in an abrupt 'impalement' of the hairline into the following letter if the hairline is drawn a bit too shallow. Here is an exercise I give my students. The following image shows the bottom halves of 3 words 'ice', 'lit' and 'tie' - can you tell which one is which? (you can see the whole image here) The challenge is to write these three words and see if the bottom halves give them away. I will be looking forward to your participation. - Salman
  5. Hello there I'm 29 about to turn 30 this month and currently a student working towards my associates degree in Network Administration. I am on a computer all day long and I love computers and technology, but I also love the relaxing and personal nature of handwriting. When I went back to school I realized that my handwriting was horrible. Having used a computer so much and never handwriting anything I had lost any tiny amount of skill I might have had in the past. So I started a quest to improve my handwriting which lead me to fountain pens and my new addicting lol. The thing is though I really do not know where to start. I've looked through plenty of threads and searched a good deal online but there are multiple styles of script and multiple resources so I'm a little overwhelmed. Also I just gained 2 penpals from the penpal thread but I'm afraid they won't even be able to read my letters, I figured it would be nice to handwrite letters to folks and that also might improve my writing but now I'm ashamed to even show them my writing. I don't know what script to choose or what resources online to use to practice. I don't have money to buy practice books which I see recommended often. Spencerian script is nice but it is to "fancy" and I don't think it would suit everyday writing. I need a suggestion on a good practical everyday cursive script that still looks nice and that has resources freely available online I can use to practice. If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I debated even posting this image because I'm extremely embarrassed but I feel its important to show just how much work I really need.. Which is quite a lot..
  6. Hello FPN, I'm a beginning penman who seeks to improve his handwriting. I've chosen to learn Spencerian in an effort to achieve this. I have some questions regarding the script and other relating topics. I currently use a Pelikan M200 Piston Fountain Pen to write, is it any good for Spencerian? What kind of nib or pen is recommended to write this script? As a lefty, how should I grip the pen and what would be the technique to use? I'm sorry, but I'm extremely new to the scene of the art of penmanship so I do not know much. I'm extremely grateful for any and all help anyone can afford to me.
  7. Hi I'm looking for calligraphy pens with nib sizes from 0.7mm to 2.5mm. I'm looking for branded pens, not on the luxury side of course, but for regular script writing. Any ideas where and what to look for?
  8. Hello, everyone! I would love to start a weekly handwriting practice on here. Every week, I'll post one or two poems, excerpts, or other interesting things (hopefully) for you guys to copy in your favorite handwriting, or a handwriting you're trying to improve! The only rule that I have is that if you'd like to be critiqued, please indicate it in your post, otherwise, only positive comments will be allowed. Please refrain from offering constructive criticism if the poster does not indicate that it is wanted! This rule is in place in order to provide a safe place for people to post their writing samples, without any fear or anxiety! Other than that, you may choose to copy one, or both of the samples if you so desire. Whatever style you prefer is allowed here, whether it is print or cursive, or some symbolic language you made up for private journaling ! Please, participate and have fun! P.S. This is not an original idea. I found it on a handwriting forum and thought it would be fun to start one here on FPN. This week's sample:
  9. Is there a name for the general kind of flex-pen script demonstrated in this image? I'd like to see a full alphabet and other specific examples of this kind of script. http://i.imgur.com/fkRHyk1.png
  10. Hi All, I have recently started to practice Spencerian Business Writing. I bought the Mott Media theory book from Amazon, I have not ordered the Copybooks yet, because I noticed that it would be cheaper to buy the theory book and the copybooks separately. I was wondering if I need the Copybooks at all? Or if they are available for download anywhere? I was planning to scan them and reprint them on laser paper, because I was planning to use them more than once, and I have heard that the paper in them is not great. Does anyone have the copybooks in digital form, or know where I can download them? Or, are there any similar copy worksheets available? Also, Has anyone else started Spencerian recently who would maybe like to learn together? It would be cool to have a practice partner or two to share tips and resources, as well as motivation. Cheers, Bevan
  11. whaddya think, i really like how animalistic and mythological the script looks and i think it would look great (albeit written out with a bit more regularity)

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