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Found 11 results

  1. BLeeds

    Best Pens

    Hi there. I have created a new blog, listing some of my favorite pens, and there is a section on how to achieve better penmanship. I would love to get some comments from the readers of the Fountain Pen Network about the pens. I would also like to have your ideas on how to achieve clearer, nicer-looking writing. You may be the first person to reply to my blog! Thank you. Bruce Leeds
  2. ameru

    Pilot Prera Les

    Recently, I was shown a completely pink translucent Pilot Prera. Apparently it is a limited edition Pilot X Oeste Pink Flamingo. I found more pictures on the Kingfisher and Yellow Canary... Does anyone else have any information on these pens? I'm in love with Pilot Prera and would love to see if there are other Limited Editions I could get my hands on. Also suggestions for where to shop for these would be great... Thanks!
  3. ameru

    Pilot Prera Les

    Recently, I was shown a completely pink translucent Pilot Prera. Apparently it is a limited edition Pilot X Oeste Pink Flamingo. I found more pictures on the Kingfisher and Yellow Canary... Does anyone else have any information on these pens? I'm in love with Pilot Prera and would love to see if there are other Limited Editions I could get my hands on. Also suggestions for where to shop for these would be great... Thanks!
  4. dauodwa

    Pilot Prera Fp Review

    http://i.imgur.com/59nIMiB.jpg?1 Dear all, This is a review of my newly acquired Pilot Prera. I should note that the paper being used is just standard Reflex A4 copy paper. All in all I'm pleased with this pen and glad to get back into the FP game. I've got some Jinhao's on order, namely an x450, x750, and two 159's, but I just couldn't wait for them to arrive before picking up and writing with a fountain pen again (I would have been waiting a fortnight!). I'm happy with it and I think this will become my main writer and part of my EDC. Also I really like the cap, has a nice vacuum like feel to it when you close the pen. Below is a comparison in size with my Louis Codan pen, which I would consider quite long when posted. By the way, the Louis Codan cost a lot less, came with a nicer box, and is metal instead of plastic but oh well. http://i.imgur.com/BFSeULt.jpg?1 Does anyone else have thoughts and experiences on this pen? Would be glad to hear them! Cheers!
  5. I recently got a Pilot Metropolitan for the first time - and I can see what so many people mean when they've said it is a bargain for the price. It's beautiful, a nice thickness, substantial feel... But for my small hands, a little too substantial - it feels too heavy for me, especially when posted, to be comfortable for long writing sessions. I fell in love with the nib, which is working fantastically, so I unscrewed the section and screwed it into my 78G (formerly having a B stub nib I just couldn't get on with). The 78G is light and comfortable to write with, but it does definitely feel like cheap plastic and the body is thinner than I'd ideally like. Are there any pen bodies I could swap the Metro nib into, that would be heavier/better-quality material than the 78G, but not as heavy(/back-heavy) as the Metro? I was thinking the Prera might fit the bill - can any Prera owners weigh in on its weight and how it feels when posted?
  6. I have three pens available to give away in what is effectively three separate PiFs. WHAT? 1. Pilot Prera, F nib, clear with smoky ends 2. Cult Pens by Kaweco, 2B nib, black & shiny metal 3. Kaweco Sport, M nib, ice green finish (with clip) Each pen is small and writes well. The Prera is the largest (least small), and the CultPens the smallest. Reviews of each are readily available. Each pen has been lightly used. Photo: the three pens up for grabs (note that the caption for the Kaweco was not written by the Kaweco Sport: The Kaweco Sport has a standard Medium nib). HOW TO ENTER Respond via this thread, saying which one pen you are entering for. WHAT THE WINNERS GET Each winner will get the pen they have won, without a converter. I will cover the cost of postage to an address of your choice, securely packed but not in the original box. If you want me to send your pen insured and/or tracked, then you will need to pay for that, at cost. ELIGIBILITY Anyone may enter, EXCEPT for those who won something from me in last year's PiF. But you may enter for only one pen. For avoidance of doubt, there are effectively three different competitions, each with a different winner. CONDITION OF ENTRY * If you win a pen, you agree to not sell your prize. If you decide it's not for you, then please give it to someone who will appreciate it. PROCESS This PiF will run until the end of Monday 16 November (as long as you enter by 23:59:59 in your time-zone, you're fine). Thereafter, I will make three random draws and select three winners, announced on this thread. I reserve the right to take some time to make the draw and send the pens off (pressures of work, etc). NOTES * If you have more posts than me on FPN (282 at time of posting this), you're still very welcome to enter the competition; but please do not do so unless it's for a pen that's been on your list for a while. * Note that Cult Pens is a UK-based seller, and the Prera can be quite expensive in Europe - if you are unsure of which to enter for, I suggest you let your physical location guide you. * For the pernickety amongst us: The Prera most recently had blue ink in it, the CultPens, purple, and the Kaweco had green ink. I have cleaned each pen, but traces of ink may remain. Why am I doing this? Two-fold, First, I have received a lot from this forum over the previous year, and I want to give something back. Second, these are all good quality pens, and I'm not using them: they will hopefully make someone else happy (my experiment with small & pocket pens was a complete success: I have a clear answer to my question of whether I would use them).
  7. KKay

