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Found 8 results

  1. i have just bought a pilot custom 912 customized by john mottishaw to a spencerian. does anyone have experience with this set up, and if yes, any recommendations regarding black ink in terms of ink flow, feathering, bleeding etc.? thanks. best, nils
  2. i have just bought a pilot 912 with spencerian customization (mottishaw). any recommendations for a notebook that can handle the greater ink output (without feathering, bleeding etc.)? thanks in advance. best, nils
  3. As promised, here's my review of the Nakaya titanium Piccolo Writer with a broad stub nib. My handwritten review is at the bottom, but I wanted to add some thoughts with each photo, so the text of the handwritten review is not going to completely match the review as posted - sorry about that! Here it is, in all its glory Note the pointed ends. On an urushi or maki-e Piccolo, this is a soft, conical shape. On the titanium Piccolo, it's weapons-grade The machining/lathing marks you see here are continued on the grip; they provide a very pleasant texture! This grip is not slippery at all, which had been one of my concerns with this pen as I have somewhat oily skin. The delightful stub! As I noted in my earlier post, there is some exposed gold where the ruthenium plating was ground off in the process of stubbing this nib. In use, I never notice this. A group shot. From left to right: Sheaffer Legacy I in sterling silver with gold trim, Pilot Art Silvern in sterling silver (from 1976 with earlier clip), Nakaya titanium Piccolo Writer, Parker 61 Flighter in steel. I wanted to show the difference in metals, mainly: the titanium has more of a greyish hue, and because of the lathing marks the finish is somewhat matte; I wish I had a Lamy 2000 in brushed steel to compare. Sizewise, you can see that it is short but stout; I believe the section diameter is roughly the same as an Aurora 88 large or a Montblanc 146. Same group, uncapped. The written review! All measurements and weights from the Classic Fountain Pens website (nibs.com) Some additional thoughts: would I recommend this pen? First, I would have to ask you some questions: 1) Do you like heavy pens?2) Do you like metal pens?3) Do you like Nakaya nibs? If you answered yes, then yes, this is the pen for you Expanding on my written review, this will never be my all-day writer, but for jotting notes in meetings or signing on documents, it's perfect. John Mottishaw knows how to stub a nib - it glides over the paper with the barest hint of feedback - just enough to give me a good amount of control. I hope everyone enjoyed the review! If you have any questions, fire away
  4. So...there are Spencerian dip nibs. And then there's Spencerian nibs, modern modified beauties via the likes of John Mottishaw on the Namiki Falcon and Richard Binder on Edison Pens. I have no experience with any of these four: Edison pens, Falcon nibs, mods by Mr. Mottishaw or Mr. Binder, and I'm curious as to how these modifications compare. Judging from reviews and pictures alone, they look and write great! Lots of line variation, which suits my likes exactly. But how does it feel like to write with one? Is there anything that sticks out? Is the scratchiness very noticeable when compared to, say, a vintage wet noodle nib like a Waterman 52 1/2? Are Falcon nibs more fragile after the modification? What about modified Edison nibs? I would love to hear your input. The only "flex nibs" I have now are a Danitrio EEF and a Noodler's Ahab. But I'm interested in going full-flex-----without the hassle of staking out eBay for those once-in-a-lifetime vintage wet noodles that everyone seems to bid on. A Mottishaw'ed Falcon or a Binderized Edison seems the best bet, so everything else aside, how do the nibs compare? Is there a significant difference? I don't think writing pressure will be an issue here, since I write with a very light touch---people used to have trouble reading my pencil lines! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello all, For Christmas this year, my wife surprised me with a really lovely little Platinum 3776 Sai Demonstrator pen with a Fine-Medium nib. I was writing with it a bit, and while I love it, I'm tempted to have the nib modified by John Mottishaw. I haven't decided if I want to go with a fine stub or an added flex mod so I'd like to see some examples of his work if you guys have them handy. The Nibs.com site mentions that the Platinum 14K nibs are especially well-suited to nib modifications so I'd like to have this guy made special... I do have a Pendleton Point Fine Stub on a TWSBI 540 that is just about perfect in terms of a special writing instrument so I'm tempted to go in that direction with the Sai. Something stubby enough to give me some variation without requiring 3" gothic letters. Then again, I've been getting more and more interested in light line variation from semi-flex nibs (Pilot Justus, Falcon, etc.) so I'm wondering if the Sai might be better suited to that treatment. Things I don't like: XXXF Nibs: Too fine for me for anything but drawingBroad Nibs: Too broad for my smallish handwritingWide Stubs: Again, too broad for my smallish handwriting (ie: 0.6 ,1.1, 1.5, 1.9, etc.)Thoughts or ideas? Examples of such things would be excellent. Even if it's not a 3776 (although I'm particularly interested in seeing what he can do with these since that's what I have). Blessings, Matthew Edit: I should add that while the pen writes wonderfully, it writes just like a lot of my other pens so that's why I was thinking of having something special done to it... No other reason, really.
  6. cadfael_tex

    A Couple Of Sailor Questions

    I posted a thread a day or so ago seeking input on an Edison pen purchase. Strange thing though, even with all the positive comments on Edison Pens I came away wanting a Sailor Sapporo. I've been reading through the reviews etc and I have a couple of questions... 1) Mostly it seems that Sailor has a reputation as a great pen builder but there are a few who say they have inconsistent quality; is Sailor a quality build? 2) I would get it from Mr. Mottishaw at nibs.com; does he do good work? Bonus question: it appears that Sailor nibs are not interchangeable like say Pelikan nibs - is this correct? TIA, Tony
  7. Hi everyone! I'm hoping to have a review of the Nakaya titanium Piccolo up sometime this weekend; until then, here's a shot of the pen with a writing sample from my Instagram feed. Note the stubbed tip - you can see a small amount of gold where John (Mottishaw) ground off a bit of the ruthenium plating to create the stub. It's an amazing writer!
  8. Earthdawn

    Nakaya "elastic" Nib

    So it arrived today !!! I had a BB nib in it but there was no love loss as it was just to plain for me... and I need an expressive nib to make my poor handwriting look legible... So here she is fresh of John Mottishaws table. A Nakaya Neo Standard in Heki-tamenuri finish with a Medium soft "elastic" nib. http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/A4CE23BE-59D7-4DD4-9CB2-D8F58A170430-443-0000001D8C5CE3F1_zpscf63d721.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/6207362B-B9CF-4796-B176-7BC06D090DA6-443-0000001D91F63AA0_zps5779e8d3.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/025592B5-4D8E-44E8-A1EB-6612B6D0E96C-443-0000001D97447652_zpsd34f5f2e.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/09C191C1-73AD-455F-92B0-A61B440A58E5-443-0000001D9C9A219A_zps6b41c315.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/1E836B9D-FB87-4B46-8D2B-F1066B0D145A-443-0000001DA1EE52AF_zps5a34d165.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/93799223-8749-4B7D-8025-9A11696BF55A-443-0000001DA6F1BE1E_zps3560d263.jpg http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac10/thevaporcafe/9F333FFA-999F-40C7-93AA-7DB20B7B4B72-443-0000001DABFE7FDB_zps7e4367a7.jpg

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