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  1. Dear FPN members, After 3 years of research, experiments and a little trial and error, I was able to reveal my next titanium, 3D printed fountain pen, the Spica Virginis. It resembles a futuristic impression of a wheat spike. It is named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, where the virgin holds a bundle of spikes. Most parts are 3D printed, including its fully functional nib and pen case. http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_WhiteBG_690.jpg http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_Side2_690w.jpg Since my first 3D printed titanium fountain pen in January of 2013 I like to disrupt how fountain pens are made. Instead of relying on proven technology, I started 3D printing fountain pens and now I am also 3D printing nibs, also in titanium. The results stimulated me to convert my effort into a patent application. Soon more products will be made by 3D printing because of its capability to generate complex 3D shapes in plastics, metals (including titanium, gold and platinum alloys) and (technical) ceramics . Even more wherever combined with the latest software for designers to take full advantage of this ‘design freedom’. http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/Pjotr_SpicaVirginis_wBox_690.jpg I am not telling you that 3D printing is about to replace all conventional manufacturing solutions. It won’t. 3D printing is just an complementary approach to manufacturing. In some cases turning is the best approach, in other cases 3D printing etc. In many cases a mix of both. Some say ‘design freedom’ comes with no design costs. Nope. Complex shapes, in particular wherever complex in three dimensions, do not come overnight. And wherever series are small, there are only a few pieces to carry such costs. Moreover, printing metal parts is a time consuming thing (days instead of hours). So with machines of over half a million, there are significant expenses involved. Still, 3D printing holds a tremendous potential. Below is the machine that 3D printed the titanium parts: a 3D Systems ProX300 . http://pjotrpens.com/downloads/press/tumb/3DSystems_ProX300_LR.jpg Those of you who like to see a little more I invite to visit my website: http://pjotrpens.com .
  2. Why second? Because the first one is Wiland MUKI (2009) At least World First Scerw Cap Full ceramic pen all right?(lmao) Equip with JOWO 6 and my self-made 3d cobalt nib. Material - Ivoclar Glass Ceramic,Zirconium Phosphate Ceramics,Macor(All machinable ceramic can be regarded as glass ceramic) Note! Zerodur and other transparent glass are also glass ceramic but can only be machining in grinding process. Nib - JOWO 6 or 3D Cobalt Nib Clip - GR5 Ti with Black PVD Style - Ink comverter With JOWO 6 nib With cobalt nib Next pen is quartz + titanium + urushi + glass + fluororubber and perfluoroether rubber. Hope it works well.
  3. After 6 months of work, here is the new version of my retractable nib pen (V5). The external appearance of the pen is like a chimera of Pilot's MYU for its titanium body and Lamy 2000 for its overall shape and clip. On the inside of the pen, the nib retracts behind a spring loaded trap door, the nib mechanism is activated by rotating the section of 3/4 of turn, clockwise. The filling mechanism is a piston filler which acts similarly as FountainBell's Bulkfiller holding a large amount of ink. The nib is a cursive italic which was ground from a pelikan BB stainless steel nib, the feed is from an old french pen in ebonite. The pen now features a more discreet trap door for the nib: The piston system is basically the same than the other versions: The ink window is a minimalistic polycarbonate round window which makes the job well: This pen took so much time to design and build out of a single titanium rod: take a look at the titanium shavings! My micro 12kg lathe/milling machine made the job surprisingly well even on Grade 5 titanium. Some tricks had to be used, mainly for drilling procedures: slowing down spindle speed, only predrill holes at 2mm (drilling using progressively larger drillbits stucks them into the work), cooling the drill is also crucial (when you don't own special harware for this purpose you have to stop drilling and wait for it to cool which takes a long long time...). Here are some special setups: Once machined, the hard part was to assemble titanium parts together... Titanium parts don't glide on each others they get simply stucked. To allow free gliding of the titanium moving parts I Had to cover them with acetal caps which required additional extra work. Here you can see the part which allows the section to turn onto the barrel: an acetal ring serves as interface between the section and the barrel: I use this pen for 3 months now and I am very pleased with. Unlike the other versions in ebonite (V1,2,3) the inkflow is more consistent, nor too wet, nor to dry. The pen is much more robust than the other versions although it is heavier it did not broke or deform when falling from my shirt pocket on concrete for example: the grade 5 titanium made it simply bounce with a few minor scratches. Hope my journey to making this pen interested you. Jeremy Link to the other pens for comparison:
  4. R531