    Newbie Here From Texas

    Hi everyone. I am new here. I am waiting on my new pen to arrive. It is a Pilot Prera. Demonstrator pen with green accents. I decided I needed to join a fountain pen forum, and this looks like a really good one. I hope this pen works out well for me. I have high hopes for it. I should get it tomorrow, or maybe Monday. I just bought cartridges to go with it for now. If I love the pen, I will order some ink for it. I already have my eye on another pen. I have several types of pens, but the fountain pen has always been something I wanted to try again. I bought one many many years ago. It was scratchy, and it leaked. I don't even remember what happened to it. But after hearing about fountain pens on the internet, I've decided to try it again. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hi, I've been using fountain pens for a year now and i have a parker sonnet and a parker 45 that i use mainly at home. I also have a pilot prera and a kaweco sports classic both with fine nib that i use in college to take notes. Now i want to purchase a new pen, not only to extend my "collection" but also to have in rotation with the two i use in college. Here are my options so far: 1) buy another prera - i can get them arround 32€ directly from japan. i really like the fine nib and i have small hands so the size of the pen is perfect. 2) buy a kaweco al-sport (60€) - an aluminum version of the sports classic, i like the design of the pen, and they are really small, but the ink capacity is limited (i reffil the standard small cartriges with a seringe). 3) twsbi 580 (60€) - i've never tried one but it seems to have a large ink capacity, but maybe a little too big and flashy to use in college? 4) lamy 2000 - this one is much more expensive than the others but i like the way the nib is "disguised". it seems that when you're using it people didn't notice it is a fountain pen, which is a plus for me. Please let me know your oppinion. i'm looking for a durable and a pen to use in a daily basis that goes unnoticed by most people. Thank you
  9. I purchased a Pilot Prera (quite some time ago) and used it as an eyedropper with Parker Quink Blue, Black and Green. I decided to flush the pen out and found that nomatter how much I try, there is a dark-shaded ring left on the inside of the pen body. I can't remember if that "stain" was always there or if that happened because of the ink. So, is this a pen's feature? Does your pen also have it? Thanks in advance! PS. I attach a picture that indicates the ring. Hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.
  10. I am delighted to share perhaps my most favorite FP and handmade notebook. Unboxing of Pilot Prera (Japanese import): (w/ Lamy Safari) Prera w/ BPN (Black Pocket Notebook): I handmade the 3.5x5.5" BPN using very VERY cheap materials: construction paper (cover), 12 printer papers, 3 staples (binding) No scissors were available, so all cutting was ripping with my hands--hence the ragged edges. I hope to use USA 100% recycled paper & staples in the future...there are surprisingly good papers for this FP! Thanks for viewing!
  11. I like my Vanishing Points, but they tend to feel heavy! So, for taking notes (and doodles when I'm not writing) I want an extra fine nib that will not feather on cheap paper, and on a pen that feels light and has good balance. So far, my contenders are the Pilot Prera (the solid colored ones) and the new Platinum Cool (aka Balance), both with fine nibs. Argh, I just can't decide!! This is what I'm not liking from each of the pens: Pilot Prera: -Too small (I guess even for my petite girl hands) -I worry that posting the pen will scratch the plastic, and that with the cap's clip, posting will add weight & may not be balanced Platinum Cool: -Don't like that they're demonstrators and have limited colors to choose -Doesn't have interchangeable nibs like the cheaper Pilot pens Like I said about the Prera, I worry about how the pen will feel when posted. I used to own the TWSBI Mini, and I disliked posting because I felt that the clip made it a tad heavier and it felt unbalanced to me, especially as I'm an overwriter and tend to write from different angles. I love the design of the Prera, but I'm hating how similar it is to the TWSBI Mini size-wise (using the Goulet's Pen Plaza tool). If I saw either the Prera or Platinum Cool offered used at a lesser price, I wouldn't mind buying one of them for the sake of trying them out, but no such luck. I'll have to pay the full price, and that's what scares me too, since I'm looking for an inexpensive pen to take to the university (and possibly hospital rounds) By the way, I used to have the Noodler's Ahab (another cheap pen with nice nib), and I didn't like it, despite the size and clever filling system. The reason why I mention the Ahab is because it's an expensive pen of a good size and has a fine nib, but not as fine as I'd like it to be. I'm contemplating the brands Pilot and Platinum, since they offer good converters and cartridges (the type with a ball inside; these are awesome for refilling if I need more capacity). I've exhausted my Google-ing powers. Can you help alleviate my doubts and give me ideas, my FPN friends? EDITED: for reading purposes

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