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Found 11 results

  1. Dear FPN members, After 3 years of research, experiments and a little trial and error, I was able to reveal my next titanium, 3D printed fountain pen, the Spica Virginis. It resembles a futuristic impression of a wheat spike. It is named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, where the virgin holds a bundle of spikes. Most parts are 3D printed, including its fully functional nib and pen case. http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_WhiteBG_690.jpg http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_Side2_690w.jpg Since my first 3D printed titanium fountain pen in January of 2013 I like to disrupt how fountain pens are made. Instead of relying on proven technology, I started 3D printing fountain pens and now I am also 3D printing nibs, also in titanium. The results stimulated me to convert my effort into a patent application. Soon more products will be made by 3D printing because of its capability to generate complex 3D shapes in plastics, metals (including titanium, gold and platinum alloys) and (technical) ceramics . Even more wherever combined with the latest software for designers to take full advantage of this ‘design freedom’. http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_wBox_690.jpg I am not telling you that 3D printing is about to replace all conventional manufacturing solutions. It won’t. 3D printing is just an complementary approach to manufacturing. In some cases turning is the best approach, in other cases 3D printing etc. In many cases a mix of both. Some say ‘design freedom’ comes with no design costs. Nope. Complex shapes, in particular wherever complex in three dimensions, do not come overnight. And wherever series are small, there are only a few pieces to carry such costs. Moreover, printing metal parts is a time consuming thing (days instead of hours). So with machines of over half a million, there are significant expenses involved. Still, 3D printing holds a tremendous potential. Below is the machine that 3D printed the titanium parts: a 3D Systems ProX300 . http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/3DSystems_ProX300_LR.jpg Those of you who like to see a little more I invite to visit my website: http://pjotrpens.com .
  2. I occasionally have arthritis flare ups in my hands and fingers. With that, my normally "Business Palmer" cursive turns illegible. However, my printing is very legible and nicely spaced, but much slower than my cursive. It is enjoyable to me to write cursive and to slowly improve . . . .but. . . . I am wondering if it is within good etiquette to switch to print on some letter corresponding for this reason? Then, there might also be the fun challenge to improve my printing style as well which I've never done. Thoughts? Thanks you for you help and thoughts, jim ps: Some people have writing that looks more like printing or printing with flourishes than script and it can look great as well. But I have not tried that for corresponding.
  3. lately because of Incrowrimo I have been trying to send some letters to people outside the US and write people from other countries and cultures. I ran into a little internal struggle though on what I should do in regards to using Cursive or Print when I write someone in a country that English may not be their first language. In my mind I think maybe it would be better to write in regular print to make it as easy as possible for someone not fluent in English to understand. I obviously love writing in cursive but I do not want to make it hard for anyone to read my letter. Have you ever thought about this before? What do you do when sending letters to countries where English may not be the primary language? Appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
  4. Is there such a thing as elegant printing vs cursive/script? Such as for snail mail letter writing? Can anyone post samples of printing in letter writing? Are there actual styles for this? Thanks Aloha jim
  5. This poll isn't about my handwriting - or anybody else's; it's about preferences when reading handwriting in general. http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m496/gclef1114/Gibberish/imag0001.jpg This poll isn't about my handwriting - or anybody else's; it's about preferences when reading handwriting in general.
  6. Hello FPN, I am a student and is wondering whether to write in cursive or print in my exams. My worry is that my cursive may be less legible than my print, which may subconsciously affect the markers opinion on my work. I have attached a picture of my handwriting, both in cursive and print, I would love some opinions on the best type I should use in exams. Thanks
  7. Hello all, I'm thinking about making a fountain pen body on a 3D printer, and I was wondering if anybody knows a good source for Nib/feeds that take cartridges/converters, as the layered nature of printed plastic isn't the most waterproof. Thanks for your time
  8. Hello, everyone! I would love to start a weekly handwriting practice on here. Every week, I'll post one or two poems, excerpts, or other interesting things (hopefully) for you guys to copy in your favorite handwriting, or a handwriting you're trying to improve! The only rule that I have is that if you'd like to be critiqued, please indicate it in your post, otherwise, only positive comments will be allowed. Please refrain from offering constructive criticism if the poster does not indicate that it is wanted! This rule is in place in order to provide a safe place for people to post their writing samples, without any fear or anxiety! Other than that, you may choose to copy one, or both of the samples if you so desire. Whatever style you prefer is allowed here, whether it is print or cursive, or some symbolic language you made up for private journaling ! Please, participate and have fun! P.S. This is not an original idea. I found it on a handwriting forum and thought it would be fun to start one here on FPN. This week's sample:
  9. Scans are here: http://tinyurl.com/polwxr3 download a .zip file with all the scans in here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qkpqzg Please note that plate 25 was missing from the copy I scanned, all of the rest are there. This book was published in 1795. William Milns did the calligraphy and Harry Ashby engraved it. This book was popular enough that it continued to be published until the 1850s in England. William Milns emigrated from England to America at some point after publishing this book, and his grave may be found today in Boston, in the old burying ground, on Boston common near Boylston street. His headstone reads: To the memory of William Milns Member of St. Mary Hall in the university of Oxford, Author of the Well bred Scholar, The American accountant, the Penman's Repository, and of Several Dramatic Works, Master of Salvador Academy, and of the city commercial school in London, who died in this town, the 27th February 1801, Aged 40 years. Society was benefited by the exercise of his talents. His private virtues endeared him to his friends. source of information: "American penmanship 1800 - 1850" by Paul Nash. Some low-res previews for you: http://i.imgur.com/gybev5z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5NL6ddf.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pIEXdjN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Wfkh7sW.jpg
  10. augustana_evangeline

    Advice With Cursive

    Hello all- I've decided to try and revive my cursive handwriting, as a long time ago it was actually quite legible and pretty. It's not been used in ... I'd say, six or so years. My problem is that I write with a pronounced slant, and that sometimes compresses my loops, such as "e" vs "i", and that makes it hard for some to read. Hence the switch to print! However, I like the flow of cursive, and would like to not forget how to write legibly, of course. I know it's possible So, please critique! The first is my normal everyday print. Iti's quite straight and small, as you can see. The next section is my natural unlined current cursive, followed by what I considered "pulled back/neater" cursive, which is bascially what my print is like if it had a lovechild with cursive. Which cursive style should I adopt/ improve? Thanks!
  11. I'm curious because my interest on fountain pens brought me back to the calligraphy sheets and the intent to relearn cursive writing after 25 years of print writing (engineering school is to blame). My choice is number 4. I also believe choice 5 is not getting a single vote, but one never knows. http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-confused009.gif . What about you? Best Regards, Marcelo

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