    Bock 'platinum' Nibs

    Hi All, Just a quick curiosity. I was looking on Bock's website earlier, and they appear to make Platinum nibs labelled Platinum 950(95% platinum). I can't seem to find any info online about them, and there aren't any manufacturers that seem to use Platinum nibs in their pens. Can you purchase these nibs anywhere, and has anyone used them ? If so, what are they like ? I'd be greatly appreciative if anyone could share their knowledge. Cheers
  5. I'll just get right to it, starting with the hard facts: The Acriv Ebowrite Master is an oversized ebonite eyedropper with a crimped titanium nib. It measures 167mm capped, and 149mm uncapped. It posts, but... 149mm uncapped. Here it is next to a Lamy Al-Star: Brimful with ink it weighs 33gm. I paid $40 for the pen, it shipped for free, and was delivered to the US in about 5 weeks from the day I placed the order. It came with a genuine leather, zipper case, that struggles to contain the pen. I'm not a fan of zippered cases, but this one is actually rather nice and well made. Just a bit too small. The pen itself, is also well made. It's straight, no unevenness in the profile and the cap screws on straight. It has a matte, almost stealth-like, brushed finish. The matte effect is mostly due to very fine ebonite dust, however. After rubbing it clean with a paper towel and a dab of No-Oxi-Oil, it looks more like fine wood grain. Not glossy, but not stealthy either. I find it looks better, now. Lamy 2000-like. The section, like the rest of the pen, is made of ebonite. I'm a bit disappointed that it has a smooth finish. I also wish it had a slightly concave profile, rather than the straight taper. The cap takes 1 1/4 turns to unscrew, the barrel requires 8 turns. Both screw on tight. After several weeks of use I have yet to experience dry-outs or leaks. The barrel interior was full of ebonite dust and flakes, and required a thorough cleaning. I used No-Oxi-Oil and paper towels, and followed up with a thin coat of silicone grease. Pay attention to all threads as they tend to trap ebonite dust. The pen works only as an eyedropper. I did not try to measure ink capacity, but I'd say it's 4ml or more. The pen does have some other minor quality issues. The etching on the clip is not dead center, and the section lip has a rough edge. Also, after cleaning the exterior some flaws in the ebonite became visible; one orange spot and a few dings. They are all pinpoint sized (see 5th photo from the top) and barely noticeable. The crimped nib is somewhat scratchy. It's not awful, you can live with it, but it is scratchy. Nothing some 6000 grade Micromesh can't fix. Don't overdo it, though. Titanium, though hard, is much softer than Iridium. The feed is very wet. Too wet for anything other than Tomoe River, Clairefontaine, or similar. Too wet for the Fine this nib is supposed to be. It would have been just right if the nib was flexy. However, even though the nib seems to have some bounce, in practice it can't be called anything other than stiff. Verdict: This pen is worthy of a much better nib than the one that came with it. I have a vintage flex #8 nib from a parted-out Good Service that might fit. A #6 Jowo or Bock also might do the trick.
  6. A Smug Dill

    My hammered titanium ring

    From the album: Odds and ends

    My hammered titanium ring, when new, that I was going to use as a colour reference of sorts in seeking a new personal ‘signature’ ink to match. Originally posted here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/350492-seeking-brown-inks-with-strong-violet-or-purple-sheen/

