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  1. Please help beginners! Things like this are things that I’m sure many beginners look at to see which pen to first buy. Thank you to all who participate!
  2. Most commericals pens do not arrive ready to be used as eyedroppers. Conversion is a possibility but sealing and ink flow problems often plague the converted pens. A lot of cartrifge pens also do not have feeds capable of buffering large amount of ink in the reservoir. Can any users recommend me beginner pens (below 50 USD) that have the ability to accomodate a converter, cartridge or ink straight from the tank? I already have ebonite eyedropper pens and also one made by Pilot. It would be good to know of a few more commercial eyedroppers.
  3. HELLO FPN MEMBERS I am a Delhi based research student who has just entered in the world of fountain pens. I purchased two fountain pens Pilot Metropolitan and Jinhao X750 from Ravi’s Pens point very recently after my disappointment with Camlin Trinity (its ink flow turned out to be terrible). I have decided I won’t upgrade to Lamy or TWSBI now. I know you guys might get be getting this a lot to the extent it might sound little banal but I am looking for budget fountain pens under 1000 INR (15 dollars). I am thinking to buy a platinum preppy soon but I really want to try some Indian fountain p
  4. Alex-Brush

    Whats Up! Im Sumgai Alex

    Hey everyone! Im Alex! I am very new to this site and I made my first post a couple days ago! I lots of great feedback from this amazing community! A little bit about me, my name is Alex and I live in New York City. I am very new to the fountain pen world as I got my first 2 fountain pens, a Pelikan m800 and a Mont Blanc no. 32, right before Thanksgiving. I only got them because I got a box of assorted pens for $1 at a yardsale and I guess I hit the jackpot. I made a post recently because after buying starter pens, I noticed thaty they write much better than the other two do. I am going to
  5. PantaRhei

    Hello From Germany

    Good evening dear community, My name is Kevin, I am 15 years old and I come from Germany. I recently started collecting fountain pens so I just got into the hobby. I found out about the fountain pen community through English speaking sources such as "Goulet Pens" or Sven-Raphael Schneider and I learned a lot about the beauty of ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils and of course fountain Pens. I kind of always had pretty messy handwriting but miraculously as I started to think about writing and writing instruments and working with them, I managed to better my handwriting by quite a bit. I discover
  6. So, about a month ago I began playing around with my first flexible fountain pen, and then for the past few days with some dip nibs and my attempts at shaded writing looked like this just two days ago (the 6th). Yesterday evening I printed out my first practice sheets and started working my way through Dr. Vitolo's wonderful eBook for the iPad Script in the Copperplate Style. It's a multimedia compendium of his articles and videos on how to write using the Copperplate or Embossed style of calligraphy. And then today I was able to run over to John Neal (just an hour west of here) and
  7. Hello, I'm a new fountain pen user currently I was given as a gift from a colleague a Montegrappa nerouno medium size My question was at times when I'm writing I write at a slight slant and the pen would stop feeding ink and I couldn't continue to write unless I readjusted the angle, so I was wondering why this was and how I could mediate this. The ink I'm currently using is quink from Parker (black) I'm sorry if this is posted in the incorrect location, I'm still trying to navigate through the forums, if it can be moved please do so or let me know thank you. Thank you for reading, The
  8. I received a very beautiful, if broken, vintage button filler some time ago and started working on it last week. It needs a new sac and this I can handle, but the pressure bar is quite rough and a little rusted in some places. This is my first repair so I'm not quite sure what I can and can't do. Should I replace the bar? I can't find a right size replacement (7 cm) anywhere so I'm thinking of just using this old one. The bar is not snapped or cracked and it's still very springy.
  9. Hi,all My son-in-law uses fountain pens so I decided that a pen would make a nice birthday or Christmas present. I played with using a fountain pen in high school (a million years ago) and did some calligraphy in my 30s. I am a lefty, so I used a left-handed Osmiroid calligraphy pen. Recently I bought a Pilot Metro Retro and Im enjoying using it.. I know my SIL would love having a vintage pen, so I looked some on EBay and that generated questions cause I really didnt understand the terminology, and somehow I got to FPN. To make a long story a little but shorter, Ive been on my computer l
  10. Hello All, Been looking for a new pen and have been eyeing the vintage market again. Any advice for the go to Italian vintage fountain pen? Personally I'm looking for a useable every day type of pen that will be a pleasure to use. Thanks!
  11. My new boss always carries his Montblanc BP with him and I immediately was struck by the beauty in its design. After some research I found a good rate on a Pilot Sonnet RB and after using it for a couple days decided it wasn't for me, and thus began my adventure into the world of fountain pens. Fast forward a few weeks of obsessively reading through the FPN forums and watching Brian Goulet's videos (no relation, just a happy customer)—last night I received 16 ink samples, a Lamy Safari Petrol XF and a Pilot Metropolitan F. I already had a Muji FP and a glass dip pen lying around so that is w
  12. Hello, I am new in the world of fountain pens and I want help choosing my first fountain pen under 50, I want something durable, with a good ink capacity(0.8mL or more), comfortable to the hand and with a smooth fine or medium nib. Thanks, Rafael Cordano
  13. I'm new to FPs. Last time I used one was in my school days. It's been 15+ years since then. After some research I've narrowed down on Pilot MR crocodile medium tip as my starter pen. I prefer 0.5mm gel pens. Anything narrower can be a bit too fine for me, but I don't want to go for anything too wide either. I've read that japanese pens are usually finer than their european counterparts. So is Pilot M the right nib size for me ? I've looked at some sample writing online and it doesn't seem too thick. Next up is ink. I'm still getting my head around wet and dry pens/inks. I'm thinking of pur
  14. I'm looking for an ink (I am a newbie) and I plan on using this in school, so I need a ink that is either blue or black (preferable black) that has a fast dry time and handles various types of paper. P.S. I am planning on buying a Lamy Safari as my first fountain pen.
  15. vineetkgiri

