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Found 18 results

  1. E.H. Tersono

    Does a nib need to be straight?

    This is a medium Sonnet I just received, from a reputable shop, which was sold as "new old stock." The nib looks bent to me, but it writes pretty nicely. Perhaps a little scratchy in one direction, but wildly better than the custom ground nib I unexpectedly got from another shop. So this has me wondering, should the nib on this pen be straight? Or are there benefits to nibs shaped like this? Or is it a flaw that needs to be returned and corrected? (None of the photos on the site showed it from the side, so it wasn't clear that it would look like this when I ordered.)

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Inked a couple of times. Dipped a few times. Sitting in a desk unused for several years. Bought from a Montblanc Boutique in Troy, MI in late 2006. Stamped on the warranty booklet. Model 3497. You can see the serial number in the picture. The cap is pinstripe gold and the body of resin - my terrible pictures don't do it justice. The model was discontinued. It's a 144 size that works with cartridge or converter. Comes with box, warranty card and converter. Was inked a couple of times and is now cleaned out with distilled water. You may be able to see there is slight tarnish / discoloration on the gold plated clip ring at the end of the section, which is common, I believe. I may have left the pen with some ink residue on that clip for a while. Normal desk wear from it being moved around a bit. Please PM me with questions, more pictures, writing samples. Price does not include shipping. Will be approx $20 in the CONUS, including insurance and tracking. More if outside CONUS. Proceeds will go to charity to help with food and education: 33%: https://fcpsfoundation.org/impact/kids-in-need/ 33%: https://www.foodforothers.org 34%: Food / Education charity of your choice. (Please pick one with < 10% of revenue spent on Admin and overhead expenses.)


    Vienna, Virginia - US

  3. What's the width of a line put down by a diplomat magnum Medium nib in millimetres
  4. I'm Hidden I'm hidden where nobody knows Cause all you can see are my nose and my toes. Abbey Road died about a week before her first birthday from feline leukemia. She was an amazing kitty and loved putting on her vest and going for walks around the neighborhood and hiding in boxes. A month or two after she died my vet called. One of their clients cats had kittens and they needed homes.They sent pictures of them taken when the kittens came in for their very first check up and they were tiny little fuzzy things. So my sister and I drove over to the vet's office to find six kittens in a pile,
  5. Hi all, I'm considering to sell my once inked Pilot 100th anniversary pen, but I'm not sure of it's resale price. It is in as-new condition, with a fabulous Medium nib. Also I have the box for it. Would anyone have an indication on that? Reason to sell is that the pen feels like a work of art to me and I've not been able to use it like I would use any other pen. Appreciate your inputs!
  6. Monteverde Invincia - Stealth Black (M Nib) Review To start this review off, keep in mind it is my first review; and as all reviews, is at least somewhat subjective. Also, for perspective, I have used this and 4 other fountain pens, which are: Pilot Varsity Lamy Al-Star Lamy Safari Conklin Duragraph and I have been using this pen for around 1 month. Overall Appearance: Measurements: 5.35" / 136mm long capped 5.30" / 134.7mm long uncapped 6.10" / 154mm long posted 1.10" / 28mm long nib 0.55" / 14mm body diameter 0.35" / 8.9mm grip diameter 1.40 oz/ 39g weight overall Monteverd
  7. Dear All, I think this is an age old debate. I just want to start it again. I am from Chennai. I am using FPs with Western Medium Nibs coupled with dry ink. Which are the fountain pen friendly papers / notebooks (minimum size: B5) made in india which can be bought online or may be in stores directly. Please share your views. Thanks in advance.
  8. NJEF

    Twsbi 1.1Mm Stub Or Medium Nib?

    Hi. I'm planning on buying myself a Twsbi Eco just after Christmas, and I'm torn between which nib to get - A stub or a medium. Typically I write quite quickly, and reasonably small with a medium nib, but I really love the look of writing with a stub. There is a photograph of my handwriting written with a Waterman Gentleman with an 18k gold Medium nib, inked with Waterman Black ink. What do you think? Thanks!
  9. Just got a Lamy 2K Iconic Stainless Steel, 14k m nib, for few days. Quite a lot of info can be found everywhere I guess yet here are some my little review. ProsExcellent finishingStylistic (my major push-buy-button reason)Smooth wet nibNo hard start, no skipping, won't dry out over-nightLine variation (it surprises me)Good clipPiston fillerGood price with 10% off form cult (compare the price in HK)Write right out from the box ConsReally heavy, surely not for long writing, also not good for shirt pocket.Comparatively small sweet area for the nibCan't see the ink levelStill some ink remains o
  10. Itsallstraw

    Lamy Nib Needed!