    © A Smug Dill

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  7. A Smug Dill

    My hammered titanium ring, one year on

    From the album: Odds and ends

    The colour reference I was going to use, in my quest for a new personal ‘signature’ ink colour (that was ultimately unsuccessful), looks very different one year on. Only the barest hint of violet sheen remains, and the base colour has greatly lightened in the meantime. I guess the shine wore off, and the honeymoon period is over? Or perhaps it's just par for the course for the year 2020? 😬

    © A Smug Dill

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  8. It looks a little funny to me.
  9. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. We are back after long time in this Pandemic. Hope and wish you are staying safe . We are very happy in introducing New RANGA Ganesha Model in High quality Acrylic . As name Indicates, It is having the Characteristics of Lord Ganesha -Giant Size and Ivory -A winner Combination of Lord Ganesha. Contrasting finials makes it extremely beautiful. It is must have Pen for Fountain pen Collector's These are completely Handmade Pen .This is Giant Size Pen but still very comfortable for Every day use In order to purchase Ranga Ganesha Pen , Kindly fill the Google Form (Link Below) RANGA GANESHA - ORDER FORM https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4x9kB0WplHmKOX33l3oSOCLhlYHjInyi4MYfQpDU1H0VR_g/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Prices are as follows: RANGA Ganesha with Ranga Nib and German Schmidt Converter:70USD till 5th September . (Its Regular Price is 93USD). Kindly avail this Offer Price for this Excellent Pen (Thickness-Cap Dia: 19mm, Barrel Dia : 17.5mm , Capped Length - App 6.75 Inches ) You can upgrade it with German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter. Hundreds of nib options (Steel, Titanium, 14K, 18K, flex ) are available. Upgradation charges are mentioned in Google order form Colours : 1 .Ivory with Red 2. Ivory with Blue 3. Ivory with Orange 4. Ivory with Green 5. Ivory with Black Cap turn: It is just 1 turn to Cap and uncap. Finish :Polished Finish Clip Option - Gold Clip or Silver Clip Option or Clipless For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options Nib Option: Ranga Extra Fine Nib - Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Fine Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Medium Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Broad Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Double Broad Nib:Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Flex: Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga 14K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Flex Bock Extra Fine Nib - Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Fine Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Medium Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Broad Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Calligraphy 1.1 Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone ,Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Calligraphy 1.5 Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,, Black Lacquered, Red Lacquered Bock Titanium #6 nibs: Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Double Broad Point Bock 18K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Broad Point Bock Titanium #8 nibs: Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Double Broad Point Bock 18K Nib # 8 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Broad Point JoWo Fine Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo Medium Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo Broad Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo 1.1 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo 1.5 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone Schmidt Fine Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone Schmidt Medium Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone Schmidt Broad Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone No Nib - Threaded for Bock #6 No Nib - Threaded for JoWo #6 No Nib - Threaded for Schmidt #6 No Nib - Threaded for Bock #8 Via Courier . It takes 2 to 6 days. Shipping: Via Courier- Kindly note that courier rates are very high now. We are happy to share that we are collecting only 50% of the courier charges and rest is incurred by us . Customer's need to pay 19USD for USA/Canada, 10USD for Central Europe and country specific rates for other countries. Courier delivery time is 4-7 days Making Time: 1-2 Weeks after payment Payment Details: Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com If you buy More than 2 Pens and if you don't want to fill the form, You can directly send the specs to our mail id mpkandan@yahoo.co.in In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4x9kB0WplHmKOX33l3oSOCLhlYHjInyi4MYfQpDU1H0VR_g/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  10. After 3 times failure I made it at last. By using EOSINT M280 printer, a titanium clip was printed. To make it looks in matte finish. I polished it for one day and it looks great now. Clip Clip after install it to Kaweco Ti My next step is to creat a pen by using 3d printing and CNC machine. And I draw some stl file here. Cap Body Grip The Whole Pen I have tried many times to print prototype in resin like nylon12 or acrylic, but its accuracy is not enough. So next time I decide to print or use cnc machine in Aluminum, Sterling Silver or Alumina Ceramic. And I also want to design some pattern to make it looks more attractive. But due to the outbreak of disease. I can only stay at home now. :-P
  11. Jebus

