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  1. I have Sailor 1911 L Sailor Compass aka Profit Junior Platinum 3776 Century Platinum President Pilot 74 Pilot 78g Muji pen
  2. I have ordered the Dorsal Fin Version 2 and I am anticipating its arrival. I was looking around for a used Decapod to by by-pass that long wait times, if possible. Please let me know if you have or or know of one for sale. Thank you for your help!
  3. dms525

    My new shu

    I have been thinking about acquiring a Nakaya in the Araishu (orangish) urushi lacquer for some time. Nibs dot com finally had one in stock when my resistance was low. I ordered it with a BB nib ground to crisp cursive italic. The color is a brownish-orange, which I like a lot more than I would a brighter orange. The aesthetics exceed my expectations. Here are some photos of the new pen, including side-by-side comparisons of the araishu, unpolished shu and shu urushi finishes. Orange you glad I shared this?
  4. Pen Pit Stop : Nakaya Briarwood Deep Matte Welcome to the Pen Pit Stop. Here you will find reviews of pens that already have some mileage on them. More specifically, these reviews are of pens that are in my personal collection, and that have been in use for at least a year. I thought it would be fun to do it this way – no new & shiny pens here, but battered vehicles that have been put to work for at least a year. Let’s find out how they have withstood the ravages of time. The fountain pen that arrives at the pit stop today is the “Nakaya Briarwood Deep Matt
  5. ILikeToWrite

    Nakaya Nib Advice

    Hello All, A Nakaya I ordered a while back is about to be ready! Two of my favorite nibs are the King of Pen(M) and the Custom Urushi #30(FM). Does anyone have advice on a Nakaya nib that would be close to these? I know that on average Nakaya nibs are drier/stiffer, but would the soft/elastic modifications give a little bit of bounce? I don't care for line variation, my handwriting doesn't really allow for it, but I do like a bit of a bouncy feel. I would also like it to be decently wet. Would an elastic broad be something reasonable? I'm ordering directly from Japan.
  6. I ordered this pen at a very difficult time. My darling best friend, Sufi – a mongrel my wife rescued from a building site at the turn of the millennium – was dying of a long, debilitating illness. On the eve of what would prove to be her last stay in veterinary hospital, I decided that, already wounded and seething, I would need something to remember her by when the inevitable happened. I’ve previously ordered both from Nakaya directly and from Classic Fountain Pens (CFP) and considering past experience, decided once more to approach John and his troupe in California. Dealing with Nakaya is
  7. Wadude

    In praise of Shiro-Tamenuri

    For the longest time, I counted myself firmly as an adept of Aka-Tamenuri, red being the essence of old urushi art in Japan. I wrinkled up my nose in distaste of other gimmicky color combinations. “Midori-Tamenuri. Why not adding a Maki-e Pokemon then?” And that was when the depths of my folly were revealed to me, as I had for the first time a Shiro-Tamenuri pen before my eyes. A friend’s pen. Today, I received a lovely box from Nakaya, containing my first Shiro-Tamenuri pen. My lousy photos do not do it justice. The top coating alternates: a chocolatey brown in
  8. penzel_washinkton

    Kop Vs Custom Urushi/845 Vs Nakaya Vs Izumo

    (exhaling) OK ladies and gentleman. Right now I am compiling a list of my grail pens particularly from Japan and would really appreciate your input. I don't know how I got into this mindset but I really am researching seriously in determining a grail pen and it is between the four brands/pen type mentioned in the thread title. My plan is that IF sometimes in the future I visit Japan, I will be doing some pen hunting and pull the trigger on my grail pen (adjusting to future conditions of course). The price limit will be at max around $1100 so it will narrow down some of the model in the bra
  9. Dear all, I have 2 Nakaya's, clipless versions Cigar Aka Tamenuri and Piccolo long in Kuro Tamenuri. Both comes from the dealers and now I thinking to personalize them- put my signature in Kanji. This option in Nakaya company available for new orders, but I afraid that it will be too difficult and pricy to send them old Nakaya with inquiry only for maki-e sighature.. May be there are other independent artists who can make (draw) signature in this technique on my Nakayas? Thank you in advance for suggestions! Giedrius
  10. pencrazed

    Proposal For A New Nakaya Design

    After taking a look at various Japanese works of art decorated in Urushi lacquer, I notice that many objects are often coated in a bold and contrasting, yet harmonious, mix of red and black lacquer. Here are some examples: Therefore, it's quite surprising to me that Nakaya doesn't offer this classic color scheme for its standard line of pens. Although they do have finishes like Kuro Tamenuri, the contrast is not as striking as those depicted in the objects above. The closest thing is the Jidai Nuri finish; however, this rougher and less shiny finish, while very beautiful in its own
  11. A slightly different review of Nakaya Decapod TW in kuro-tamenuri. Why are my reviews different? I focus on urushi aspect. On technique used, quality of finish, care tips, longevity etc. Watch the video, and please click the LIKE button - it helps me with Youtube algorithms, and to reach more interested people. Subscribe to my channel if you want more
  12. Driften

    My New Urushi Pens...

