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Found 15 results

  1. From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This is my hastily-copied-out record of ‘Achetez mes soupirs’ by Alain Bosquet, in its original language. French. I wrote this with my 1990-92 Pelikan M800. It has an ‘M’ nib with a two-chick logo, and ‘PF’ and eagle’s head stamps. The shape of its grind is slightly more interesting than that of the post-September 1997 nibs, which are more-round, and more-‘monoline’. The ink is Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine. The paper is a sheet from a Rhodia No.18 bloc pad.

    © Mercian

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  2. Mercian

    Buy my Sighs by Alain Bosquet.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This is my own translation of ‘Achetez mes soupirs’ by Alain Bosquet. Better - more competent, more-poetic - translations are, undoubtedly, available! I wrote it out rather hurriedly with my early-1980s Pelikan M400 in the ‘Brown Tortoiseshell’ finish. The pen has a mono-colour 14k gold nib, marked ‘M’. The ink is Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz. The paper is a sheet of 80gsm Rhodia ‘High-grade vellum’ from a No.18 bloc pad. I wrote this right after writing out the poem in its original French, with my M800. I have some tension in my shoulders today, and this has made my handwriting with this pen really awful - far worse than that with the larger-&-heavier M800.

    © Mercian

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  3. Mercian

    String, by Spike Milligan

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This is one of Gunner Milligan’s poems from his book Silly Verse for Kids. I have omitted its ‘P.S.’, because I think that it detracts from the work’s pleasingly-pithy poetic gestalt. On a personal note, I need to practice my ‘serif handwriting’ more, not only to be able to incorporate the serifs less-awkwardly, but especially so that I write with e.g. uniform letter heights. And I definitely need to work on my ‘a’ 🙄 Ink: Pilot Blue/Black; Pen: Pilot Metropolitan, ‘CM’ nib; Paper: a sheet of Rhodia 80g/m2 ‘High Grade Vellum’, taken from a No. 13 bloc pad.

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  4. Mercian

    Rain, by Spike Milligan.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This is a copy of ‘Rain’, by Spike Milligan. It sometimes gets called ‘There are holes in the sky’. When zoomed-in this close, one can really see how poor my writing is - in my defence, your Honour, many a work that is still in-progress can look like nothing but an appalling mess 😉 In this case, it looks like one because it is an appalling mess! 😁 Pen: 1960s Parker Duofold Junior ‘M’; Ink: ESSRI; Paper: a sheet of 70g/m2 wide-ruled (8mm line separation) A4, taken from a WH Smith refill pad.

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  5. From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This poem is ‘Comeclose and Sleepnow’ by Roger McGough. The poet actually visited my school when I was about ten or eleven years old (maybe twelve?). We were all gathered for a special Assembly, and he read some of his poems to us. The paper on which I scrawled this is an A4 sheet of wide-ruled (8mm) 70gsm paper from a ‘WH Smith’ refill pad; The ink is Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars’ Ink (aka ESSRI); The pen is my 1960s English Parker Duofold Junior. No width-grade is marked for its nib. I estimate it to be a ‘vintage’ ‘M’ - i.e. similar to a modern ‘F’. The more that I use this pen with this ink, the more that I like it 😊 That said, I have not yet tried to clean it out. Attempting to do that may perhaps change my opinion. I hope that it doesn’t 🤞

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  6. Mercian

    The Tiger, by William Blake.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    Because Stripy Cat is ♥️ 😊 Also because this famous poem is immediately striking and also rewards deeper, more-contemplative reading. Blake engraved this poem more than once, and different copies contain varying punctuation. I have retained some elements of Blake’s 18th-century punctuation, but have updated the spelling of the name of the eponymous stripy cat (from “Tyger” to ‘Tiger’), and have replaced Blake’s “sieze” with the currently-accepted spelling ‘seize’. Paper: an A4 sheet of wide-lined (8mm line separation) 70gsm paper from a ‘WH Smith’ brand refill pad. Pen: Pilot Metropolitan with ‘CM’ nib. Ink: Pilot ‘Blue/Black’ from a cartridge.

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  7. Mercian

    Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    The Rev. Dodgson’s famous nonsense-verse ‘Jabberwocky’, copied out on to a piece of A4 paper from a narrow-ruled ‘RHINO’ pad. I bought the pad in 1997. The paper is uncoated. Its mass per m2 is not marked. The pen is my Pilot ‘Metropolitan’, with its ‘CM’ stubby nib. The ink is Pilot ‘Blue/Black’. I think that the pen’s feed would need to be slightly ‘wetter’ for me to get the best results from this nib. At the moment, the line that the nib is laying-down makes the ink appear to be a little bit pale. i.e. the feed is not feeding enough ink to the nib to give a fully-saturated line, and to fully-showcase the ink’s colour. The nib does glide smoothly over the paper, but IMO it would be better if it were wetter.

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  8. Mercian

    London by William Blake.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    This poem is not exactly ‘cheery’, but it is one of my favourite works by William Blake. I scrawled it on a sheet taken from a ‘WH Smith’ A4 pad of wide-lined 70gsm paper. The pen is a Parker Vector with the ‘F’ nib of a calligraphy set. I don’t perceive it as being particularly ‘Fine’. On the other hand, at least it is ‘wet’ enough to lay down enough of this ink (Waterman ‘Havana’) to make me perceive it as being a shade of ‘brown’.

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  9. Mercian

    ‘The Voice’ by Thomas Hardy.jpeg

    From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    Another poem scrawled out by me. This time in Lamy ‘Dark Lilac’ (2016 LE ink) from a T10 cartridge in my Lamy Safari ‘All Black’ (2018 LE pen) with its ‘F’ nib. To better understand this poem, one needs to know a little about Hardy’s relationship with his first wife, Emma, who this poem appears to be about. I won’t go in to it here, you can look it up if you’d like to. She died in 1912, and he published this in 1917. One can read it as an elegiac love-poem, but to me it seems more like an admission of the selfishness of human (male?) desire, coupled with an acknowledgement of his own approaching mortality.

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  10. From the album: Poems copied out by Mercian

    Never mind the notes, I hope that you can make sense of my habitual hurriedly-scrawled, hamfisted ‘hand’! I produced this mess while (ab-)using pen, ink, and paper that all deserve better treatment.

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  11. Sharing a transcription of a poem by Chuang Tzu, translated by Thomas Merton.
  12. Hello, I would like to invite all Reddit users to, on November 6th, Fountain Pen Day, go to /r/WritingPrompts, and respond to a prompt by writing a story or poem with a fountain pen, scanning that writing, uploading it, and sharing it. This will help to spread the spirit of Fountain Pen Day! Important: More info here.
  13. PrestoTenebroso

    Words For **my Girlfriend** To Live By

    This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend who was having trouble with an unpleasant work colleague. Inks are all Noodler's: Black Swan in Australian Roses, Lexington Gray, and a diluted combination of Nikita and Heart of Darkness I call "Soviet Perseverance".

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