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Found 20 results

  1. Mercian

    London, by The Smiths.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    Here are the lyrics to the song ‘London’, by 1980s Mancunian band The Smiths. After I previously uploaded a copy of Mr. Blake’s poem ‘London’, I thought that this might provide an interesting contrast, as it is slightly more optimistic about ‘the Great Wen’ than is his poem. Although ok, yeah, it does still contains themes of the destruction of family-ties and the slew of toxic emotions that our capital city notoriously prompts 😁 Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire; Pen: Pelikan Souverän M805; Paper: an A4 sheet of 70gsm wide-ruled (8mm) paper from a WH Smith refill pad.

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  2. Mercian

    London by William Blake.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This poem is not exactly ‘cheery’, but it is one of my favourite works by William Blake. I scrawled it on a sheet taken from a ‘WH Smith’ A4 pad of wide-lined 70gsm paper. The pen is a Parker Vector with the ‘F’ nib of a calligraphy set. I don’t perceive it as being particularly ‘Fine’. On the other hand, at least it is ‘wet’ enough to lay down enough of this ink (Waterman ‘Havana’) to make me perceive it as being a shade of ‘brown’.

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  3. Astronymus


    From the album: Pins

    © astronymus.net

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  4. Uncle-Meat

    New But Old User Saying Howdy.

    Hi all, I live in London and have recently re-discovered the inky world of fountain pens. I used them regularly at school when I was but a mere stripling, as all my inky pocketed shirts will testify! but that was a while ago. Anyway hey-ho here we are a whole heap of years later and I have just purchased a Sailor Professional gear in silver and a Kweco Dia 2 also with silver livery. (I'm not a gold type of guy) I also acquired some Sailor and Pilot Iroshizuku inks. As my pens haven't arrived yet and i'm bursting with apprehension I intend to cover my body from head to toe in ink I already have and dance the dance of eagerness until they do! Uncle Meat.
  5. The next meeting of the London (UK) Fountain Pen club is this coming Saturday (the 1st) at the Bierschenke near Liverpool St Station. Roughly 12:00-15:00 (downstairs).
  6. I'll be travelling to London and Edinburgh in about a month with my husband, and while I saw this thread on London pen shops (or the lack thereof), I was also wondering if there were any cute little pen/stationery shops to visit in Edinburgh (there's this thread, but it is a bit old, so I'm starting this one). Google says The Pen Shop in Edinburgh is closed, so... any suggestions? I'm not that well to do, so it doesn't have to be high end pens or stationery, but a neat souvenir and/or a nice deal would be great I'm also making a stop at the Isle of Skye, but that being a less urban place, I am assuming there wouldn't be a lot of pen/stationery stuff there (maybe antique shops?). If there is, I'd be keen to hear it!
  7. Is anyone going to the London UK Pen Show on the 1st of October? Going to my first show in October, very excited.
  8. Hello, I'm afraid I'm coming at this from a rather newcomer's perspective, as I only have one fountain pen to my name, but I'm really in need of help and this seems like a lovely, friendly, knowledgeable community from which to seek it! I'm afraid it's a rather long story, but I don't want to do it the injustice of not starting at the beginning. I've always only liked writing with fountain pens, and used the same £10 Parker (Jotter) all the way through school. It seemed almost timely when it came to a sticky end just a few days after I finished my final exams. My Grandma took me to get a very lovely new pen to start medical school with. I have unusually small hands, and found that the small diameter barrel of the Jotter was rarely replicated in better pens. It sounds bizarre, I know, but I really don't like how the bulkier ones feel, and I can't control them properly. After much deliberating and traipsing between shops, I fell in love with a Yard-o-led Viceroy Pocket Barley pen. The nib was just unlike anything else I tried out - I think I really like the softness of the white gold. And it even had the lovely small barrel! It just so happened that I really use it a huge amount. I'm studying in Cambridge, which is stuck in a bygone era, and I hand in 3-4 handwritten essays a week, as well as transcribing numerous lectures and supervisions. And I just loved it so much! It was so beautiful to write with, and such a generous gift. I loved writing with it for work and pleasure, and loved thinking of my Grandma and the continuity of only using one pen. Everyone knows me for always carrying it around in a little blue carry case. Unfortunately, just shy of a year, the pen started playing up. Eventually, it wouldn't ever write ink for very long, even when I cleaned it out in all the ordinary ways. I took it to the shop I got it from who agreed that something wasn't right, and we sent it back. Yard-o-led returned it some weeks later, and it seemed back to normal. A few months later, it happened again. I sent it back. And then it happened again. This time, I was eager to get in touch with them, but they're very hard to contact. I was frustrated that this unusual and generous expenditure was not working as it should, and I didn't know if I was doing something wrong. Eventually, when I got through (by writing longhand and sending it to the repairs address), it turned out that the main brothers are profoundly deaf, so cannot use a phone. Oops. Sobered by this, I was receptive. They said that something was, indeed, wrong and they'd replaced the nib and feeder. Yet again, it worked like a dream for the first few months. I only ever use yard-o-led cartridges that I buy off the filofax website, and I use the pen every day. I don’t press hard when I write, and I never let anyone else use it. Over the last few weeks it’s began to play up on occasion. Sometimes it just needed to be left alone for a few minutes, nib down. Sometimes, washing it through with the converter until it ran clear and then putting in a new cartridge did the trick. It’s got increasingly common, and eventually stopped in the middle of some writing. I washed it through 5 times, with increasingly warm water. Each time the same thing happened: it ran inky and I kept going until it’s clear. Then it flows across the page nicely with a very dilute, watery mark, and as soon as the water runs out it stops again. I’ve tried several different cartridges, and left it over night, but all to no avail. Completely at a loss, and frustrated and disappointed, I e-mailed Yard-o-led yet again. I said that, with a heavy heart, unless they had other suggestions, a refund would perhaps be the best option if they were prepared to offer it. My £10 Parker was infinitely more reliable, albeit so much less a work of craftsmanship and lovely to write with.They were eminently lovely: "I am the manager of Yard O Led and I am so sorry you are still experiencing problems with your pen. I can asure you we are just as frustrated as you with the quality issues we have been experiencing not just with your pen. I can assure you it is not something you are doing wrong. I have in the past returned nibs to the manufacturer to see if they can solve this kind of problem and unfortunately I have got nowhere." This seems to suggest that I'm not the only case they've had. Has anyone else come across this problem with Yard-o-led? Anyway, John offered me a replacement nib unit, but later that day the director got in touch and offered me a full refund. I've spoken to my grandma and she feels that it would be entirely appropriate to get the refund and go out to buy another pen from a different, more reliable brand. But I just wanted to do some research first, which brought me here amongst other places. So here are my questions: Do you think it is worth refunding and going to another brand? Are other pens likely to be more reliable, or is this normal for a fountain pen? Should I stick it out and try a replacement nib one more time? (As an extra complication, they have none in stock so I'd have to wait some time). Could you possibly suggest pens that have a small barrel and gold or white gold (soft) nib, for somewhere in the region of £260? It would be useful to see alternatives. I've had real trouble finding anything of this sort somewhere where I could try it out, except some vintage pens. I really do want to be able to go and try out a pen. Which brings me on to: Any particular recommendations of FP shops in London? (Ideally SW or central). There do seem to be several, but with my elderly Grandma I'd really rather only make one trip, and I don't know where exactly is best. I'm not quite sure enough what I'm looking for. And with Vintage pens: I've heard so much that you mustn't let others write with your FP. I can't find anywhere clearly explained - how is this overcome with vintage pens? Are they any less pliable to write with, rather than collect? Sorry about the Essay. Best Wishes Abi
  9. TechWriter