    Bock #8: Titan Vs Gold

    For a possible pending purchase the nib will be a Bock #8. Any user experience on the difference between the gold one and the titanium nib of that size? How do they relate on size (M to B , flex (and perhaps stub or not)? Currently I have a Bock #6 titan B in daily rotation. The new one can use some extra caracter (titan M stub, gold B,...) I suppose it will be possible to testwrite the nibs, but some user experience might be very usefull of course.
  12. http://www.penbbs.com/woshangdetu/penmaterial/133.jpg http://www.penbbs.com/woshangdetu/penmaterial/130.jpg I saw an old topic in a fourm said that Pelikan M800 can be modify into titanium body. It attracted me a lot so I directly find that who can made it. Actually, the 3rd one is made by Grayson Tighe. However, he told my brother said that he is no longer modify Pelikan Pen anymore. But the first and the second one is not made by him. So I want to know who can make Titanium M800 now so that I am willing to buy it.
  13. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings!!!! Over the years We at Ranga Pens have successfully organized many group buys. FPNer's frequently ask us to offer Famous Bock Titanium nibs for their flexible nature . We at Ranga Pens offers these nibs with our popular twelve Ranga models in 50 Ebonite Colours So this is a good time to buy our Various 12 different popular Models with Bock titanium Nibs( @ Discounted Price) in this Group Buy. There are lot of Reviews for these Models in various FPN threads. The Highlights of these Group buy are 1. Various Popular Ranga Pens (12 Models) in Various beautiful 50 ebonite colours than before 2. Famous Bock Titanium Nibs which are Flexible This Group Buy is Valid till 31-May-19 In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX_gcFot1KRN_WNgyyq0KRB7t-_01frDKubRw0xdJK1qcgug/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Available Colours are as follows: A. Special/ Regular Ebonite Colours (SE Series) Solid Forest Green (S1) Forest Green - Black Ripple(S2) Forest Green - Honey Ripple(S3) Forest Green - Khaki Ripple(S4) Forest Green - Mustard Yellow Ripple(S5) Forest Green - Teal Blue Ripple(S6) Teal Blue - Black Ripple(S7) Teal Blue - Khaki Ripple(S8) Mustard Yellow - Black Ripple(S9) Solid Maroon(S11) Rose Red - Black Ripple(S12) Rose Red - Mauve Ripple(S13) Rose Red - Forest Green Ripple(S15) Rose Red - Mustard Yellow Ripple(S17) Brick Red - Khaki Ripple(S18) Brick Red - Black Ripple(S19) Teal Blue - Orange Ripple(S20) Solid Olive Green (S23) Solid Golden Brown(S24) Blue/Green Ripple (S25) Solid Chocolate Brown(S26) Solid Sacramento Green /Teal (S27) Solid Grass Green (S28) Solid Military Green(S29) B. Regular Colours (RE Series) Brown Ripple (R1) Green Ripple(R2) Olive Ripple (R3) Solid Black(R4) Mottled Brown(R5) Mottled Green(R6) Mottled Olive Brown(R7) C. Premium Ebonite Colours (PE Series) Solid Blue(P1) Black Yellow Swirl (P2) Blue Pink Swirl(P3) Solid Pale Green(P4) Blue White Swirl (P5) Green Yellow Swirl (P7) Solid Pink(P8) Blue /Green /Orange Swirl(P9) Green/Pale Pink(P13) Blue/ Pink/Pale Yellow Swirl (P14) Prices are as follows: RANGA Model 3: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter : US $133 RANGA Model 3C: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- US $133 RANGA Model 4: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 4C: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 5: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $130 Premium Ebonite- US $145 RANGA Model 8: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 14mm, Barrel Dia : 12.5mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $118 Premium Ebonite- US $133 RANGA Model 8B: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model 9B: (Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 16mm , Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $123 Premium Ebonite- US $138 RANGA Model Giant 9B: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite-US $130 Premium Ebonite- US $145 RANGA Thin Bamboo: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 14mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $133 Premium Ebonite- US $148 RANGA Bamboo (Regular Size): (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 16mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $143 Premium Ebonite-US $158 RANGA Giant Bamboo: (Clipless Model) (Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches ) Regular / Special Ebonite- US $153 Premium Ebonite- US $168 Finish - Polished or Matte (Bakul) Clip Option - Clipless or Gold Clip or Silver Clip Nib Option: For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options (included in price) Bock Titanium- Fine / Medium / Broad Shipping: Via Registered Post which is included in Price and takes 2 -4 Weeks. Making Time:4 Weeks after payment Payment: Paypal id- mpkandan@gmail.com In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with "Form Submitted or just repost the choices in thread https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScX_gcFot1KRN_WNgyyq0KRB7t-_01frDKubRw0xdJK1qcgug/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Thanks for your support Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  14. I don't own any gold nibs right now, except my grandpa's Pelikan P1. All the pens I own are steel ones. Out of curiosity, before trying another gold nibbed pen, I would like to know the difference between these nibs. I know gold nibs add a little bounce to them, whereas steel nibs are nails. Don't know anything about titanium ones though. For example I have a Sailor Shikiori which gives off a very very pleasant feedback I like despite it being a nail. Now if I move on to a Pro Gear, what is going to change?
  15. Because of several requests I received as well as many positive responses to my social media inquiries, now there are two additional versions of the 'Meteor': Pure+ and British Racing Green ! 'Pure+' has a polished shaft and 'British Racing Green' is an addition to the red and blue versions of this unique 3D printed metal pen. http://pjotrpens.com/racinggreen http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/RacingGreen_h690.jpg
  16. 'Meteor' 3D metal printed fountain pen (and nib) http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/PjotrMeteor0_x690.jpg I have been away for a while (however, active on the not-so-official FPN page on Fb. Sorry for that! ). Recently I brought my latest design, the 'Meteor' to the market (limited edition). All its metal parts are 3D printed: Barrel, cap: stainless steel (316L)Nib, shaft, clip: titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)There are some variants: Pure Pure+ (shaft polished) Merlot Red (also cap and barrel polished/colored) Royal Blue (also cap and barrel polished/colored) Soon: Britisch Racing Green (also cap and barrel polished/colored)The pen comes with a box that is also its display stand and is - of course - also 3D printed (PA12 with HP's Multi-Jet Fusion technology). http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/PjotrMeteor4_x690.jpg Also personalization is available, like the inclusion of a monogram or logo in 3D. http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/DeValk.jpg Below a preview of the 'Meteor' in British Racing Green http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/BRG.jpg More at pjotrpens.com and the website of la Couronne du Comte : lacouronneducomte.nl http://pjotrpens.com/sites/pjotrpens.com/files/PjotrMeteorB_x690.jpg
  17. I recently exhanged the nib in my Kaigelu 316 pen with a Titanium Bock nib from Beaufort Ink (UK). http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah12/phzervas/93F82412-A163-48E1-88BB-E5B4EE7B8D44_zpsbuvqysnl.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah12/phzervas/2B0A8CA6-CA0B-47DF-93CF-76770C392C45_zpsslyblstm.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah12/phzervas/3AB1E03C-FFDA-4592-9E5D-D967C4E528BD_zpsrgsjhhi3.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah12/phzervas/D0D6918C-DC5F-4D6B-9047-85330A442456_zpsp0hhmnri.jpg http://i1376.photobucket.com/albums/ah12/phzervas/0DFF4BB4-911C-481C-BAA2-AF4206DD2EC7_zpscrmjmtol.jpg The new nib is quite wet, feels very bouncy on the paper, is somewhat feebbacky but pleasantly so, and can write semi-flexy when little pressure is applied. For regular writing, it feels like driving a car with super soft suspension (shock-absorbers). Makes going back to nail stiff steel nibs very difficult indeed. Positives: - line variation, - cushioning effect the springy nib gives. Negatives - ''gas guzzler'' meaning it uses a lot of ink, compared to a regular EF nib. I wanted to try it for a long time, I do not regret buying it! There are a lot of nibs that can be tried on the Kaigelu 316. It is a beautiful pen! Ink is Waterman Harmonious Green.