    Hello From Delhi,india

    Hello All, I am a Delhi based research student who has just entered in the world of fountain pens. I have to spend a substantial part of my time amidst note-making and drafting my essays. Typing on PC's was a dull process and somehow I preferred writing on paper first and then rewriting it on my PC. Fountains pens have greatly increased my interest in note-making and writing drafts. I have started my penmanship with a Pilot metropolitan and Jinhao x750. Looking forward to learn about these wonderful instruments and it auxiliaries here.
  16. CaaC

    Hello From Norway

    Brand sparkling new to the FP arena. I am Left handed, and write below the line, mirroring my right-handed friends Where i live no shop have; fountain pens, ink or cartridge. So i have FP and ink on the way by mail. The style i like is "overhand cursive" that might change. Now i am looking for some paper i can print out with the alphabet in the margin. Cheers Post script: While waiting for my pen and ink to arrive, i use a pencil when learning to write "overhand cursive".
  17. Currently, I am being overwhelmed with the many fountain pen options. I am looking to buy two inexpensive ($10-$30) fountain pens that I could start with.
  18. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion on inks for a beginner/student. The paper i write on varies, so I would prefer one that wouldn't bleed through and feather. I also plan on making the Lamy Safari my first fountain pen, and an ink that pairs with this pen would be nice. So far, I am looking at the Noodler's Black and the Diamine Intense Black. Any suggestions on a better starter pen would be nice too.
  19. Hello, my name is Justin and I've been a fountain pen user for 2 days. I'm a Marine Biology graduate student in California and two weeks ago I saw a classmate using fountain pens; we talked about it, I wrote with one for a little, and then I was hooked. The next few days I fell down a deep, dark hole known as YouTube (especially the Goulet Pens channel) while researching fountain pens. Then I made my first order, which arrived yesterday: Noodler's Black, Jinhao x750s Matte Black and Shimmering Sands with medium nibs, and some ink syringes for mess-free refilling. I figure that I'll eithe
  20. nitinarora8

    Hello From India

    Hi Everyone Myself from India. Excited to join FPN after reading lot of information about my new hobby of starting again with Fountain Pens. I have started with Pilot Metropolitan , Lamy Safari (the dark Lilac color), Baoer 388 and Baoer 507. I have started with Water man Serenity Blue and also Private Reserve Midnight Blues. Looking forward to lot of interactions with everyone here. Thanks Nitin Arora
  21. idrhjn

    Questions About Lamy Nexx

    Hello! due to my excitement, I bought my first fountain pen, Lamy Nexx even without knowing much about it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of forums about the Nexx. I hope someone can help me with my questions here: 1. is the nib replaceable with other sizes? 2. can I use other cartridges other than the T10? Parker Quink, maybe? 3. I've heard about z24 and z26, which of the two is better? (I don't care about the red color) 4. should I not post the cap? 5. how do I clean it? Thanks! -rhjn
  22. Just starting out with pens and am in the market for a nice fountain pen. What kind of features am I looking for? What should I ask? How do I know I'm not getting ripped off?? Tips and suggestions much appreciated!
  23. TVA-Kevin

    Hello From Chicago, Il

    Hello everyone, Glad to be joining what seems to be an already fantastic community of fountain pen enthusiasts. I am VERY new to the hobby having just discovered fountain pens in the last two weeks. I have recently been very interested in photography and have been following along with a YouTube channel, The Art of Photography, wherein Ted Forbes, the channel's creator, recently suggested starting a physical photography journal. I liked the idea of this better than starting a blog or Tumblr or whatever to document how I am learning and growing as a photographer. It gives you somewhere to put
  24. roh9

    Newbie From India Here.

    Hello all, Let me begin by saying, it's a privilege being here. I am a late bloomer, having discovered the joy of fountain pen quite recently. It all began a few weeks back, when i was struggling to overcome a massive writer's block which had been haunting me for quite a while now and as a result my first novel got delyaed. So far, i was using my latop to write my novel. I thought perhaps it was the boring white screen or a mental disconnect between my fingers and the keyboard that affected my creative side. It was then i had the brainwave, why don't I write the old fashioned way, with pen
  25. I'm helping plan a high school prom and it has been discussed to use a wax seal on our ticket envelopes. Is there any recommended kits and brands? It's probably only going to be used once, but we something simple and reliable. Any suggestions?‹

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