    "the Magic Pen"

    Found this reference (see attached image) inn a book entitled James Joyce's Dubliners An Illustrated Edition. Have googled it but not much information found. Anyone familiar with this pen which must date back to 1900 - 1910 I think?
  10. ploddysaur

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi! I'm a university student, currently finishing off my Physics masters in London. I've used FPs since I was 7, but only recently have I dived down the rabbit hole of the hobby! I've posted a few times on the /r/fountainpens subreddit as 'staberinde', but I thought I'd come join the community here! For the 10 years of primary and secondary school, I used a trusty Lamy Safari (which is still my lucky charm in exams!). For a short time I had a cheap plastic Parker (I can't remember what it was called, but it wasn't a Vector), but that got destroyed by a tank... My grandfather bought me a Pilot Capless when I got into my secondary school of choice, which I've treasured since. In the last 6 months or so, my interest in higher-end FPs has increased massively, and I've been collecting (some would say irresponsibly) some wonderful pens - which has in fact raised my friends' awareness of FPs at university to the point that some have also now started collecting! My primary interest is in German brands, and here are some of the more interesting pens I've accumulated over the last half-year: Soennecken (my absolute favourite): - 222 Green [x3] - 444 - 112 - 116 - 304 - 504 Montblanc: - Meisterstuck 149 (modern) - Meisterstuck 146 (modern) [x3] - Boheme - 256 Pelikan: - 100 [x2] - 400N Lamy: - Persona - 2000 Makrolon Sheaffer: - Snorkel [x5] Visconti: - Homo Sapiens Midi I've begun dabbling with repairing pens, and I can now confidently re-sac as well as replate brassed parts. I want to learn how to recork pistons, but that looks difficult so I might have to wait a bit... Anyway, enough about me - I can't wait to get involved in this community! (Additionally, if anyone could tell me how to disassemble a Soennecken 222, or who in the UK/EU I should send it off to, it would be very greatly appreciated!)
  11. Hype! I am very hyped for this show, for this will be my first pen show. I've read in the 2015 that YOL and Conid will be there, along with others like Henry Simpole and Penamie. From the pictures it seems like the age group is slightly older though... Hope to make some friends Who are going to do nib works there? I am thinking about getting my L2K grinded to a Japanese F... So who's planning to go? And old-timers, could you tell me how it works and what to expect?
  12. PenBoutique