  18. My name is Jeremiah, and I am a designer of consumer goods. I have manufactured one of many of the pens I have designed (I have to do them one at a time due to costs associated with the process). Id like to know what the general initial impression is of the design, materials, color, etc.? Thank you for any positive and/or negative feedback!
  19. I just got my Ensso Piuma in the mail today so Im excited! Heres my small titanium collection. Theres a Namisu Nova and new Ensso Piuma both with Ti Bock nibs. The Namisu in broad (slightly re ground) and a medium on the Ensso. Also an Omas DLC bronze titanium Paragon in fine breathed on to write like a wet medium and an Inka titanium body survival ballpoint. I think the Inka has a space pen refill. Oddly enough the cap and section threads on the Namisu and Ensso are the same. The cap from the Ensso will thread to the Namisu but the cap diameter is a little smaller. The Ensso section will thread to the Namisu as well but the converter hits the end of the body leaving a very small gap section to body. The Ensso section only works with the Ensso cap due to the larger diameter near the nib. Kind of interesting. Anyway, lets see some titanium pens! Love this material!
  20. Does anyone have one? Ive been kicking around the idea of picking up a Nakaya for years but in ebonite/urushi. That seems more fitting to the Japanese art of pen making. I would absolutely love to pick up that titanium Piccolo as well but the price completely mystifies me. They are going for roughly $1k without options! Hundreds more than a urushi Naka-ai! There are a few titanium pens in my collection that are in the Japanese style but those have been no more than $200. I understand you get a great gold nib with the Nakaya and a clip but am I missing something here? I dont believe Nakaya does any special finishing to the pen. It looks to be left in a machined finish. Im just trying to understand what I would be paying so much for in the titanium pen. I also get Im paying for the name as well but my impression is that the titanium pen doesnt follow any traditional Japanese Pen making skills that most people are willing to pay extra for. Im completely mystified here. Couple snaps of the Nakaya followed by my Namisu. Please help me understand!
  21. I just picked up one of these about a week or so ago. Ive been trying to get one for almost 6 months now and out of nowhere, one was available from Bryant at a fair price these days. I jumped on it and pulled the trigger! Ive only started collecting Omas pens about 2 years ago and have had to make up ground quickly. First impression. This pen is extremely elegant with the diamond like carbon purple/bronze color and rose gold trim! Very exquisite! The nib and trim is a pink gold instead of red gold and very fitting for the look of the whole package. When I first saw it, I felt that it was a pen that would fit well in an older pen collectors private vault. I didnt feel like I was a seasoned enough pen collector to have such an exquisite pen. I have a fair amount of Omas pens in my collection, but this pen is on another level. The body and cap are media blasted so you get these amazing satin reflections in the light across the facets but the edges of the facets are laser sharp. Not rounded at all. In low light the pen is a sort of light plumb/purple. Really interesting colors from this pen in different lights. It rarely looks just bronze. Despite the media blasted finish, it does show finger prints easily. The box had an outer cover in a soft touch black with kind of rose gold embossed text. The main box is standard Omas for a Paragon and came with a bottle of Omas black. Omas black is a nice ink but I dont really use it much and find that its mild, and tad light and dry. Its a very safe ink in my opinion and I typically use it to run a fill to completely clean out highly saturated inks out of piston fillers. Its very easy to clean at the end of a refill. The paperwork had the standard QC card along with another soft touch black folded card with rose gold text about the titanium series. Also had the same brief booklet about Omas. The whole presentation was very nicely done. This pen feels like its absolutely bomb proof! It has a nice weight to it and the DLC finish feels very rugged. Im not sure how hard the titanium alloy actually is on this pen but it feels incredibly solid. Its such a beautiful pen but the way its built is beyond just durable. I feel