    I got my Nakaya Piccolo Cigar in Aka-tamenuri Monday from Nibs.com and am really loving it. I'm happy I got it before they had to close business from the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order in California. In any case the pen came in the standard wood box you normally see from Nakaya with all of the same stuff. The other pen I got was Friday a Platinum Izumo in Soratame green. Both pens a B nibs. The president nib on the Platinum is wetter and puts down a slightly thicker line of the two. I got the Izumo from Cult pens and was a bargain compared to getting it from the states. I'm very happy to h
  13. Dear forum members, I would like to introduce my new book to you. It shows in word and picture over 550 pens, all in connection to the animal kingdom. You will find pens from 80 companies. The book weighs over 1.5 kilo, has more than 200 pages. The attached pages show how the book is structured. Described is also a number of pens that are not shown. Also 100 pens that were sold by well-known auction houses. The book price is USD 150; (euro 124) including shipping. Many thanks for your interest. We do accept paypal (regina.martini@t-online.de). best regards Regina Martini
  14. It's that time of year again when I get itchy for a new pen! After browsing through brands and models I've tentatively settled on getting an Architect's Point nib from one of the pretty urushi Nakaya pens. Now the question is, which nib should I choose to start the grind off from? Medium, Broad, or Extra Broad? Some background: I love big contrasts in line variation, so anything that heightens that would be awesome. I heard that Bs and BBs produce wider line variations than the M when ground into Architect's Point--is this true? What's the widest width capable from an AP ground from a B/BB
  15. In the past I I read with interest write-ups about one's collection. I thought to share mine as I am reflecting on the hobby. I have been heavily invested into fountain pens since 2005. Do not ask me why. I just got the bug. Initially focused on collecting, then in more recent years trying to find the perfect writers. I think I can now narrow down my inseparable fountain pens into the following 15. Let me share with you what makes them special to me. I will start from the left: 1. Visconti Ripple in Blue Silver (BB Palladium nib): this is a classic early model from Visconti (not t
  16. The Nakaya Pen Event 2019 at Sakura Fountain Pen was an absolute success! Close to 100 fountain pen aficionados visited the Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery to see Nakaya’s lead designer and nib meister Yoshida-San at work. The online pen community from the BeNeLux and far beyond was well-represented, and our store quickly turned into a cozy and fun meeting of like-minded souls that all speak the same language: nibs, nib-meistering, urushi, inkflow, lettering, Tomoe River, … Full of wonder and respectfully, we gazed at Yoshida-San swift and accurately tuning a nib or creating a crisp stub with extr
  17. My Nakaya Long Cigar Aka-tamenuri is singing. I thought its another case of a singing nib so I polished it. Its still singing. But what I noticed its not the nib. Its the barrel. If I just write with nib and section the singing is gone. Same is true if I write holding the pen higher up on the barrel. It seems that long hard rubber barrel is amplifying the vibrations from the nib making high pitched noise I find annoying. Never heard of this before. Any ideas how to get rid of this?
  18. itskato

    Nakaya Nib Comparison

    So I was planning to buy a nakaya medium nib, then I saw this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQSfX91oAC4 by Mr. Brown. As you can see in the video the regular medium seems very dry and hard as a nail. Then I saw the soft medium, it seems like it is the nib I really want. A little bit flexible and pretty wet. But still I can't be so sure just from watching a video. So I'd like to ask anyone that has experienced it firsthand how the soft medium feel compared to the regular medium nakaya nib (is the medium really that dry? because I'm a little bit shocked at how dry and hard it is). My fa
  19. NowAndZen

    Nakaya Info Kuro Tamenuri Finish

    I am right now in the market for a Nakaya pen. Specifically the portable writer and I want to get some more information about the finish of the pen before I feel comfortable buying it. The main question I have is really about how the finish looks in person compared to some photos I've seen of it. In some photos it looks really wonderful and black with bright red accents. However sometimes it looks like more of a reddish brown throughout. I was wondering what exactly everyone thought about this finish and how it looks. Pictures would really be helpful. The second thing I want to know is how
  20. Remember when Travolta opened the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? Now I know what was inside! As is my preference I ordered this Nakaya directly from Japan via email. They are always most pleasant and the nib adjustment beyond reproach. I’ve collected fountain pens for nearly 25 years and this is far from my first urushi fountain pen. It’s not even my first chinkin pen. Nevertheless, I am astonished by this amazing pen. The combination of beauty, bespoke craftsmanship, and writing qualities are unmatched in my collection. The finish is darker, more subdued, radiant, gorgeous, bri
  21. I'm planning to purchase a nakaya pen, probably neo standard. I'm wondering if the pen kimono is included or purchased separately?
  22. I am thinking about getting a Nakaya Decapod or a Taccia Kaku-Tate, but I am not sure how they compare to each other: Does anyone have a picture with both of them, maybe even together with another pen like a Lamy 2000 or Safari? As far as I can tell, the Nakaya Decapod is significantly smaller and a bit slimmer, since it is also slightly tapered towards the ends. But does the Taccia Kaku-Tate really look "bulky" in comparison? Thanks a lot in advance!
  23. Time to organise a trip to Belgium : SAVE THIS DATE, we hope to welcome a lot of pen enthousiasts !
  24. Time to organise a trip to Belgium ! All welcome at our Nakaya event ! Sincerely, Catherine
  25. Mayacamas

    Pen Cases For Oversized Pens

    Hello, I have a question: I just purchased a Namiki emperor and I am having a devil of a time finding a case for it. Any suggestions? Thank you, Maya

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