    Visconti London Fog!

    Visconti is delighted to announce its latest addition to the Homo Sapiens demonstrator collection - the London Fog. The barrel of the pen features ribbons of finely shaved blue celluloid suspended in clear acrylic resin while the cap and plunger feature the same shaved celluloid suspended in a marbleized silver resin. All trims are crafted in 925 sterling silver. The London Fog is truly a spectacular pen. The London Fog demonstrator is available in fountain pen or rollerball and limited to 888 pieces. The fountain pen features the patented Visconti Double Reservoir Power Filler, a unique filling system that allows a greater ink capacity and safe usage during air flights. The fountain is further enhanced with Visconti's large, 23kt Palladium Dreamtouch nib, available in XF, F, M, B, BB and Stub. http://i.imgur.com/IHsdiLN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bukUOcM.jpg
  13. Hey Guys! I enjoy the enervation of talking about fountain pens and looking at pens in real life. Just wanted to know of any good fountain pen shops in London. I really like The Pen Shop but would like to branch out and try new inks and pens. Thanks you very much!
  14. Gee Tee

    Nibmeister In London?

    I'm looking for a nib meister in London who can have a look at my Lamy and Parker Sonnet nibs. I'm only going to be there for a couple of days so is there anybody who might be able to do a walk-in? I don't mind leaving the nibs with him but at least visiting him in person will save some time.
  15. I'm looking for a nib meister in London who can have a look at my Lamy and Parker Sonnet nibs. I'm only going to be there for a couple of days so is there anybody who might be able to do a walk-in? I don't mind leaving the nibs with him but at least visiting him in person will save some time.
  16. Pietru

    Looking For Ink In London

    Hi guys, could anybody please recommend a shop in London (UK) where I'd find Iroshizuku ink? Particuarly want to buy some Tsukushi Horsetail. Thanks
  17. Inkysloth

    Ghost Sign In Stoke Newington

    I just wanted to share this lovely Ghost Sign with you all. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2584/4082664308_35aef5c79c.jpg Walker Bros. Fount Pens by Ewan-M, on Flickr My partner went for a talk at St Bride Library ( http://www.stbride.org/ ) on ghost signs today, and showed me this sign which I thought was beautiful, and very appropriate for here.
  18. dl5mith

    Hello From London, Uk.

    Hello everyone, I think it's about time that I joined a fountain pen forum as I seem to be amassing a collection Enjoy sending snail mail - gives me an excuse to use different pens and inks! I have a couple of Visconti pens which so far seem to be my favourite - love the "dreamtouch" nibs. Hope to chat about pens and increase my knowledge....as well as see lots of pen pics!! Dean
  19. Scans are here: http://tinyurl.com/polwxr3 download a .zip file with all the scans in here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qkpqzg Please note that plate 25 was missing from the copy I scanned, all of the rest are there. This book was published in 1795. William Milns did the calligraphy and Harry Ashby engraved it. This book was popular enough that it continued to be published until the 1850s in England. William Milns emigrated from England to America at some point after publishing this book, and his grave may be found today in Boston, in the old burying ground, on Boston common near Boylston street. His headstone reads: To the memory of William Milns Member of St. Mary Hall in the university of Oxford, Author of the Well bred Scholar, The American accountant, the Penman's Repository, and of Several Dramatic Works, Master of Salvador Academy, and of the city commercial school in London, who died in this town, the 27th February 1801, Aged 40 years. Society was benefited by the exercise of his talents. His private virtues endeared him to his friends. source of information: "American penmanship 1800 - 1850" by Paul Nash. Some low-res previews for you: http://i.imgur.com/gybev5z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5NL6ddf.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pIEXdjN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Wfkh7sW.jpg

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