like it would just last forever and be completely unfazed even with daily use over decades. The weight feels different than a brass pen. Its hard to describe but the feel is very unique. When you first pick up the pen, it feels cool to the touch but not cold. Its winter right now here so I imagine its a little cooler than usual. The pen heats up quickly and retains a nice warmth to it for a long time. I usually dont pay attention to these things honestly but it was immediately noticeable with this pen and very pleasant! The section is black resin with the serial number embossed into the material opposite the top of the nib. I have a feeling this pen would make an excellent EDC pen if the situation was a little different. Ive been using it daily at work but Im obsessively careful with the pen due to replacement parts being scarce. I think its really the most impressive overall Omas Ive seen or handled based on aesthetics and build quality. Its writing very well these days too after some work! Writing experience needed some effort to optimize. The nib was rotated on the feed and the tines were misaligned a little. This is pretty standard in my experience with modern Omas pens save for the one pen I received that was tuned at Omas, a Paragon Ludovico Einaudi Signature in broad. That pen is my best writer and has never had a problem. Epic pen! The rest of my Omas collection made past 2004 are pretty much all tuned the same from Omas. Maybe I should say not tuned. Nib slightly rotated on the feed with some unique feedback. I was only able to get a fine nib these days on this pen in 18kt. The nib was rotated on the feed as usual and the tines a little misaligned. The misaligned tines was not usual though. I pulled the nib and feed to re-seat it correctly. I had to heat set it and then align the tines. I ground the nib and polished to a 6k micromesh finish that still maintains the spirit of the original feedback but is tuned correctly for my hand. The pen writes more like a medium now and has a nice wet line. Im very happy with the nib after working it for a good amount of time. I had to heat set it one more time as it broke in also. Might need to heat set it a 3rd time as its on the edge of ink pooling up when writing. Overall, Im very impressed with this pen! The writing experience is nice but there isnt a novelty to it like a stub or italic. Its just a good medium-ish writer now with nice feedback. I find myself staring at the pen kind of a lot. Its not as crazy as a brown arco, but the reflections are really cool over the facets! It must have taken a long time to make this pen. Its the best built Omas Ive seen by far. Its a very striking pen but verges on being understated until you really start looking at the details. From 10 feet away, it just looks like a brownish-bronze pen, but if youre writing with it, its quite spectacular and flashy in a very refined way. I would say its a must have in any Omas collection!
  22. Massdrop is offering the titanium version of the Ensso Piuma with a titanium nib. The pen is available in both stone-washed and polished titanium. The titanium nibs available are medium and extra-fine. Its a fantastic deal, see for yourself.
  23. I've fulfilled a pen bucket list item tonight my friends! I've been actively bidding on/searching for an Omas Titanium Paragon in bronze PVD for 6 months now. There's a seller on eBay that seems to have several of these but with the diamond encrusted cap band. He has the listed buy it now for an insane price but every few months, he'll put one up on auction no reserve. I've been tracking prices to plan my bids accordingly but prices just keep going up exponentially! Pen emporium has one of these listed without the diamond cap band for a fixed price but they want about the last sale price for one with a diamond band. Crazy! I got an email the other day from Bryant Greer (Chatterley Luxuries) about what's on sale......I dread these emails but love them at the same time! There were no less than 4 pens on my list at insane low prices. I was surprised to see the Omas I had been looking for on sale! The price was hundreds less than Pen emporium. I just about fell out of my chair! I immediately got a hold of Bryant and made a great deal. Great guy to work with! I'm really excited about this pen! I feel I caught it right before they became unattainable at any reasonable price! No plans to sell, just write!
  24. Karas Kustoms