    Hello! I have a lamy safari with a medium nib but it is just too broad for my writing! I am in search of a fine/extra fine. I would be willing to trade! Can anyone help me out?!
  11. Hello, I accidentally posted this in the "Of nibs and tines" section, so click here to go to the original post. See you there! -Cyan
  12. I have never seen a review of the Caran d’Ache blue lacquer Varius. I think this pen is a great addition to people who wants to know more about the lacquer version of this Caran d'Ache model. This is my first fountain pen review and I hope to write more reviews for the fountain pen community. Please feel free to comment on this post. I hope to contribute more to the fountain pen community. I will like to thank Sbre Brown, FP geeks, and the Pen Habit for getting me started on fountain pen reviews. First impression This pen is something special. The first thing that catches the eye is the
  13. I've recently got a virtually new 149 medium nib off ebay, but the nib frequently skips. I can write with it fine, but as I say it skips and I get a lot of feedback, and if I wanted that I could have made do with a Jinhao 159. I wouldn't mind swapping the nob for a broad, but does anyone have any tips about how to make it write smoother as it is? Thanks
  14. CharlieTurtle

    Best Ink For A White Pen?

    The pen in question is a white Waterman Hemisphere, with a medium nib. The section is black so I'm not too worried about staining while I'm filling. But what do you suggest I fill with? Until now, I've always had a same-ish colour ink and pen (eg Red Lamy Safari has Skrip Red, Blue Sheaffer 330 has Diamine Denim, etc) but white ink would be... well, silly, for a student. I considered perhaps pink?
  15. Spoiled brat alert: my new M1000, medium nib provides all these delightments...thick, nicely balanced solid heft for my big, thick-fingered hand...a soft yet responsive slightly springy nib...that lays down a precise, silken, wet line. Bliss. BUT, 5% of the time, it skips for just a stroke or two, both up and down. This happens mostly on the slickest paper surfaces (Clarefontaine, Rhodia Premium, Maruman Mnemosyne) but also on Black 'n Red, Exacompta FAF, and even TWSBI notebooks. Pelikan Blue-Black ink is most prone to cause this skippage, then Noodler's BP Black, then Diamine Green-Bla
  16. This is my first MB fontain pen. I bought it as second hand item from Ebay. It is quite new but I have a nib creep problem. While writing a droplet of ink comes up the surface of the nib and immadiately whicked back into the feed living a stain behind. I tried it twice with both MB Black and with Aurora Black ink. It happens more with MB ink when compared with Aurora Black. I flushed and cleaned the pen before inking. I called MB Service in Turkey about the problem before seeing the pen we can't say anything exactly they said. Except these what can I do what can the reaso
  17. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a28/grapefruiit_/IMGP8270_zps5e2c0d08.jpg The Yiren 829 is yet another unbelievably affordable Chinese-made fountain pen that can be purchased on eBay. It set me back $7.20 AUD including postage! My first impressions of this pen? It’s well-built, aesthetically pleasing, a great everyday writing tool – if used mostly at home. The barrel and cap are made of a chromatic-finish charcoal grey metal, with an engraving of gold plum blossoms across the barrel. It’s smaller and more slender than I expected. It feels solid in the hand, yet not overwhelmingly heavy. I
  18. Hi, everyone! I am new to both - fountain pens and this forum. Sorry, if this has already been discussed, but I haven't found it on the forum. I recently bought my first fountain pen - a Montblanc Jonathan Swift with medium nib with Montblanc toffee brown ink. I was looking for a decent notebook which would be used both - for office notes and my personal ones. Moleskine seemed to be the perfect choice due to it's design and creamy paper colour. It turned out to be a disaster as I can use only one side of the notebook due to severe bleed-through of the ink. Please see the pic. http://s1

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