    Fountain Pen Savings And New Nibs!

    http://i63.tinypic.com/n6thjk.jpg Karas Pen Co Signature Pens Decograph 1703 – Winter’s Tale “To unpathed waters, undreamed shores” – William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale Facing the unknown and uncharted causes a myriad of responses in humans. Some embrace it, charging headlong into adventure. Others shrink from it, preferring the safety of home and familiarity. At Karas Pen Co, we’ve always fallen into the first group—looking for ways to move forward, experimenting with random ideas, and taking risks. The Decograph is the culmination of a journey through unpathed waters. Our research and development for this pen required adapting our machines to a new type of material—one that is nowhere near as uniform in its behavior as the metals we are accustomed to. This latest adventure has proven quite successful. In the spirit of Camillo’s words to Perdita and Florizel, we’d like to invite you to our “unpathed waters, undreamed shores.” Our winter Decograph Special Edition 1703, is a brisk addition to the Decograph pen line. The pen is crafted from material that is a chilling shade of wintergreen, struck through with ribbons of black and streaks of glittery ice. Let us bring a bit of winter cheer to the holidays a little early this year. The 1703 – Winter’s Tale special edition is limited to 60 pieces, each elegantly laser marked on the barrel with sequential numbers. Each pen ships in our custom made and marked pen capsule with a polished steel nib in sizes EF-B, 1.1mm stub, or 1.5mm stub, a standard international converter, and five black standard international cartridges. 2-tone, black lacquer, titanium, and 14K gold nib upgrades are available for an additional charge when selecting the nib choice. MSRP - $165.00 for a limited time use the coupon code DB03DG15 to receive $15.00 dollars off the Decograph 1703. http://i68.tinypic.com/30mmt8z.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2i9r1c2.jpg Our Standard Decograph in Black and Green have been reduced $20.00 dollars for the holidays. We have just finished a brand new batch of each color and they are ready to be shipped. Grab them at this great price, don't forget to use our HAPPYHOLIDAYS coupon code on your purchase. http://i66.tinypic.com/f09lc1.jpg For our Fountain K fans, we now have Titanium nibs for your pens. Don't miss out on these awesome nibs, similar to the Titanium nibs for the INK fountain pen. They provide an amazing experience with a springy, semi-flex nib that is amazingly controllable. Check out our video review of these wonderful nibs HERE.
  25. My Namisu Nova came in the other day. I picked up the solid titanium model along with the titanium Bock nib option in medium. First impression, its a very understated pen in the stonewashed finish. Maybe a little too understated. I put a light hand polish on it to spice things up a bit. The pen looks great with a bit of shine too it! I left the grit blasted finish on the nib alone. It mixes well with the rest of the pen now. Looks 100% better with a slight polish on the body and cap. The writing experience is really very nice! This is my first Ti nib pen and I really like this nib. It reminds me of the palladium medium nib on my Visconti Millionaire. Slightly less wet than the Visconti but more line variation but less spring. This Ti nib is interesting. Its very specific about how it writes if you compare it to other materials. The amount of feedback is just right for me. I like my nibs just a bit feedbacky but not scratchy. This nib is right in the zone. Maybe a very small pass on some 12k micromesh to be perfect. Theres a really good amount of line variation for a modern nib. I had to go a little slow to avoid railroading though. Just standard writing, its pretty wet. I dont know, I just really like this nib especially at the price. Ill most likely put this nib on a few of my pens after using it for the first time. Really a nice nib! Overall this is a great pen! The nib is unique and the material, exotic. Its feels warm in the hand once youve been writing with it a while. Maybe a little warmer than celluloid or at least it retains heat longer. My only real complaint is that it doesnt have a clip. That would be nice for daily carry. Maybe some facets to keep it from rolling off the table. The metal on metal cap to body threads are a little gritty too. Otherwise, awesome pen! Ill be keeping a firm eye on Namisu and easily see adding another of their pens to my collection. In my opinion, overall, these are pretty unique to whats available right now. Especially at the price point. Very nice pen!

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